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Rep. Ryan Guillen, D-Rio Grande City (courtesy

New York legislators are set to exempt ex-cops from the SAFE Act’s unconstitutional provisions. Texans may scoff at Empire State politicians trampling on their residents’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, but Lone Star state pols are no less guilty of enacting a two-tier legal framework for gun owners. To wit this from “Earlier this week, lawmakers added language into a bill that was designed to levy penalties for keeping guns out of public buildings where they should be allowed. The new language said the nine statewide elected officials and all 150 members of the Legislature who held concealed handgun licenses could carry their guns anywhere in Texas.” And then it got worse . . .

Under state law, CHL holders are prohibited from carrying guns into a handful of public places, including bars, sporting events, schools and federal buildings. Also excluded are privately-owned buildings that have a no-weapons sign posted.

When the bill author, Rep. Ryan Guillen, D-Rio Grande City, [above] came back with the bill, some of his colleagues were upset, including [Rep. Kenneth] Sheets.

Guillen took the bill into a conference committee with senators. It was reported back on Saturday, but instead the only major change was that more elected officials — this time Congress — was added to the exemption.

OK, hold it. Why should ANY politicians have ANY different treatment than ANY Texas taxpayer when it comes to exercising their gun rights? Ready?

Guillen said no members of Congress had requested the provision, but that he’s heard from many elected colleagues about numerous threats they’ve received and that the provision is meant to increase their safety.

Bullshit. More to the point, public servants packing heat should adhere to same laws that apply to their constituents. To suggest otherwise is to undermine the rule of law. And guess what? I’m not the only one who’s pissed off at these perfidious pols.

Sheets said he’s heard from plenty of people since The News first reported the provision.

“The news cycle over the past 48-hours has made it very clear that our constituents don’t like the notion of lawmakers giving themselves special privileges and putting ourselves in an elite class above our constituents,” Sheets said.

Once again, gun rights are not a right – left issue. It just looks that way. The struggle against gun control is a fight between individual liberty and government tyranny. Period.

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  1. More examples of elitist Hypocrisy!

    & they wonder why they are being threatened… if they indeed are… not that I agree with that…

    • He!!, a fat turd like that couldn’t reach his gun if he had one, he can’t even find his belt.

      • True! Great comment! We need to fight this idiocy everywhere, and everyday. The anti-gun rights crowd are as dangerous for this nation as any terrorist, because they are in fact, domestic terrorists. Anyone who tries to further limit our inalienable rights of self protection, epecially concealed carry rights, is a terrorist in my eyes, and should be facing a minimum of twenty years in prison.

        • Citizens are the highest form of life in a Republic. Public persona/servants cannot be our equal. They necessarily take a step LOWER than us when they accept their servant status. Thus, there can be NO special dispensation based upon public servant status where rights are secured to Citizens. We Citizens have grown soft and compliant. We need to change that. The way to do that is to instill SUCH A LAWFUL TERROR in our public servants that they would not even THINK about supporting these heinous liberty infringements.

          • It is not respect that you need to earn but loyalty and devotion to the position and the citizens. These low-lives respect nothing!

      • He ain’t even seen his pee pee in years……………….if he indeed has one!

        • Texas has a lot of turds. Texas congressman Joe Straus the speaker of the house. He also goes by the handle “Mr. Trans Texas Corridor”.

          Robert Nichols, the Texas state senator in my district, he only votes when paid off well.

          And then there’s “Rick-the-Prick-Perry”. Working tirelessly behind the scene to merge Texas with Mexico and Canada. We would have gotten rid of TSA in the airports and got a private security company for our airports that would profile passengers for Muslims, but Perry rigged the process so that we had to have 80% majority in both houses and we only got 60%.

          Yes, many, many turds.

        • Seriously Tod, I have to spell it out for you? I like the state (it’s topography, climate, location, hunting and fishing opportunities). When I said it is more hype and talk than fact means that after living in Texas and hearing how great living there is, and how sensible gun and other laws are, etc. it turns out that it’s not what it is claimed to be. This turd, Guillen and his proposed legislation is a perfect example, Gov. Perry is another one.

    • Just remember this when election time comes. Keep it up until you eventually get people that want to do the right thing.

    • Any time a law is passed it should be a law for everyone or should never be enforced! These Idiot seem to forget they work for us and we are the Bosses not them!! Ryan looks like he eats for six people and the fat has kept his brain [ if he ever had one from working ] Perfect example of why so many need to go!f

    • I live in Texas, and this bill just bit the dirt….even the Democraps were upset. Who the heck do the elists representation think they are?

      • These legislators push as many of these worthless bills as they can because they hope that one will make it out of dozens. This is why we have hundreds of thousands of worthless laws in this country, most of which are not even enforceable. When they get enough of one “genre” of laws passed then they can built a big all encompassing bill to cram down our throats, think Obozocare!

  2. Moving huh? Can you say “out of the frying pan, into the fire?”

    Self righteous bastards.

      • There are a lot of places people aren’t thinking about, places that don’t self-promote in the same way Texas does.

        If people really are moving, one strategy I think gun friendly people should adopt is moving to places that are in the balance, where laws are actually good right now, but could go the wrong way if the votes go the wrong way in the near future. Washington and Oregon are perfect examples. The gun and self defense laws in the Pacific Northwest are actually very good, but the forces of darkness will be making their move in 2014. We could use as many pro-gun voters as possible in the next election and elections in the future. Think of it as Califonication in reverse.

        • Consolidate your troops (supporters & voters). That’s the only part of the “move to a gun friendly state” simpleton solution some make that makes sense.

          The problem is that progressives move too, to get away from over burdensome gov’t and crime, and for work. So the “move” solution, is at best a delaying action against the liberal progressive grabber activities! In time, that cancer will spread e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!

          • Moving is definitely not the answer. What do you think Mexicans have been doing? Instead of staying put and identifying and neutralizing the threat they come here. Moving is the chickenshit answer. Remember that the majority of liberals live in the city (because they have no clue about doing “it” themselves/ living off the land) and in prisons, so those are the targets!

      • True, Kentucky’s gun laws are better, but I don’t think Rob has a sister to marry (as is mandatory per Kentucky law). 😉

        • As I understand it, Alaska has no gun laws at all, only the Fed with their nose in it.

          I reload some shells and I’m now on a waiting list for reloading supplies that might arrive around September. It appears that the “Department of Homeland Insecurity” is buying it all up.

  3. It appears that they are setting themselves up as targets given the anti- special rights sentiments going on in a lot of peoples minds these days. They decided to run for these offices as if they should be looked upon as being accorded special privileges. Got news for you guys…

      • But if both candidates are essentially the same, is it really voting? Fair elections are predicated on CHOICE. When the choice is removed from the equation, you are left with a kangaroo election.

        I REALLY do fail to grasp why you have such blind faith in such a corrupt, emasculated institution. You should be asking yourself some hard questions, such as, “why the hell IS it that I give lip service to this obvious crap”?

        • I’m not getting into that conversation with you. I was simply answering Mk10108’s comment above.

        • I REALLY do fail to grasp why you have such blind faith in such a corrupt, emasculated institution.

          Are you referring to marriage?

        • Agreed. What is the next evolution to OUR government? How do we remove the two party, 1-2 issue shit choice and lay out how we deconstruct the Federal Government from our lives.

  4. With the likelihood of future government layoffs and many democrats losing elections, I wonder if they thought about the fact they will soon lose any special rights they gave themselves. Those dangers they speak about, if they really exist, aren’t going away just because they are no longer in government.

    • That’s why they add language like “…and retired law enforcement…” to bills of that kind.

      • No. That’s a bribe to the LEO community. Which is the biggest scam of all time. Bribing people with their own rights. Who could come up with a swindle like that? Yup. A politician.

  5. Government employees, civil service, elected or appointed, should be barred from possessing weapons of any kind. If you want to have power over citizens, then you should give up your basic human rights.

    • Bullshit. Cops should carry in the performance of duties, everyone else should carry in the performance of their lives. Hell, criminals carry in the performance of their duties no matter what laws get passed.

      • I offer for your attention the concept of “satire”. Or even merely “sarcastic irony”.


      • A81, I think that csmallo was being bitterly satiric. Taken in that context, I think it was a very sharp comment.

        • I hope you’re right, but I took it seriously too. I know there’s more than one reading this site who would think it a good idea.

    • I already have involuntarily given up my rights. I’m a conservative high school teacher. Every county employee where I live with a CCW can carry in the government building where they work except for teachers who have a duty to protect the lives of their students. I get to protect your kid’s life with nothing more than a ball point pen. Feel safer now? Think your kids are really safe in the public schools? You ought to work there to find out for certain.

      • INTEGRITY: Doing the right thing when no one’s watching.

        Don, I’m sure you’re a man of great integrity.

      • The youth of this country need you, whatever you do , don’t give up. The educational system has been corrupted by libs(Libs are not dems) who seek to turn our youth into nonthinking , nonquestioning workhorses. People such as you are the one’s who will save future generations from tyranny if the adults of today can defeat the enemies of freedom which we now fight.

  6. RF is making the point so we _can_ vote these people out. Sadly, I can understand the irrational logic of what Guillen is trying, since he comes from the hot-bed of drug smuggling. However, if he thinks that this would in any way make him safer, it will actually make him more of a target, and another bad law of unintended consequences.

  7. I guess “some animals are more equal than other animals”. Animal Farm stopped being required reading in schools after the cold war ended but so much that is happening here in America reminds of that old book everyday.

  8. Begging the question as to why the value of a political elite’s life should be elevated above and beyond the threashold of those in his or her constituency.

  9. One of the reasons we seem to need a “28th Amendment”:

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

    “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States”.

    Should have something in there about the POTUS as well.

    • 28th should be the right of lawful self defense…when passed it will reduce government by 20%.

      • NO. The Second Amendment already affirms this. When legislators are reduced to writing laws and amendments to reaffirm existing ones, we’ve stepped in the deep doo-doo.

        • There is NO provision for self defense. It is implied in the Declaration but NO amendment gives a US citizen the right of lawful self protection.

      • The 2nd amendment gives us the right to self defense,theDick Act of 1902 reaffirms the 2nd Amend.

        • Actually, self defense is a God given Right, natural to all sentient life forms. The Second Amendment merely reaffirms this pre-existing, God given Right.

      • Remember, the bill of rights isn’t granting the people rights, it is limiting government with regard to those rights. Of course, the criminals running our government don’t follow the constitution anyway.

  10. We talk about Free State and Slave States…reality is we must be forever diligent because those who conspire against the 2a are among us everywhere. The line between free and slave is a matter of vigilance and voting often.

    These bastards should be told loud and clear their jobs are in jeopardy.

    • The Second will always be under attack because it is the only veto held by the people.

      -poster Sammy on

    • Their jobs aren’t in jeopardy as long as zoo animals are willing to trade essential rights and freedoms for free food, shelter, and vet care. Throw in a cheap $30 cell phone as icing on the cake and they’re guaranteed re-election come November. They just aren’t smart enough to realize that what the goverment giveth, the government can take back whenever it pleases.

      • The bankers are working as fast as they can to make the government irrelevant. As soon as the ever growing pile of “money” chasing a constant pile of real value hits critical mass and the rest of the world ceases to view the US Dollar as the reserve currency, life as we in the USA as we have known it is over. Once the Emperor’s lack of clothes becomes obvious to all, it is not going to matter one tiny bit what the “law” says. At that point, it’s Darwin’s rules. Hopefully you and yours “get it” in time to position yourselves accordingly…

  11. As good as Missouri is concerning gun rights (better than Texas) our legislator did the same thing concerning they and their staff which are allowed to carry in the capital (if they have a CCW) but not us commoners.

    • In TX, concealed carry licensed people can carry in the capitol, and we can bypass the metal detector line to enter by presenting our license.

      That’s why so many lobbyists and legislators have concealed carry permits–so they can bypass the line and get in faster.

    • Just a thought,… I always try to equate myself on the same level as the politicians when it comes to my rights! So I would have made the statement like this;

      “which are allowed to carry in the capital (if they have a CCW) but not us equals according to the law.”

      If you call yourself “commoners” that is what you will be in the mind of the “criminal politicians.”

      “We the People” ARE NOT commoners … ! We are the rulers, do not let them forget it,… we must stay positive in our thinking!

      It is similar to calling democrats, “progressives”, they ARE NOT progressives. They ARE communist’s, DO NOT LET THEM FORGET IT, always refer to democrats, progressives or liberals as “communist’s”,… always!

      • If I could articulate as well as you, I would have said the same thing. Well put.

        • 6 yr USN 26 yr LEO

          Thank you for the services and sacrifices you have made for your fellow citizens. You have made, at the least, 32 of my 71 years safer. I thank you sir.

  12. heres the thing here in texas this state is not all red expecialy in that part of the state there this krispy kream was elected hispanics are traditionaly democrats and they turn that part of the state purple I use to have a link showing the different districts but i can’t find it on the web

    • What does ANY of that mean? Why are you so contemptuous of capital letters, spelling, grammar and sentence structure?

      And if you are similarly contemptuous of legal immigrants, that would be PERFECT.

      • To william…STFU stupid. You think you are smart but you are a dumb assssssssssssssssssssssssss… Quit trying to put someone down. NOW I just put you down you IDIOT. I used capital letters where they needed to be used and lower case where they needed to be used…william not William

  13. Republicans only support gun rights as long as it gives them an edge over democrats. There is not principle involved for them.

    • I’ve said this before Skyler. The dems could take at least half the gops base if the dems did a 180 on gun control. In my youth the dems were mostly pro gun.
      That changed after John, Bobby and Martin.

      • But the primary goal of the current democrat party is to transform the nation into resembling what Hugo Chavez created, so they have a principled reason for gun control.

      • And Transylvania would be paradise if only Vlad the Impaler would do a 180 on impaling.

  14. If I may ask (Nick and others please know I mean no offense), why do some Texans seem to act like they are the best pro gun state? In Tennessee I can OC, carry in bars that are not posted (if I am not drinking), carry on school grounds (if I stay in my vehicle) to drop a student off or pick up. We recently passed new legislation that allows storage in a car in more parking lots and prevents prosecution from property owners. There is more on top of that but still there are states with more pro gun laws than here even. Our major downfall in Tennessee is, “with intent to go armed.” Technically it is illegal to carry a gun and our carry permit is only a defense in court.

    • No one can legislate someone’s ability to defend themselves. This nonsense must stop. How when were one can lawfully defend is nothing more than government condoning criminals actions.

    • As a transplant to Texas, I can only say that Texans think they are the best for everything. They are right often enough that they assume it to be always true.

      • And they think that wherever they are! Red River, NM: a mountain ski resort town that is chock to the gills with Texas transplants. I’m giving you a heads-up, in case you’re thinking of visiting: All they do is talk about how great Texas is. Texas this, Texas that; Texas all day long.

        I refuse to even stop there anymore. If Texas were so farking great, what are they doing in New Mexico?

        • I do not like going to Red River for that exact reason.
          Another place to avoid is Ruidoso during the ski season. They have an invasion of Texans. I was told they go there because it is the closer than all the other resorts. You really can’t blame them though. Wouldn’t you want to visit beautiful land if you lived in an eyesore all year long?

    • Because Texas is big… I joke that Texans think they’re the best because they used to be their own country, and they haven’t stopped thinking that way.

      Having lived in Texas for several years, some Texans, like my CHL instructor, would argue against the “practicality” of open carry — and I certainly wouldn’t want to become a target because some low-life fancies my carry weapon. In a dangerous neighborhood, I would most definitely choose concealed carry and not give criminals any life threatening information about who is armed, how and where.

      As for the prohibitions, can concealed carry on school parking lots, just not within the fenced and walled portions of the school (meaning up to the door), and in places where school events are being sanctioned.

      As for the recent open carry legislation in the Texas legislature, I haven’t been tracking it closely.

      • Im not arguing in favor of OC, its just one of thoes things not infringed upon here. My opinion on it is irrelivant, just stating its allowed.

      • “I joke that Texans think they’re the best because they used to be their own country”
        I’m a little surprised the libs haven’t tried to kick Texas out of the Union as we’re the single largest congressional representation standing between America and a whole bunch of butt-hurt dished out from CA, NY, NJ, IL…I guess they can’t buy votes without our money…but then they wouldn’t need to.

        • Yeah, there is that. Texas is the only one of the five most populous states that respects the Second Amendment and votes like it, so they get props for that. They’re pretty much the only thing that keeps the rest of us from being permanently outvoted by urban progressives at the national level.

          On the other hand, as I’ve pointed out before, the western US in general is every bit as gun-friendly as Texas and most western states have more liberal (i.e., less restrictive) gun laws.

        • Western states like CO, CA, and WA are horrible places for gun owners. NV prohibits concealed carry on gov property including University property! CA is almost as bad as NY, and will require long gun registration in 2014…

        • Look up Washington’s gun laws and you’ll find out how wrong that statement is. We will have to fight to keep it that way but lumping us in with California and Colorado is ridiculous.

    • Pa,legal to open carry,is a shall issue state,with a Gov,whom,on election, strengthend the castle doctrine law.You can carry in any manner on your property,but,you do need a “license to carry” in certain areas,such as Philthydelphia & also to carry concealed.You cannot carry in most govt buildings,school zones or anyplace that is posted prohibiting guns.

      • Vincent, Carlos is right. WA is an open carry, “shall issue” state, and from time to time, armed citizens shoot boneheads when they need to, and are usually not held or charged for doing so. I lived there for about 25 years, and found it curious that such a “progressive” state was so supportive of citizens’ Rights in the area of defense of persons and property… Part of what made it okay to live there for so long…

        • Please please if you must use the word “progressive” at least use a forward slash/communist with it. progressive/communist… We must call them what they really are!!

          They are communist’s, we must use that word because the younger generation does not understand what a progressive is!

  15. While Alaska has the most sensible gun laws – and the most sensible laws in general -Kansas ain’t no slouch when it comes to personal defense. Even the blue parts.

    We also grow some pretty tasty critters…

      • The problem with Oregon is they will not honor a ccl from any other state. You can come to Oklahoma and you’re legal if you have an Oregon CCL but if I go to Oregon I’m not legal to carry even tho I’m retired military and have had CCLs in 3 states and probably am as well or better trained than a hell of a lot of leo’s in your state!

  16. Guillen said no members of Congress had requested the provision, but that he’s heard from many elected colleagues about numerous threats they’ve received and that the provision is meant to increase their safety.

    Flatly put, if it increases safety for Congress-critters, it does so for the public as well, and therefore, restricting the public is intentionally endangering them. Why would a government official want to do that? (Rhetorical question, of course…)

    • Ya know, I could give a crap about the insecurity of cowardly congressmen….let them live by the same impositions they put on us. If they feel unsafe then they need to see if they can find a job in the private sector. If they feel unsafe, it is because the vote against their constituency.
      The hell with politicians….they need to be put on notice. I’d strongly support a one term limit for a period of 10 years, maybe 15 and then a repeal, allowing the public to re-elect those that were ejected, but I’d probably want to make sure we don’t

      • There is only one instance where I would agree that a politician should be protected and that is if that politician stands behind the Constitution and Bill of rights 100%. In that case, illegals, liberals, muslims, criminals, and the rest of the trash in this country would be a threat.

  17. Congratulations, Ryan Guillen! You won first prize in the Mexican Chris Christie Lookalike Contest. Pick up your box of Krispy Kremes at the dais.

    • When I saw the photo I thought, “this must be Jerry Nadler’s Hispanic cousin.”

      • Nadler is one of the weirdest looking human beings I’ve ever seen. Frankly, he scares me. I don’t want to be anywhere near that face when it finally explodes.

    • Unless all (or the vast majority of) the legislators (and others) that will benefit from Rep. Guillen’s law are Hispanic (which they aren’t), your racist bullshit holds no water (which it doesn’t). Please go back to playing with your matchbox cars, the adults are talking.

      • MP504 is stating a truth you may be unfamiliar with in Florida.
        In many places in the Southwest, there are entrenched Hispanic communities that have run the place for generations upon generations. In some cases, hundreds of years. The racism towards “anglos” (only true if you’re from England) is palpable. I’ve seen it first- and second-hand too many times to count. Their governments have grown corrupt and dysfunctional; they don’t care who is ripping them off as long as they’re Hispanic. Many places, including public utilities, hire ONLY Hispanics; no Anglos nor Indians need apply.

        Calling a racist a racist is not racist.

        • Whatever, dude. I don’t live there, so I’m not disputing the veracity of your claims. But there’s no evidence of any thought process like that in the post to which I responded. I’m very confident that that comment would not have appeared at all if this post had no lead photo.

        • @William, I felt anti-Anglo suspicion in Miami and Tampa. Then I whipped out my stumbling high school Spanish and was treated like a king.

          It’s amazing how meeting people halfway can make such a big difference.

        • @Ralph, interesting you mention that, meeting half way; typical liberal ‘compromist’ (yes I made the word up) attitud. Most normal, fairly intelligent, common-sense people would agree to that if you are visiting a foreign country. But this is America, not mexico, cuba, or PR, and it is up to THEM to learn some English. So I take it that you also speak french when you visit Louisiana, and arabic when around muslims, and swahili or ebonics when you are in an african neighborhood, or how about Dutch or German when you visit the Amish, maybe Mandrin or Korean or Japanese when you visit an oriental restaurant. English is the common language, not spanish, I is not our job to conform to their language or their customs in our country!

    • If I remember correctly MP504 is the gentleman that was crippled in a car wreck with a person of color driving the other vehicle. If I am correct, and I will apologise if I’m not, this is the same man that harbors a grudge against people of color because of his injuries.

  18. Just like the U.S. Congress exempting themselves from the laws they create to entrap us like nobamacare! We live in a country of tyranny at the highest levels to the lowest levels of gubmint. The change we need is to get rid of them all and start over!

  19. Surely you jest, Sir. How could you suggest that the elite ruling class in America, having duly purchased enough votes to be elected, then allow themselves to be bound by the laws they produce?

  20. Just what part of “shall not be infringed…” don’t any of these politicians understand? By saying that there is any place that a law-abiding citizen in possession of a legally obtained firearm cannot go they have “infringed” and therefore violated their oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution and should be immediately impeached.
    We don’t need to throw out the constitution, we need to throw out the rascals who think they have a right, by virtue of having won an election, to violate our rights!

  21. The news artcle I read said that when the proposal was made, theplace erupted into one of those screaming cussing exchanges for which the Texas legislature is so well known. This indicates that not the whole group of no goods was for it.

  22. Really not surprising another mexican would want to set up elite rules for the elite class of politicians. Standard MOP in taco land. Of course he’s afraid. After all, the stats show that minorities kill more minorities than white Americans do! And it’s because that is the standard MOP in their cultures that when they do make office, they want to ensure that they live, no matter how corrupt and who they hurt. Time to clean house and dump the mexicans from office. As for the mexican communities, they can be dealt with the same way. Adhere by American laws, learn English and make it mandatory except in their homes or face expulsion if they want to continue living here. This is the US, not taco land. As for their “minority” status. It’s long past due that with exception of Native Americans, every minority category is officially eliminated and all programs, laws and services based on such status is terminated!

    • I am Shoshone Bannock , Indian, Indians should not be treated differently than any other American, that is what we are now, we are Americans. The gov doles these benefits and provides concessions to the Indians to ensure they do not learn to be self suffcient , independant and contributing members of society. The goal of gov has not been to help but to destroy them.

  23. WTF! It is completely and otherwise totally wrong to exempt Congress! THEY REPRESENT US! Not the other way around. They should have to abide by the same CC laws as their constituents! To do otherwise is placing them above the rest of us. It states that ALL of us are granted the right to keep and bear arms. First, they want to take our guns away. Then, we have to ban magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, which includes quite a few semi-auto handguns too! Just because they come from “the factory” with magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Ok, so you give them exemptions. What happens when they are voted out of office? Do they get to keep their CCW? I think they shouldn’t have special treatment. That’s part of the problem in this country today. So many people feel they are “Entitled” to everything they’ve ever wanted, without reprisals. If they are going to be giving out exemptions, it should be to those people that are in place that could help others in a crisis, like teachers, principals, competent school officials. Do we really want to exempt people that already feel entitled by their position in government, not to mention the majority of whom drink alcohol on a daily basis? I sure as hell am not going to put my trust for my life and the lives of my family to people that don’t know me or really don’t care whether I live or die. They more concerned about being politically correct, re-election chances and their own crap going on in their lives.

    • Creation of special or privileged classes is specifically prohibited in the US Constitution, not to mention wrong and stupid on so many levels. In the former Eastern Bloc, folks basically just said “no”, while maintaining a low profile, and eventually the boneheads who thought they knew best succeeded in bringing down the whole house of cards and forcing a reboot. The longer it takes, the worse it’s going to hurt… prepare accordingly…

  24. James Madison in Federalist 57: “If Americans ‘shall ever be so debased as to tolerate a law not obligatory on the Legislature as well as on the people, the people will be prepared to tolerate anything but liberty.'”

  25. The best reason for voter induced term limits I’ve heard yet. I don’t like the idea of it being Constitutionally mandated. The last thing this country needs is a large group of corrupt lame ducks running around loose for their last mandated term.

  26. When the politican.s get to the point that they care more for themselves then the people who put them in office.. well then its time to rid ourselves of them. vote them out and change the rule.

  27. They have spent hundreds of years getting “special privileges” Vote by vote bettering their situation and screw the people they are supposed to represent. Just look at their pensions and benefits. No private company would ever agree to such terms upon retirement.

  28. Ray Gillian, hmmm! I believe I have seen his rap sheet, he is part of the Mexican Mafia, and the Juarez cartel.

  29. When will law abiding citizens awaken to reality that the only way we’ll ever put a end to this unconstitutional gun grab B/S will be when we step back to the days of the wild west where everyone carried a gun. Once we all start carring we can defy their ability to taking them. We had far less criminal activity when everyone carried a gun then our governments shown with their inability to protecting us today. The only one’s that truly fear your guns are the lawless crooks in government that live in fear of being overthrown by the people.
    We can live under a police state mentality or choose to police our own governmental policies by the rule of the people and remain to preserving our freedom in America.

  30. Well the White House and so called Obama is trying another way to steel our guns. The lowest thug ever to be elected president but Obama won by a lot of dead people voting. We need a Civil War in this country the good people against the trash in Washington, DC.

  31. This is but more evidence that the Second Amendment cannot protect us. Think about it, the amendment with the language “shall not be infringed” is the most infringed, licensed, and limited amendment of the entire twenty seven. The day is probably coming when the Second Amendment will be repealed. This is the inherent nature and danger of optional rights versus non-optional God-expected responsibilities.

    For more, listen to “The Second Amendment: A Knife in a Gunfight” at recently preached at the Springfield, MO, Firearms and Freedom Symposium. At the same location, you’ll find a radio interview Larry Pratt (Executive Director of Gun Owners of America) conducted with me on this same issue. I think you’ll find Mr. Pratt’s comments especially interesting.

  32. Gee, I wonder why politicians get threats. How about the treat we feel from the government?

  33. The bill failed in Texas Legislative committee, by a vote of 3-1. There was a telephone meltdown at the Texas Capitol Switchboard.

  34. As George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others!”

  35. When “We the People” Re-take the Local, State & Federal Governments, after the Upcoming & Brutal Civil War / Revolution, from the CORRUPTED POLITICIANS to Re-Build a New Government ACTUALLY based on the Constitution this must happen:
    We the People, MUST DENY any Former or Current POLITICIAN, any LAWYER or BANKER, from having ANY PART in the Re-Build of our Nation, Period! These 3 groups of People, are the Pricks that Destroyed what was once a Constitutional Republic and under NO CIRCUMSTANCE be ALLOWED to Forge our Destiny! In Fact, those 3 groups should be put in PRISON for CRIMES Against HUMANITY!
    I think that MANDATORY ‘LIFETIME’ TERM LIMITS for ALL 3 BRANCHES of the New Federal Government, NO EXCEPTIONS! Also, NO Person SHOULD be ALLOWED to be President, Senator or Representative, unless they have SERVED in the MILITARY, unless said Person became Disabled by NO Fault of their own! If a Person has the Authority to Send our Children to War then that is WHY they MUST have Served at least ONE 3 YEAR Contract on ACTIVE DUTY!
    This New Federal Government will CONTROL the CURRENCY of the United States and NEVER again Delegating it to a Privately Owned Bank! Any Debt, Accrued since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 is NULL & VOID and We the People will be DEBT FREE from this Point on with a Mandatory Balanced Budget!
    Long Live the REPUBLIC of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bobk90,…. wow, wow and more wow!!! I like the way you think, took the words right out of my mouth!

      We need to add to your items, that no relative of any current politicians can hold office also!
      Cut the head off of the snake permanently! And call every stinkin one of them the communist’s that they are!

      • Thanks for the Props! I agree with Relative addition to that Statement I made! Feel free to email me: [email protected]
        I also a “Declaration of Common Sense” referring to the Current form of Government instead of the British Crown. It is Amazing that how everything in the actually Declaration is true with our own Federal Government in DC!

    • “All men having power should be distrusted to a certain degree” —James Madison

      “It is the nature of government over time to increase and of liberty to decrease and that’s why we should not trust government” —Thomas Jefferson

      “Government is not reason, it is not eloquent, it is a force like fire. A dangerous servant and a fearful master” —George Washington


    • We also need to specifically define the natural born citizen definition to include that a candidate’s parents also MUST meet the natural born citizen criteria, and that all individuals holding political/elected office, and justices of the Supreme court meet the requirement (not just POTUS), this would prevent so many of our politicians from being descended from illegals or parents who emigrate here, become naturalized but still have allegiance to their home country. We also have NO NEED of any Muslims in our government as their religious background is contradictory to our Constitution.

      • islam is the Germ,… muslims are the Carriers!

        mohammad was a pediphile and a Killer! allah is nothing but a freakin Moon god, both were/are professional mind/body rapist’s!

        We have about 5-6 muslims in office and the illegal alien half-breed, dope smoking, magic negro, coke snorting, muslim Pigs administration and homeland insecurity!

        We are already finding decapitated bodies up in the New England states just like the do in the middle east garbage dump! As of about one month ago and we are going to see a whole lot more of this very soon! muslim Pigs have been killing Christians and Jews for the last 1400 years,… they are not about to stop anytime soon …….

  36. Just the beginning of another slippery slope of government privilege!
    I am dismayed that “TEXAS” of ALL states would be in the forefront of such hypocrisy!!

  37. Any time politicians exempt themselves from some provision of a new law they are passing, you can be guaranteed that it’s going to screw you over. Once again, from a democrat of course.

  38. The bottom line is that our elected officials be bound by the same laws as the governed. NO ONE is above the law!

    • The real bottom line is that ALL bureaucrats who have violated any portion of the Constitution need to be hung for treason and violating their oath of office.

  39. Oh they are sly and the NRA has a money making provision in the bill as well, my my can the american people have been sold down the river any more. The goverment also gets to decide if a person is mentally defective. The government can an d will press charges if you legally own and have a concealed carry permit if you use you weapon to defend yourself or a loved one, ask George Zimmerman how it feels to be a law abiding citizen trying to protect his community and himself from street thugs which seem to have more rights than WE THE PEOPLE.

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