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Aero Precision







Crossbreed Holsters

Fix It Sticks

GALCO Holsters

GunMag Warehouse


Knife Country USA

Natchez Shooter’s Supply

Palmetto State Armory

Sportsman’s Warehouse

Sportsman’s Guide

STNGR Edge Sunglasses


We the People Holsters


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  1. The Fix-it sticks seem expensive, maybe I’m missing something.

    I have a sonic cleaner, not this one, and they work really well.

    • I have a couple of Fix It Sticks sets. They are FANTASTIC. Really well designed and perfect for a range bag. Great way to ensure you don’t over (or under) torque screws when mounting a scope, forend, whatever.

      • You were right about the Bull Belt so I’ll be taking a harder look.

        This is a more compact set than what I use currently at home so it has that going for it. I don’t mind spending, just want quality that lasts.

    • Fixit Sticks are worth the price. Handy, compact, and well made. Saved me a few trips to the house on multiple occasions.

  2. Beretta has a sale going on..but of course the one item I want is out of stock…an APX threaded barrel. LOL
    Anyone know where I can get one for MSRP or less?

    • Find it’s UPC # and then search on

      You can do a word search first if you have to, then click on the UPC for the best results.

  3. After seeing a box of generic 9mm with 30bucks on it I gave up today. 18bucks for a 20rd box of 223. Glad I don’t need any. There was a nice aero AR for 700though. I guess I’ll have to use my son’s Amazon prime deal to get a chinese handgun light & sling…

  4. Purchased an M&P 9c at my local gun-shop today. Same price as Glad to get it below retail and with a one-month extension to my range membership.

    Stopped one of the clerks from selling 147 grain JHPs to some newbies as range ammo. Directed them to the 115 grain FMJ box. (We were allowed to purchase 1 box of 9mm with the purchase of a gun. This newbie couple specifically asked for target ammo.)

    We all received a free Joe Biden Hairy Legs with our purchase.

    Other than 90 minutes in line for the NICs, a good time was had by all. Used that time in line to order a Sneaky Pete for my new object of affection.

    • “We all received a free Joe Biden Hairy Legs with our purchase.”

      Sounds like a curse to me… 🙂

  5. If you get a 3d Printer you could print an AR15 lower. Whiles its up go check out this guys video. And bets on how long before it gets taken down? I was surprise3ed he used PLA at 80% infill.

  6. I bought a surplus riot helmet from AIM Surplus. It’s probably going to be fairly beat up, but for 29.95, I figured it’s worth a roll of the dice.

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