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In 2012, Kathleen Kane was elected Pennsylvania’s Attorney General. Ms. Kane was not a friend of ours. For example, see PA AG refused to uphold a pre-emption statute penalizing cities that violated state gun laws. Like many anti-gun politicians, Ms. Kane found herself on the wrong end of the law. From

Kane was convicted in August of two felony counts of perjury and less serious charges of false swearing, obstruction, official oppression and conspiracy, apologized for leaking grand jury secrets in a plot to discredit a foe whom she believed was responsible for a negative newspaper article.

Kane was recently sentenced to a minimum of 10 months, and a maximum of 23 months, in the county jail. This was not her first brush with scandal. From

Kane’s tenure has been marked by controversy over the last year, much of it generated by an Inquirer disclosure that she had secretly shut down an undercover “sting” investigation that had caught elected officials from Philadelphia on tape accepting cash.

Laws that disarm citizens have long been associated with corrupt politicians and organized crime. One of this nation’s first “progressive” gun control laws: the Sullivan Act. Empire State legislators created the Act in 1911 to protect organized crime from pistol-packing rivals. It was pushed through by “Big Tim” Sullivan, one of the criminal bosses of the Tammany gang.

More recently, two New York politicians were critical to pushing through the state’s post-Sandy Hook SAFE Act: State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Majority Leader Dean Skeltos. Silver has been convicted of corruption.

Former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, for decades one of the state’s most powerful politicians, was sentenced on Tuesday to 12 years in federal prison for collecting millions of dollars in illegal kickbacks.

U.S. District Judge Valerie Caproni in Manhattan federal court said she hoped the penalty would cause “the next corrupt politician to hesitate” before accepting a bribe.

Majority Leader Dean Skelton has also been convicted on corruption charges.

 A judge sentenced former State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos to five years in prison Thursday for running a federal shakedown scheme that “caused immeasurable damage.”

Politicians that push for civilian disarmament aren’t all corrupt. But it’s no surprise that so many are. They swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, then conspire against the Second Amendment. Any politician who fails to respect his constituents’ basic civil rights is inherently suspect.

Of course, you could say all politicians are inherently suspect. Which is why the Founding Fathers protected our gun rights in the first place.

©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included. Link to Gun Watch

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  1. No one on this planet is governed by animals, robots, or aliens.

    If one is being honest, one would have to admit that anywhere you find it, “government” is “People”. Those people are just your a-hole neighbors who needed a job, or decided they were going to obtain power and lord-it over you.

    Don’t let your a-hole neighbors, who needed a job, oppress you, or prevent you from obtaining the means to prevent them from oppressing you.

    • Convention of States, please!

      Check to see if your state has passed a resolution to convene a Convention of States and volunteer!

      • Stop this. Stop this right now! The only thing a constitutional convention would serve is to destroy our liberties. There is nothing wrong with our constitution. We simply have no one willing to uphold it, and no consequences for not doing so. If you think re-writing the law is going to make people magically follow it, you’re not paying attention.

        • Neal Bootz made this point a long time ago on his show. Asking for a Convention opens the door to THEM to destroy the Constitution as it exists and worse.

          It’s a VERY risky proposition.

        • +++

          but YES, leave it the F alone. it “works” when it’s ‘worked’ those working around it need to be eradicated (Declaration of Independence says we have the right to try, the Constitution defines how you go about it according to itself, NOTHING limits the means if the Constitutional method is not utilized, it doesn’t state we get to do it un-challenged, and the “challenging” is going to safely be assumed to cost everything). Is a ~238 year old piece of hide with writing on it worth U.S. Citizen’s lives? Your life ain’t worth half a wet tick-turd if I gotta move my feet to defend it.

          You could not even devise an agreeable resolution that would limit the scope of the Convention once convened. Think of as a modern version of the “Tower of Babel” (such that).
          1) All agree that you all want to talk to GOD
          2) Build a tower to get a better venue for communication
          3) Climb to the top of the Tower
          4) Yell out in one voice from the top of it, “GOD!”
          5) GOD answers “WHAT? MY CHILDREN?”
          6) Armageddon ensues in trying to continue the conversation

          N O P E – follow the prescribed means or FU2 infinity and beyond.

        • You are right, any document which is the law of the land and guarantee’s personal freedoms for all should be respected and the first 10 amendment’s should not be infringed upon.

        • Yeah, L O V E the we don’t uphold the Constitution, or attempt to revise it as prescribed, but HEY, GIVE US THE AUTHORITY TO SCREW WITH THE WHOLE THING.

          N O P E

          It’s kinda like Bruce Springsteen saying the National Anthem is old and lame and that (sometime before Bruce dies [wink, wink, nod, nod]) a “New” one should be written [maybe one that sings the joys of liberal_progressive_communist_globalist_kneel at the UN Alter (D)] ???

          N O P E
          A G A I N.

          “Poop to that” – Marvin Boggs

        • Hey, I had another post in here somewhere [*feels around on the floor in the dark*] and it never made the board. Hmmm?.

          It was surely highly-inflammatory and must’ve been pretty bad (don’t remember) but it didn’t even get a FLAME DELETED [?]

          There were some good parts in there too though, and if I remember them I will re-post.

          If they’re SO bad that the secret squirrels looking over your shoulder gotta come out after me, you tell them to bring the 2nd Marines [all of them], and some badge-lube, and tell them to watch their nuts.

          /sarc if necessary, zjeeeeesh

          If this speech isn’t “protected” then F all else.

        • Hmmmm? Communist Bruce (ROTC) Springsteen wants to do-over the National Anthem, and Black Lives “Movement” takes a knee during the National Anthem and sh_T-cans the NFL, and the lib_prog_comm_globalist POS (D) have attempted to get rid of the pledge. And the UN says that the U.S. is merely one of its “States”. . .

          Yep, Fing conspiracy.

  2. Which is why need single term limits for all politicians. The less time they have to make backroom deals the better.

      • It isn’t going to happen without amending the U.S. Constitution, as a state that passed term limits for its US representatives and senators learned in a case decided by the US Supreme Court. The Constitution contains no term limits.

        • Mark, you watch the news at all? Trump stated if elected he would introduce/support a constitutional amendment to introduce term limits on Congress. Everybody knows an amendment would be necessary, who else is proposing one? The requirement for an amendment does not mean it can’t be done.

      • He can push, but our congress is, for the most part, 535 people who got great jobs and don’t want to give them up. Ever hear of a congressman or senator who was not a multi millionaire when he retired from office? I would be delighted with two terms for senators and five terms for congressmen. Less than that, and we’d have a country run by congressional staff people who no one elected.

        • Congress does not need to be involved in an Amendment, can be passed by the states without congressional input. IIRC.

          While we’re at it, we should drop that paid full salary forever bullshit, out of congress, get a job.

        • Larry is right. He recalls correctly.

          An Article V Convention would do the trick. However, I don’t know if that’s realistic since one has never happened.

        • There’s a simple way to get term limits through… Make them effective for each seat when the NEXT guy takes office. If you can keep getting elected 4 more times, great. But when you lose, that seat is term limited from then on. Yes, it will take a while to get every seat replaced, but it gets around the fact that no politician is going to give up their personal gravy train. Passing the buck to the next guy, they love that.

    • Two issues are more important than term limits. One is getting rid of Congressional Pensions. They were never supposed to stay in office long enough to earn a pension. It makes the job way to lucrative. The other major mistake was the 17th Amendment. The direct election of Senators was the biggest mistake we ever made. It bloated the Federal Government and concentrated way to much power in Washington. We have paid for it ever since. Boy, have we paid for it.

      • “The other major mistake was the 17th Amendment. The direct election of Senators was the biggest mistake we ever made.”

        The 17th Amendment was the second biggest mistake. The worst mistake was the 19th.

        • Misogyny anyone?

          My mother-in-law, go bless her soul, she is gone ten years now, had better political instincts than just about anyone I ever knew. Including the left wing wimp men I work with or my moron brother who can’t wait to vote for Hillary. She couldn’t even say “Clinton” without hissing. And my wife takes after her mother. And I served with any number of good strong intelligent women in the military. And I know a number of women who can flip a 90lb ridgeback on his back and tell him who’s boss. They could probably all kick your hind end. So yeah, the Nineteenth Amendment thing is offensive.

        • No Ralph, the worst was the Sixteenth because without that we could keep the government smaller and weaker. The Seventeenth runs a close second.

        • Hunty?

          What the hell does your mother-in-law have to do with anything? So what if she had great political instincts? So what if some other women do, too? The fact remains that women, in general, are more emotional, less informed voters who cast their ballots for liberals.

          Even my wife says that. Is she misogynistic, too?

          What is fundamentally wrong with this country is that public “service” is far too attractive, in terms of power, prestige, and compensation, and the people are far too accustomed to enjust enrichment at their countrymen’s expense. That’s am unholy axis of greedy Takers and venal Politicians conspiring to feather each other’s nest by looting wealth creating and indebting future generations.

          This societal shift started when women got the vote. You don’t have to hate women to make that valid observation. So take your gender shaming and shove it.

  3. “Any politician who fails to respect his constituents’ basic civil rights is inherently suspect.”


  4. 1) Wouldn’t it be nice if horrific rules/laws enacted by convicted politicians were automatically overturned?

    2) Haven’t heard much about Mayors Against Illegal Guns lately. Has the group shut down, or are they all in jail now?

  5. Politicians that push for civilian disarmament are just Hitler’s. No ands ifs or buts about it. That’s what Hitler did. Those who do not learn from history are domed to repeat it.

  6. I still think that any politician convicted of official malfeasance should be stood up against a wall and shot. Immediately.

  7. About 1/12th of what would be appropriate punishment. When those in government abuse their power they need to be made into examples for others. Otherwise, the next guy will take it a step further, and the next, until the people finally have had enough and they line up the innocent with the guilty against a wall and then people line up to piss and spit on the corpses. Better to nip these things in the bud.

  8. I am in the great state of PA and the news of this wanna be Hiiary getting sent to the slam made me so happy I danced around until I pooped my pants a little and ruined my drawers. Her and our ultra progressive asshole governor nuked the natural gas industry as well as trying to strip away the 2A here. I hope she gets shanked in jail.

  9. I would like to nominate Massachusetts AG. Maura Healey, and RINO. Governor. Charlie “The Barker” Baker….To that list…If there’s any room left…..?

  10. I have seen this in the MSM but I have not seen whether she was also disbarred. One would think/hope so with the felony perjury conviction. It is important that however few months she serves, that she cannot practice law/ever run for office again based on her “legal knowledge.” In other words, she gets out and needs to get a real job. Perhaps as a WalMart stock clerk. On the graveyard shift and has to walk across the parking lot and drive home. Or flipping burgers and closing out the store in the dead of night. Without a CCW permit because she is a felon.

    • Barack Hussein, Michelle Hussein, Slick Willy, and Slick Hilly have all been disbarred! It didn’t stop them from having lucrative political careers. Hell, it’s probably what inspired the career change in the first place! And now look, all four of them have had the rare privilege of being naked in the white house. Disbarment means nothing. When an attorney gets disbarred from PRACTICING law, they graduate to WRITING LAWS! The level of contradiction is so thick and sticky I feel diabetic just thinking about it.

  11. Any elected official breaking their oath and contract to the people should be fired as any private employee would if they did not do and actively worked agenst their employers wishes.

  12. In other PA news: State house bill 263 passed and is on it’s way to the Gov. 263 ends the long ban on autoloading rifles & handguns for hunting in PA.

  13. I remembered reading about this two years ago and finally a Pennsylvania judge ordered the commonwealth’s former attorney general to report to prison by 9 a.m. Thursday, more than two years after she was convicted for leaking grand jury information and lying about it.

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