New from Lobaev Arms: SVLK-14 Sumrak Twilight. World’s Most Powerful Sniper Rifle?


“The Russian military is set to unveil its newest secret weapon after developing a powerful sniper rifle that can wipe out targets more than TWO MILES away,” reports. “The SVLK-14 Sumrak Twilight gun can fire a bullet 1.86 miles – but now the manufacturers have bolted on a longer barrel and are using a heavier bullet to significantly extend the range. It comes as a gunman dubbed the ‘Sniper of Mosul’ picks off ISIS patrols as the jihadi group’s grasp on Mosul slips.”

The Mirror is trying to link two different stories: the new Russian gun (which doesn’t sparkle in the sun) and the presence of a deadly Iraqi (or at least anti-ISIS) sniper or snipers in Mosul. Somehow, I don’t think the Mosul sniper(s) will end-up with the SVLK-14S — although Islamic terrorists have acquired a fair amount of U.S. military hardware. With that crazy Russian reset, anything possible!


So, the gun . . .

The secret new weapon is being developed by Lobaev Arms in the western Russian town of Tarusa.

Company boss Nikolay Lobaev said: “Last year we successfully shot a target 3,400 metres (3,718 yards) away.

“Since then, we have implemented a number of innovations including making the barrel longer and the bullet slightly heavier. Hopefully, this year we will be able to set a new record.”

The team is now hoping to hit a target 4,200 metres away with the SVLK-14 Sumrak – which costs up to £26,200.

How do you say Kentucky windage in Russian? Anyway, not-so-new, not-so-secret (obvs). Here’s the 411 on the SVLK-14S from the company’s love you long time website:

The precision characteristics of this model line sound almost unreal and yes, daring. SVLK-14S rifle owners often get sub .2 MOA 5-shot groups. And all this with such powerful round as .408 Cheytac that hardly anybody can make shoot. We could.

Hitting target beyond 3km? Easy! Nice group at 2500m? Yes, with that it’s quite feasible. New world record? She can deliver.

The newer model has a carbon fiber-reinforced “sandwich” of plastic, fiberglass and kevlar that is specially designed for the powerful Cheytac round. A long aluminium alloy chassis is integrated into the stock – to provide increased firmness and stability.

TTAG has requested a T&E sample. The U.S. military? Not so much.


  1. avatar Mark N. says:

    Well. this company does have a (former) record target shot at 3720 yards from last year, bested a month later by a Texan at 3800 yards. “Jim Spinella and the team from HCR … hit a 36″ target with the Hill Country Rifle Extreme Long Range Carry Weight 375 Chey Tac exactly 1″ to the right of dead center. This rifle shoots 13 feet high at 100 yards.”

  2. avatar MouseGun says:

    Not much of a “secret” weapon when you show it to the entire internet.

  3. avatar mk10108 says:

    Less than 50 caliber, without clip and thing that goes up. Legal on the Left Coast…Soon Ms. Harris will outlaw this armament as well.

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      Doesn’t matter. Gangbangers will be able to lob shots in from Vegas to LA soon enough with the way these big scary long range rifles are developing.

    2. avatar sgtmango333 says:

      I don’t think clipped ammo would work very well in any traditionally scoped rifle. Even so the picture doesn’t show the ammo one way of the other so maybe it’s clipped and you just detach one round at a time.

  4. avatar Stateisevil says:

    If it doesn’t have a crappy ballistic coefficient the us military isn’t interested.

  5. avatar Kendahl says:

    The hard part of making such a shot is reading the wind. Either they waited for a calm day or they haven’t told us about all the shots that missed.

  6. avatar Hank says:

    Less than .50? Weak sauce. Also isn’t there a South African 20mm or someshit?

    1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      The important things are sectional density and ballistic coefficient. The actual diameter of the bullet is pretty far down the list of issues.

      A .408 Cheytac bullet can be machined out of whatever they want to launch; it’s even large enough that they could launch a saboted bullet.

    2. avatar Bigfoot of borg says:

      Yeah, the NTW 20. I have wanted one since I first saw a video about it years ago; too bad it would be just about impossible.

      Just something else to dream about.

      1. avatar justin says:

        yeah about the closest you can get in the states is a Lahti 20mm or one of those Anzio Ironworks Rifles.
        But they aren’t that useful, unless you can get your state’s elusive Armored Car tag on your hunting license.

        The NTW 20 always reminds me of the Sniper Rifle from Halo. But I have wanted to shoot one since seeing it in District 9.

  7. avatar ACP_arms says:

    Why not just use artillery for a target two miles away?

    1. avatar Ebby123 says:

      Artillery is not man-portable.
      Artillery creates significant collateral damage.
      Artillery requires is a crew served weapon.
      Artillery is expensive (much more so than this unicorn rifle).

      1. avatar ACP_arms says:

        Unless shooter the of this rifle can hit the target 75% of the time or more at two miles for every shot fired, might as well use artillery. Unless guided bullets are used it doesn’t seem (to me anyway) practical to use a man portable rifle for two mile shots.

  8. avatar Swarf says:

    The secret is that this isn’t the real rifle. The real rifle is chambered in 7.62x54r as all rifles should be. In fact it is actually two Tula 91/30s end on end that fire two rounds at the same time. In line. That’s how they get the distance.

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      What if we made a giant nugget that fired normal-sized nuggets with bayonets fixed, and once they hit the target they also discharge, destroying the target?

      1. avatar Deplorable Timmy! says:

        Yo dawg! We put a Mosin on your Mosin so you can Mosin while you Mosin.

  9. avatar Chris Erickson says:

    Check out the rifle at :
    The article is about a monolithic core bullet maker, but farther down in the article, they talk about the rifle and round. Looks like the Russian military machine might have to compete with an American private citizen.

    1. avatar Kaban says:

      They do use their own 14.9mm monstrous wildcat, with more ballistic potential than Cheytac rounds will ever have.

  10. avatar neiowa says:

    Kommie PTRD returns. YAWN

  11. avatar Libertarian says:

    50 BMG Fat Mac
    14.9 SoP

    Are not big bore destructive devices

    where are you ?? join the market !

  12. avatar Joe R. says:

    Saber Rattling, paraded weapons, menacing borders by sea and air, ‘failed’ missile tests…

    They are Fing gonna starve this winter (expected to be one of the worst in-memory). This gurge is a food-aid ploy. N Korea had to use/test/destroy weapons in exchange for us providing food for their masses (that the gov’t will use to feed their army).

    1. avatar Ebby123 says:

      Link Please.

        1. avatar sgtmango333 says:

          Mic drop ^^^VVV

  13. avatar Kaban says:


    Either this publicity (and Vlad Lobaev loves publicity) cost some, or Mirror made up most ridiculous story, on par with “Hibiny-vs-USS D.Cook” bullshit, just to fill up the quota.

    Lobaev’s rifles are real deal, but he was always a bit too loud.

  14. avatar A A Rod says:

    In Russia Sniper rifle shoots You!
    Where is Yakov Smirnoff when we need him?

  15. avatar Gunr says:

    “Owners often get sub .2 moa 5 shot groups”
    Define “often” At what range?
    .2 moa= 2.00″ at 1000 yards. 4.00″ at 2000 yards.
    Sure, it can be done, but “often”??

  16. avatar Brian says:

    My question out of all of this is what makes a rifle a “sniper” rifle? The same amount of political BS that makes one an “assault” rifle?

    1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      Pretty much.

  17. avatar magillmo says:

    I’m pretty sure a Cheytac M200 has been doing this for over a decade now

    Would take an M200 over that commie POS anyday

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