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Texas offers plenty of opportunities for double and triple kills during a single hunting trip. Hogs, coyotes and deer may show up at one feeding spot at one time. Why not continue hunting after you’ve taken your first animal? Some supposedly experienced hunters reckon that hunting in a spot where you’ve just killed an animal is a losing proposition. They believe that blood spooks other game. Wrong.

Blood doesn’t spook deer. People do.

Deer are known to continue feeding even when a carcass is present. In some cases, they want to inspect the carcass — which creates another opportunity to pull the trigger. In warmer weather you’ll want to remove your kill as quickly as possible to preserve the meat. In colder weather, you might want to leave the animal where it dropped and continue hunting.

Either way, if you want to continue hunting in the same spot where you harvested game, follow all the normal deer hunting protocol. Leave the field as quickly as possible, cover your scent, reduce your noise. Kicking dirt over the spilled blood won’t hurt. But the biggest issues you face: hiding your presence and minimizing disruption to the area where you’re hunting.


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  1. Seems find in concept, but even in cooler weather, if you’re after the meat, wouldn’t want to get the first carcass field stripped and cooling as quickly as possible?

  2. If you shoot a doe, especially one that was in heat, you will 9 out of 10 times get a pretty good opportunity to also bag a spike/3pt or some other type of cull buck. I’ve seen some young bucks that even hang around when I finally get out of the blind and bring the truck in to haul off the deer I killed.

  3. Shoot one in the head and drop it and the others seems to run a few yards away and then go back to eating or looking at the dead one. Particularly if you blew a doe away and the yearlings come back to check on momma. Perfect time then to get some ‘fork meat’

    • The irony of calling people who don’t have the same mindset as you “deplorable” and then acting like we can all just come together and sing kumbaya is apparently lost on you… Also, I would never support Trump. Gun owners are people too, and people are different (I would think someone who is likely a Liberal would understand that). There are Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians who all own guns.

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