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At 17, Fanaeian co-founded the Utah chapter of March for Our Lives, a nationwide, student-led campaign born out of the 2017 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead.

In 2018, she helped organize a massive event where roughly 8,000 protesters met at the state Capitol to demand stricter gun laws. Many held signs calling for a ban on assault weapons — like the AR-15 that Fanaeian now owns.

At first, Fanaeian felt intimidated diving into the gun world.

“The left’s idea of a ‘gun nut’ typically is white men who are upper class and see this as a hbbby that will make their egos bigger,” she told the Deseret News. “But the reality is this is a form of empowerment for me.”

Fanaeian said being involved in movements like March for Our Lives taught her a lot.

“As working-class people, we should not be disarmed,” she said. “There is everlasting violence against LGBTQ people that oftentimes politicians, on whatever side of the aisle, are not addressing, and we need to be able to protect ourselves. And because of that, I came to this understanding that the March for Our Lives goals do not align with my goals.”

– Kyle Dunphey in How a Utah gun control advocate changed her mind and launched a pro-gun group

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    • This is why we don’t let children make policy.

      This is why we have a constitution to avoid immature decisions.

        • So PewDiePie and NigaHiga and the other social media stars will be able to get their followers to vote the way they want them to. Hmm unfortunately we adults are guilty of that too.

        • “… House Democrats on Wednesday voted to lower the federal voting age from 18 to 16.”

          Won’t survive constitutional muster under the current court…

        • “Raise the smoking age to 21! Keep the drinking age at 21 or make it even higher! Make the Driving age higher than 16! These are dangerous unhealthy activity that young kids are susceptible too due to an underdeveloped sense of risk!”

          “Oh yeah but also keep selective service 18, voluntary service at 17, and make voting at 16, also lets kids transition as soon as they feel like it at 12 or whatever.”

          you know, one of the keys to a cohesive position/argument is consistent internal logic.

        • If they’re still on mommy & daddy’s medical then they’re not ready to think and vote for themselves….and…
          Chris, stay out of everyones bedroom please, you’re starting to sound like a stereotype republican.

        • And here’s the qualifying details:

          “if the offender is within 10 years of age with the victim.”

          Most states have a law similar to this, it’s known as a Romeo and Juliet law, typically four years difference so this is just an expansion.

          Should the government have the right to tell you at what age any citizen may engage in matrimony?

          If the laws of your faith say that children may be married at seven or eight years old as in fundamental Mormonism, should the government have the power to interrupt your religious practices?

          Many old testament prophets had multiple wives, does the Constitution prohibit the free exercise of my religion by prohibiting polygamy?

          More conservative authoritarianism government overreach.

        • to PminFl
          You are projecting. Which is what the sexually liberated do. Its how they have worked to force people to change their behavior in the bedroom.
          You see, you can’t keep your guns in the bedroom, or any room as you please. As a gun owner. When you live in a city or state, controlled by the sexually liberated.

          They tell you what to do inside your own home. If you have responsible adults who are trained in firearm safety and handling. Then there is no reason to keep your weapons locked up 24/7. As the sexually liberated make it mandatory in slave states.

          Also the sexually liberated are big supporters of the Welfare industrial Complex. People like you have publicly said a father is not needed in the home. So you support replacing him with a government $$$ check. And you support replacing his guns. With the guns of a big city police department.

          The sexually liberated created the “gun free” zone public housing projects. With no father and his guns to protect the family. And no father to provide discipline and leadership in the home.

          The Marxist group Black Lives Matter hates the traditional family, of one man and one woman. And so do you. They are anti-civil rights. Just like you.

        • to Miner49er

          It’s a very good question to ask. Why are they so anti-civil rights. Why are they so anti-liberty? Because the sexually liberated are socialist progressive in their political orientation.

          “Why are So Many LGBT People Hostile to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms”

          They are as anti-civil rights as the progressive group, the Klu Klux Klan.

        • The sexually liberated have always projected. They have always been hypocrites when it comes to plural marriage. And they use the threat of deadly government force, to keep women who are on government welfare, from having a husband and father in the home.

          As I have said before. I like having you here on TTAG. So I can point out how anti-civil rights people like you are.

          And thankyou for publicly supporting pedophilia. That’s an extra I didn’t expect. NAMBLA has been publicly marching in pride parades for decades now. And they are anti 2A just like you are Miner49er.

          I wonder why NAMBLA and you are so much against kids learning about and using guns, at such a young age???

      • Exactly. But if ‘progressives’ in certain states have their way, the legal voting age will soon be lowered to 16.

        • Just get rid of it all together. That way the reds can get all the aborted children to vote too. Oh… too soon?

  1. You know, all these new gun owners, i.e. former anti gun, Democratic party voter, etc. aren’t philosophically conservatives suddenly. It may be that they are getting armed to pursue thier goals by a different tactic. IYKWIM.

    • I don’t view gun rights as conservatives only club. It overlaps for sure, but it is simply placing a high value on individual rights. Its not a zero sum game. People with individual rights also tend to think individually rather than repeating the party line. Individual responsibilities tend to mature kids (or immature adults) quickly. If you think about it, 95% or more of gun owners will not use the firearm for self protection, most won’t even hunt. Yet the process of buying a gun, training with a gun, being aware of your surroundings, how to handle a dangerous tool and learning how to back away from a fight are extremely good values to learn.

    • People typically don’t flip overnight. But she has taken a step in the right direction. (Both literally and figuratively.) I know very little about this young woman, but unless she is upper middle class and relatively insulated from the realities of this world, time and life experience will move her farther right.

      • Gun ownership is indirectly responsibible for me becoming a conservative leaning libertarian. I was already questioning mainstream hypocrosy though. I think you need to have an aha moment of some sort that changes your perspective, and once you see things in a new light, you see more clearly where your thinking was flawed, and when you werent thinling at all. Perhaps you were just regurgitating others mantras. Now you beging to rethink everything. It all begins with being open to opposing ideas, and really thinking them through.

      • Gun ownership is indirectly responsible for me becoming a conservative leaning libertarian. I was already questioning mainstream hypocrosy though. I think you need to have an aha moment of some sort that changes your perspective, and once you see things in a new light, you see more clearly where your thinking was flawed, and when you werent thinking at all. Perhaps you were just regurgitating other’s mantras. Now you begin to rethink everything. It all begins with being open to opposing ideas, and really thinking them through.

        I was a hoplophobe up until i used a gun at a gun range for the first time. That range day happened the day after Trump became President Trump. For some reason the combination of those two events, woke me the fuck up!

        I think that is why places like california, try so hard to keep the populace petrified of guns. A scared populace is easier to manipulate. Kind of like what is happening right now, in twenty twenty with masks.

  2. Now that reality is heading their way they want to protect themselves. Who knew the 2nd Amendment would be such a good idea?

    • I like the fact that she’s now supporting gun rights, but I have to wince from her statement that it’s due to “everlasting violence against LGBTQ”. I’ve been surrounded by gays for many years, and have never witnessed any violence/animosity, nor heard any of them say they’ve experienced it. I’m sure it exists for some elsewhere, but – as with anything – the MSM inflates and sensationalizes events to boost ratings.

      • “I’ve been surrounded by gays for many years, and have never witnessed any violence/animosity, nor heard any of them say they’ve experienced it.”

        Here’s some…

        • You’re actually proving his point.

          Brandon Straka, in particular, has been repeatedly stalked and harassed by the “tolerant” left not for being gay, but because he dared to leave the hive and think for himself. You’re seeing it on the Tucker Carlson show because it’s got shock value, not because it’s an everyday occurrence for gay people everywhere.

        • I know. I just enjoy pointing out the hypocrisy of the “tolerant” left. They love gays, blacks, etc. as long as they do as they’re expected to (vote democrat). It’s a very conditional type of love.

      • “I like the fact that she’s now supporting gun rights, but I have to wince from her statement that it’s due to “everlasting violence against LGBTQ”.”

        She’s still a *MARXIST* –

        ““As working-class people, we should not be disarmed,” she said.”

        What works for us is, now she’s comfortable shooting one, she’s somewhat-less likely to actively work against us…

  3. The party requires that the proletariat be armed to effect the revolution. It is after, while basking in the afterglow, when much abundance is promised, that the call to disarm will be sounded. Then comrade, your rifle will beused as payment for the bread to feed your family. This is realpolitik, not agitprop.

    • I was trying to read the article with a neutral perspective. They tried to make it seem she’s now an expert at gun craft, after flipping to pro-gun only three months ago. Then I saw the pictures, they shouldn’t of added the pictures to the article if they wanted to believe that load of BS. I’m betting she’s still a gun control shill.

      • I don’t think she’s a shill. Pink Pistols are an established group that knows armed gays don’t get bashed. What they need is a Utah instructor(s) to partner with them and give them the knowledge and skills to match their attitude.

        • I know what pink pistols is, and I also know what astroturf is. I bet this chapter of PP will be advocating for gun control in the future.

  4. Just selective support of the bill of rights, as it benefits yourself. I fully support the folks who’ve changed their views because they saw the light, but as another poster said, have to wonder about the real reason lot of these new gun owners seem to have jumped ship. Love to hear their views on the first ammendment!

    • “Just selective support of the bill of rights, as it benefits yourself.” Selective support could very well define her change of mind. One has to wonder, does she support the entire constitution and bill of rights? Presently it is best to be cautiously optimistic. Time will tell if the change is permanent or just a cheap ploy. Cautiously optimistic.

  5. People who do not mature and learn are not worth a damn. Anyone who cannot change their mind is doomed to dim witted behavior.

    This one learned the real deal. Applause!

    • Unfortunately, this person, like others, is still “half asleep” and her personal perspective is still driven primarily by sexual orientation and self interest.
      Creating a predominantly gay group on the premise of self defense and then saying it should include everyone is nothing novel, but it does indicate a flickering step in the right direction of what the right to life, liberty, and property means . 2A protections are for everyone.
      Small steps toward the light , I suppose.

  6. Ah yes, the ever present, constant “violence” against homosexuals, that spectre that all these people seem to know about, but no one can seem to show me in my country. Someone should fly this ignorant bitch to Kabul or Tehran or Beijing or Moscow.

    • Exactly. Organized LGTB violence, hate crimes and “right wing terrorism”, are pretty much all made up by leftist media.

      • There’s plenty of organized LGBT violence — just look at Portland. At least half of the people who spent all summer trying to burn that city down are L, G, B, T, or all of the above. (Organized violence *against* LGBT folks, on the other hand, you’re right. Nonexistent.)

  7. Interesting that they still want to ban a Sig semi auto, calling out weapons of war, while the photos show at AR-15 in This person’s hands. Obviously, they are still learning given the nature of the change of heart, but I find it ironic that one scary black semi auto is different than another.

    Maybe black rifles are now on a diverse spectrum as well?

    • If an AR was referred to as a magic missile wand and colored pink, being used only for good, would their liberal sophistry be changed?

  8. There’s no violence against the alphabet crew of mentally challenged youth…

    If anything they’re the violent ones. Pushing their agenda on us. Telling us to accept them or else. Look at the riots, all those transgender people being violent. Now there’s even churches for them.

    If you want to be gay, be gay. Nobody gives a fuck. But when you’re abusing your child and manipulating them to be gay or other varieties before they even understand what that means, That’s a form of violence.

    I’m all for their little pride marches, but when they start having hand jobs in the middle of the streets, and people were an assless chaps, it’s not about being gay… It’s about having a failed porn career.

    • Also, please arm yourself. So we can show you what responsible means when we have a DGU because you want to be violent aggressors. The more leftists we can take out legally, the better

    • Pretty much exactly that. If you’re born homosexual, be proud of that, there’s no difference between that and heterosexual anyway except the target of romantic interests. But the problem is, there’s a whole lot of acceptance of degeneracy in these groups, at least publicly. Straight people don’t accept or make excuses for rapists, and if I was finger banging my wife on a parade float, I’d be thrown in jail, rightfully so! So when I see fucking NAMBLA flags marching with PRIDE flags, and see all that shit you mentioned, really gets the noggin joggin. Homosexuality in all forms is fine. Moral depravity is not, and neither are the groups who accept or tacitly condone it.

      • Well the issue there, as Milo Yiannopoulos found out, is that there appears to be a solid correlation between an adolescent male being molested by an adult gay man and that adolescent then subsequently becoming gay. And the gay political movement, especially gay men, don’t want that correlation researched or explored.

        For comparison, the vast majority of adolescents, both men and women, who experiment homo erotically with people their own age tend to wind up heterosexual.

        When Milo Yiannopoulos had the temerity to mention the correlation in public he was attacked so severely that he had to retreat from public life.

        If you’re gay, fine, do your thing. But no one should seek to shut down research or silence others. Free speech is everything. If we lose free speech and save the 2nd, we will ultimately lose everything.

    • Well said.

      In the media, even here, I read all the time about all this “right wing terrorism” or “LGTB hate crime”…

      In reality there’s none of that. I’ve never come across any real hate crime or right wing terrorism in at least 20 years.

      The ONLY actual “right wing terrorism” to actually exist in the United States in the last 30 years was Ted Kazinsky and Timothy McViegh.

      Anything you could actually call terrorism since the mid nineties has either been Islamic or Leftist.

      Almost All the mass shooters are leftists too, for the record.

      • They call it terrorism because it’s the easiest way to push their agenda. I’ve always known that patriotism is synonymous with domestic terrorism… but it’s nice to see other Americans seeing it too now. Anytime you tell the government “no, you are too big” – it’s terrorism… Just so happens we have a President who reshaped a party that is currently acknowledging it publically. There are still traitors in the mix, of course. Currently you see them begging trump to play along for the sake of unity. They might be republicans by affiliation, but they don’t support the republic… they support whoever holds leverage over their head and says “repeat after me:” because it could cost them a career. What’s the words for that… oh, yea… TYRANT.

        Whole lotta America walking that thin boog line right now, lol. The left wanted a great reset, and they might just get it, but not how they wanted it or expected it. It will come at them in the same form it came for years around 1776 or so… The fight never really ended and it’s nice to see people realizing freedom requires blood sweat and tears to achieve.

        • Everyone needs to remember who these ” republicans” are so they can do the right thing when the time comes. The primaries i mean.

  9. It’s great when people for whatever reason embrace their liberty but everything about that article and that person screams fake. Though in this Instagram virtue-signaling world fake is the new real, isn’t it?

    • That is exactly what I felt when I looked at the article. In fact, I was so struck with that idea after looking at the pictures of this person posing with an evil black rifle with no sights, that I left the page before reading anything. If they can’t even figure out how to “look knowledgeable” with proper BASIC equipment on the black death device, why the hell would I read the article.

      It’s like the CNN interview that was done back a year ago or so with the supposed “General” that took the reporter to the range to show him what the AR platform could do. He held it like a dipshit, showed no confidence in its use and then said, “And in Fully Semi Automatic mode….” When I was done laughing I shook my head at the obvious intent of that piece. Also, I own an T-Shirt with Safe, Semi, and Full Semi on it. It’s always nice meeting people that “get it”.

      This article has the same feel to me as the CNN bit. Fa get about it.

      • Senior officers have barely disguised disdain and contempt for enlisted ranks and multiplied by several orders of magnitude for “civilians”.

  10. She still doesn’t get it:

    “The left’s idea of a ‘gun nut’ typically is white men who are upper class and see this as a hbbby that will make their egos bigger,” she told the Deseret News. “But the reality is this is a form of empowerment for me.”

    Maybe – hopefully – she will grow, and learn. And if her current views open up the doors to a greater understanding of rights, then I welcome them. But such as they are, they are no better than those who support LEOSA and other special classes of rights and people. I do not support unequal rights or unequal protection under the law.

    I hope her leadership of and involvement in Pink Pistols gives her a greater appreciation of supporting rights for all, with no demographic or needs tests.
    She’s implying those upper class (n.b. really? Usually the stereotype is more of a hick) white men are exercising their rights as a hobby, while she herself is engaging in self-empowerment.

    The difference between me and her is that I don’t use identity politics to pick and choose who should be free to exercise rights, nor do I pick and choose the righteous or allowable reasons to exercise those rights.

    • By the way, there is so much javascript running on TTAG now that the paragraphs of my comment literally got rearranged on submission. The site is barely usable on mobile anymore.

      • Try a different browser. The site looks fine to me on Gecko-based browsers (e.g. Firefox and its various forks) and WebView-based browsers (e.g. the Android Open Source Project browser, usually just called “browser” or “internet” on an Android phone, or Privacy Browser, which has a javascript blocker with a one-click toggle that may interest you.)

      • if you’re using a browser try noscript. I’ve used it for years and it makes the internet so much more usable with a bit of effort (because you have to enable what scripts you want). Leaves only the tolerable ads, too.

        • Two thumbs up for NoScript, Ghostery, and Ad Block.
          Turning on and off scripting for certain pages can be a hassle but it removes much of the auto-play and advertising you don’t want to see on favorite websites.

      • Brave makes a kick-ass mobile browser now, too. Blocks trackers and ads by default, can be set to run in private mode by default, includes a VPN, and you can easily toggle javascript on and off.

  11. From the original article:
    “As an organization we support the Second Amendment. We draw the line, however, at military grade weapons in the hands of civilians. We’re talking about weapons like the SIG MCX semi-automatic that was used to murder 49 LGBTQ people and wound 53 more at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. These deadly weapons of war belong in the hands of soldiers, not civilians,” Williams said. – executive director of Equality Utah

    An Islamic jihadist affiliated with ISIS murdered the people at the Pulse nightclub. He could have used a golf club and killed as many, since the victims mostly huddle and shat themselves in toilet stalls.
    It’s not the weapon…

    • It’s more the person behind the trigger than the weapon.

      Maybe one day they’ll figure it out, but given the fact their personal perspectives have been so twisted with garbage ideologies and misinformation, I doubt it.

  12. AstroTurf campaign, probably supported by gun control groups. Anyone else notice she’s shooting an AR at about 7 yards, WITHOUT SIGHTS. Best that Pink Pistols chapter starts advocating for everyone of Biden’s gun control wishes.

    • She’s even the director of the local chapter. Even if it’s just a prop, why wouldn’t you have sights on it? Someone should help these people out.

      • Why assist your potential adversaries?
        At some point casting pearls in the wrong direction will be useless. It’s a question of diminishing returns. They’re happy to LARP their identity politics and buzzwords of “inclusivity” while missing the Big Picture.

  13. “The left’s idea of a ‘gun nut’ typically is WHITE MEN…”

    Did she ever come to terms with her (and the left’s) racism and sexism?

  14. I am happy that more people are taking a greater interest in their own personal self protection.

    Too many new gun owners do not see the connection between buying firearms and their political party loyalty. Who you vote for does matter.

  15. Meh…where did she/her/it/they get the idea most gun owner’s were upper class white men?!? Sterotype R us. I guess it’s possible but pretty much everyone I saw yesterday(at 3 NW IN gunshops) were black,brown and yeah mostly white. And a helluva lot of pickup truck’s. When I 1st glanced at the heading I thought ” she got mugged”. It doesn’t make her our ally!

  16. Lost me at “everlasting violence against LGBTQ”. Not because of LGBTQ but because of the constant jockeying for victim status among groups that already get ‘protected’ status.

    Life is a shit sandwich and we all take a bite.

      • Or… the less you taste it.

        You are still eating shit.

        Yea… I’m not a glass half full or a glass half empty kinda guy… If either of those scenarios exist, your glass is too big.

  17. That’s typically what happens when the left get “educated” they turn Conservative & want their rights back.

    • lol. We don’t want them. At this point, it’s not even worth the effort to “educate” anyone. You either see it, or you don’t. If you don’t – it’s probably about to smack you upside the head and then it’s just one less idiot to worry about in the future.

  18. Everything is politics, and politics is everything. Just depends on whose Ox is being gored.

    And when,

    • Organized Society is the bane of Freedom. Once any group is allowed to define Freedom the concept no longer exists.

  19. Next week she’ll probably be a director of the “Save the Gay Baby Whales Lesbian Jews for Jesus Reptilian Conspiracy Foundation on Mars Against White Guys,” or something.

    When people are mentally lost, they find a Cause of the Month to try to give their lives some meaning. It never works.

  20. “The left’s idea of a ‘gun nut’ typically is white men who are upper class…”

    Here we have someone trading platform for platform to get a spotlight, be it ‘march for our lives’ or ‘pink pistols’ (another LGBT group that has been taken over by the T) or speaking ‘as a woman.’

  21. “The left’s idea of a ‘gun nut’ typically is white men who are upper class and see this as a hbbby that will make their egos bigger,” she told the Deseret News.”

    This is why white Liberals are looked upon as racist evil people. She is not the first white gay person to exclude black gun ownership. Also it was a white homosexual man, Tom Ammiano, who first removed the rifle teams and all 2A education. From the San Francisco public school system.

    Latter he wrote the law making rape victims, and everyone else, wait an extra ten days to get a gun. And they wonder they are so disliked by so many people. They claim its about sex. No its about them being anti-civil rights. Just like Bull Conner.

    The Founder of ACT-UP. Modeled the gay group on Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf.

  22. All I can say is she’s a very stupid and very ungrateful and selfish wanting to have a moment in the spotlight, when you are called home, you will go by what means is necessary, it’s people like her that makes this nation unsafe, causing more crime and supporting the behaviour of criminals ,sure we need stricter laws but not on guns, but on the people that committed the injustice with far stiffer punishments then a slap on the hand, criminals need to know they are not going to a motel with free food, t.v., weightrooms, sports area’s, payed for by the taxpayer’s laws being passed of this type, Will do wonders for this nation, making it safer for all,

  23. Her and others like her , Believe it will never happen again , and Doing away with individuals rights is going to stop it .

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