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You may remember that Defense Distributed founder and 3D firearm advocate Cody Wilson ran afoul of the law last September when he was found to have engaged in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl. He was arrested and charged with sexual assault.

Today, the former DefDist CEO pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of injury to a child. The Austin Statesman reports that the plea deal will keep Wilson out of prison, but will require him to register as a sex offender for a period of seven years while he’s in deferred adjudication probation.

If Wilson abides by the conditions of the probation, the court will not enter a finding of guilt and Wilson will not be convicted of the charge.

Here’s the Associated Press’s report . . .

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Prosecutors say the founder of a Texas company that sold plans for making untraceable 3D printed guns has pleaded guilty to having sex with an underage girl.

Travis County Assistant District Attorney Joe Frederick says Cody Wilson pleaded guilty Friday to a lesser charge of injury to a child under a plea deal with prosecutors.

Wilson’s recommended sentence would keep him out of prison while requiring him to register as a sex offender for seven years and serve deferred adjudication probation.

Wilson was arrested in Taiwan last year, where police say he flew after learning he was being investigated over the allegations.

Wilson founded Austin-based Defense Distributed, which was selling designs to make 3D printable guns. He stepped down as the company’s director after his arrest last year.

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  1. Seems very light for rape of a child. I hope we never see him involved in the gun industry again, it’s not someone we need on our side.

      • It doesn’t matter why you sexually assaulted a child; you are responsible and he is getting off easy. Ditto to never seeing him in the gun community again. Expect his fanboys to shitpost on this one.

        • “Wilson’s recommended sentence would keep him out of prison while requiring him to register as a sex offender for seven years and serve deferred adjudication probation.”

          If that ‘sentence’ isn’t prima facia evidence of how insignificant the supposed crime way, I don’t know what else to tell you. She was working out of (which requires users to not only claim to be 18, but offer some form of proof), and while we know she was basically a hooker in hindsight, she was clearly working the ‘easy girlfriend’ angle enough to avoid prostitution charges, herself. No reason to believe she wasn’t presenting herself this way to clients as well.

          So yes, you could certainly make a highly circumstantial argument that Wilson probably knew he was hiring a prostitute (but could not guarantee it above a legal threshold) and that he was probably pursuing one that was closer to the age of consent than was wise for a man his age, without a public notary being present to validate the hookup (interesting how there’s no ‘reasonable doubt’ standard for slutty teenagers putting on makeup to hide their age & obtain alcohol). It’s clearly not a serious enough crime to warrant anything beyond a footnote in his criminal record after a 7 year time span…so clearly no more serious than littering.

          I’d like to know the circumstances behind his plea. The US government has made a point of making an example of him ever since the Liberator fiasco, and this was supposedly a *very* cut & dry, airtight (pun) case for how long the pretrial period has dragged on (and to end in a plea without significant punishment, no less). Wilson has cooperated with police the entire time, though of course State arranged for him to be publicly extradited like a fleeing felon when they issued the charges & he happened to be overseas. Either Wilson is eager to put this behind him & get back to his activism efforts (doesn’t sound like he’s barred from pursuing them with this settlement) or he has run out of money trying to get it to trial (which was the pattern of stonewalling he experienced with his ITAR cases against State)

        • It actually does matter. There’s a huge difference between statutory rape and 1st degree rape. And don’t pretend that a 16 year old is an 8 year old. What he did is illegal and needs to be punished but they’re not the same thing.

        • “I’d like to know the circumstances behind his plea.”

          I *suspect* involved many billable hours and several hundred thousand dollars (or more) of attorney fees.

          Good lawyers are worth it, as I have recently found out. It turned a low 5-figure debt of mine into a pleasant cash-positive result, even after his fees.

          And it sure looks like it was probably worth it for Cody as well…

        • If you just called a 16 year old a child, you are a sick POS, period.
          Go away forever you monsters.
          How dare you compare a 7 year, a child, with a teenager.

        • The circumstances surrounding the case against Cody are provocative in themselves. What cannot be ignored is that he had made himself a very troublesome actor in the on-going gun-control/gun-law drama. He’d made himself a rather obvious target and I can’t help thinking that was something that done him in. If he wasn’t such a high visibility target he probably would never have found himself in this kind of trouble. It’s true that you can’t stop the signal but—sometimes, if you’re not careful—the signal will stop you.

        • The law is perverse.

          Riddle me this, can a 16 year old be charged with murder.

          If a 16 year old deceives someone into a “crime”, they should be locked up themselves.

      • If I remember correctly, he knew her age. Then he fled to the far east, etc. He knew exactly what he was doing. It wasn’t like he met her at a bar (so you’d assume she was over 21) and went home with her.

        • You aren’t remembering correctly. They met on a sugar daddy website, which you had to be 18 to use,

        • Does Texas have some form of a ‘Romeo and Juliette law when both parties are under a certain age? (I know it wouldn’t have applied to Cody.)

        • Yes. Anyone between the ages of 14 and 17 can legally give consent with someone within three years of their age, so long as the other party is at least 14 and gives his or her consent.

        • Thnx Jon.
          That brings context to how I know Oregon law.
          Here, it’s a 2 year spread. Pardon the pun…

      • Are you assuming he knew her age? Sounds like he was tricked and then extorted.

        The optics are bad, but he wasn’t convicted and we are supposed to allow redemption. I am sure the left has done a lot of forgiving of people who knowingly had sex with underage people, they do have children “dancing” for adults.

        I want him to tell us the what happened. If he hides what happened we have to assume something bad of him rather than the situation.

        • Yeah, and if you ask everyone who bangs someone who is underage I guarantee you every single one will say “but I didn’t think she was under 18!” which is why the law is written so that excuse doesn’t work.

        • Which is a stupid way to write a law. Unless you can prove criminal intent, it’s a non-crime.

        • He should have just pulled a klinton or a comey and said he didn’t intend to break the law. Seems to work well for some people when violating federal code and what not.

        • Yes the law is too one sided, if one wants to have such a law, it should be two way responsibility.

          If a 16 year old can be charged with murder, then they should be charged with committing fraud to destroy someone else’s life, its the same thing now.

        • pwrserge sez: “Unless you can prove criminal intent, it’s a non-crime.”

          So, involuntary manslaughter is a non-crime? Huh…

        • I mean… technically, it is a child under Texas law- by definition. But using the word “child” here as if she’s some 10 year old that was trying to sell cookies door to door and was abducted into the woods is misleading.

        • Wrong and don’t care.

          A ho selling herself for money is not rape.
          A if someone is old enough to commit fraud to pretend to be a hooker, they are not a “child”.

        • In 1949 my 16 year old father married my 19 year old mother in Dallas, TX…legally. The only stipulation was that my paternal grandfather had to consent to it before my parents could proceed.
          He was a teenager, not a child.

        • DDay, unless they want an abortion, then they don’t even need parental permission like most children need to do something. In todays informed world you would be hard pressed to find a 16-year-old girl (with an I-Q over 90) that doesn’t understand the ramifications of having sex. In addition, the left is pushing to give 16-year-olds the right to vote, one needs to be an adult to vote, yes.

    • She was 16 and presenting herself as an adult on a sugar daddy website. This was statutory rape and I think the prosecutor did the right thing in getting this down to probation. Wilson should have known better but he was thinking with his little brain.

      • That’s where I’m at, plus a dash of State Department absolutely licking its chops at the opportunity to destroy this pain in their ass. The fact it took this long to get here speaks volumes, though. Mostly likely State wasn’t going to be able to get what they wanted through a jury trial, hence the sweet plea deal that offers authorities a ‘win’ putting down this dangerous, degenerate, public menace to peace & decency.

    • Do you actually believe this? I remember women coming out of the woodwork when Arnold S decided to run for governor of California….10+ years after the “crime”. I’m guessing that this is the same thing. (I could be wrong). Look how many woman came forward after the ME TOO movement started (tho never filed a complaint years ago). She lied about her age. She was paid $500 and dropped off at a burger place afterwards. If he were a Hollywood star, this wouldn’t even make the local news.
      Next question: Who’s paying her now?

      • “She was paid $500 and dropped off at a burger place afterwards.”

        A real-world Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay – “I threw a burger down her throat…” 😉

    • Age of consent is 17 in Texas, so they are hitting him purely on a technicality, I would acquit.

    • The legal age of consent in France is 15. Yes, 15. France, a country liberals want to emulate. So before all you pedo libs get on your high horse just know you’re endorsing sex with a 15 year old by being a liberal.

    • It is a light sentence but you have to remember that Travis County (Austin) TX is a liberal haven and almost 100% of all local elected officials including the Travis County DA are liberal democrats. Since Cody is now a convicted felon, should he ever become involved in the gun industry again and comes into possession of a firearm, he’ll wind up in the express line to the penitentiary, unless of course liberal democrats restore gun rights to felons.

      • “Since Cody is now a convicted felon,…”

        Only for the term of the probation. Read the ruling above, if he keeps his nose clean, there is no conviction entered, he gets all his rights back…

      • Deferred adjudication in Texas means that if you complete your probation then the charge is ultimately dismissed. Truly dismissed, not just set aside as it is in PA. It’s pretty commonly offered to first time offenders with no pattern of criminality. He will be clear of gun prohibitions in 7 years. If he took the same deal in PA he would be prohibited forever.

    • According to the law, 16 years old are not mature enough to decide to have sex, so even if they lie about their age it’s a statutory rape if you oblige them. Buying a firearm is right out. But according to leftists, at the same time they are mature enough to decide who will best represent them in government.

  2. She falsely represented herself as an adult and she did so for economic gain. She was less than a year from the age of consent in Texas. She did so on a forum is meant exclusively for adults complete with disclaimers. The age of consent in many US states is 16. In Texas it is 17. If this had happened in say MS or GA no crime would have been committed.

    All that said, what he did was immoral and stupid. Sex outside of marriage with a girl you met online is asking for trouble. Cody was in the government and the lefts sites. They were just looking for an excuse and this lonely guy gave them one. Moral of the story, if you are going to be the a lightning rod practice good opsec, and don’t play stupid games. And this is all assuming it was not a setup. It totally could have been, as I said, they wanted to take Cody down.

    • Defender of the Republic, they would have found a way as they wanted to take this thorn-in-their-side down the means didn’t matter only the end results.

  3. I trust the news about as much as I trust the government. They have been trying to hang him for daring to believe in, and fight for the Second Amendment. So now the girl he hooked up with, who said she was 18, turns out to be 16. How convenient for the government. I wounded if she had a valid ID, and how she got it. It all sounds too pat. Really glad I like older women.

  4. There’s a reason the enemy uses woman as spies. Men (and some women) get stupid when the hormones override common sense.

  5. Another Plea deal that lets the offender off the hook with minor inconvenience and ultimatly a clean, expunged Record.

  6. Frankly that turned out way better for him than I expected it to. The DA was looking for any excuse to ruin that man for the high crime act of propagating what some consider dangerous freedom. Even if he did something very very stupid to instigate this situation.

    • Travis county DA doesn’t give two shits about the gun stuff, as evidenced by the light punishment. It’s a bunch of other states and the feds that care… and probably dropped the case on the lap of the prosecutor’s office.

    • Depending on the terms of the probation. My best guess he is not going to be able to for the duration of the sex offender registry . After than he can probably petition for the registration of his gun rights.

    • Yes. It is a felony and in deferred, still appears as a conviction until removed from record upon completion of sentence.

      Bye bye gun and voting rights (for at least the time being).

      Had to pay for it on a website? Paying a lot more now. Couldn’t figure out how to meet someone off the computer? Think he used the same computer to meet her and release the 3D designs?

    • It says after probation period it goes down as no conviction, at which time he will be able to own firearms again.

      Until then, yep…prohibited person.

  7. I feel there’s a *distinct* difference between one who diddles kids, and someone who gets bamboozled by a sex worker who lied about their age.

    “SugarDaddyMeet requires users to check a box stating they are 18, but Texas law puts it on the adult to verify the age of consent (which is 17 in the state).”

    Hit him with solicitation, or something.

      • Some kind of fraud in the least, equal justice under the law right? Though <18's can't be held to contracts unless they are emancipated minors.

  8. That’s the purpose of having so many laws on the book – not mass incarceration but be able to prosecute inconvenient few for exercising free speech, etc.

    • “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

  9. How many older guy’s (like 65)had an “underage” girlfriend?!?Who lied about her age??? Now a bunch of leftards want 16 year old’s to vote😫 I don’t condone what Wilson did but it’s obvious the gubmint was after his dumbazz…

  10. Lordy, y’all are up to it again!

    Time to redefin pedophilia, now that a conservative firearms manufacturer is the subject.

    No matter how they met, the girl was 16, a child not capable of making mature decisions.
    Do I think her parents and/or guardians are guilty of child neglect? Yes.

    But that doesn’t excuse the predator, who was an adult and should have assured himself that he was dealing with another consenting adult.

    And we all know, he knew she was under age.

    But go ahead and make excuses for him, He is such a good boy with a bright future and his swim record is so good, right? Oh, that was another privileged sexual predator, right.

    Meanwhile, let’s hang Harvey Weinstein because he pressured mature, adult women into having sex in exchange for a movie roles.

    Or look the other way when Donald Trump’s bro Epstein is charged with multiple counts of pedophilia. It is amazing, a party with Trump, Epstein and 28 girls, such a moral, upright leader of our nation.

    • The virtuous indignation from the klan party is always amusing. Thanks for the laugh.

    • It’s amusing that the party of child drag queen strip shows is getting indignant over a ho committing wire fraud to make a buck.

    • Might want to work on your commie to English dictionary.

      “Pedophilia (alternatively spelt paedophilia) is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.”

      16yo is no prepubescent.

      • Fun fact, average age of consent in the western world is just shy of 16. The way I see it, if she’s old enough to commit wire fraud to make a buck on her back, she’d old enough to not be treated like a child.

    • “And we all know, he knew she was under age.”
      How do you know this? I don’t know this. And in fact, the prosecution did not claim this.
      Quit making shit up.
      And not everything has to do with Trump. You are delusional.

      • Did Traci Lords LOOK 16 when she performed in most of her porn videos?!? Geez I lived in Chicago which is infested by underage hookers!

    • Unless and until they lock Clinton, Kennedy, Biden and the rest of the demolester elite who just offed their pimp (Epstein) to protect themselves I don’t care if Cody ass raped a busload of nuns and orphans. He is still far far behind anything the democrap elite have done.

  11. Think what you will about his crime, if I found out my state would give a harsher sentence for the same thing I would not be upset, but Wilson was prepared to have DefDist, the company he founded, run without him. Probably expecting to be taken out of action for his professional rather than personal activities, but whatever. Shows how it’s done and why it’s a good idea. Calling WLP indespensible is no excuse. It’s bull and even if it weren’t it would be unprofessional to be indispensable.

    • It’s even worse than that. He had no reasonable way of knowing that what he was doing was illegal.

      But I do find it ironic that the party of toddler drag queen strip shows is getting indignant over this.

      • Surgi, I just gotta know more about the toddler drag queen strip shows. Have you a source or citation for that? What you’re saying is that somehow the Democrat party is connected with toddler drag queens?

        Were they held in the basement of the cosmic pizza parlor, the one with no basement?

        • Like the parents of JonBenét Ramsey, the six-year-old ‘ProstiTot’, dressing a kid aged 6 like a hooker…

        • Surgi, thanks for the reply!

          You said:

          “the party of child drag queen strip shows”

          It seems you’re trying to connect that episode to the Democratic Party.

          I read through both articles in your citation and there is zero mention of the Democrat party or of any political party.

          So this is just another lame attempt to connect people behaving badly with a particular political party, without providing any evidence to support your claim.

          We all know that parents have the right to raise their children the way they wish, but I’m glad to hear that you believe we should interfere with parental rights. I feel the same way about crazy religious beliefs, telling children they’re going to burn in hell for eternity just because they were born seems like child abuse to me.

          On another note, speaking of sexual predators, looks like Jeffrey Epstein has somehow assumed room temperature, now he won’t be able to testify about any of his activities with Donald Trump. Somehow, even though he was on 24 hour suicide watch, he ‘committed suicide’. Of course it’s all very convenient, and no conspiracy here, right?

        • Yup… the Clintons got another one. How inconvenient that all of Hillary’s pedo buddies keep “committing suicide” before they can testify against her and bill.

        • So common it has it’s own term; “arkancide” dates all the way back to when Billie Boi was AG and Goobernor of Arkansas.

  12. We live in a society that does not criminalize pre-martial sex. Pre-maritial sex is the norm. Many of you criticizing Wilson for his behavior are guilty of it, you just didn’t lose the age of consent guessing game lottery.
    However, if you engage in pre-martial sex and make a reasonable mistake as to the age of person your life is over. You are a felon guilty of rape. The law is so bad that a girl’s father who’s daughters birth was wrongly recorded on her birth certificate by a matter of days got a boyfriend convicted of statutory rape. Case upheld on appeal.
    Our system is broken. Reasonable mistakes for immoral behavior that 95% of the public engages in (pre-martial sex) should not result in felony jail time, much less registration as a sex offender. Felonies should not be a matter of bad luck.

    • “pre-martial sex”

      Sex before you fight? I’m all in favor. Put me down for sex after you fight, too.

  13. I hope yall realize 16 is legal in most the world and like half of the US states. Too bad his state was one where it wasn’t. Either way I look forward to his return fighting the good fight.

  14. In Hollywood what Cody did is called a pre-lunch warmup. No harm no foul. Dating a sixteen year old is fun until they won’t leave. 44 yrs later and she is still here. I was seventeen when we met. Get your minds out of the gutter. Highschool sweethearts till my death do us part.

    • High school sweethearts is one thing, many years age disparity is another. Most states have Romeo and Juliet laws that exclude statutory rape when there is four years or less age difference.

      It is always the adults’ responsibility to ascertain the age of their partner, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

      • That argument has jack shit to do with the situation. Here it’s not ignorance of the law, it’s deliberate deception by a third party. He had no way of knowing he was committing a crime because a third party had lied to him despite his own reasonable precautions. Hence the term “criminal intent”. What was he supposed to do? Check her teeth?

        • You asked “what was he supposed to do, check her teeth?”

          Are you really that clueless?

          If he had any questions at all, all he had to do was ask to see her ID, a process that happens a thousand times a day at most convenience stores, asked by a pimply-faced clerk who apparently is smarter than you or Cody.

          Again, he was an adult, she was 16 and he wasn’t capable of suspecting she was under age? Is he just stupid or willfully ignorant? It’s clearly one or the other, which is it?

          It is amazing that the simple idea of checking her ID did not occur to anyone on this forum.


        • Miner, he met her through a website where you have to confirm you’re 18. Which she did. Do you always ask your would be lover: “Let’s see your ID before we go any further!” Bit of a mood killer.

  15. Lots of ignorance on what all is going on here. According to a lot of you, Hillary Clinton must also be 100% innocent of any wrong doing, since nothing ever came from all of the investigations into her, her foundation, her servers/emails, her finances, etc. Same thing, but the reverse in this case. Short answer is that if you piss off the government, they WILL find a way to get you. He’s lucky to have gotten the plea bargain he did, and the only way it was so good is likely because their case was verging on garbage. No way the state would let a normal someone walk free for raping a child, with a seven year probation.

    • In this case, Cody admitted guilt, case closed.

      It seems the conservatives are happy to use the court of public opinion, influenced by their propaganda, to ‘convict’ others of crimes that there is no evidence or testimony to support.

      But when one of their own heroes admits to harming a child, they have a thousand excuses for pedophilia.

      • Nobody harmed a child. At worst Cody porked a hooker.

        Also, I already pointed out the needed update to you Commie to English dictionary.

        • What the hell is wrong with you, defending a pedophile and a person who contributes to sex trafficking!? You are scum and in no way a good person, I hope you get what is coming to you, you should be banned from online forums for your disgusting support of child abuse!

  16. I’d be curious to know, if this 16 year old girl had decided that she was a trans-man, how many would have told her that she was a “child” not old enough to make that decision and that she just have to stay a girl until she was 18, since apparently 16 year old “children” aren’t old enough to make weighty decisions like this.

  17. People have done years in jail and 25 years on sexoff registries for just having a few kiddie porn pics on a computer. He doesn’t even get convicted for screwing a kid. 7 years on the registry is a joke. He’s arguably a threat longer than that. How on earth did he get that deal?
    As for his gun politics and relation to the industry we would be better off if he found a new lijne of work.

  18. So some girl turned a trick while lying about her age and I’m supposed to get in a huff to nail this guy to a cross? Uh…. well, that’s kinda what women do. You pay for ass no matter what the situation, the only question is if you’re so fucking stupid you think you’re not.

    Yeah, no.

    The way age of consent laws are enforced is flat out retarded, she’s a liar and a prostitute, Mr Wilson is stupid for patronizing her and the DA made the whole thing worse by adding a graduate school level of retardation on top of the whole mess.

    I’m going to apply the the “Francis Wolcott” (“I am a sinner who does not expect forgiveness but I AM NOT a government agent!”) test here and say that out of all of them the DA is the one who should do time for wasting taxpayer resources.

    • “that’s kinda what women do”

      Oh My, a blanket statement accusing all women of lying. Yep, you’re saying that’s what women do, they all lie, wow.

      Maybe the women in your life all lie, but I’ve noticed no disparity between the frequency of falsehoods from men or women.

      So this ‘incel’ thing is real, I pity you.

        • Again, you say all women lie.

          Fascinating. You make a blanket statement about all women, the vast majority of whom you have never met and know nothing about.

          What is really sad, this adult male could not detect when a 16-year-old girl was lying to him, what an idiot.

          If I were him, I would be terribly embarrassed that a 16-year-old girl could pull the wool over my eyes, what a clueless fuck he is… or he knew she was underage and he is lying.

          No matter what, all he had to do was asked to see her ID, a simple solution that apparently didn’t occur to either him or you.

          It is concerning that towering mental geniuses like you and Cody have access to soemi-automatic rifles with 90 round drum magazines.

        • Everyone who is not locked up has access to anything he can afford. If the item happens to be illegal to own, sell or buy, the price tends to be higher, but we all still have access to it. See cocaine for example.

  19. Should make 3D printed cap and ball. Metallic cartridges were always the hardest part to acquire.

      • You didn’t understand my post. Cap and ball isn’t a “firearm” under US law. Cody Wilson can still own and make them. If he’s serious he’d design 3D printed cap and ball since blackpowder is easy to make (charcoal is impossible to restrict due to its legit uses, as is sulfur. Rest is just urine.) and I understand primers aren’t too hard either. The actually cartridge ammo is still the hardest thing in a restrictive state.

  20. Notice how the LEFT goes after non conservatives and convicts them of crimes they don’t even bat an eye for one of their own. These same people look on Polanski as a hero and he was CONVICTED of drugging and sodomizing a 13 year old girl. Yet not one agent has ever tried to arrest him over seas.

    • I don’t know of any Democrat that think Roland Polansky is a hero, most agree with the conviction and would like to see him serve time.

      But there is a politician who’s party does everything they can to protect him from his connections with pedophilia.

      “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Donald Trump, long before he was President, told New York magazine in 2002.

      “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life,” Trump said.

      “Those connections apparently played a role in his landing a plea deal with federal prosecutors in 2008 to dispense with charges similar to the ones he currently faces.”

      Did they say convicted on Federal charges in 2008?
      And that federal prosecutor who cut the special deal works for George W Bush is justice department, wow.
      The federal prosecutor who struck the deal was Alexander Acosta, who is now the labor secretary, that is quite a payoff, a cabinet position.

        • No connections to trump you say?

          Other than setting up a party with just Trump and Epstein and 28 girls. Trump is on video making comments about what a great guy Epstein is, but of course you won’t believe your lying eyes.

          About the Clintons, Bill Clinton hasn’t been president for almost 20 years, Donald Trump is in the White House today, And Epstein partied at MaraLago on numerous occasions with the president of the United States of America.

          Yes, Trump is a paragon of virtue, what with screwing porn stars for $10,000 and playboy bunnies, with hundred thousand dollar pay off’s in hush money.

      • Both Trump and Clinton had connections to Epstein. Clinton flew Epstein’s Air Lolita more than few times.
        And Polanski’s first name is Roman.

  21. personally I think he was set up by the left. and I also think that the age for a girl to be of consent should be lowered to 16. and anyone working in the sex trade should be considered an adult at 16, unless she is being forced into it by a parent who sold her. and I also think that any young person who willingly solicits herself and gets caught should have their parents investigated and maybe charged with neglect and the young person gets charged as well. these people pose as adults even though they are a minor and should be charged as an adult. they are not victims , they know what they are doing and could teach any adult a few tricks. at my nieces birthday party, they went in the pool, a 17 year old girlfriend of my nieces wore a bikini with a thong for the bottoms, so at 17 she has her entire ass hanging out for all to see. and she is only 17. where are her parents, did they let her where that? and if she gets pregnant? arents today are not doing there job.

  22. The general rule is that crimes where a reasonable mistake is no defense almost always deal with low level crimes that result in a fine or very limited jail time. Usually a fine… Almost all of them are regulatory in nature like producing unhealthy food or adulterated milk whatever. S crimes especially involving children are the one exception. We have decided to throw logic out the window and throw the book at people who make reasonable mistakes because someone they are monsters. When in reality it could have been us if we made a few poor choices, and had some bad luck. Read 3 felonies a day. That’s how many felonies the average American commits. The If the left wanted to burn any one of us they would. All of us are guilty of something, if not an S crime then something else. Your time will come to be a victim of the left if you enter the public eye like Wilson. Just be smart and don’t play stupid games, or you will join Wilson in a place like club fed.

  23. Sucks, guy was duped by a 16 year old who lied about her age and now has to be a registered sex offender for years.

    Hopefully he gets back into the “ghost gun” game. With all the progressives and even “conservatives” calling for gun control, we are going to need more innovation is the DIY gun market.

  24. Traci Lords was doing hardcore porn scenes that were worthy of AVN Awards at 16.

    That’s what a 16 year old “girl” is capable of.

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