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Police in Minneapolis stormed an apartment occupied by decent people and killed Amir Locke, a 19-year-old concealed carry licensee. Locke went for his gun when awakened by intruders in his cousin’s apartment. And Minneapolis police shot him like a rabid dog.

It looks a lot like another recent no-knock fatal shooting from Las Vegas, only in this case, cops weren’t looking for a murder suspect and the dead resident’s family is chock full of law enforcement members. He reportedly had a carry license and zero reason to think police would storm the residence with a no-knock warrant.

Here’s the police bodycam which looks very damning to the Minneapolis PD, an outfit that really doesn’t need more PR like this.

This from a city where Mayor Jacob Frey proudly proclaimed that “no knock” warrants were a thing of the past. Nice job, Mayor “Soy Milk” Frey.

From an archival copy of Frey’s campaign website from October 2021:

    • Implementing a first-in-the-nation ban on so-called warrior-style training for officers both on and off duty.

    • Implementing updates to the city’s body camera policy, including disciplinary measures for noncompliance, that have improved compliance from less than 55% at the time I took office to over 90%.

      • More recently, we further strengthened the policy by prohibiting MPD officers involved in critical incidents from reviewing body camera footage prior to completing their initial police reports and prohibiting officers from deactivating their body cameras to privately converse while they are responding to a call

    • Issuing new MPD policy to incorporate a victim-centered and trauma-informed approach to sexual assault responses and investigations that prioritizes the victim’s safety, privacy, well-being, and rights.

    • Banning the use of no-knock warrants in the city of Minneapolis.

Now, Frey claims (again) that he’s banned no-knock warrants with Mr. Amir Locke’s death.

From the LA Times:

The Minneapolis mayor imposed a moratorium on no-knock warrants Friday, two days after a SWAT team entered a downtown apartment and killed Amir Locke, a Black man whose parents said he was “executed” after he was startled from sleep and reached for a legal firearm to protect himself.

Mayor Jacob Frey said the moratorium is effective immediately and will ban requests for and the execution of warrants in which police do not announce themselves.

Frey said that while the moratorium is in place, he and police leadership will work with national experts to review the department’s policy on no-knock warrants and suggest revisions.

“No matter what information comes to light, it won’t change the fact that Amir Locke’s life was cut short,” Frey said in a statement. Locke was 22.

Locke’s parents, Andre Locke and Karen Wells, described their son Friday as respectful, including to police, and said some of their relatives work in law enforcement. Wells said the couple coached their son on how to act and do “what they needed to do whenever they encountered police officers” because of the danger to “unarmed Black males.”

“My son was executed on 2/2 of 22,” Wells said. “And now his dreams have been destroyed.”

The police news conference about the botched raid ran off the rails near the end and turned into a near circus. Here’s the “uncensored” version . . .

Go to 20:40 to see where things went sideways, including a woman approaching the police chief after showing that she didn’t have a gun so she wouldn’t get shot. It went south from there.

ABC News has more on the kid and his family.

Before he was fatally shot by a Minneapolis police officer, Amir Locke had been making plans.

The 22-year-old Black man had filed paperwork to start a music business, his mother said, and had already designed a logo. Next week, he planned to move to Dallas, where he would be closer to his mom and — he hoped — build a career as a hip-hop artist, following in the musical footsteps of his father.

His death inside a Minneapolis apartment where police were serving a search warrant early Wednesday has renewed calls for police accountability and justice for Black people who are too often victims. It also left Locke’s tight-knit family, friends and a community grieving for the life he didn’t get to live.

“Amir was a bright light, and he deserves to be able to shine,” his father, Andre Locke, said during a news conference Friday.

Many questions remain about the events leading up to Locke’s death. But a police bodycam video shows officers entering the apartment without knocking and an officer kicking the couch where Locke’s family said he was sleeping. On the video, he is seen wrapped in a comforter, beginning to move, with a pistol in his hand just before an officer fires his weapon.

Locke’s family said he had no criminal record, and he had a license and concealed carry permit for the gun, which they said he had for protection because he worked in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area as a driver for a food delivery service. His family includes several people with backgrounds in law enforcement and the military, and his parents and a cousin said they spoke often with Amir and other young Black men in the family about how to handle interactions with police: keep your hands visible, don’t make any sudden movements.

Now, Governor Tim Walz has called up the national guard to help ensure Minneapolis doesn’t suffer a re-run of the violence of the summer of 2020.




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  1. When you ban no knock warrants, just for us to find out about the next one that killed an innocent man while sleeping, confused, but with a spirit of self defense. Well, in that case your ban wasn’t very effective, was it?
    But maybe tripple banning it will make the next murder of an innocent man go down more smoothly?

    • This is what happens when the state skips past “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,[a] against unreasonable searches and seizures…”

      If you grabbed a random cop and had people break into his house while he’s sleeping while shouting things, I’d bet that cop would also be reaching for a gun. That is why this is unreasonable.

    • Now this is not totally confirmed, but allegedly they even hit the wrong apartment. They staged what looked to the victim like an armed robbery on an innocent man who had no reason to expect the police and every reason to defend himself before he gets killed or has his gun and thus opportunity for self defense taken away by criminals.

      • Much like your other comments here, this is false. Please stop spreading blatant lies when actual facts are so easy to find.

        The cops were there with valid no-knock warrants as part of a murder investigation and arrests were made at the scene.

        They weren’t at the wrong house and people who sleep in the homes of murderers with pistols under the covers with them aren’t innocent.

    • An “informant” who provided information in exchange for approval to continue their actions?

    • The officer is a probably a victim here too. I know, he isn’t the one dead, but if they don’t investigate everyone who put them in place for this to happen then what is the point? Imagine yourself raiding an apartment bc you were directed to, and this happens. If this guy is innocent, and they had no good reason to raid in the middle of the night, they should destroy the people who made the decisions.

      • I hope the cop read the warrant, asked questions, and had a full understanding of why he was involved in that warrant service. I hope he checked the address on the warrant and double checked the address on the house. If he was lied to by investigators that’s one thing. If he was just following orders, going through the motions, and simply doing what the guy in front of him was doing, then he’s screwed. That being said, sometimes “innocent” people aren’t so innocent so Locke could very well have been a bad guy flying under the radar until he got pinched. We’ve been bamboozled by the media and screaming idiots a lot over the years, as well as by politicians and police departments who scream “transparency” but don’t want to be under the microscope. When it comes to Minneapolis I don’t trust any of them…. The cops incompetently kill too many citizens, the incompetent populace re-elect incompetent politicians, and the incompetent populace riot when the incompetent cops do something incompetent and the incompetent politicians handle the situation incompetently….. except when the Somalian kid (Minneapolis cop) killed that Australian woman (911 caller) on accident….. nobody rioted for that one.

  2. What the hell? Unless there is damning evidence that comes to light showing the police were justified in their approach THIS time…what the hell?

    I have worked in fire and EMS for 15 years now alongside police, the majority of whom are great people and have saved my bacon twice. But publicity like this has to stop. I know there are bad eggs in every crowd, and maybe more than their fair share in police but completely backwards and sideways incidents like this HAVE TO STOP.

    I am looking forward to further information on this case.

  3. Disarm the Police. Issue them only night sticks. And the train to use them. This is a Democrat City. There are no Republicans in charge of anything in that City. The Democrat Party is responsible. As it always is. In every major city in the United States. The Democrats run the big city police department’s.

      • That’s a LIE! It wasn’t a possum; It was a porcupine. And it was mostly dead to begin with. And that was over 40 years ago! Someone you knew? Close relative?

    • No matter what wrongdoing the occupant of a dwelling is suspected of it is still a residence where occupants have rights and that means no one can run rough shot over it without assuming full responsibility and risking a huge monetary loss and a long term in prison.

      This is twice recently incompetence has ran the show. It’s no wonder the McMichaels retired cop dad and like minded son did what they did as they share the same level of careless, haphazard incompetence.

      Rest assured if any member of the raiding party were asleep and awakened by storm troopers they would grab a gun and ask questions later. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  4. We need federal bans on No-Knock Warrants, Flash Bangs deployed in any residence, and Civil Asset Forfeiture. The United States is not Fallujah and cops are not Special Forces and should never be used like they are.

    • No. People need to stop asking for the federal government for help. It’s long past time that local citizens stand up and become involved. That is how you solve these problems. Not getting some higher level of government to come and “help you”.

      “This is one of the worst things you will hear.” “Hello, I’m from the federal government and I’m here to help you”

      Some famous person said this. Or something to the effect. A very, very, long time ago.

      • Agreed, the federal government needs to stay out of this. Step up at the local level and hold the individuals and the departments responsible.

      • The nine most terrifying words in the English languages. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

        — Ronald Reagan

      • It was of all people Ronald Reagan: The scariest 10 words. Hello I’m from the government and here to help you.

    • There is no Federal role.

      Looks like we’re past the chicom flu. The popo are back to 2019 already in progress.

  5. Stop and think !!

    We can’t allow amped-up cops constantly restrained from releasing all that stress of acting as shock troops in the war of police vs. everyone else, and not let those police release that energy and anxiety on someone.

    Also, it is ridiculous to require that warrant teams must have 100% accurate intelligence before breaching a location; stuff happens, things change, and cops have plenty of other things to do before wasting shift resources on verifying assault targets. Once a combat unit is deployed, they must be allowed to target someone, anyone, else the frustration at not being able to practice actual combat will demoralize the combat units into lethargy and disappointment. Then what good are they?

    • Sam, first, I have strongly disagreed with you in the past, and for good reason. However, I was rude and accusatory and it was not warranted, and I apologize.

      Second, your analysis here is absolutely spot on, and it’s good to see someone understands the inhuman pressure cooker that these brave heroes have to got through. The men on that assualt likely had to put on armor and sit still for maybe even half an hour. THAT’S the crime.

      • I think we need a special colorful ribbon to show our thanks to those brave men. A half hour! Oh, the horror or it all! (sobbing)

      • Maybe I completely misunderstood Sam this time, but I thought his post was a subtle tongue-in-cheek comment rather than a serious one.

      • “…I have strongly disagreed with you in the past,…I was rude and accusatory…”

        Not to worry, it’s all good.

        I know that satire, ridicule, mockery and sarcasm can require more than cursory reading, and, while I like to believe I am good at it, those techniques are difficult to master, leaving me oft completely misunderstood.

        • Sam your name is so appropriate. You’re the modern Samuel Langhorne Clemens. No sarcasm in my comment, I really mean it.

      • Kudos, I totally missed the cheek in your reply. Thought I was smart seeing it in Sam’s and missed it in yours. Strike one on me.

  6. The mayor ordered his police department to stand down in 2020. And the cops followed orders. His city burned and innocent people were murdered.

  7. WTF? What was the cause for the warrant??? Am I missing something here???

    And, wow! That black gal schooled the Chief and Mayor.

  8. “Reportedly” had a CCL. At 19. I’m neutral on this right now. I am against BS po-leece raids in the wee hours…how hard is it to nab a perp when they exit their flat?!?

    • 21 is the minimum age for a Minnesota CCL. So my suspicions were confirmed. As usual…

      • Some States allow for a CWP under 21. Montana will issue to 18yo. That’s the biggest reason that Washington State does not allow reciprocity with Montana’s permit.

        However, they still have to have someone 21 or over purchase their (handgun) ammo for them.

        Some rules are plain silly when you boil them down for content.

      • My guess would be LEO had the wrong apartment, happened before!
        Did they not announce “Police” once inside
        Only difference between Home Invaders and Police is Home Invaders is they don’t announce themselves ahead of time
        Also could have had someone who didn’t like the victim and fake SWAT call, a friend of ours had that happen because he broke up with a girlfriend whom didn’t take it well!
        He’s an attorney and sued her later!

        • This website needs to do a better job of investigating when reporting. According to local media, the police were searching for a murder suspect and that was his residence they raided. It is unfortunate this person was sleeping on that man’s couch (the suspect, being smarter than police, was not at home).

          Still sucks.

      • The article later says he was 22. My belief is the 19 was a typo as I’ve seen multiple sources citing he had a carry permit, which as you rightly stated would be impossible at 19 in Minnesota

      • Some states only require 18 for a CHL/LTC.
        Court approved protective order or active military service are examples of possible exemptions to the “21” rule.

    • Exactly! Not hard at all, especially with all the ability and federally funded equpment to Unconstitutionally stealth spy-on- citizens-randomly, without a warrant, only as an unconstitutional ‘fishing’ expedition for ‘suspicious’–but not probable cause-activity.

      For anyone’s historic significance interest…This was the type of attack the citizens mentality used in WACO and Ruby Ridge but they made the mistake of attacking a well-fortified compound shooting back with High Cap AK’s They pulled up at the front with a shitmob of agents to frontload the assault, hoping to Cap Karesh at the onset without video feed precisely catching the shot. When approaching the door to breach it, apparently Koresh opened the door first to confront them without violence and demanded to know WTF they were doing, but got shot first instead of communicating, and people inside immediately opened fire and pushed them back and the agents who were sneaking on the roof
      at the same time got opened up on by several ‘followers’ who didn’t wait until the Fed team Crashed through a window, but blasted right through the walls and blew them off the roof. (there might still be some archived video if they didn’t take it down). And the rest is shocking, horrific history.

      The point being, that at that time there was serious talk about the efficacy and safety of SWAT type assault raids on private residences just for property search and seizures and also, WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T THEY JUST LET THE SHERRIF TALK TO HIM FIRST BECAUSE THEY KNEW EACH OTHER, OR PICK kARESH UP ON HIS REGULAR TRIPS INTO TOWN AS AN AN ORDINARY CITIZEN ABOUT HIS BUSINESS? You would think that law enforcement and even rogue out of control fed agencies would learn a lesson by now and find a ‘better’ way to operate for the same objective without still using Stealth ‘No-knock’ raids which amount to nothing less than accessable Police State ‘ illegal home invasions with dubious rationale at best, and serious disregard for the safety and rights of citizens at worse.

      Apparently, after all is said and done, it seems that nothing much will ever be done by any Police agency. If anything, with the new below radar surge now in making American Patriots classified as Domestic Terrorists, these raids seem to be increasing? I, mean look at the number of heavily armed Swat Teams doing pre-dawn home invasions–like Roger Stone, and others along with all the Jan-6 so called ‘insurgents’ just for Misdemeanors!

      It’s up to the people Now, Outside of a hot in progress armed stand-off like the recent hostage situation with the Rabbi at the synagogue, There’s absolutely no reasonable justification for these no-knock Home Invasions anymore).

      ( actually, here’s a good ‘defense’ I just heard that a good attorney with a sharp legal mind could wrap their jury’s thoughts around: It’s one thing for a street Cop to be faced with deadly force in a spontaneous response to a call where she believes that her life is in imminent danger with no other option but to respond with deadly force…because She didn’t initiate the force! She was only reacting.

      These No Fucking Knock Lock picking home invaders specifically and intentionally initiated the break-in assault and were NEVER at any time, for even the necessity of a ‘split-second’ decision in any imminent threat of harm, Until they CAUSED it in the first place by intentional illegal actions! They were never Responding to a crime in progress, or Ambushed which might call for the specious notion of so-called ‘split-second’ decisions. And, unlike average citizens, Police are supposed to be trained in job-specific rapid decision making?
      And so-called ‘split-second’ decision making is never an excuse when you control the behavioral sequencing in action v. reaction behavior. These cops had the total and complete drop on this guy while he was STILL sleeping. When you have the absolute drop on someone, you always get the first shot. There’s no ‘split-second’ decision for a professional highly trained officer. Yeah, it’s fast, even split second, but there’s no surprise because the decisions already made! And you are able to completely ‘satisfy’ that decision.

      That’s another reason why you can’t be ‘in fear’ of your life at that point. This fucking guy was not even awake yet before they executed him!

      If they weren’t screaming and shouting indecipherably like methed out zombies they could have tip-toed up to him, and took the gun before he even woke up?!

      So they certainly CAN NOT by any stretch of the already stretched-out law, Claim in any form of legitimacy that they were ‘in fear for their lives’ so they opened up first, when they were NOT In FEAR to Put their motherfucking SELVES willingly in danger in the first place?

      After all, Cops have total discretion any time they are at work. They can switch the action to high or low NO intensity at any point in the action. Here There was an Intentional mental state like this with this city’s swat teams. Only it was set on High velocity from the onset until they killed all potential perceived, but not verified, resisting opposition. And had no other low intensity in their plan of action.

      And it’s this behavior that a defense attorney would use against a CC citizen after he defended himself. The lawyer in the guaranteed following lawsuit, even though he was deemed justifiable in his self defense, After the 2nd or third question which would be were you in fear of your life, would then be, ‘well, then, Mr. armed citizen, before you confronted the ‘victim’ did you in any way at any time realize that you could have just fled or avoided the confrontation? If not, there goes Mr. Armed Citizens, home, savings, everything. Because if he answered No, there was no other choice, and the defense argued there was and the jury agreed, it’s still negligence for not being better prepared or more aware and responsible when carrying a firearm.

      But that wouldn’t work for this Police State home invasion team.

      There was never any ‘imminent fear’ for their life? There might have been if a shoot-out occurred actually took place and they fucked up the murder itself. But to a well-trained and highly experienced combat operator, this would be as transparent as a vintage pair of Victoria Secret Underwear.

      This raid was a replication of War Time Seal tactical assault raid to gain entry quickly, and quickly Neutralize–not capture alive–the enemy combatants. In lieu of the recent frownings upon FB grenades, the cops substituted loud, but effectively disorientating, screaming. From a tactical Military Combat observation, it was well-executed.

      From a libertarian civilian police arrest observation, this is an unacceptable and completely fucked violation of serving a search warrant to a level of Rights violation of unjustified force and potential criminal prosecutions…if they didn’t already cover it up by obfuscating the peretinant body cameras.

      So the the cops bear ALL responsibility for INTENTIONAL DEPRIVATION of this Victim’s Rights Like the Floyd Cops who also were charged with under 18-241-242, and another similar case recently, Where in all cases the Cops had a choice to make, and they and KNOWINGLY and intentionally made the WRONG one.

      You gotta be a moron to be in favor of ‘Defunding’ the police. Who’s going to do such a high-stress job, the majority of fat assed physically unfit chairborne rangers?

      Yes, the ‘pandemic’ of ‘bad policing’ is spreading, but I think they need more State funding to re-train them and get them off Federal Police-State hand-outs. The Federal Police-State wants cops to become inured to human decency and only become mindless robots in their Population Control War against free American citizens and because it’s only going to get worse if they don’t get off these worthless dangerous Authoritarian 4th/A deadly home-invasions.

      And the first thing the People should do is Fire this mendacious porcine police chief and then re-call this Mayor unless they agree IMMEDIATELY cease to operate and Ban ALL future Home-Invasion SWAT Raids!

      Thanks John Borch, Good job reporting! Please keep us apprised. These important stories have a bad habit of being swept under the cover-up carpet.

      • I bet that, hidden within that Wall of Text, there is a kernel of something worthwhile.

        Is there somewhere that I can get the Cliff’s Notes, or an executive summary?

        • You could read what he posted in less than two minutes. And, according to your boyfriend, two minutes is something you aspire to 🖕🤡.

  9. that was not even a no knock warrant..they had a key from the landlord and permission for entry by a landlord…they may have had a warrant, but it was NOT forced entry.. and THEY DID ANNOUNCE..this faux racial crap needs to stop…at some pointpeople are going to have to call BS to this ginned up trash..

    • ‘No-Knock’ does NOT equal “forced entry”.

      And they didn’t “announce” until they were already through the door.

      This had nothing to do with “race”, but thanks for showing -your- true colors.

      This was entirely about police over-acting, ineptitude and corruption.


    • They certainly didn’t make any kind of reasonable effort to present the warrant particularly describing the place to be searched and the person or things to be seized.

  10. Gee whiz, wrapped up in a blanket and six cops couldn’t restrain him.
    What to do?
    Get a dog for early warning, no they shoot the dog.
    Tit for tat, give them the death penalty.

  11. You’d think the Mini PD would be walking on egg shells after all their shenanigans. It’s almost like they want to be shut down.

  12. Remember Michael Brown, Hands up don’t shoot? As is frequently the case with these posts it is difficult to tell what content is attributable to Mr Boch and what is cut and paste. In any case the deceased is listed first as 19 and then later 22 can’t be both and can’t have CC permit at 19. Perhaps the rest of the content is accurate perhaps not. Michael Brown was initially portrayed as “gentle giant, aspiring rap star, about to enter junior college, shot down like a dog.” Turns out he was a thug who had just committed a strong arm robbery and in fact all the physical evidence supported the police officer’s account. Cops may be completely wrong in this case but would be nice to see Mr. Boch refrain from the unsubstantiated assertions which may ultimately be false.

      • From the FBI training manual…
        “When a closed door precludes positive ID, it is permissible, even recommended, to shoot through the door as a precaution”.

        (fictitious quote – but, it could say that…we don’t know. After all, Biden advocates the blind, double blast, through a closed door as a criminal deterrent).

    • This!

      Mr Bosh is an anti-cop activist and anything he writes about the police should be taken with a MASSIVE grain of salt. Wait for actual facts, not the propaganda you read here.

      • Forrest, Yeah, but DUDE, Does that Really look like the fucking way a Warrant should be served, even to an obvious amateur like you? Even to a known criminal who was not in any mode of violence or attack? There’s already more than enough ‘evidence’ even before actual facts to get a serious investigation on the cops, otherwise the police announcement would immediately claim a totally justified shooting, not the so obviously a guilty looking stance by the Chief and Mayor. Plus it’s already been more than enough time to get the facts? See my previous comment for some in-depth analysis.
        The idea of a search warrant is to search, not to execute somebody. The way it’s going anybody who has a firearm to protect their domicile against the increasing danger of break-ins can be SWatted to death just because of that fact. Or, actually, in too many other cases, having No weapon, or merely something that resembles a weapon?

        This is not so much about Facts as it is about very bad police procedures and practices and getting away with it too long.

        My brother was a Combat Veteran and a very good cop. I like and support them, but come on…Put yourself exactly in this guy’s situation?

  13. Does this surprise anyone? Really? Jackbooted thugs all over the Western world have been shutting down religious services, beating people up for not wearing masks, and hauling hairdressers out of their shops for the last two years. That’s, of course, when they’re not kneeling in public for Communist insurrectionists. For all you “tHiN bLuE lInE” types, how is any of this justified?? Who says you’re not next??

    As Chris says above, disarm the police and arm the populace. We’ll have peaceful countries in a week.

    • “As Chris says above, disarm the police and arm the populace“

      In effect, you are advocating that we ‘defund the police’.

      How ironic.

    • Jimmy Beam,

      Police actions in the Western world as you described are disgusting and inexcusable.

      And then we have this:

      Governor Tim Walz has called up the national guard to help ensure Minneapolis doesn’t suffer a re-run of the violence of the summer of 2020.

      A much better action would have been calling up the National Guard to arrest the police officers and command structure who are responsible for surprise attack search warrants.

      • “police officers and command structure who are responsible for surprise attack search warrants“

        Do you suppose these folks are some of those liberal soft-on-crime Commies?

  14. Who else has serious issues with assuming that someone sleeping with a gun under the covers with them in a home that’s being raided by the police being assumed to be innocent?

    If you’re in the woods with antlers on your head, I’m gonna assume you’re a deer. If you’re hanging out with criminals and sleeping with guns, I’m gonna assume you’re a criminal too.

    • I sleep on my couch in sight of my front door with my SR9 by my pillow every night but I’ve never had so much as a speeding ticket. Your point?

      • Why do you feel the need to sleep with a gun?

        And do you often sleep in houses with known murder suspects?

        There are simply too many “coincidences” for this story to be true.

        His brother was shot less than a year ago in a drive by. He was a gang member shot by an opposing gang member. The media mentions his family contains law enforcement officers, but they ignore the gang members… Why? They’re well aware of this fact since the same people who interviewed his mom about this case interviewed her in August about the other case.

        He was sleeping in the home of a murder suspect that was subject to a no-knock warrant in a city that banned no-knock warrants… Obviously the cops and judge who signed the warrant knew something the media isn’t reporting or else they wouldn’t have approved the warrant.

        He was sleeping with a gun under the covers with him. He obviously felt like there was some threat to defend against, it’s pretty logical to assume that he knew exactly what was going on.

        Ben Crump is the family’s lawyer. Ben Crump has never been on the right side of a police shooting.

        • “He obviously felt like there was some threat to defend… “

          As it turned out, he was right about that threat…

    • I fall asleep in any comfortable place in my house, and I’m always within reach of a gun, but I’m no gangbanger and I don’t associate with them. When I was younger and couch surfed instead of staying at a hotel, I often slept on a friend or family member’s couch and I was always armed. There’s a reason No-knocks are supposed to be for extreme risk cases, because they’re extremely risky and often lead to confusion for all involved. Let’s see what other video footage and information pops up before we try to condemn the SWAT team OR the deceased. However, judging by the initial report, those cops screwed up in both acquiring a no-knock, and how they executed it.

  15. Police are not your friends. When they get the orders to take your guns because the boss says, they will gladly stack up on your door and blow you away if you flinch.

    These cops need to be in prison, that was execution. Completely innocent man.

    • Don’t get your hopes up. The piece of shit cop that murdered Daniel Shaver is still walking around, breathing free.

      2020 showed that mass violence does get results, but there are no riots demanding justice for this particular young black man, as far as I know…makes sense, as there’s no political advantage to be had from rioting right now, when it’d only make the “progressives” in charge look bad. Black lives matter, but only when Republicans are in charge?

  16. I hope they start with burning the PD to the ground and then the drag out, kill tge police and politicians in the town. Thats the only way to make it stop. The answer is defiantly not to destroy local businesses and harm the innocent. The government needs to once again fear the people.

    • “I hope they start with burning the PD to the ground and then the drag out, kill tge police and politicians in the town“

      Hey wait a minute, I thought you guys were upset when the left wing nut jobs did that in Portland?

      • No. A lot of libertarian types actually said the police and certain govt buildings were legitimate targets but attacking random people, property, and looting businesses definitely wasn’t acceptable.

  17. No-knock warrants are NOT banned

    They did NOT break in. They had a key. That is a very interesting item in itself. Where did that key come from? Are we expected to believe that the renters were never told there might be a spare key? One that can be given to cops? One they have no control over? What about this? What is this allowed? If the renters know this AND STILL go for their own gun?

    • The landlord ALWAYS has a key. Every renter knows this, but there are laws (with teeth) meant to keep landlords from abusing their ability to open all their tenants’ doors, and the privacy of your dwelling is something you’re generally able to rely on.

      But if the police show the landlord a warrant for a no-knock entry, you’re up shit creek whether you deserved to be there or not.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        “The landlord ALWAYS has a key.”

        Yeah, about that.

        20-odd years back I rented from someone who gave off a bad ‘vibe’ to me. So I did the natural thing, I got a new front door deadbolt with the keys in my possession, not his.

        A few months later, while he was collecting the rent, he mentioned his front door key no longer fit.

        “Huh? (I asked him), how could you possibly know that?”

        “I was here a week or so back, and noticed it didn’t fit” he said.

        In Florida, renter’s rights are that a landlord cannot just walk into a renter’s home anytime they like. Advance notice *must* be given.

        So, I looked at him and said “You know, you gave me the feeling you might like to pull a stunt like that, so I changed the lock. I’m glad I listened to my little voice about you, it was correct.”

        I also told him at that time that it likely saved his life, since back then I was working rotating shifts, and likely would have been sleeping when he he made his little ‘surprise inspection’ and gotten his ass shot by my Glock 23 that I slept with.

        Let’s just say he got a little flustered after that exchange with me. When moving out of his rental into my first home I bought, he tried jacking me on the deposit. It took a letter from a lawyer for him to cough that up, as the lawyer cost me about the size of the deposit he held. It was worth the price, I suppose, at least it took money away from a scumbag like him.

        I went online to the local tax collector and ran a search on his name of the properties he owned, and mailed a letter to each one warning them on what he pulled on me. That he would enter without prior notice, and jack them on the security deposit. I heard back from 2 of the 7 properties thanking me for the heads-up on how he ran his little real estate ’empire’… 🙂

  18. In Ohio they waited for a suspected Mass Murder (sniper) to go shopping. When he was in the store they also found a pistol and silencer in his car. They arrested him without incident. So why is it that the Neanderthal Jackbooted Law Enforcement Morons have not quit the no knock bullshit altogether. Its not necessary and never was. I guess the storm troopers must uphold their reputation as being the worst trained police force on the planet.

    • Another case was the Branch Davidians. Koresh was known to go into town every day. Instead of just waiting in town for him and arresting him, they had to go to the compound and conduct a raid which led to the deaths of many. I guess they had a point to prove.

      • This is correct, I think the local sheriff had even served an attempted murder warrant on David Karesh in the past without incident, if memory serves me correctly.

        That operation was snafu from the very beginning, they didn’t know what opsec was, cover blown by the postman who had seen the teams at local motels.

        It just doesn’t pay to have a religious cult armed compound a stones throw from the Bush ranch in Crawford.

    • dacian,

      So why is it that the Neanderthal Jackbooted Law Enforcement Morons have not quit the no knock bullshit altogether. Its not necessary and never was.

      The Ruling Class sanctions intense/violent surprise warrants in the hope that they intimidate the Working Class into sheepish compliance. That is why they are “necessary”.

      • Until you remember that this twit that hates the jack boots is perfectly willing to let those same jack boots run the gun control system in the US.

        Always, and I mean always, remember that dacian the nazi is mentally ill.

        • Maybe a better tactic would be to look for common ground with those you disagree with.

          Staying in the adversarial mode will do nothing but promote division.

  19. “Now, Governor Tim Walz has called up the national guard to help ensure Minneapolis doesn’t suffer a re-run of the violence of the summer of 2020.”

    HA! HA! L HA! HA! HA!

  20. Here is the fundamental problem with violent/intense surprise search and arrest warrants:

    A typical adult human being who has had ample (and good quality) sleep and who is fully awake and alert may need as much as 10 seconds (or thereabouts) to process a surprise situation and respond thoughtfully. And a person who was sleeping, especially in a deep sleep, will need several more seconds.

    When police launch an intense/violent surprise warrant, they frequently apply force within one or two seconds of bashing the door while simultaneously shouting, “Police search warrant!” That does not give people a chance to comply. Saying it another way, that is setting up people to fail.

    And then there is the fact that rip (theft) crews have used the same tactic– impersonating police surprise warrants–on raids which demands that anyone who is the subject of such an event defend themselves until they can verify the actual identity and intent of the raid. Needless to say, that takes upwards of 10 seconds or longer.

    In light of the simple FACTS above, governments cannot bring forth any righteous defense for intense/violent surprise search/arrest warrants in anything other than the rarest of situations involving violent attackers who police officers just watched initiate an attack or hostage situation.

  21. I don’t understand. If a little kid wanders into my house, I don’t just shoot them. Is anyone just allowed to shoot at uniformed police when they raid your house? If you confront a bulgiest in your house, and they immediately surrender and comply with your instructions- you can’t just shoot them.

    I mean- whatever, MPLS police deserve this after allowing the city to burn. This black kids was probably a criminal anyway.

    • The fact that it’s police means nothing. That’s not to mention the fact that anyone can get a gun, dress up like a cop, and raid someone’s home.

      No knock warrants are dangerous for everyone envolved and should be stopped.

  22. ChoseDeath
    “Sam your name is so appropriate. You’re the modern Samuel Langhorne Clemens. No sarcasm in my comment, I really mean it.”

    Talking like that will get you thrown out of most bars I know of.
    (but, thanx for the undue compliment)

  23. It is actually a good shoot. Search warrant signed by a judge, they make entry, subject inside grabs gun and gets goodified. Good job officers. Beers after shift. Good days work.

  24. That the family has hired that POS Ben Crump, before the body was cold is “interesting”. A bus somewhere has that jackasse’s name on the front. I hope he/it meet soon. As bad as seeing Sharpton or Jackson.

  25. Long past time to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of all tyrants who issue no-knock warrants, execute no-knock warrants, and rule that no-knock warrants are somehow lawful. Stand them all up against the pock-marked wall.

  26. Maybe walk up to police and shoot them in the street, sitting in their cars, etc?

    Oh wait, people ARE doing that. I wonder why?

    Cops are the real cop killers, what else causes people to want to kill them more than institutionalized police murder of innocent people?

    Cop suckers disagree.

    • “Maybe walk up to police and shoot them in the street, sitting in their cars, etc?

      Oh wait, people ARE doing that. I wonder why?“

      Wow, another BLM sympathizer on this forum, fascinating!

      • There’s few things that seem to cross the political lines and bring people on both sides together.

        Hatred for cop misconduct is at the top of the list.

  27. All warrants should be “knock and wait”. And the “wait” should be at least 10 minutes.

    We also need to start repealing laws. There are way too many acts which harm no one but lead to government thug encounters with citizens.

  28. No knock warrants came into common use when the Police were going after the Speak Easy’s during Prohibition. The idea was to get in and catch the bootleggers and others running them before they could dump/destroy evidence. Then came the other raids on the various more dangerous criminals of the 20’s and 30’s. Get in and grab them before they could arm up. Usually such raids ended up with dead suspects and possibly dead cops. Along comes WWII and the same no knock warrants were used to apprehend alleged spies, etc. Most of this type of raids stopped for the next decade or so, with them being revived in the “War on Drugs”. The idea being bust in and catch the dealers/users before they could flush their stash down the toilet. Now, such warrants are used whenever the police believe a suspect might be dangerous, or might destroy evidence. Way over used and should require much greater probable cause than a normal search or arrest warrant. Of course, in many cases the police do announce themselves, but at 2 or 3 in the morning, who is awake enough to understand some fool yelling as they kick in the door? Go kick in the door of the average homeowner even yelling ” Police, Search Warrant” and you may still very well end up on the business end of a firearm. And, of course, any cop seeing a gun, or what might be a gun pointed at them will shoot first and ask questions after you are dead.
    Minneapolis Police has a long history of screwing up on warrants. Either shooting innocent persons or getting the wrong address. Such mistakes have cost the city huge amounts in damages and settlements. But then, Mini-hopeless has been under Democrat control for decades. Might could be a problem in who is running things more than a problem in the street level officers.

  29. I’ve said this many times,so I’ll say it again, YOU need to harden your bedroom door, in case of this, in case of home invasion. you need time to wake up and assess the situation. An exterior door with a hardened jamb. I saw a vid once with the police hitting a door over and over with a ram.
    the door was also locked at the top, and would flex and spring back, absorbing the energy.

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