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Once again, a police officer has shot a homeowner through the window of his home. This time, it happened in Aurora, Colorado. The injured homeowner claims he didn’t do anything. However, unlike the previous cases, he reportedly saw the police coming and ducked indoors to avoid questioning.

Police shot and nearly killed a homeowner through a window next to a man’s front door in Greenville, South Carolina earlier this year. The homeowner saw what he thought was a prowler in his yard and went to investigate.

The department said the homeowner jerked the door open and pointed a gun at the officer. However, when the bodycam was released, that bogus narrative fell apart. The officer fired at the homeowner who was several feet from the closed door.

More recently, in Fort Worth, a police officer there shot and killed a woman through her window. That cop has resigned and faces murder charges.

Now, an Aurora, Colorado man is claiming victim status after being shot through the window of his home. An officer saw him holding a shotgun and shot the homeowner in the buttocks. But unlike the earlier stories, police wanted to talk with him regarding a criminal complaint.

KTVZ has the story:

A Colorado police officer is on administrative leave after shooting an armed man in the buttocks though the window of the man’s house, according to the Aurora Police Department.

Police went on the night of October 10 to a home to talk with a suspect in an aggravated physical assault case, according to Aurora Police and a probable cause affidavit obtained by CNN affiliate KDVR.

When the officers arrived, they say they encountered Andrew Huff, 22, standing next to a truck outside. As officers in uniform approached the house, Huff fled indoors. He then looked out a window of a well-lit room as a responding officer waved at him, police said.

“The officer was certain Mr. Huff saw her and recognized her as a Police Officer,” police said in a statement.

Huff allegedly disappeared from the officer’s view, then reappeared at the window with a shotgun, police said.

Officer Alexander Ord shot at Huff, striking him in the buttocks, the affidavit states. Huff did not fire the shotgun and no officers were injured, the affidavit says.

Yeah, that will get you shot in most jurisdictions.

Huff maintains the officers did not identify themselves before firing into his home, his attorney, Birk Baumgartner, told CNN.

“Huff saw someone sneaking through his yard, so he locked the door, retrieved his shotgun, and as he was looking out the window, he saw somebody move in front of the window,” Baumgartner said. “He turned to grab his phone to call police and was shot in the back.”

Defense attorneys or CNN…  it’s hard to tell whose statements should be treated with more suspicion.

Baumgartner said Huff’s shooting had “striking” similarities to the Fort Worth killing “in that police shot a person in their home with zero warning,” he said.

The big difference between his incident and the earlier ones: Huff wasn’t an innocent homeowner minding his own business inside his home. He was a suspect in an aggravated physical assault complaint.

At first look, it seems like Mr. Huff’s attorney might be using the two previous high-profile incidents of cops shooting people inside their own homes as part of his defense strategy.

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    • And cops. Americans are far more likely to suffer from an acute case of ‘ death by cop ‘ than drying from terror attacks (although cops are arguably domestic terrorists), lightening strikes, plane crashes, etc.

      Also, pigs need to start seeing real jail time for wrongful acts. One of my RoEs in a ****ing combat zone was I could not shoot at someone unless they PRESENTED a weapon AT ME, or I took fire. There is no grey area. The gun is either pointed at you or its not, there is either an immediate threat, or there isn’t!

      If I live anywhere even remotely close to civilization, my next home will have lamented glass windows and doors and possibly a bullet barrier on the lower 2-3’ of wall.

      • They aren’t police. They are wannabe operators operating operationally. They shoot first, ask questions later if they remember, and are not in the mood to take prisoners.

      • “Why I will never talk to any police officer” by James Duane, Regent Law School professor and former defense attorney

        1) There is no way it will help.
        2) You may admit your guilt with no benefit in return.
        3) You can easily make a mistake in your statements and be penalized for it.
        4) You can give away information that can be used to convict you.
        5) Your statements can be used against you if police don’t recall your statements with 100% accuracy.
        6) Your statements can be used against you if police don’t recall their questions with 100% accuracy.

        • “Why I will never talk to any police officer” by James Duane, ”

          7) Not talking will be used against you at trial as being uncooperative, a clear sign of guilt.

        • “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

          Not saying can be used against you, also. “uncooperative”

        • What you said to the police officer: “That stranger threatened to kill me and I defended myself.”

          What the police officer might recall at the trial: “He admitted to threatening a stranger who tried to defend himself.”

          It’s your word against the police officer. Who will the jury believe?

          Don’t give statements to the police without a lawyer.

    • “If you value your life, “Stay away from the windows,””

      Blinds and curtains on every window where someone can look inside…

      • And a Nest camera, so you get an alert that they’re there, can see what they’re doing out there, record everything they do and say for the trial (civil or criminal), and can talk to them through the camera from a safe distance.

        • “And a Nest camera, so you get an alert that they’re there,…”

          Nest? *NO*.

          “Amazon’s helping police build a surveillance network with Ring doorbells”

          “While police need to ask for permission to get footage, a giveaway in Houston ensured that law enforcement would get any videos it needed. In its giveaway post last March, Houston police wrote in its requirements that winners would agree to give Houston police access to the cameras when it’s requested.

          “This model is the most disturbing because they’re basically commandeering people’s homes as surveillance outposts for law enforcement,” Tajsar said.”

        • Ring and nest arent the same company. Although im not sure if nests police-sharing policy is the same or not

        • Also a driveway sensor that runs on batteries. No shutting off your WiFi with this. Dang scary out there nowadays. WTH?

        • Nest is part of Google, while Ring is part of Amazon. Though we don’t know whether or not Google has any sharing arrangement like Amazon does, Google is definitely one of those companies I do not trust with my person info. Not even a little bit.

    • “Defense attorneys or CNN… it’s hard to tell whose statements should be treated with more suspicion.”

      Throw police departments onto that list as well.

    • That’s right. Police are lurking around everywhere these days. You never know when one might just pop up in your window and shoot you dead. I read here on ttag the other day that we’re not allowed to be armed around the police because if we are, they automatically know and will shoot us dead for carrying. So I guess we’ll all have to stop carrying because otherwise we’ll be instantly shot on sight. I also heard that they’ll automatically know who all the gun owners are and they’ll be hiding in the bushes outside your house to get you for being a gun owner, so you might want to get rid of your guns. If I were you, I’d board up your windows just to be safe. But that may not do it, so you should Also lock all Your doors and windows and go into your basement and lock the door. But even then if you do that the police will drill down in the ground to get you! So it’s hopeless. We are doomed.

      • If we are going to be murdered by gutless cops for just having a ccw then alot of cops won’t be going home. They must believe citizens are the only people who are going to die how delusional

  1. On a side note, given LEO have a long history of lying, planting evidence, ‘dissapearing’ body cams, destroying evidence, and fabricating / altering records, I’ll take the home owner at his word before any cop. If for no other than than Americans are innocent until proven guilty and right now the evidence, being shot in the ass, assuming its the entry wound, is pretty good evidence that his account lines up.

    • She shot him in the buttocks, wow we know what she was aiming at. He must have turned, saving him from a new role in the boys choir.

    • I tend to take a Schrodinger’s Cat approach to these things. Everybody is lying and telling the truth. Everybody is guilty and innocent. Everybody is a victim and suspect. The more reliable information you collect, the better you can form your opinion, then come to a “highly certain” or “reasonably certain” conclusion. Jumping the gun and deciding what happened before any reliable information is gathered undermines one’s credibility…..
      P.S. – I’ve jumped to enough conclusions (and lived to regret them) in my life, that I don’t trust my own biases….. you may have great prejudicial instincts, but mine suck. So, I have to resort to information to draw my conclusions.

    • “The big difference between his incident and the earlier ones: Huff wasn’t an innocent homeowner minding his own business inside his home. He was a suspect in an aggravated physical assault complaint.”

      He was a suspect, and should have been presumed innocent until shown to be guilty after due process. Deciding that someone didn’t have the same right to move around inside their own home with a gun as any other citizen just because the police suspected him of something is a dangerous precedent.

      • You guys are fools. Any reasonable and objective person would have to say that if the police approached a suspect who they had a warrant to arrest and that suspect fled into his house and retrieved a firearm, his intent would be to fight the police with deadly force to avoid he is a rest.

        A reasonable person would say that an officer should be able to use the necessary amount of force to take that arm suspect into custody.

        If you cannot accept this simple fact, you are a fool and a denier of logic. Please, stop being so blind that you think that you live in a country with no laws. Just because you don’t agree with gun laws does not mean that all other laws are illegitimate.

        • None of the articles nor the Aurora government website mentions a warrant. You’re jumping to conclusions.

        • Connie, you are guilty of butchering the English language. I had to read your post 3 time to figure out what your point was. ( I gave you a pass on the misspelled words.)

  2. The person that got shot made the mistake, standing in front of a lighted window with a gun is asking for someone, anyone to shoot him in self defense. Most people would respond in some manner to a gun outlined by a bright light. Turning the light off would have made his attempt to determine who was out there much more successful and less painful.

    • So while I’m in my own home, minding my own business, I deserve to get shot if some passerby sees me through a window?

      • We’ll that’s not what happened in this case, at all. If you’re a cop on someone’s property because they came up on a complaint, they see you, duck inside, and then you see them with a gun, it’s a pretty clear indication they’re not going to invite you in for tea. Play stupid games, etc.

        • How does the person in the house know whoever outside is a cop? It is dark outside. Police uniforms are often in dark colors. All the person sees is a dark shadow moving at the edge of the lit area.

  3. Probably better to call the fire department. Getting hit in the posterior with a stream of water from a fire hose might naturally cause a nasty problem but won’t be lethal. In the case of a warrant stay out of sight. No knocks are bad news anyway you cut it, might be better to be shot.

  4. I will wait to see the evidence in full.

    If the cops assumed he knew they were cops then they were in the wrong. If the guy knew they were the cops and he committed a crime prior then he is in the wrong.

    Cops can’t make assumptions and use their recklessness/negligence as an excuse for their crimes.

      • Just because you can see people carrying guns and approaching you at night doesn’t mean you can tell who they are when you don’t want to find out.

        If he was in a fight before the cops came it’s possible he could have thought this was the family coming to teach him a lesson and ran before he could determine who they were. This is a very common thing in bad neighborhoods: you get into a fight and win, they come back with a gun and kill you. So when ever you get into an altercation/fight you are advised to go home for the rest of the day and avoid that person indefinitely.

        His story is very plausible and his actions understandable. It highly depends on whether the cops properly identified themselves prior to the shooting.

    • When officers arrived he was standing by a truck. He wasn’t killing anyone. He didn’t have hostages inside. He wasn’t shooting out the window. Get a bullhorn and tell him what will happen if he doesn’t come out. THEN go in.

  5. Just holding a gun in your home is considered a deadly threat now? Don’t you have to actually raise it and point it to be a threat? If I shot someone for holding a gun I’d go to jail but if they pointed it at me that’s a different story.

    • It’s been that way for decades. If you are armed you are considered a deadly threat even an immediate threat. So for “officer safety” police can disarm you or they can draw down on you if you refuse to listen to their orders.

      There have been many police shootings where the government says it was justified simply because the person had a weapon regardless of them never using it or attempting to. Most of the time those people killed by police have committed a crime prior to the shooting. Majority of America doesn’t care when a criminal gets a dirt nap even if the shooting was wrong, which is why cops now release info in the fashion they did for Atatiana’s case. However, minorities are starting to learn this and are not accepting the manipulation like before.

      The younger the cops are the more they don’t like Americans with guns and the more they think they are the cool tactical operator.

      • I could never shoot someone and get away with it just because “they were armed”. I would have been promptly disarmed, shitlisted, probably courtmartialed, busted down, and then after spending plenty of time in the brig or a federal pen, maybe released.

        Lets just hold pigs to the same standard, is that asking too much?

      • Re the video: The cops ARE paid by the taxpayers. You don’t have to present your permit when you see a cop. Otherwise you might as well just hang it around your neck, even on your own property.

        • @Victoria:
          In Michigan you are required to inform a police officer, if you are confronted by one (as in a traffic stop), that you have a concealed pistol license (CPL) and that you are armed. It is my impression that you also have inform of the CPL even if you are not carrying, but I can’t find anything to back that up.

          However, the requirement to inform varies from state to state. So, here is the address of a web site that summarizes the requirements in the several states:

    • Aside from the context of this story, yes, you are absolutely a deadly threat if you are holding a gun AND are, for some reason, considered ‘dangerous’ (i.e. part of the ‘armed and dangerous’ phrase). A hunter holding a gun walking in the woods is not. A bank robber holding a gun is a deadly threat, even if he is not pointing it at anyone.

      If you ever practice dry-firing, see how fast it takes you from “holding” your gun to bringing it on target and firing. Less than a second. If you wait for a dangerous person to actually point their gun at you (or someone) before considering them a deadly threat you are giving them license to shoot first, because human reaction time means you simply won’t have time to respond before they fire.

      • That’s why people are taught to be a step ahead, to take cover or concealment and to move out of the line of fire.

        You don’t behave like it’s a Hollywood movie showdown. A lot of cops like to do that. They will stand there in the open waiting for the opportunity to fire. They can stand and deliver without being punished under law like non police will be for not conceding ground in an attempt to deescalate.

        Cops these days like to be 2 or 3 steps ahead, which is wrong, but they can get away with it. Meaning, they can point guns at you before they even determine you have a deadly weapon at all. Obviously this increases the probability people get shot, whether on purpose or negligently.

      • “If you wait for a dangerous person to actually point their gun at you (or someone) before considering them a deadly threat you are giving them license to shoot first,…”

        The jury will decide that.

      • A bank robber is one thing but some of these are people in their own homes minding their own business. When I hear a weird sound or see something strange on my property I also carry a gun to investigate and check things out. I shouldn’t be killed for that. The officers aren’t even identifying themselves before they shoot and kill people. If the subject is holding a gun then the police are definitely justified in pointed their guns at the subject and giving commands but it shouldn’t give them justification to pull the trigger. The subject doesn’t have the upper hand in that situation and if he makes any furtive movements he won’t be able to point and shoot at anyone before he is shot himself.

    • A kid got expelled from school for making his pop-tart into a pistol shape. I think he was a 1st or 2nd grader. If you’re an adult the consequences will be more severe.

  6. Back the BLUE…at my large church in Indiana they practically worship “authority” figures. I would obey GOD rather than MEN😖 No excuse for felonious cops.

  7. What is this nonsense, shooting INTO buildings? Don’t you surround and demand they come out or have we hired scaredy cats for cops? Even if they are pointing a gun and not sticking it out a window or door you don’t shoot first and ask questions later.

    • I heard his three year old daughter was there when the police shot her father down. He lay bleeding in front of her thinking he was going to die.

  8. No matter what the law has no right to shoot somebody thru a window when they have not announced themselves as police and said what they want especially being suspect in a well-lighted room not hiding and being they were moving around his yard in the dark as thieves do me I would be carrying a gun in my house only different I would be in the dark anyway you look at it the cops were in the wrong and be held accountable

    • Exactly! What is wrong with the police knocking on the door and identifying themselves? Sculking around in the (assumed) dark outside a window is NOT identifying yourself. Looking outside from a well lit house into the dark is not conductive to seeing much of anything.
      Common courtesy demands that a knock on the door and stating who you are is mandatory in these situations.

      • @rt66paul
        Read the article again. It is hard for me to believe that Huff did not already know they were police officers after seeing them get out of a police car. And Huff did see that, since he was outdoors when they drove up. THEN he ran into the house a grabbed a shotgun. Don’t you think the cops were justified in thinking Huff intended to start shooting? Well, I do.

  9. By the way, I am hearing a lot of black people saying they should stop relying on the government for their protection, they should go buy guns and secure their own communities by building connections with their neighbors. They don’t want armed cops coming to “help” them if their neighbor can do it for them. They want the police to stay away from their community unless they are from the community.

    It is fantastic to see their mindset change after two murders by the government of people that look like them. White people are not at that point yet, but they are feeling it a little when they stop to think about those innocent Americans being gunned down.

    Of course the NRA isn’t taking this opportunity to strengthen the 2A because they don’t want to upset the government. The NRA could gain a lot of credibility with Americans if they were to defend the innocent gun owners who have been gunned down for exercising their human rights. Instead the “oldest civil rights” organization refuses to do so, they stick to making propaganda to raise money for themselves.

    This is a great time for the NRA to rebuild their reputation before the elections. However, it appears they don’t want to reach out to black Americans and Democrats ever. Even when there is a lot of black men that now want to buy guns to protect their community against crime instead of relying on a white man from outside to bring his.

    • “They want the police to stay away from their community unless they are from the community.”

      Sounds pretty racist or xenophobic.

      “By the way, I am hearing a lot of black people saying they should stop relying on the government for their protection, they should go buy guns and secure their own communities by building connections with their neighbors.”

      It’s called joining a gang. j/k

      • It’s not racist to want the police that “patrol” your neighborhood to live in your neighborhood. They don’t want outsiders coming into a situation they do not understand nor have to deal with when they finish work.

        • *tongue in cheek*

          I agree it’s better to have police familiar with the locals. On Live PD the police often recognize repeat offenders.

        • So you’re a pro-militia lefty? That’s cool. Do you guys only carry bolt and lever actions? Occasionally low capacity semi-autos without scary features? The above was a joke btw. j/k = just kidding. Lighten up.

    • “They want the police to stay away from their community unless they are from the community.”

      I’m surprised the Leftists haven’t pitched that idea to the local cops. If a neighborhood is 95 percent Black, have the police patrolling there be 95 percent Black.

      Further, I bet the ‘Social Justice’ mob would like juries to represent the ethnicity of the accused. Only Blacks should decide if a Black is guilty. After all, it’s only ‘fair’. And ‘Social Justice’ is all about their warped concept of being ‘fair’.

      (Needless to say, Blacks wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about a White-only jury for Whites accused of crimes on Blacks. *cough*…)

  10. Your house isn’t a force field. Yes, the police will probably shoot you if they see you look at them, run away inside, and then come back with a shotgun. Stupid prizes.

    • He did not “come back with a shotgun”, he went into his home and got his gun to protect himself from “unknown forces”. When the police do NOT identify themselves, they are no better than armed thugs trying to break into your castle.

  11. “Defense attorneys or CNN… it’s hard to tell whose statements should be treated with more suspicion.” Based on what we are seeing more and more of, I would add cops to that list. Did they roll up with lights? Hard to claim I didn’t know it was the cops if they did. When are we going to see the body cam footage?

    Best to put up motion lights and video, get rid of those side panel windows or paint them over and put up thick blinds on your windows (just good security). While I have met and worked with plenty of good cops, there are also plenty enough of the other kind and it is luck of the draw which shows up where you happen to be.

  12. Well the so called people went out of their way to get rid of the “Dirty Harry cops that actually knew what they were doing “ & replaced them with payroll type cops, you got what you wanted, so live with it.

  13. On the one hand it’s APD, possibly the most unprofessional LEA ever. On the other hand it’s Aurora… so it actually is possible that everyone here is the blame.

    Ah, well TIA I guess. I’d wait for more information since it’s possible that everyone involved is stupid and/or lying.

  14. The claim is the guy threatend another man earlier in the day. The victim claims the opposite. Lacking further evidence, so far that’s a case of who got to the police and filed the complaint first is the one who wins.

    On to the shooting. .. . .

    So I’ve looked up the Street View on Google and it is a nice neighborhood, lots of trees. Streetlights are widely spaced, long stretches where I couldn’t spot any.

    It’s 11:30PM, dark outside. Five police officers in dark attire (dark blue or black uniforms) park their vehicles away from the house and walk onto the property. No lights from their concealed vehicles, no reds or blues flashing up the place. They are not even claiming they announced themselves. They did not announce.

    What would you do if you thought you saw armed men in your yard in the dark? Run inside, lock the door, get your gun, call 911?

    Turning on exterior lights, turning off interior lights seems wise. Sounds like there was little time here though.

    Suddenly somebody shoots you in the back from outside the home.

    Maybe more info will come out to change my view but for right now it is a bad shoot and lousy police work. It is not the first such incident the Aurora PD has been party too. I know of a couple others. When I lived near there some years ago it was a drug raid on a wrong address, a no-knock warrant and cops killed the homeowner as he got out of bed to investigate. Another just last year, when they gunned down a homeowner in his home right after he had shot and killed a home invader.

    Sorry Aurora PD but if you want to be believed you are going to have to do a whole bunch better.

    • Wait! A single screen grab from a bodycam isn’t enough for you? You did see the man holding a gun in that screenshot?

      He was a deadly threat, officers had to kill him. He should have just complied. Unfortunately he survived to tell his side. The cops need more training.

      • This appears to be a violation of the resident’s 2nd & 4th amendment rights by the officer.

        Cherish your rights while you still have them!

        Remember this, from Thomas Jefferson, when asked if the relatively young U.S. was a monarchy or a republic.
        “A republic, he said, if you can keep it.”

        • “Remember this, from Thomas Jefferson, when asked if the relatively young U.S. was a monarchy or a republic.
          “A republic, he said, if you can keep it.” ”

          Names, places and dates are probably irrelevant these days, but it was Ben Franklin who made the statement.
          (the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention

    • “So I’ve looked up the Street View on Google and it is a nice neighborhood, lots of trees…”

      That’s deceiving. Right by the Movie Tavern or no it’s still Aurora.

      It’s not the worst area of Aurora but, really, there are no “nice” areas of Aurora. It’s a place with a lot of problems, mostly due to demographics that constantly shift since it’s where a great many people move, due to price, when they first move to the Denver Metro.

  15. This reminds me of the incident when I was prepared to intervene to stop a school massacre. I was driving past St Pious School on Saltzman road North of Beaverton Oregon when I noticed a man standing in the school yard holding an AR-15 rifle in a somewhat threatening manner. IIRC, this was shortly after the Stockton school yard massacre. Since this occurred before cellphones were so common, calling the police was not an option for me. I pulled over and discretely retrieved my Ruger Mini-14 from behind the seat and loaded a thirty round magazine. After a few minutes wait, multiple television crews arrived and began filming.

    It turns out that the brandisher of the rifle was Rick Rolfe, a candidate for Congress. Mr Rolfe was the chief of staff for a Congress critter and presumed that he should inherit his boss’ seat even though he resided in Washington DC. Aside from the fact that this carpet bagger wasn’t legally eligible to run for office in Oregon, it was illegal for him to buy a semiautomatic rifle in Oregon. He had resolved this problem by dispatching a campaign volunteer who was legally qualified to buy the rifle to Armadillo Arms, which was only a few blocks down the road. Can you spell “Federal Felony?”

    I wonder how much more news coverage this gun control activists would have gotten if I had shot him while the cameras were rolling?

    • Did the campaign volunteer take the rifle home at the end of shooting? If so, no it was not a felony. But there should not be any Federal gun crimes. Or any state gun crimes, other than stolen firearm charges.

  16. We need the body cam footage. It sounds pretty bad for the police since they parked away from the house so they could sneak up unannounced. You guys have mentioned this before, but basically this is a preview of how red flag confiscation will go down.

  17. The last police officer who came to my house in the dark (follow up on possible break in down the street). Parked marked car outside, walked up pathway lit with combination of solar and movement activated lights, knocked on door and politely said he was police before I opened the door. Glass inset in door is one way and so he could not see me before I checked or put 12ga back in hall cupboard. Talked to him initially through locked steel security grill.

    Just a few dollars when we renovated the house to set this up. But no problem for either police or me.

    Sneaking around or anywhere else on the property would have meant opening locked gate or going over fence where dogs are plus more lights again with some motion sensors.

  18. the more cops shoot people the more cops will get shot
    the more people shoot cops the more people will get shot
    were caught in a feedback loop now
    both sides need to get a clue

    • I attempted to reply to Menard, sorry.

      I’m not sure exactly what you wanted us to learn from the second article, but I note that, like in Fort Worth, the shooter was an inexperienced officer (18 months).
      Also, the author at 9 news really needs to learn proper grammar or find another line of work…

  19. Wow, the anti-cop douchebaggery is especially strong here. The cops were literally looking for an aggravated assault suspect who fled into his home and was armed. As they were in hot pursuit of a felony suspect, no search warrant is needed. Every indication here is that it was the felony suspect who was shot. As it stands, I won’t shed any tears for that. It still deserves a thorough investigation from every angle.

    As to the other shooting through the window mentioned, it looks like a plain dirty shoot. The police officer is being charged for murder, and every indication so far seems to justify that.

    Hate cops all you want, but it’s these things that make the headlines. I’m sure some of you have had ex-wives and ex-girlfriends who celebrated every mistake you made and ignored every success. That’s what a lot of this is.

    Thankfully TTAG has pretty good gun reviews.

    • The information released by the police already contradicts their official story.

      It is not about hating on police it is about being real damned sick and tired of bad cops and sloppy cops not being held to account for the damage they do.

      Post some heroic good and great cops stories and you will see TTAG readers cheering for them.

    • How did we move from police going to a man’s home to investigate an accusation to “hot pursuit of a felony suspect”. Under this “no search warrant is needed” analysis, just about any police investigation can be claimed not to need a warrant. Don’t be so willing to cede your (and everyone else’s) rights in the interest of not inconveniencing the police.

      • Accurate one is the police. Maybe he can also tell us why the cop needed to lie about the home owner opening the door and raising the gun, if the shot was so cut and dry good.

      • Again, there appears to be a lot of conflicting info regarding this shooting. If the police were pursuing the aggravated assault suspect they were looking for in a continuous manner, the warrantless search would be justified. Pretty simple, really. The video containing conflicting info is problematic – didn’t have time to read that whole article. I glance through a lot of these things quickly since my time is devoted to the cases I’m working on.

        I’ve also searched a lot of backyards, and cops searching in marked cruisers, using flashlights, and being in full uniform tends to be pretty damn obvious. I’ve worked a lot of searches over the years and not a single one has resulted in a bad shoot – the ones that do get broadcast the world over.

    • “Cops are doing things backwards. They are shooting first, then ascertaining whether it’s a good guy or bad guy.”

      Nothing unusual, just the law west o’ the Pecos.

  20. Doesn’t the fbi hostage murder team shoot and kill people through windows routinely?

    Isn’t that what they practice??

  21. Remember folks, the anti 2A types and many of their ARMED enforcers, insist YOU obey the GOVERNMENT masters. We, being unworthy of freedom and liberty will be controlled.

  22. Y’all need to remember that even (or especially) a “suspect” has an absolute constitutional right not to talk to the police.

  23. Best to avoid contact with police on your property when they don’t have a warrant. In recent years the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that:

    1) Police have no obligation to protect citizens beyond that which the police themselves decide.
    2) Police are not required to have an understanding of the laws they’re tasked with enforcing.
    3) Police can break the law to enforce the law.
    4) If police lie when interviewed about what happened, it cannot be used as evidence against them in criminal proceedings.

  24. Hummmm? No mention of LE BodyCam or vid from other sources: Dash, houses, cell phone. Must be the only event in the U.S with no video from the “aggravated assault to the Cops Shot, odd.

    If this happened in some neighborhoods, CNN and MSN would be quarterbacking the vid before the paramedics arrived.

  25. Hello
    Remember folks, the anti 2A types and many of their ARMED enforcers, insist YOU obey the GOVERNMENT masters. We, being unworthy of freedom and liberty will be controlled.


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