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Jessica Y. writes:

I currently reside in Southern California due to my husband’s duty station. I have a sticker on my car of a pink revolver. I was loading my trunk after a shopping trip at Target when a large, professionally dressed man approached me. He poked fun at my “gun sticker and Mississippi license tag” telling me guns are only “killing machines” and should not be owned by anyone. I proceeded to simply say . . .

“Well, sir, it’s my right as an American,” and continued loading my trunk. I guess that made him mad because he started yelling at me, telling me how horrible a person I am and calling me everything under the sun. I promptly pushed the shopping cart my infant son was in behind me and put my hand on the knife in my purse.

You see, I’ve always been extremely pro gun, but I’ve never been in a situation where I actually feared for my own safety and wished I had one with me (I know proper gun safety and wouldn’t have pulled it unless completely necessary). Until then.

I’m a petite gal. If this guy would have lunged at me (who knows what kinda weapon he was legally or illegally carrying) I’m not confident I could have protected myself against a 250+ lb. man with my folding knife. This made me realize just how terrifying this gun control stuff is.

It’s scary living in a state where I feel I can not even properly protect myself and my family.

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  1. F*ck that guy. Nothing pisses me off more than a man abusing a woman. Verbally or Physically. Guess thats what “progressives” believe in. Grown ass men vs little woman are equals in a fight.

      • Yup. Even if the 250 lb. guy has a gun, if the 105 lb. gal has a gun, they’re still pretty much equal.

        • I’d go as far as to disagree. My reason being that the 105 lb little lady is substantially more nimble. But I’m just picking nits.

      • “God created men and women, but Sam Colt made them equal.”

        And doesn’t living in a “gun free state” like California make you FEEEEL safer?

        Another reason to escape ASAP.

    • I’m equally against a woman abusing a man, or a woman abusing a woman, or a man abusing a man. Why make a distinction in this case? “Abusing” someone else is abuse.

    • TheUnforunateRealist says:

      “Grown ass men vs little woman are equals in a fight.”

      That’s exactly the message nearly every movie coming out of hollywood is preaching these days. I was watching the mini series “vikings” the other day, and saw a woman that was 5′ 7″ or so totally stomp two fully grown, armed men. Am I the only one out there to call “bullsh*t” on all these fantasy movies that try to pass themselves off as history?

      • Hang around the SCA some time. I did in my college days at Berkeley.

        Skill counts for a lot, as does righteous indignation.

        Also, here in Kansas I own a (very) small alarm company. One of my customers is this very cute, just barely tall enough to qualify policewoman.

        On her wall is a framed picture of her posing over three seriously unpleasant dudes she took down all by her lonesome.

        However, that’s not the usual encounter and that guy should have a hand cut off.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, Jessica. The cretin you interacted with in the parking lot will never be swayed with facts and logic. “Guns are bad” is all he’ll ever know. I credit you with stating your constitutional right but would advise you to be careful in the future when dealing with strange men in parking lots. As you mentioned, your chances of fending off such a large individual are not good, plus you had your child with you. Best wishes from Ohio to you and your family.

    • This is why I don’t have anything that visibly identifies me as a gun owner and gun right supporter. It’s often a habit of the little shouters to become intimidating or start damaging your property (keying you car for example) because you are “horrible” for not agreeing with them.

      Hooray for big cities I guess.

      • +100

        I found the same behavior last summer during election season with Romney stickers. It seems these people don’t like dissenting opinions.

        • Just as I hate seeing Obama stickers on prii(plural for Prius). Saw one yesterday license plate lessmog. I may be wrong and they may be gun rights advocates. But I doubt it.

    • I doubt he really is all that invested in “guns are bad.” It’s just a way to be self-righteous.

  3. Screw that delusional nut-job. Hating guns…what a novel idea. He prob is the first one to starting crying a river about so many minorities in prison too. That guy aint worth a second of your time.

    • WHAT ABOUT “minorities in prison”? No is fooled by your code words: say what you REALLY think in full racist array!

      This is the part where you try and convince me blacks have same access to justice as white people… WARNING: I’m a VERY hard sell on this.

        • I used to live in Colorado.

          Example: In the early ninetys (I don’t remember the date) a white kid stole a car and picked up his Hispanic friend, telling him it was his (the thief) uncle’s car.

          They got pulled over, and the white kid shot the officer dead.

          The Hispanic kid got fifty years, and the white kid got probation, even though the only “crime” the Hispanic kid committed was being gullible enough to believe the car was borrowed.

          This country is still imbalanced, friend, even though there is a black dude in the Oval Office.

          Had he been unable to string together a coherent sentence like his predecessor, he’d not have won.

          Yeah, a lot of bad guys in New York are black, but in Salt Lake? Still, look at their prison population.

          No, we’ve a ways to go.

        • Hey niceguns, hang out for more than a day or two without talking racist crap about Jews before telling someone else to leave. Maybe you’ll learn something.

        • Anything that is truth the gutless call racist. For your information smart guy Jew is not a race

        • Also easier to say that “ethnicist”. Sounds like someone who’ll give you Propofol.

          Jerk at the store? No, that was me. Now back away from the frozen strawberries or the matzo balls are going to get it!

      • Keep sucking up to minorities and you will keep getting a liberal Democrats ideology rammed down your throat. When are we going to stop all the political correctness and identify the enemy!!

        • When are you going to realize that you are on the verge of becoming a minority yourself? Just give it a couple of years–and be ready to cope with reality.

        • In other words…..the nation is doomed.
          Crips, Bloods, Crips, Bloods. Sagging pants and WONDERFUL cRAP music (so much better than AC/DC and the Stones).

      • Blacks voted in the MID 90’s for Barry in the last two elections… they are dead to me (generally speaking, of course)….because they are FAR more racist, and the libtards use them like a hammer with the ol’ race card….so….eff it.

  4. So the big bully thinks guns are bad but aggression toward a woman and her child is acceptable. It’s scary to think that deranged people like that can vote and sit on a jury.

    He’s right about one thing, though: He should never own a gun.

    • Mr. Groceries is probably just yet another man who deeply resents the limitations women-with-guns have begun to place on his ability to tout PC politics as he slaps his woman around. Hollywood/Burbank is full of such guys. They lure their lovelies with PC talk, then blame their subsequent behavior on drugs, alcohol (a drug), and other locally-acceptable excuses. So much for CA primate behavior study.

  5. Which duty station, where is your residence? If it’s Edwards Air Base and you live in Kern County or can move there, Kern usually issues CCW permits…. San Bernadino is known to as well….

  6. A parking lot tough guy yelling at a woman minding her own business. If that isn’t the definition of a liberal, I don’t know what is.

      • It is, unfortunately it’s not exactly rare either. I think a lot of us Cons hear liberals/progressives/leftists endlessly prattling on about “tolerance” (when what they mean is acceptable / affirmation), but when push comes to shove many of those self-same tolerance mongers are rather intolerant towards traditional religion, the 2nd Amendment and people who live in non-enlightened states. Living in deep blue Connecticut, I get to hear an awful lot of intolerance from over-educated snots who would never admit to having a bigotted bone in their bodies but who will say the most awful things, usually about working-class whites, Catholics and others who have been deemed politically suitable for mocking. And Bobby Jindal – I guess his Christianity and conservativism override his skin color – the hate that some people have . . .

        • Indeed, indeed.

          Liberals will proudly announce that they have an open mind to all opinions. But they are utterly dumbfounded when presented with the fact that there *are* other opinions. Then the adolescent rage and hostility starts.

      • ALL of the gun grabbing libtard assclowns are democrat. It is why I have been smashing them on this forum and they must remain silent.

    • That is a ridiculous generalization.

      A parking lot tough guy yelling at a woman minding her own business. If that isn’t the definition of a California liberal, I don’t know what is.

      Fixed it for you!

      • No, that guy is a psycho. He just happens to be fixating on the gun issue in this case. If he lived somewhere else, I bet he’d be causing drama based on some other imagined threat to his way of life. (Yes, that previous sentence is speculation.)

        I know and have met hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of California liberals. The very few California residents I’ve ever met who would be capable of this behavior are those who were obviously unstable and would not be rational actors regardless of their political beliefs… and 2 out of the 4 “crazies” I’m thinking of were Republicans.

        • Alpha, in the world of Hollywood actors the “liberal on the surface, abusive underneath” is a common theme. Need I list them by name? Heck, even up in SF the theme continues, “no guns, because we want to play rough.” two recent sheriffs, a few politicians. Willie who? The list goes on.

        • RD, if you were making a subtle play on my use of the expression “rational actors”, consider it successful — you managed to amuse me on a night when my sense of humor is largely absent.

          I submit that most of the people you’re talking about are either functionally insane as a result of their hopelessly conflicted positions (e.g. Bay Area LE chiefs/sheriffs aka uniformed politicians) or are actually crazy in the case of the Hollywood hypocrites.

        • A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet.
          A conservative is a libertarian who hasn’t been arrested yet.

          C’mon, need to keep the cycle going. What is a libertarian?

  7. If their whole movement were boiled down to one person, the guy in this incident would be it. This is their essence personified.

  8. So, guns are bad and people who own guns are dangerous. Yet, gun owners are constantly insulted, legislated against, and provoked without retaliation.

    Doesn’t that kind of disprove their “theory”?

  9. I think people like this should be answered with “I’m not going to argue religion with a religious zealot”. This emphasizes their opinion is based on belief rather than on fact.

  10. If he truly believes that guns are only ‘killing machines’ that nobody should own, I have to wonder what he thinks about cops. After all they have guns. And some of them (SWAT) get to run around with machineguns kicking in doors on no-knock raids. And they don’t get in trouble when they raid the wrong house. Or kill the family dog.

    • Cops are AUTHORITY FIGURES to such people; authority speaks their language; liberty does not.

  11. Sounds mostly like it was time for a cop.

    Stuff like this is why I carry a small pocket voice recorder that is “instant on” with the touch of a button. Heck the thing can record for 30 hours at a pop so when I used to drive limo I would often just turn it on in the morning and just let it run. If nothing happened that day I just deleted the file.

  12. Gun control literally costs lives. We never hear from those victims who could have used a gun but were legally barred, because they’re dead.

    • We do, here. That woman whose parents were killed while her gun languished in her car. In Texas, no less. A month ago, or so.

      Not good.

  13. “It’s scary living in a state where I feel I can not even properly protect myself and my family.”

    I’ve dealt this this several times in the last few years. I too live here in Souther California. This state is COMPLETELY anti gun. I went as far as to remove ALL STICKERS AND EMBLEMS even remotely associating myself with the way of the gun.

    I am a co-organizer of a decent sized target shooting group, and I’ve heard plenty of stories, tales of woe, and first hand experience involving either of the following.

    1) Cops pulling you over, no idea why, they ask if you have any guns in the car, with no other explanation.
    2) People being pulled over and having their vehicle searched for “illegal weapons” because the individual had an NRA/CRPA/CalGuns/CGF sticker on their car. Usually in conjunction with a simple traffic stop.
    3) I personally went for a walk down the street with a weighted backpack to “train” with my gear as part of an exercise regiment. My backpack was camo, and quite bulky being filled with a bunch of stuff. I was approached by officers in what he refereed to in court as “a mutual discussion.” I was asked the typical, “Whats going on buddy? Where you headed? What’s with the backpack? You mind showing us some ID?” – To which I refused, explained my intent, and carried on my way. Long story short was later stopped again for “entering a park after hours” – They followed me and allowed me to so regardless of the fact I did tell them my intent. Thankfully I had my phone recording. They found my pocket knife and made a HUGE deal out of it and asked me all kinds of questions regarding my camo backpack. “Was I in the military? Why do I have the gear in my backpack? Do I like to go camping? Whats with the knife?” etc.

    I’ve reached a point where I no longer choose to announce my support for our 2A rights in public, or even discuss my rights, or current events revolving around a heated social debate within earshot of anyone other than what is better known to our community as “the choir.”

    I fear that my neighbors will hear a discussion I’m having that may get a little heated, usually between my roommate and I, being the kind of person who likes to raise his voice as a means of “being more right” – I find myself attempting to speak over his yelling, at which point I usually realize the sliding door is open.

    A great example of my “earshot theory,” was last night. I awoke sometime after 3am, maybe 4am. I dont recall but the sound of traffic was light and similar to that of the earlier hours of the morning. I sleep with a window open. I overheard 3 males having a conversation outside of our building at street level. Calling to each other, and discussing which way they wanted to go. Most likely taggers, or drunks trickling out from one of the local watering holes. Though the timbre in their voices suggested they most likely had not been to the bar, or at least they weren’t inebriated. I could hear them plain as day. My roommate thinks I’m paranoid, but this comes from someone who thinks it’s ok to leave the apartment unlocked while he takes a 20minute walk to the store for smokes. No big deal right? Sorry, I’ve been burglarized in the past, and frankly I have more than enough ammo, magazines, electronics, and unsecured valuables to warrant locking the damn door. That being said, I try to maintain some level of OpSec, a level of which he has no regard for, further supporting my concern regarding our neighbors in the Glorious Golden State of The Peoples Democratic Republic of California.

    I EDC (though not today – lol) one of two knives. Numerous times I’ve forgotten, mostly because the option is not much of one when considering the shady people in this town. Just yesterday we had property theft at a bustling starbucks, a huge 15+ brawl followed by a small riot/unruly crowd a half mile or so from me, a second all out gangsta fist fight in a known “crack alley” and a ADW involving a 2×4 and a mad man bashing bus windows and punching random passers by, all in the mid day. I live in Venice Beach. OUr “ghetto” is pretty much left to a 6 block radius just outside of Oakwood Park. Other than that it’s usually not a bad place. When I go out i carry a knife. But I know, that I would be better served avoiding stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places, if I had the option or chose to endure cabin fever.

    This state is about to meet a torrent of new disarmament laws, those of which will serve to compliment the already existing, draconian laws in place. Anything DiFi has proposed, will be pushed here. We need everyones help to prevent that from happening, but no one seems to even consider California, one of the largest markets of gun buyers and enthusiasts this side of the Alamo.

  14. I can’t understand how “people” can campaign for a “living document” like the Constitution to cover things like email, cellular conversation and the Internet, but relegate the 2nd Amendment to muzzle-loading Muskets that. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

    • I want more freedom for the things I like, and less freedom for the things you like.

      This is an unfortunately common human thought pattern that bridges all racial, cultural, political, and socioeconomic gaps. Most people don’t really understand the meaning of rights and liberty. We take them for granted.

  15. Please share that story with your Legislators. Maybe, just maybe, a light-bulb will turn on in their normally empty heads.

  16. Wonder how many rights and freedoms that guy enjoys that would not be possible were it not for guns and the willingness of people to use them.

  17. How it should’ve gone down:

    I proceeded to simply say: “mind your own f***ing business, a**hole.”

    • i prefer something more temperate, like “get out of my face or I’m calling the cops,” but “eat sh!t and die” is a reasonable fallback position.

      Actually, I refuse to engage with ret@rds, and when approached by same, I tell them that they do not have my permission to talk to me.

  18. Jessica,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I don’t know if it is much help, but a Taser C2 is also a nice option. My wife has one, but doesn’t usually carry it with her (I’m working on it). The Orange County Sheriff will issue CCW given “just cause,” usually “during the course of employment.” LA County is a lost cause unless you donate or give a “birthday present” to Sheriff Baca. I’m not sure about San Diego. CA sucks for gun rights. I’ll defend freedom while I’m here, but probably won’t stay after I retire.

    It’s been my experience that anti-gun advocates are ignorant and intolerant.
    If you’re near Brea, CA at a Target, and see a grey Infinti G37S, I can guarantee the owner will be packing. Well, if it’s me, anyway.

  19. You want to know what really scares me? That this poor excuse of a male (I won’t call him a Man, for he isn’t one.) is allowed to get behind the wheel of a 2500+ pound metallic vehicle, and then get on the freeway, and move along at 65 miles per hour or more. He is a road rage incident waiting to happen…

    Cars kill more children each day than guns. We as a society are far to lenient on drunk drivers, as well as dangerous drivers in general. And I would have no problem with the government repossessing the vehicles of dangerous drivers without compensation. They should do that before they even think of touching firearms.

    That lady should have screamed “Leave me alone!” at the top of her lungs, and used pepper spray and/or a taser on him.

    Hell, even if she was carrying a weapon illegally and shot him dead, I wouldn’t have convicted her if I were on the jury — I’d even try to argue in the Jury Room that the gun laws that she was being tried under are evil, and that we, the Jury, should come back with the decision that we the Jury declare all unConstitutional gun laws in this state null and void ad infinitum.

    But sadly, that Libertarian revenge fantasy will never come to pass…

  20. I apoligize for that moran, gives good men a bad name all over. I have bin in a couple of pretty bad spots, helping a friend conduct repos. Its against the law in FL to carry even with permit to repo. Im 165lbs and my friend as well. I have bin pulled threw the wreckers window by my hair and face. To only be able to deploy bear spray at 4 young men in there 20’s hell bent on killing me, because their father wouldnt pay for his car in the last 6 months. And get this, my friend called 911 and it took 43 mins to respond. Needless to say by the time the police showed up I had a broken nose and eye socket. My friend was knocked out with a piece of 2×4. And get this, when the PD was aresting the 4 young men, the father was clapping and telling his kids “good job, ill come and bell you out”. I laughed and said you better call a cab, as i took his car!! It does suck, we were hooked to the car already, and couldnt escape in our tow truck, they blocked us in. Its is terrifing to think I might not make it out o this one! As I was being yanked out of the wrecker, I weny for my pistol, but it wasnt there, thats when I was slamed on the ground head first, bear spray didnt help for shit!!

  21. If you are going to have to live “behind the lines” in So Cal, it would probably be a good idea to keep a lower profile. Your pro-gun bumper sticker that would be completely commonplace back Mississippi will attract too much unwanted attention. Also, register the car in California and change those plates.

  22. I agree that a “discussion” with an irrational person was perhaps not the best choice. It never ceases to amaze me how folks intimidate others; I quit trying to figure out the “why”, focused on the “what”.. what I should do. As a near-60 year old man with mobility and neck/knee issues a fight is out of the question. I’ve found that a loud “Leave me alone” coupled with a can of pepper spray (in my hand in my pocket) has its uses, get in he car and get away. In IL, I’ve removed my stickers as well; being pulled over in Chicago is a completely different issue vs. the same in Peoria area!

  23. *sigh*

    It’s easy to tell the lady what she should have done – we weren’t there.

    So how about this – if you were walking by and heard this, what would you have done? For real, not just puffing behind a keyboard.

    Jessica, I’m sorry this happened to you, and all I’ll say is, I’m glad you and your child are safe, and I hope I’d have been enough of a man to come over and offer to help if needed.

    • say what you want, but I would not have tolerated such behavior. Not one bit, not ever. I would have politely asked the young lady to take her child to the car and go, and confronted the cretin and told him to his face that there is nothing more despicable on God’s green earth than a ‘man’ who would verbally abuse and intimidate a petite woman WITH a small child at that! And I can’t tell you out loud here because there just might be a law against that sort of thing, but I ASSURE you he would have come to Jesus RIGHT THEN AND THERE, no ifs, ands or buts about it. Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to do what’s right and stand up for others; fuck the law. Clear as mud, sir?


  24. The Left wingnut faction is Puritanical (zero tolerance of possibly hazardous things) about Tech; guns especially, but can also be “hairshirt green.” (Look that up term.)

    The Right wingnut faction is Puritanical (zero tolerance of possibly hazardous activities) about Sex, reproduction, marriage, etc.

    Both regard the other side’s choice as “sinful” and take pleasure in flagellating themselves privately—and humiliating sinners publicly.

    As well as Controlling-Thy-Neighbor politically.

    Myself, I take more this approach:

    “Your sins are the only interesting thing about you dreary, bleak motherf%#kers. Your sins are what make you fantastic!” ~Doug Stanhope

  25. I agree that being alone with child is not the best place for a verbal confrontation, that being said, what about her freedom to live life {her life} as she wants??? This whole bullshit campaign on making law abbiding people as DEMONS because we own firearms, and enjoy the shooting sports is simply UNAMERICAN!! And makes me throw up a little in my mouth. I can at least understand why someone gets mad at me for repoing there car, I put myself in harms way. This women was alone with child in a parking lot, and all this over a freaking sticker. What was he affraid of, a papper cut??lol

  26. Jessica Y. , like you I live in the constitution free zone that is California. Unlike you I am a large and ugly male. Even the crazies tend to leave me alone. Get pepper spray and some form of tazer to go with your knife. Good luck.

  27. Dear anonymous meathead in CA,
    Please come visit us in Utah, and feel free to ask us about our gun bumper stickers. You’ll find we can supply more satisfying answers to your tough questions than a young woman and child can in a grocery store parking lot.
    Of course, you may need to sign a waiver first.

  28. All you hear out of California is complaints, you want to fix the problem?
    Stop voting for liberal democrat Jews, namely Boxer and F***stein

    • My grandfather was a Jew, a republican and at one point a PI. My father was a gentile, a liberal democrat and was never parted from his M1911 other than in the shower – in Southern California, no less.

      Would you be more pleased if they voted for Statist Protestants? Catholics? Shintoists?


        • I’m not in California, but blaming the Jews for California’s woes is, well, what it is.

          Or are the majority of California’s legislature and their folks in Washington Jews…? No, thought not.

          Now had you said “Stop voting for leftist nutcases…” But you didn’t.

          There are neo-NAZI boards which might be more your speed, and I stand by my comment.

  29. I feel her pain, being stationed out here on the left coast myself. I worry about my wife all the time and hope she never has to confront an idiot like she did.

  30. Consider this hypothetical scenario that I read somewhere.

    Imagine that violent juvenile crime plagued a community and the residents urgently demanded that government do something — anything — to reduce violent juvenile crime. After a lot of heated debate, government declares that the best way to reduce violent juvenile crime is to starve all juveniles until they are too weak to commit violent crimes. Thus government enacts a law requiring all parents to starve their children until they are weak and then keep them weak. Of course some people object and point out that about 1 in 200 starving children will get sick or even die in their weakened state. But most decide it must be done for the better good and the law stands. Of course you are an upstanding citizen in your community and good citizens are supposed to always follow the law. Do you comply with the new law and starve/keep your children in a weakened state?

    If you answered no to the question above, please explain why you would abide by disarmament laws which make you weak and vulnerable to violent criminals who attack about one in every 200 people every year.

    (Note: if one in 200 people are victims of violent crime every year, you have about a 1 in 10 chance of being the victim of a violent crime over the course of 20 years!)

  31. When will gun haters understand that behavior like this guy is much more violent in nature than a respectable gun owner would display even when carrying a ‘hateful killing machine’.

    This chump is more violent than any gun owner that I know.

  32. It boggles my mind that people think they can approach you in this way and then when they find out you dont think the way they do they can just start in on you about it.

    Next time call the police (yes I know) because harassment is not something people should be allowed to get away with.

  33. If this guy really believed guns are killing machines, he wouldn’t have fucked with her.

  34. At least Jessica got the message to this scumbag libtard, but I also would advise Jessica and all other gun people (NOT gun nuts) to be VERY careful about what bumper stickers or window stickers they put on their vehicle. I learned long ago that the message may not be worth the potential aggravation or property damage.
    As much as I love ALL the GUN GROUPS I will not put their stickers on my vehicles. I also learned that even a AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn) sticker can be a liability. Scumbags see this as representing a FATCAT who flies airplanes. It’s too bad, in this “land of the free” that we have to cower. But sometimes it’s the only thing to do. The liability seems to be less when face to face discussion is involved, and perhaps more effective anyway. An anonymous sticker on a bumper does not tell anybody what kind of person you really are, whereas a short discussion can have more credibility. Jessica, I have to commend you for taking your stand, but the sticker could just be causing you more danger than without it. But keep your Pink Pistol ready and whether you use pink bullets or not, be prepared!!!

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