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Armed gays don’t get bashed. Which is why it boggles the mind that so many LGBT people are opposed to gun rights and vote for anti-Second Amendment politicians.

I don’t understand why the LGBTQ community is so hostile toward the Second Amendment. I’d like to ask my fellow gays to take a moment and consider this issue through a different lens. I long for the day when the gay community will galvanize its significant political might and work toward making practical changes that would let gays better protect themselves when laws don’t.

It isn’t news that gay men and lesbians are frequently the victims of hate crimes. In D.C., crimes motivated by anti-LGBTQ bias increased by 50 percent between 2016 and 2018, from 40 incidents to 61, according to statistics from the D.C. police. Nationwide, hate crimes targeting people because of their sexual orientation rose 5 percent between 2016 and 2017, from 1,076 incidents to 1,130, according to statistics from the FBI.

If we in the gay community know we are frequent targets, why do we overwhelmingly oppose laws that protect our right to defend ourselves? Why do I find myself, at party after party, defending my decision to work for the NRA? Why does my wanting to own a firearm make some gay people I meet accuse me of being self-hating? Why is a community that prides itself on inclusion and tolerance so intolerant toward the Second Amendment, the NRA and those who believe in the right to self-defense?

William McLaughlin in I wish the gay community were more accepting of gun supporters. I should know.


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      • Yep, we are not talking about gay people, or at least that’s not the essential feature here. We’re talking about leftists. The movement had very legitimate complaints and goals at one time, but it’s now been hijacked, hollowed out, and turned into just another front group. The useful idiots in some front groups are starting to learn that the hard way.

        • Again, you hit the nail right on the head with your remarks. Leftists, including those who have appropriated the Gay, Lesbian… movement agree that you are entitled to your own opinion–only if it agrees with theirs. You are not allowed to have a different opinion.

        • You’re hitting the nail on the head right there. ‘Intersectionality’. Linking all let wing ideologies together into one cohesive protest group with a specific aim to gain political power. The real problem there though is that maintain that ‘cohesive’ front necessitates policing members and purging any members of that united front when that have a dissenting opinions. This is actually one of the problems that hard-core feminism is having right now when it comes to political issues involving transgender activism. Modern ‘Intersectionality relies on a concept called the ‘progressive stack’. Which is just a hierarchy of who is more ‘oppressed’, and at the moment, that’s trans people. But even then, there’s even more problems from racially motivated actors within the LGBT movement that are trying to put ‘woman of color’ above all other groups within that progressive stack. They even have their own version of the rainbow flag that places a black and brown stripe above all the other colors of it.

          At the end of the day the entire ‘pride’ movement is just a complete mess of infighting, thinly veiled racism, and even Marxist ideology, of all things. That’s one of the reasons I’ve never associated myself with the Pride movement, even thought I fill two slots on the LGBT check list. That, and I think most of the parades I’ve been through have just been complete cringy A.F. I don’t like be associated with weird-os that celebrate being historically oppressed like acting like complete freaks in public a few times a year.

        • Dog of War, if you put a P for Polyamory on that flag like some do I’m right there with you. As it’s not always there I consider myself an ally & not under that umbrella.

          Neither side is interested in true freedom. Do LBGT folks what a right to live their lives the way they want? Yes they absolutely do. Do Christian conservatives have the same right to live their lives as they as fit, also yes.

          The majority of either said doesn’t’ want to believe that.

        • Eactly this.^^^

          Eric Hoffer from his seminal The True Believer: “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” The shame is what this process does to the great cause in the process. Sad.

          Also see Clay Shirky’s “A Group is it’s Own Worst Enemy.”

          Net, as a group (or label) builds up successes and makes it’s correct points, being associated with it starts having social value. Think “He’s a Boy Scout.” back in the day. Also the group has social proof weight to throw around. Think “Endorsed by the AMA.”, also back in the day.

          Being part of the group starts to have its own value, mostly signalling members’ worth. Hey, he’s a Boy Scout in good standing with the AMA, so must be awesome.

          Once being in the “in group” makes being a gatekeeper valuable, people angle to become the gatekeepers. Folks who can’t do the hard work — like go to a civil rights march and make the civil disobedience point the right way — can perhaps angle to be in charge of the org. Like the SPLC. Or the ACLU, which has become The Americal Social Justice League, and a racked for the people who slime into “leadership” positions, at this point essentially sellng endorsements and indulgences — a racket.

          “Gay Rights” as it was called back in the day, has a universal appeal. Why should someone lack rights under the law depending on what kind of snugglebunnies they prefer? There’s no accounting for taste. This is essentially an equal protection argument: don’t discriminate under the law based on silly stuff.

          It’s an instance of a fundamental question, one of The 13 American Arguments — another excellent reference everyone should read. Who’s “people?” “Citizens?” On what basis can (even should) we discriminate in how we treat “people?” “Citizens?”

          “Gay” as interest group has some standing. Interest groups are groups with common interest. There’s nothing wrong with people of common interest advocating their interest together. “Hey, guys, how about some proportional attention to ADIS, despite you don’t think you’re ever going to get it?”

          LGBT… whatever, is something else, a protection racket selling temporary indulgences to hold back some heresey burning for a while. You can tell in part because the correct acronym changes, and you’ll only find out in hind-sight. The point isn’t the point they’re “making”, it’s that they get to declare you retroactively wrong. See “Heathers”, the original, not the justifiably short lived recent series attempt (which totally missed the point.)

        • You’re right. I have a Facebook friend who insists that he’s homosexual but he’s not gay, and he doesn’t like gays, even though he’s homosexual. I was confused, so I asked him to explain the difference between being homosexual and being gay. He explained that homosexual simply refers to sexuality, but “gay” has become a movement, a liberal ideology, which he does not agree with.
          So it’s important to remember that not all homosexuals are gay, despite the efforts of the gay ones to convince you that they are.
          (Confused yet? I was)

      • Yep, LGBT is ripped down party lines, most LGBT is left wing and anti-gun. You will find more pro-guns in the furry fandom and among garden variety male gays but still not that many.

        LGBT though, fanatically rabid group and a lot of mainstream people don’t want anything to do with them.

        – a furry.

        • If you know anyone who grew up in the USSR, ask them about equality. Everyone is supposed to be equal, but they will tell you that anyone with a German name was shunned by everyone else, even if they were Jewish. The Jews had their own set classes among themselves, Russians looked down on everyone else. If a non Jew married a Jew, they were shunned, even if both were atheist. In Communist Russia, they had their own classes, which were stronger than the US South was. The foreign students from African states or from Cuba were very lonely in social settings, they might as well have been lepers. This helped bring down communism and it will bring down the extremists on the left. The sooner the better.

        • More or less route66.

          I I’ve been booted from several large furry servers simply for being a conservative / gun owner / voting for Trump. Liberals often seek out positions of power, they are drawn to it like moths to the moon. The bigger the server, the greater the bias they can exhibit without chasing everyone else off. You are included up until you aren’t 100% on the leftwing party line, 100% LGBT, 100% all for tranny / men in the womens bathroom, etc, then you are excluded. Smaller servers are much better about keeping their nuts in check.

          Liberals will divide and conquer themselves into utter destruction. Their hard-line policies will drive off the mainstream voters and even their own party members. I would totally vote for a democrat if they would offer a middle of the road candidate that was Pro-life, Pro-gun, Pro-national security, but would also end the war on drugs, end all foreign wars, and re-institute sound money, among other things. I would vote for a right wing candidate if they supported the same. But the DNC will never back a pro-gun/life/security, and the GOP will never back ending the war on drugs, foreign wars, and backing sound money.

          I’m essentially told to fuck off and take whats offered to me, ever damn election cycle and its well beyond getting old.

          Well, fuck the Democrats and republicans, where is the liberty party? where is the American party? I want a party that is for the constitution and restricting the power of government, but there doesn’t seem to be one. Trump is like a good breath of air while being waterboarded, but even he leaves much to be desired.

        • Arc, that is the best analogy for Trump I’ve ever heard.

          Politically, I’m in the same boat as you. Both parties suck. I vote for Republicans because they don’t seem to hate my individual rights as much as the Democrats do (but that’s not saying much).

          I’m old enough to remember when Democrats actually were kind of liberal, and in my 20s and 30s I voted for them more often than not. Now that we’re living in Clown World, I hang with the conservatives — not because I fit the type (I’m more of a constitutionalist libertarian), but because l stand against the lie that “liberalism” has become.

        • Arc, one thing we realized downunder is both major political parties at the very least hate law abiding firearm owners and one minor political party who makes AOC appear conservative wants nothing less than our extermination.

          I’m all for equality across racial, social, and lifestyle groups because I know, believe, and experience equality goes both ways. Currently I’m a member of the most hated and despised demographic in the western world. White, middle aged, and Male.

        • I hear it southern cross…

          I’m also middle aged, white, male. Most of the liberal party would love to see me dead or imprisoned. I’ve also noticed a very big uptick in white nationalism since all the hate on whites started, Hrmmm, wonder why? There are some groups that stalk furries, think they are all animal fuckers and want them dead too. Toss in the fact that I’m retired from the grunts, I’m probably a target for hajis to take a shot at too. All the more reasons why I carry.

          Btw, I identify more as American nationalist though because I really don’t care what color people are as long as they support American values and The COTUS. <3

        • what the fuck is the first guy wearing?
          Demonic bondage straps for summoning and incubus? I doubt a succubus would do them…

          *runs for the hills* /furry dragon.

        • They’re in WEHO!!!! That’s an…ummm…..interesting place. I turned down a guy in the checkout of the grocery store I’d go in to buy a Coke. He nicely asked if I wanted to go to his apartment. No thank you. I’m here with my wife & my girlfriend.

    • Um, isn’t physical assault against *anyone* out of anger a hate crime? So if someone yells “I hate f*gs!” and hits a gay man, he’s liable for his arrest charges being upgraded with “hate crime” status, but if he yells “I hate Christians!” and hits one, he’s simply charged with assault?

      I personally worked with two (separate) men who were married for many years to their wives, but went through acrimonious divorces. They then got frustrated with the subsequent relationships afterward (dating and/or second marriage) and decided to switch teams to date men. Last I saw them years ago, neither was happy with anyone they dated, regardless of gender. Were these guys truly gay?

      • No, anger does not necessarly mean hate.
        My kids make me angry, but I don’t hate them.

      • Just don’t mention Che Guevara personally ordering the execution of class enemies after the Cuban revolution.

        • the guy was a true revolutionary…and sincere in his beliefs…of course he was a ruthless bastard, as well….

  1. Who honestly cares what a bunch of degenerates and their “considerable political might” (lol) think?

    • Maybe you should. Gays may not be a large part of the population, but their cause gets a lot of support from many heterosexual liberals that are also anti-gun.. If gays suddenly realized they have the means and responsibility to defend themselves, that might would be a powerful message. You don’t have to like them, but If we are going to get support for gun rights, it’s time making in roads and stopped worrying about political tribes.

      I wonder how long this guys has been working for the NRA? Social Media Manager sounds like a post AckerMan-McQueen position.

      • The NRA has long had an active social disease/media presence. That the manager post is held by a degenerate may be new.

        And WHF says “It isn’t news that gay men and lesbians are frequently the victims of hate crimes”? The lying MSM, that’s who.

        You can believe NOTHING on the alphabet soup of “news” propagandists (or their associated lying “social media” spawn.

      • Why should I care? I’m not the one who decided to politicize their sexuality like they have. Perhaps they should worry about self protection and their rights as a citizen first instead of using their sexual orientation as their whole personal identity and attempting to force it on the rest of us who could care less where they stick things. That’s why they’re degenerates, not because they’re gay.

        • Christians and Muslims politicized homosexuality. They passed laws to stop homosexuals from exercising their rights. In America, Christians wouldn’t let homosexuals marry each other, have sex nor gather in public areas. New York (and the rest of the country) had laws specifically written to target homosexuals, which is why the gay pride parade exists today. Eventually the “gay pride” movement was co-opted for nefarious reasons.

          Today there’s still religious laws or government laws against masturbation, trangenderism and homosexuality. People still practice genital mutilation to stop masturbation, Muslims still punish homosexuals with death… European-American Christian males still hate on homosexuals, cross-dressers and transgenders.

        • No Christian don’t hate gays and other we just honor the Judeo-Christian tradition that western civilization and our countries constitution is based upon. There has never been a significant culture or country anywhere in all of history that allowed the disordered actions that the US has unleashed upon itself. We will judge the fruits of these disorders in about 50 years. My bet is that the gay movement destroys itself.

        • @Joseph Quixote

          Doesn’t Christianity say humans have free will and they should choose to follow God on their own?

          Who are you to judge people and who are you to enforce Christianity on the world? Sounds more like Islam, but Islam is fine with transgender people as long as they don’t commit homosexual acts.

          For as I am aware, Judaism is “okay” with homosexual acts/sins and Jewish people support the movement for others. If you are a homosexual Jew you are still a Jew, as we are all sinners.

          The sinning that is going on in the U.S. has been brought on and encouraged by that “Judeo-Christian” group you said created the country. Liberty itself is the ability to commit sin. You have to change America into a religious state and enforce your religious law (like Islam and Judaism does) if you want a Christian (or Jewish) nation state, but Jewish people will be opposed to a Christian controlled state that doesn’t serve the chosen people.

        • First, way to change the argument. Maybe try to respond to my point about western civilization?
          Second, I am a Christian that is called to use my conscience to judge right and wrong.
          Third of course we have free will. But Christians are also called to stand up for the truth. That is why in principal we oppose others (and ourselves) from committing sins. Everyone alive has a sinful tendency, it’s called concupiscence, but we should not be condoning or celebrating those sinful tendencies no matter what that tendency is.
          Unlike Islam, Christians are fine with people whether they commit the acts or not. We recognize that everyone is a sinner. God will ultimately judge the actions of our lives. That being said, I agree with John Adams. “Our nation was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” We are conducting a great experiment, I believe it will end in a very bad place. The United States was a very moral and religious place for most of it’s history. What happens when we stop being both?
          Being gay is not evil, but it is inherently disordered.
          Fourth, if you think traditional Jews are OK with homosexuality you have never read the Torah. Remember the story of Sodom?
          Fifth, I never said I was in favor of any religious laws. I am simply recognizing that when we turn are backs on God and the roots of western civilization, my belief is that it will end in a very bad place. I want no part in it and so I am voicing my displeasure. That is it. Don’t shove my nose in the gay agenda. I will leave you alone except for at the ballot box. But don’t force me to bake you a cake, or force my children to be educated in your government schools.

        • @Joseph Quixote

          You are for a religious nation state. You said you won’t leave people alone when you go to vote. You don’t want separation of Church and state like the founders intended. Most people do not believe in your religion nor your God — the 1st Amendment is in agreement that they don’t have to. However, you do not agree with people living a life of what your religion considers a sin and you will bother them or impose on them through the force of the state. That’s what Muslims call Sharia.

          Christianity was not a religion that left people alone, it was very much like Islam. They had to have a reformation to move away from what Jewish people still want to follow today. A lot of Christians in America are intentionally behaving in a manner they believe will bring forth the antichrist. They condone many sins that will lead to rebuilding the temple and the Synagogue of Satan. Those people are the ones that refer to America as a “Judeo-Christian” nation and call for religious wars on Muslims. They might not even consider themselves Christians, they might be Freemasons like George Washington. Washington D.C. was not designed by Christians…

          The United States was not a moral society for most of its history, quite the opposite. There was murder, lies, stealing, rape, etc. The U.S. was born out of sin and a secret masonic agenda took it over. Now the U.S. is imposing a new world order across the globe through more sins. You gentiles will be slaves, as you will enslave yourself, the chosen people will make sure of it.

        • Way to ignore my points yet again. Christians aren’t telling gays to bake them a cake. Or having boys beat the heck out of girls in athletics.
          Also I’m not sure what crowd you are hanging with but this is still far and away a Christian nation. Look at the polling.

        • @ Quixote

          “The United States was a very moral and religious place for most of it’s history.”

          Uhhhhhh I don’t know what history books you’ve been reading guy. That statement is laughably, childishly naïve and ignorant. You just couldn’t be more wrong, ask anyone with even a cursory knowledge of American history. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you were home schooled.

        • No, far from it. I have a BA and a Masters in history from well known schools. That being said, the deeper you get into history, the more you find that what is written in the history books often contains half truths. Historians of the last 50 years are writing from the perspective of the triumph of 50-60s liberalism. Drill deeper then what is pumped out by the mainstream culture. Please. Howard Zinn is not an actual historical historian. Statistically the United States was very religious and continues to remain so. Does that mean that it has not engaged in huge errors? Of course not. If you were educated in Government grade and high schools you are at best misinformed and at worst, filled with propaganda from the left.

        • “Does that mean that it has not engaged in huge errors?”

          What do you consider an “error”? Other human beings scalps being used as currency? Arbitrary, unprovoked invasion of sovereign nations, leading to the deaths of millions within the last generation? The history of the u.s. is a blood bath of biblical proportions. Your own words reveal that you understand this, deep down, you’re just not strong enough to accept it.

    • If the 2% of the population who identifies as gay wield significant political might, image what the 50% of the population who identify as gun owners have.

        • I know you have a point. Did you see the article today about the string of Texas laws affirming the 2A? Red state governments have been more dependable than national republicans.

        • Dude, the Texas laws you mentioned just point out how much is the 2nd amendment disregarded. If governments kept their hands off of the people’s right to keep and bear arms, most of these laws would be unnecessary.

      • You mean what gun owners WOULD have, if they were politically active and voted pro-2A.

        Two points:

        1) Not all gun owners are pro-2A, and not all non-gun owners are anti-2A. I think it’s safe to say the overwhelming majority of each of those sides is entirely apathetic for all intents and purposes, and,

        2) That vocal 2% minority is currently kicking our asses up and down the rainbow colored sidewalk, wielding very visible and currently-trendy rainbow flags on their way to the capital buildings to get what they want in full view of the mainstream media apparatus. Do you want in on that or not?

        Complaining about the evil gay agenda isn’t helping the 2A cause, and it sure as shootin’ ain’t hurting the LGBT cause, so what exactly is the point?

        The real question, I think, is whether or not you hate gays more than you love guns, which judging from a lot of the comments in this thread, I would say is exactly the case for a lot of commenters.

        • Stop catering to these ppl, 2A does not need any mentally unstable degenerate ‘allies’. You want a gun go buy one, I don’t need to hear about how much you need one because ppl hate your perversion.

          At this rate in 10 yrs the ‘right wing’ will be saying “the democrats are the real pedo-phobes!!!’.

      • Gun owners don’t riot, nor do they kick their enemies heads down the street. like blacks, LGBT, and muslims.

        Oh look! Cute ‘little people’ trying to peacefully protest! Its nothing to fear, ignore them, they won’t ever do anything to enforce their rights.

    • The Bohemian Club appears to be full of Republican bisexuals. Even Alex Jones was invited there to take part in the festivities. We know Alex likes the lady boys.

  2. Yes they are degenerates for sure and a danger to our society just like left wing liberalism!! It all goes hand in hand!! God help us what has our Country come to???

    Dont be fooled these people can be very violent!!! Stay armed America!!!

    • some of them do seem to come unhinged rather easily…probably the result of a considerable amount of self-loathing…

  3. The articles comments are great. So many lost causes eager to march into the meat grinder for lifestyle branding identity politics. The idiots will “stick it” to the “other guy” back and forth until everyone but the wealthy and elite is a stone faced NPC droning their way to death. Truly living the dream.

    • ^ +1000. They want us splintered and tearing at each other while they quietly fit us all with slave’s chains. And it seems to be working pretty well.

  4. Being gay and the gay political movement have about as much in common as being libertarian, and the Libertarian party, which is to say nothing at all.

    The gay movement is decidedly and intentionally leftist, and the Libertarian party is just gay. But individual gay people and libertarians totally different.

      • Libertarians are for less regulation, which would mean a smaller government. Democrats think problems are solved by the government rather than by individuals. This always means bigger government and more regulations. I don’t see how these are compatible.

        • When the Atheist Libertarians support the private charity of christian churches, instead of the government welfare industrial complex, you let me know.

        • Hey, just letting you know, us atheist libertarians support private charity of any type, and are against government complexes of any sort.

          That’s what libertarian means.

          Like, literally, that’s the point of being a libertarian.

        • Casey, I just saw your comment. That’s what I thought libertarian meant. It would also mean fewer 2A regs, which seems incompatible with being a democrat.

        • Casey, maybe you can explain why so many libertarians suddenly become statists when it comes to medical care??

        • Chris T in KY does appear careful to refer to ‘Libertarians’ rather than ‘libertarian’, which may indeed be different creatures. I don’t know much about the ‘Libertarians’ other than they are members of the political party so I couldn’t really say.

        • Vic Nighthorse
          The individual Libertarian has proven to me to be pro liberty in many examples. But the group Libertarians of the libertarian party is socialist progressive in their political orientation. They have a hatred of all things 1st amendment (religious), (anti abortion protest). Which they don’t support. But they do support the 1st amendment (pronography), (flag burning), (anti war protest).

          I don’t remember who, but I was sent a Link from a TTAG commenter, that I think had over 20 different definitions of what a Libertarian is. Amazing???? I knew what a Libertarian was back in the 1970s. But it seems they have changed. Much like Liberals as well as Conservatives have changed.

  5. They’re from the left. There’s no logic to what they think or do. Especially that group of left…

    • When the left is in power, the Libertarians are considered far right, when the Right is in power, Libertarians are considered left. The truth is that Libertarians are anti federal regulation, which includes drugs, guns, freedom to sell a product without the local government supporting the monopoly that the competitors have. True grassroots businesses, like the guy selling printed T shirts on the corner. The Right and Left both expect that guy to work for minimum wage or live on welfare, rather than pulling himself up by his bootstraps.
      Both parties want these people to work for the bosses, not become bosses or owners, they are nothing but a left or right boot on the neck of anyone trying to excel.
      Just because the Libertarian Party runs politicians from the other parties because they want name recognition, doesn’t mean the ideas aren’t right, they need the experienced people on their side.
      The Right has just as many controls against personal freedom as the Left has.

  6. Generally speaking, we’re not.

    I was an instructor at FAS for years, and we had at least two LGBT instructors. We welcomed LGBT people to our classes and our IDPA/3GN events. I had a number of students contact me through Operation Blazing Sword (firearms training for LGBT people who don’t feel comfortable just going to a random shooting range to learn). Literally every LGBT person I count as a friend is either a) carrying or b) comfortable with other people carrying. (though that’s not saying much, because I don’t count vocally anti-2A people as friends).

    The people you think of when you say “LGBT community” are the loudmouth statist snowflakes who never got past the “throw a tantrum until I get what I want” stage. They’re not that way because they’re LGBT, they’re that way because they’re loudmouth statist snowflakes who just happen to to wear a lot of rainbows.

    Add in the current fad that is “intersectionality”, and you get the all-or-nothing approach to social labelling. According to popular young queers, you’re either 100% with them (which includes being anti-abortion, anti-trump, anti-market, anti-business, and of course anti-gun) or you’re literally the worst piece of excrement ever to don a white pointy hood and burn black kittens and puppies. It’s beyond stupid, but that’s kids these days.

    With that in mind, look at the post above this one where we’re called degenerates. Seeing how that’s not uncommon language in these comments, can you imagine why LGBT people might think PotG are an unwelcoming bunch?

    If you’re not going to fight for them, why the heck would you expect them to fight for you? Sure, 2A is for everybody. So is deciding who you live with and what body parts you rub against each other.

    • Exactly right!

      With all the nasty crap coming out of conservatives towards these people, why would anyone expect them to be friendly toward conservative positions?

    • I was going to say correlation is not causation but this response was more complete. Also the flamboyant snowflake examples get more media attention than the less attention seeking. The folks with derogatory comments here give lie to the notion that all gun owners are freedom loving. Many POTG apparently want to control others and indulge in social engineering as much as the progressives.

    • Thanks for sharing. My wife and I are friends with a few gay and lesbian couples. I always sneek guns into the conversation. They are not for or against guns, they have higher priorities, primarily focused on their careers and raising kids just like most of us are. But that’s my limited experience.

  7. I was thinking something similar this morning; that is why aren’t more feminists pro gun? I mean it’s the most effective way to stop a bad man. The 2nd Amendment is for everybody.

    • Because being a feminazi isn’t about empowering women, it’s about having power over men.

        • Oh feminazis, just like the gaystappo are just fine with guns in the hands of their communist dictatorship. It’s individual people having the ability to stand up to their insanity that they don’t like.

      • serge gets one right….like the broken clock, maybe you’ll make another accurate post today?

    • You’re making the mistake of believing feminists are pro-women when in reality they’re more anti-men. Men like guns so they want to take them away out of spite.

      • Yea, anything men (or boys) like they hate. Anecdotally, I’ve had women in my life that hated anything that took my attention off of them…so maybe that’s a reason…

        • That is why my ex-wife completely banned anything that might be fun. Only her TV shows could be watched. She could see her friends. I could not see mine. Computer gaming was banned because it might be a bad influence on our son. Even work in the garage was strictly banned because I might enjoy myself. All I wanted to do was sort out all the stuff in there so I could move around.

      • The Feminist agenda is to emasculate men, and replace men as the head of families with the state. Many women mistakenly bought into the equality BS…it was never about equality.

      • I guess…….but then again, lots of lesbians partake in driving Ford F150 trucks, wearing boots and flannel, and working in the trades, all without denying those to men.

        • …then there’s Rosie…wonder how many know Al Bundy’s neighbor (marcy) is actually a lezzie?…[she could move in next to me, anytime!]……

    • Unfortunately, it’s probably something deep in our biological evolution that can’t be helped. Like the inherent masculinity of firearms b/c they’re designed for violence/killing and that’s typically been the male’s role.

      But it doesn’t help that there’s all this garbage research showing that guns are bad for women and the simple “solution” is to ban all guns instead of an individual putting in the effort and hard work to become proficient.

  8. The answers are twofold. One, the gay population knows that the majority of ‘gay hate crimes’ are hoaxes and actually feel quite safe. And two, much like American Jews, they are liberals first and gays second.

    • relative of mine..[prison guard..working a tower]…got into a verbal confrontation with a gay guy from the gay bar across the street…one thing led to another until the gay dude pulled a gun and pointed it in his direction…bad idea…prison guards have bigger guns…fortunately no shots were fired…but, clearly some of them are packing…..

  9. Gays also need guns to defend themselves against other gays. A lot of “gay-bashing” is a result of uncontrolled passion on the part of other gays. A gay orthopedic surgeon cousin of mine got his brains beat out by a former lover who went nuts. Turned him into a permanent near-vegetable.

    • they do tend to freak-out rather easily…police reports tend to bear out a lot of gay-on-gay crime…how that plays out when your police force is slowly being infiltrated by them..[Pittsburgh]..remains to be seen…

  10. The referenced article writer, not presenter, lost me at ‘hate crimes’. That term is in the same vein as ‘gun violence’ and ‘assault weapon’. Engineered to rile up feelings.

    To the referenced article writer, abandon the victimhood terms and you’ll be taken seriously.

    • The target audience of the writer is entrenched in victimhood, so sometimes you have to speak their language to keep their attention. The whole point is to convince them to reject victimhood, take individual responsibility for their own safety, recognize and avail themselves of the means to do so. Then politically support the right to own and use arms to defend themselves instead of depending on “hate crime” laws that do nothing to protect them.

        • Good food for thought indeed. The Dem Politicians know the shift has begun, folks of different racial and/or sexual backgrounds are embacing gun ownership and the right to defend. This worries the Dem Politicians that want to control us.

      • victims?…drive-up to a crowd in front of a gay bar….yell”fags”…and watch what happens!…

    • Hey, we need some way to differentiate between that kind of crime and the prevalent, run of the mill ‘love crime’!

  11. Victimhood and intolerance are the modern Democrat party’s core ideals. When members of the LBGT community arm themselves, they lose their victim status within the party and become targets of the perpetually aggrieved outrage mob.

    • Interesting, once a law abiding responsible person decides to pickup up a firearm and take the time to become reasonably skilled with it, then that person can no longer identify themself as a victim. An evolution from the “aggrieved” segment of the population to the “leave me alone” segment. That’s “empowerment.”

  12. Jewish place of worship gets shot up, ban guns!

    Give awards to failing CEO’s

    Drink Koolaid….

  13. They don’t feel welcome because of the collectivist thought process they had pushed on them. They don’t represent me in any way.

    They don’t feel welcome. I don’t think it’s justified. I’ve had more people rude to me outside of the gun community about homosexuality than in it. Maybe I never expressed it enough I don’t know and don’t really care to anyway.

    Whether it’s justified or not they feel they need to create lgbtq gun communities instead. It’s the same reason their are black gun groups. They are racist and are uncomfortable around white people. Maybe I am over thinking it and taking the wrong things. but it’s racial identity stuff or it’s sexual orientation or some other trait.

    it would be like me forming a group around blonde people. It’s stupid. I would urge gun people to ignore lgbt groups and just make gay people and trans people generally feel welcome rather than pander to identitarians. People always end up pandering to that culture and It will make people like me leave.

    I’m tired of stereotypes. I’m not a stereo type. I don’t want to hang out with people who make their identity their sexuality.

    • Independent thought can be as lonely as it is wonderful, beware the crab pot there is always one involved in groupthink.

    • “I’ve had more people rude to me outside of the gun community about homosexuality than in it.”

      I have an open invite to shoot at a rural piece of property near me that’s owned by a gay gun owner. She’s told me she gets far less shit from gun owners about who she chooses to sleep with than her supposedly tolerant and inclusive ‘gay community’ is towards her carrying the means to defend herself.

      Perhaps phrase the question as “Is a gay who is dead from having their head caved in by a brick morally superior to a gay with a dead hick at their feet?

    • …black’s pushing for gun rights just makes sense…they’re the group most at risk on a daily basis…..

  14. The major party that (allegedly) defends the RTKBA – republicans – tend to be judgmental about all kinds of stuff, which scares people away. The country will go down the drain trying to save inborn babies. Because if it saves one unborn life, it is worth dying in a leftist concentration camp.

    • Yes to a prog standards are regarded at “judgemental”. And their is no such in the world of the marxist prog. Right. There is just the absence of normal traditional American societal standards. “Burn it down”

  15. Being gay is just sexual orientation, but the gay community was formed by and for left leaning people of that orientation. They are far more rigid and judgmental about political orientation, to make up for the underlying guilt they feel for being “different”.

    • their response seems to be making the rest of us feel “different”….and that homophobia is a mental disorder…yeah, right……

  16. I think too many folks have a “prix fixe” approach to their politics because it’s easier and safer than “a la carte”, which requires more willpower and thinking power than they’re willing or able to apply. Anti-gun LGBTQs and those in the comments dismissing the LGBTQ community as degenerates, etc., are both examples.

  17. Read some of the comments above and its pretty clear why more people don’t join our cause.

    • Yes, there are a few idiots here gay bashing. Their comments are ridiculous and lack even bumper sticker logic. I like it, but then again I always chuckle when the morons lick the glass.

      That said, there are a lot more well thought out comments that are generally supportive of LGBTQ folks.

      • So if people disagree with the gay lifestyle they are bashing them? Many disagree with the gay lifestyle because it is inherently disordered. The viewpoint is one based on western civilization and the Judeo-Christian tradition. You may not like it but those are the facts. We are on a slippery slope to polygamy, man boy “love” and the rest. Just give it 10 years.
        If your fine with that then continue to support gays, transgender and the rest. Just don’t complain when boys win every girls sporting event, or when they force someone who disagrees with their lifestyle to bake a cake or plan their wedding.

        • No, and I didn’t say that at all, and I’m pretty sure you know I didn’t. Or should I just go ahead and lump you in with the window lickers I mentioned?

        • I get your point. I am just tired of those of us defending the traditional order suddenly being anathema. There are always window lickers and I have at times been one of them but on this issue I disagree with current events based on history and substance.

        • JQ, there’s nothing wrong with expressing that homosexual behavior is sinful, or immoral, or unhealthy. But that is a very different thing than just calling people names and being intentionally hurtful.
          That behavior is especially troublesome for those who would call themselves Christians, as it is in direct opposition to Christ’s commandment that we love our neighbor.

    • Exactly! It has been a while since I have seen so many ignorant comments on a TTAG article.

      • …..last I heard…people were free to express their views…whether you like them, or not…

        • Did anyone say they shouldn’t be allowed to express their views? Where did you get that idea? They are free to say what they feel and I am free to call them ignorant jackasses.

  18. Gays are a highly favored political group. Using the government to disarm unfavored political enemies makes perfect sense.

  19. Couldn’t be because politically they tend to lean to the Commicrat party and as a tenant of the religion of the Left is gun control there fore Anti Second amendment.

  20. There must be some difference between the “LGBTQ Community” and people who are actually LGBTQ.
    I work with and I’m friends with tons of people who would define themselves as gay or lesbian, and many of them shoot and hunt. Hell, one of my friends is a certifiable gun nut, owning quite a few NFA items and a straight-up 1151 Humvee with a real M2 on it. He’s almost as gay as he is rich, and he’s pretty damn rich.
    Perhaps it is a generational thing. Most of the folks that I know are over 40. But no matter what, what I am constantly hearing about the lgbtq community, that they are all hyper liberal and gun hating, does not match my real-world experience.

    • You are interacting with people who are not in the political world. My focus is on politically active homosexuals who have a history of working to disarm the civil population. I stand by my statement that homosexuals are socialist progressive in their political orientation. Homosexuals have political control of california.

      Their gay elected leaders have written the laws that disarm schools, shut down shooting programs at the highschool level, and forced rape, stalking victims, and everyone else, wait an extra then days to get a gun.

      There are other things I could mention where homosexuals have interfered with the basic freedom of other people. But this is about guns.

      • Being gay is one thing, the special interests behind the gay agenda are another. Some non-mainstreamed writers have opined that the gay agenda is being used to tear down traditional western values, especially the family, particularly heterosexual and family rights. Look around and make your own opinion on this.

      • Chris in KY
        “You are interacting with people who are not in the political world.”
        Literally the exact opposite. I worked at the highest levels of state and national politics for decades, and a lot of these folks were right next to me.

        • Mid to late 2000’s is when I started to see a lot of the weirder stuff at college and it kept getting worse. Coinciding with the rising use of social media followed by insular internet echo chambers (yes we are sort of one). Now take all of that and let a decade pass with middle and high school kids becoming the starting age group. I think many only know and interact with their group with little socialization with anyone else.

        • jwtaylor
          If you are saying there are politically powerful gay people at all levels of government, I already know that. That is why we are in the position we are in today. It was never just about having consensual sex in private without government interference. That has been used as a “fig leaf” to take away human rights from law abiding people.

          Straight people are being prosecuted because they had heterosexual sex while on welfare. And they live in “gun free zone” public housing projects. Policies that these politically active homsexuals support.

        • Chris, I am saying that there are politically powerful gay people who support the right to keep and bear arms at all levels of government.
          I am saying that the stereotype that all gays are anti gun rights does not fit what I have actually observed. In reading the comments here, it appears I am not the only one with this observation.

          • Bottom line? LGBT has indeed been co-opted by the liberal dems, they’ve weaponized disgruntled gays, blacks, muslims, any other group you’d care to mention. Spent a lot of time in the past with all the above mentioned groups, you know, back when all anyone wanted was to be treated equally! Now everyone’s told they’re SPECIAL and anyone who disagrees is a nazi. Pretty sick!

    • World of difference between the ones I work and served with compared to the college activist types at the various colleges nearby. One side is just trying to get through the day and get the job done. The other is trying for a cultural revolution funded by taxpayers. On the up end couldn’t be bothered to care about their orientation or whatever is passing for gender I just don’t like commies/statists telling me what’s right/legal

    • It has to be ironic with leftists claiming the LGBTI… as their own compared to the actual treatment of gays historically and actually by the Soviet Union and China. In many cases, depending on the political wind, they were either barely tolerated or declared mentally I’ll and locked up in asylums. As much as Russia is historically anti-Semitic, they are more against LGBTI people.

    • does he plan to take it..[the hummer].. to the parade?…now THAT might prove interesting!….

    • ” Hell, one of my friends is a certifiable gun nut, owning quite a few NFA items and a straight-up 1151 Humvee with a real M2 on it. He’s almost as gay as he is rich, and he’s pretty damn rich.”

      I want to know his name. And I want HIM to say his name NOT YOU.

      Gay people can’t wait to come out of the closet telling total strangers what they do in the bedroom. But they won’t come out of the closet and say they are gun owners. Why? because they know they would be kicked of their gay social clubs. They won’t be invited to the next “rave” or gay together. Gay Gun owners on TTAG have said they had to travel to the interior of california and attend a firearms education class and keep quiet about it. They said they could never tell their friends about the “christian gun” activity they went to.

      Just like Liberal gun owners, gay owners are cowards.

      It’s easy to come out of the closet as a Liberal and or gay gun owner to conservative people. They like to shock conservatives. It’s what they do. Even with all the slings and arrows that are thrown at them for being perceived as not fulling supporting civil rights.

      You say there are high level government gays who support civil rights. I say come out of the closet and let them prove it by their deeds and actions. Not just words.

      You say I’m being too tough on gays? Then you should read the things I have said about the NRA lately.

      Here is a suggestion. Have your RICH GAY friend give money to Black Guns Matter. Since to NRA renege on their promise to support a national tour of the country. He could even do it anonymously.

      From the After Action Project podcast

      February 26, 2019 1 hour 13 minutes long

      • “Why? because they know they would be kicked of their gay social clubs. They won’t be invited to the next “rave” or gay together”

        And here’s the disconnect with the reality. These people go to work. They have families. They don’t go to raves because there’s dishes to be done and yards to mow. Weekends are spent at baseball games and quinces.

  21. Don’t care about LGBTWTF. As an american you/they have the right of self-defense. If you/they won’t take advantage of this right, then their SOL. I won’t weep any tears for them if they choose poorly.

    • Gotta love equal opportunity apathy, and I have come to feel the same way. Got more respect for my felon neighbor taking up black powder to guard the home than many of my friends choosing to be helpless.

  22. Same questions to my fellow Jews. Why majority of Jewish people vote for Dems, Obama, HAMAS girls like Omar and Tlaib while all above are openly antisemitic. And most of Jewish high ranked politicians are anti-Trump. Thanks God such a brilliant guy like Ben Shapiro is on the right side.

    • It’s been my experience that most Jewish Americans aren’t religious and don’t give a rat’s ass about Israel. Plus, they tend to be highly educated and privileged (high income earners), which means they’ve been indoctrinated into left wing ideology, and thus, are typically democrats.

    • Jews are by far the most politically powerful group in the US. Why would they want the plebs to be armed?

    • Didn’t Israel actively help create Hamas? Aren’t Arabs semitic people? Wasn’t Ben Shapiro anti Trump before he was told to be pro Trump?

      And most of Jewish high ranked politicians are anti-Trump.

  23. They’re hostile to 2A because they’re told to be. They’re good little sheep. Intersectionality is used by the dems to bring various groups together to fight against their political enemies.

  24. I think people tend to make a grave error in assuming that any largish group is politically monolithic, even within political party or politically motivated organization.

    I also think that history and politics shows that the best way to cause a coalescing within a group is a threat or perceived threat which is often the way you get generic dislike or even hatred. Your tribe appears hostile to mine so I don’t like individual members of your tribe and assign to all of them the worst aspects I think represent your tribe overall. Part of this plays into the way our brain seeks patterns and, unfortunately, when you go looking for things you often find them even if they’re not really there.

    So if, in this case, the LGBTQ community percieves the GOP as hostile to them then it’s easy for them to associate that hostile feeling with every member of that tribe, and everyone who shares characteristics that are commonly associated with that tribe. So it becomes: We don’t like the GOP because they’re anti-gay. The GOP is commonly seen as “pro-gun” so anyone who is pro-gun is GOP and anti-gay.

    This extends to anyone who shows perceived characteristics of the “hostile” tribe and the pattern seeking part of our brain assigns all negative characteristics associated with that pattern to the hostile tribe while grouping anyone who shows a characteristic associated with that tribe into that tribe. Therefore if you like guns you must be a member of the GOP and therefore must hold anti-gay views. Therefore the connection made is pro-gun = anti-gay.

    Once that connection is set up in our brain it’s marked as a threat and therefore disliked.

    It’s exactly the same setup that creates a situation where people in the pro-gun community viciously attack each other for stepping outside the percieved orthodoxy. You exhibit a trait (disagreeing about topic X) that they associate with an anti-gun person so, you must BE and anti-gun person. So a debate on tactics to advance the 2A turns into ad hominem because if you disagree then you MUST exhibit all the traits of someone who disagrees and are either a FUDD (at best) or a closet grabber.

    • I too find tribalism a very powerful and problematic urge (in myself as well as others). It often leads to destructive and dangerous anger and irrational behavior. Assuming the other tribe is monolithic is one of the most error inducing aspects, IMO.

      • It’s a double edged sword. The ability to see just part of, say, a lion and know it’s a whole lion and dangerous keeps us from being turned into lion shit.

        Unfortunately it’s an effective enough way for us to survive that it’s become instinctive so we have to recognize the way it works and actively work to circumvent it in some circumstances. That has enormous application in avoiding what happened in Furgueson too, but that’s another topic.

        Once you know it happens you can work to prevent the problems it creates in certain circumstances.

        For a short but well written primer on the topic I suggest the article The Snake is a Stick over on BreachBangClear. Link included below.

        • Good read. It reminds me of my own (no one accuses me of humility) hypothesis that superstition is selected for and is often an effective survival trait in primitive societies.
          I was reading some old African stories that talked about how the wind in the grass was actually the spirits taking the form of hungry lions, and that sometimes those spirits devoured children.
          So when you saw the wind moving the tall grass, you hauled ass. And it works. Because sometimes lions move the grass when they walk. You can run away from the wind a hundred times and live. But you guess wrong and don’t run when lions are moving the grass, and you die the very first time.
          The superstitious ones live, and pass those traits, both genetic and cultural on. The non-superstitious, don’t.

        • That’s actually a pretty darn interesting hypothesis. I seem to recall something similar being written about the topic but I read it and dismissed it back in my younger days when I bought into that “the ‘soft’ sciences are nonsense” line. I actually have long thought something similar might be true about why children have a tendency to climb trees while adults do not (children use the trees to escape the predator while the adults fight/run it off).

          IIRC there’s a study of this in cultural anthro… I’ll have to see if I still have the particular book I’m thinking of and if it covers what I’m remembering (or maybe misremembering) or not. If so I’ll post the title/author for you.

  25. “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal; with certain inalienable rights endowed by their creator; among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”

    You can’t pick and choose here, all men (mankind) have these rights. You have no more right to be offended by 2 men or women or whatever holding hands in public, than they do to be aghast at seeing a gun on your hip. People need to spend more time looking in the mirror, and less time looking out the window. And now, some cherrypicked biblical quotes to get in before the “God hates gays” contingent comments:
    “Judge not, lest ye be judged yourselves”
    “Cast the beam out of your own eye before pointing out the mote in your neighbor’s”

    While I too wish that they didn’t vote democrat in the majority, we have at least established some common ground, and if we didn’t dehumanize those different from us, we may find more. And more people, diverse people, believing in the Second Amendment, can only be a good thing for us, and damaging to those who oppose believers in self-reliance and freedom.

    • ….and that engenders the backlash you see here and elsewhere….no, you’re not “normal” just get over it and move on…

  26. Because they’ve been told since infancy that we’ll kill them when we find out. Good job SJW’s!

    • And blacks have been brainwashed since infancy that republicans want them back in chains so they better vote democrat to be protected (although actual history is the opposite). This has worked amazingly well, so the democrats and their cohorts in the media, academia, and entertainment industry continue to push the lie.

  27. The ownership of the Mulford Act was passed from Gov Reagan, to homosexuals when their elected leader Tom Ammiano, state senate president of california, said he supported the law. When Cal Guns asked that the law be repealed, he NO, “I support the law”.

    When black gay men were openly carry guns, back when it was still legal in California, he said “they should not be doing that”. As far as I’m concerned Tom Ammiano is a homosexual racist pig. And if it was good enough for Ronald Reagan to called this when he signed the Mulford Act into law. It’s good enough for the gay Racist pig Tom Ammiano.

    Homosexuals are socialist progressive in their political orientation. They have no history of supporting the 1st amendment (religion) or any other part of the Bill Of Rights. But they do support the KKK marching into black neighborhoods while carrying guns. Just as they supported the national socialists marching into jewish neighborhoods. But they don’t support law abiding blacks or jews having guns.

    Are there gays that really do support Liberty? yes, Milo Yiannopoulos, Tammy Bruce, the Log Cabin Republicans. But who else????
    Post a Link of any open homosexual elected person who has an “A” rating from the NRA. As if that means anything in 2019. Or who has a voting record to prove it. Or who has spoken up for gun rights in any legislative body.

    When was a kid back in the 1970s I watched as Liberals and the Left throw glass bottles and rocks into the path of marching Log Cabin members at a pride parade. The TTAG gay writer Piper Smith said she was called a racist, I assume by other Liberal gays, because she supports the 2A. As if guns are only for law abiding white christians????

  28. I think a lot of LGBTQs feel anti-gun because when they were young, they probably were persecuted and got the shit kicked out of them by others who were militantly anti-LGBTQ, i.e., “rednecks.” So the LGBTQ folks came to dislike “redneck” values (like guns). I recall that when I entered adulthood and joined the military (50+ years ago), any gays in the barracks (and there probably were a few) definitely kept their sexual orientation concealed, because if it became known it was a guaranteed blanket party for them. Or worse. Being admitedly gay would get a troop an expeditious discharge, too. I recall that back in the ’70s (when I was a DI at MCRD San Diego), we had a recruit who decided he’d made a BIG mistake entering the Marine Corps and would do anything to get out of boot camp. So he claimed he was gay. The lieutenant took him to a phone and made him call his parents and tell them that. He did. Then he was made to call his girlfriend and tell her he was gay. Of course, she disputed him, but the kid still got his discharge. Over the years, my attitudes about LGBTQ have changed – if it doesn’t involve me, I don’t care what they do in private. As far as the gun question goes, I think we need all the help we can get from anybody. Those LGBTQs who are anti-gun would probably be that way even if they were straight, thanks mostly to the way they were brought up or educated, but many others probably see the need for 2A freedom so they can defend themselves from their predators.

  29. It is because they think LBGT is leftist position and that it is a political thing. It is neither. It is also dumbasses to be anti Second Amendment just as it is for Blacks and Jews. Especially Jews. It’s like they don’t know their history. It might be that think every redneck opponent will eventually come around or be forced to which will never happen. Take bootlegging for example. How many have gone to jail multiple times and still engage in it? Firearms are for protection. My own state constitution says the right of citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the state shall not be questioned. It kind of reminds when we used to see things on T.V. suggesting women protect themselves by whacking a potential rapist with an umbrella, or poking him with a hat pin, kicking in the testicles or loud whistles, or my second favorite, learn self defense, which would be basically useless against a sudden tight arm around the throat. My one ins the umbrella. Have you ever seen one that could be swung very fast with enough weight to do something other than piss off a miscreant. Q might have made one.

    • ….anything BUT a gun…no matter how ridiculous…remember a martial arts class where one of the instructors was going to show us how to disarm someone who held a gun to our back…last I saw of him he was headed to the infirmary with a large powder burn across the back of that pretty little white outfit…probably feeling lucky the gun held only blanks…

  30. While I am not under the LGBT umbrella myself as I’m CIS & heterosexual I do sympathize with their cause as mine isn’t that much different. I’m Polyamorous & have several romantic partners as do my partners. Some of those are bisexual. None of us are anti-gun even if some don’t understand them the same way I do. I am a firm believer that everyone has the right to decide for themselves about their own lives. That means if you want to own a gun or not, who you want to have sex with, what kind of relationships you have, what you feel yourself to be, the religion you want to follow, everything. Absolutely none of that has a single thing to do with being pro or anti-gun. A gun doesn’t know what sex is holding it, their sexual orientation or who they’re in relationships with. A gun DOES protect all of those things. For me it is the freedom by which all other freedoms are protected & the greatest indicator to of how free a citizen truly is. That said I just as strongly believe everyone has the right to feel however they want sexually & to be attracted to whoever they want. That goes for straight, gay, bi, whatever.

    I personally have seen discrimination from both groups. In groups like this I’m too liberal to be a gun owner. In poly groups I’m a gun owner so I’m too conservative to be poly. To be honest though, I don’t give a damn what people in either group think about me. I know what I am. I know what I believe in.

    • CIS… a manufactured word used to marginalize normal, reproductive, heterosexual behavior.

      • “CIS… a manufactured word used to marginalize normal, reproductive, heterosexual behavior”

        cis·gen·der: denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.

        I was going to write “my gender matches the sex I was born as” but CIS is easier. If you think it has anything to do with marginalizing anyone you are inferring somthing that is not in the definition. Are their people that do that? Yes. They are wrong too.

      • I think the term CIS was created so people wouldn’t say normal. The big push is to make LGBTQ the new normal. That’s why they have trans story time and tell kindergarteners that a boy could wake up tomorrow and be a girl. It’s not confusing, it’s the new normal.

        • A lot of people in the LGBT/Poly world get very hung up on labels. It’s as if they’ve found what they believe in & if you aren’t 100% exactly the same as them you’re against them. It’s exclusionary & discriminatory. You are not allowed to be in their group & they will defend it with everything they have. While poly people supported their right to marry who they wanted to they do not support ours.

          I don’t like using the word “normal”.” Who has the right to define that? No one in my book.

          Every trans person I’ve known didn’t just up & one day decide to be the opposite gender. From their very first memories all of them felt they were the opposite gender. I believe them. My first thoughts about relationships were of a polyamories nature. I just couldn’t understand how only being allowed to love only one romantic partner made a bit of sense. It that “normal?” It is for me.

        • Dwight, true “normal” is a constantly shifting measurement but for the sake of argument, its usually defined by an overwhelming majority consensus.

          Men and women having sex to produce kids is normal. Around 99% of the human population believes this to be normal. Finding mates within ones own kind is normal. Two women fingering each other isn’t normal. Screwing horses isn’t normal.

          Rat utopia experiments are something you may want to brush up on.

        • Arc, you might want to brush up on Behavioral Sink yourself.
          You are right, “normal” is defined by the population. But that “population” is local, not global. What is normal on say, the UT Austin campus, is not normal a 90 minute drive away in Johnson City, TX.
          When small groups of individuals define cultural norms among themselves, they usually lead productive lives. That is, they provide for their safety, don’t starve, and raise their young.
          But, as Calhoun’s research showed, when huge numbers of individuals get together, they devolve to a “normal” that is the lowest common denominator, which is the care for only the immediate needs. In the rats, it was mass together for safety, and eat. All other behaviors beyond the most immediate and basic are ignored out of survival. The mice in Calhoun’s study didn’t “choose” what was normal or abhorrent. They simply were unable to focus on anything other than immediate survival.

  31. Umm, because the vast majority of the LBGTQAAPSMNOEIEIO community are liberals? They’re actively hostile to ideas outside their own bubble despite saying they’re tolerant.

    • Maybe the are liberals because leftists accept them warmly and the “right” calls them degenerate undesirable sinners.

      Does a conservative white male want to hang out with Black Lives Matter?

  32. When I glanced my tired self saw “armed bears”…lol. As with other leftards I don’t care. The happy flag is flying in Springfield,ILL. Along with a murdered baby and the gun ban flag-the sacrements of the satanic democrats. Homosexual’s turned the Pulse massacre into gun control when it was clearly a Moose-lim murderer.Duh. “Help us” they cried…real men( and women) don’t get murdered and bashed. Woe to the nation that calls good evil and evil good…you’re on your own.

  33. If you revel in your victimhood, if you wear it as a badge, if it becomes a central focus of your existence, then you must reject any and all direct means of overcoming it.

    Some gays, like some Jews and some blacks and some women, just adore their political Munchausen syndrome.

    • Painful Ralph! Painfully true! If you wish to maintain victim status (which in the US at this time means special protections and extra rights and privileges) why would you take any step that might alleviate your victim status? It would be counter productive.
      Now, if you also happen to be part of a relatively safe demographic where violent crime is involved, as according to FBI/DOJ homosexuals are, you’d really have no good reason to want your victimhood status to change.

      According to all available data, including from Stonewall, a leading gay rights organization, the biggest threat facing the gay community is suicide, followed by (according to the National Institute for Health) substance abuse, followed by (According to the National Coalition Agaisnt Domestic Violence) your gay partner, followed by poor health, followed by accidents (again the NIH) then by crime in general (According to the DOJ) and then, finally, by hate crimes (which are so rare as to be statistically insignificant, again, from DOJ).
      When you’ve managed to elevate ~5% of the population to a disproportionately influential and visible group by constantly claiming victim status, it would be insane to do anything to change that.

      • …good summation…gotta’ save that one….not surprising suicide is at the top.. but I don’t think you address that by overcompensating….

  34. This is so basic and elementary!

    The Liberals and Leftist along with the leftist media were the first to embrace that community…especially after Oblama/Killary came out and said he Flip-Flopped on the issue…obviously 4 votes like creepy joe is doing.

    So the LGBTQ community decided to walk in lock step with the liberal leftist lies….that was against their own survival believing guns are horrible based on emotion.

    There is a over abundance of sensitivity and emotion in that community like the liberals…

    Liberals believe in Consequentialism that has nothing to do with Ethics. Consequentialism: the doctrine that the morality of an action is to be judged solely by its consequences.

    U have to hand it to the weed and LGBTQ community for organizing and getting things done….if only the gun community could learn from that!

    • U have to hand it to the weed and LGBTQ community for organizing and getting things done….if only the gun community could learn from that!

      Maybe NRA members shouldn’t be for the police state’s “war on drugs” and against diversity. It’s as if they want to become the boogieman and lose everything. Maybe they should reach out to the potheads and the other “sinners.” They claim to be about liberty and justice for all.

      Let a homosexual pothead own and carry a big bad black boomstick proudly.

      • No one is stopping them. There is no need to pander to these people, you will never out pander the leftist scum and if you ever do than you have become worse than they are.

        • Funny you would use the word pander.


          a person who caters for vulgar desires, esp in order to make money

          The NRA is already a pandering organization for old white guys. NRA TV proves it without a shadow of a doubt.

          You don’t have to pander to these particular people. You just have to tell them the truth. An education in American history and religious doctrine will enlighten them and hopefully empower them with firepower.

          U.S. governments actively oppressed homosexuals like they did many other “undesirables.” They wouldn’t be so quick to give government power over them again if they knew better. And some religions say their lifestyle is punishable by death.

          So… Are they worried about oppressors taking their free will? If so, they would need some kind of power to fight back. Right? Like some kind of parity of force for the people. Like, maybe, firepower!? Or they could just let the government (and/or religion) stick their gun where the sun don’t shine.

  35. I worked for years with organizations to win rights. After SCOTUS ruled for same sex marriage in 2015 the fight was won. Then in 2016 that terrible event at Pulse happened and almost all of the LGBT organizations switched to a gun control position, in addition to their adoption of other issues like immigration and abortion – of course taking the liberal side while berating anyone as evil that disagrees with them. Funny, after decades of having our rights shit on, lies and propaganda spread to turn the public against us, the “movement” has turned around and started doing the same thing to gun owners and conservatives. I DON’T SUPPORT THIS because I remember how it felt.

    I appreciate this article and want to say, that I marched in the streets prior to 2016 for FREEDOM, not the self-righteous snobby conformity that the LGBT “movement” has turned into. So when you hear gays are against guns, please know that’s talking about the LGBT organizations and their activist spokespeople. They don’t speak for me and I’m sure many other INDIVIDUALS (key word) that value the Bill of Rights……including the 2A to the degree I don’t support the rights compromising sellout NRA. I support the GOA.

    The Bill of Rights is to be cherished and protected. All of it!

  36. Like all leftists, they’d rather change the laws and have the government do the shooting for them.

    We’re individually defensive; they’re politically offensive (double entendre intentional).

  37. Pointing to my Gadsden flag at a “rainbow flag” parade…

    “What the f**k is that?!”

    “Just letting my freak flag fly.”

  38. It appears the LBGTQ community saw the success of the yankee goobermint protecting native americans they decided to forego defending themselves and rely on said yankee goobermint.
    Personally, I’ll rely on me to protect myself from everyone, including the yankee goobermint if necessary.

  39. A anti-gunner is only a anti-gunner until they get the hell beat out of them needing 10 facial reconstruction surgeries and someone takes all their stuff….to quote a trainer who has many liberals signing up 4 firearms training. So its a easy fix.

  40. The LGBT agenda is more about the Left’s goal of undermining and destroying America/Europe and homogeneous, predominately White (and now Asian) countries than it is about “gay rights” or anything else. When you figure out what group is most influential behind it, you’ll begin to understand why, as this group is also very hostile to gun rights and other American values.

    • Two religions (in reality they’re just one) are behind the modern “gay rights” movement. One of those groups is Christians that want the Antichrist to return. This religion has also created/pushed communism around the world, they introduced it into east Asia, thereby creating states like China.

      East Asia has been very conservative regardless of not having religion. Now religious people are pushing “gay pride” (the single lifestyle and abortion) into these countries so things will transform into the American version.

  41. You can take any ‘oppressed’ group, and I use the quotes around that word because you don’t have to actually be oppressed you just have to get enough other people to believe you are… anyway….. You can take any ‘oppressed’ group and it will for the most part be against individual gun ownership. The take away is the group isn’t against guns, it is against you owning them. They actually love guns and want certain people to have all of them. The certain people they want to have guns is the group they can tell what to do. They want to, in effect, outsource the gun part and just focus on the control. If you don’t do what they say they are going to send people, with guns, to hurt you into submission. They don’t have to do the messy part of actually carrying the gun, they can get someone else to do it for them. “Oh gun boy…. go shoot those people over there for me darling. A shoot them a lot, make it really hurt.”

    • Christians were the first group to do that in the United States. Now another religion has taken over and is doing the same by using other groups to call for the government to do their bidding.

      The police state is a tool and you are not its operator.

        • I heard that the east coast tribes of the Americas were contacted long before Columbus and taught some of the religion that controls the U.S. today, which is why some of them built pyramids and did blood sacrifices. Eventually the Spanish contracted Italian man found out the world is round and there are other lands out there. Ultimately because of the eastern tribes practicing a religion given to them by people not from the Americas, all the tribes were considered evil cannibal savages by so called Christians. Then those so called Christians crusaded and built a new Rome for a future new world order.

          So, yeah. I guess you can say Christians didn’t create the U.S. It was a different group that portrays itself to be Christian as they worship another and follow a different text. The U.S. capital says it all. There’s “good” reason for them to erase the tribal history that preceded Columbus and pretend like Columbus was the first to find the Americas.

  42. “Why are So Many LGBT People Hostile to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms?”

    Because they don’t want me to be able to defend myself
    when they try to take away my right to criticize their lifestyle
    or try to force me to use “the politically correct” gender pronouns like they do in Canada.
    Sorry, I’ll shoot back.