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The racist, elitist nature of gun control is an indelible part of American history. Why, then, is the Democrat Party so heavily invested in advancing these laws to their logical conclusion?

The historically racist origins of gun control are hardly a topic for debate. As noted by Cato Institute’s David Kopel, the matter of arming blacks in America was the subject of the infamous 1857 Dred Scott decision; with one Supreme Court justice warning about the rights of free blacks “to keep and carry arms wherever they went.” Kopel also notes that as a part of the Black Codes passed in the South during the early post-Civil War Reconstruction, free blacks were required to secure permission from police in order to carry firearms.

From Harriet Tubman, who carried a pistol with her during the heroic rescues of slaves, to abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who quipped “a man’s rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box” — there is perhaps no other group in American history whose members understand intimately the “right to self-preservation” embodied in the Second Amendment than black Americans.

It is therefore more than a little curious as to why Democrats continue to push gun control measures that are inherently, historically, and intentionally designed to disenfranchise minority groups from their Second Amendment rights.

In spite of a downward trend of gun violence in America, even as gun ownership soars, Democrats contend there is both an “epidemic” of gun violence sweeping the country, and that access to firearms is the culprit. This mindset guides virtually every part of the Democrats’ gun control agenda; with no apparent regard to who actually is or will be impacted the most by their plans.

Carried to its natural end, the philosophy of gun control virtually ensures the only people left with firearms in a Democrat-controlled America are cops, affluent whites, and criminals.

– Bob Barr in The ‘Soft’ Racism of Gun Control

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  1. Just one group left to disarm and it’ll be perfect. Any guesses as to what the next group to be disarmed will be in their plan?

  2. By design. It’s the only explainable end goal, and upsettingly explains quite a few policy choices…

  3. “It is therefore more than a little curious as to why Democrats continue to push gun control measures that are inherently, historically, and intentionally designed to disenfranchise minority groups from their Second Amendment rights.”

    The DemoCommies/Commiecrats have a long storied tradition of racism in this nation,their ultimate goal is that of a nation of slaves,black white pink or green,color makes no difference,compliant Un Armed slaves.

    In order to see their goal thru to it’s completion they need a disarmed populace,thus was born the unConstitutional infringement of gun control/gun safety,the name for such can be changed to suit the selling of the agenda of a nation of slaves,under the Commiecrats control.

    • Democrats (and now just the traitor elites) have a rich history of using African slaves as a political cudgel. From beating on White labor then to beating on the White middle class today. Something about White workers terrifies the traitor elites.

    • That the Dems are racist is easy to determine.
      One only need look at what the welfare state we now live in has brought us, and the refusal to even consider fixing it, but instead actually trying to make it worse by trying to delete freedoms we have.

    • The Democrats aren’t racist. They are equal opportunity oppressors. So what is the endgame? The dissolution of the United States? Returning Texas and California to Mexico to address historical grievances? Give back Louisiana to France because they have a prior historical claim? Return Alaska to Russia for prior historical ownership or just sell it to China?

  4. In America 2.0, everybody’s a slave and the plantation has gone global. Clench your cheeks, boys, because gunboat diplomacy now flies a rainbow flag.

  5. They can TRY to disarm the populace…. I will say good luck…. This should get interesting…

      • Go read A E van Vogt’s science fiction novel, The World of Null A. It contains a revolution. In the first battle, unarmed revolutionaries attack government forces. Casualties are 90% but they overran the government forces and captured their weapons. The same happens during subsequent attacks but casualties decrease each time. In the end, the revolutionaries win. Weapons are easy (if painful) to obtain. The government has plenty. Usually, there are corrupt officials who can be co-opted. That makes it easier.

        • I’ll read the book, definitely. I’m suggesting that unarmed liberal social justice warriors can’t disarm lawfully armed private citizens.

        • “unarmed”?

          I mean… it is science fiction…

          To be serious… look at Venezuela. Or any country that had their weapons seized as far back as history goes. Science fiction only works because it’s fiction. Truth is: 90% of those people in real life, would rather not storm armed opposition in the hopes of overtaking like a horde of zombies. It just won’t happen. Weapons will be used, and defensive armor will be as well. In our times, with the projectile weapons available and their cyclic rates… you don’t stand a chance going unarmed. They’d just as soon drone strike a crowd or drop a nuke from their underground liars.

  6. This tactic of trying to taint gun control with slavery is dumb and going to backfire. Blacks did not have the right to bear arms because they were a foreign ethnicity and were never intended to be citizens of the U.S. If denying rights to non citizens is racist, America is still very institutionally racist. We deny rights to millions of illegals living inside the U.S. right now whom the Democrats would grant citizenship to in a heartbeat. If gun control takes hold in America it will be current gun owners, mostly white males, being discriminated against. Why can’t we just focus on the truth?

    • Foreign ethnicity? So all those immigrants that got off the boats and migrated west for land and opportunity were denied purchase of firearms during the back ground check?

      My Scots-Irish forebears that went to applachia to mine coal and farm didn’t have the legal right to own those guns they took into the hills with them?

      I want to see the part of the 2a that covers exemptions for foreign ethnicity.

      • It depends on when your ancestors immigrated and where they were. Chances are they followed local laws. Maybe they fought to change those laws. The bill of rights was not incorporated into Federal law until well after the Civil war when States decided how to apply rights not the Federal government. You should research how your ancestors aquired their guns. Not all civil rights struggles revolve around black identity politics.

        • American history is a fascinating subject, perhaps you should study it, or at least read part of a history book.
          The Revolutionary War ended in 1783, the Constitution was signed in 1787 and ratified in 1789 and went into effect on March 4, 1789. The Bill of Rights was created in September of 1789 and ratified in December 1791. The Civil War ended in 1865, 74 years after the Bill of Rights had been “Incorporated into federal law”.
          The first African slaves were brought to Jamestown in 1619, 179 years before our Republic came into effect. From that point on many more Africans were imported as slaves as well as many were born into slavery in this country. Prior to the Civil War importation of slaves had all but stopped and after the civil war all slaves became freedmen. Because of Democrat majorities in the Congress persons of African decent were not allowed to become full citizens until the 14th amendment was added to the Constitution.
          Illegals have no rights, primarily because they are here illegally. My family’s ancestors began coming to what is now the United States as far back as 1603 and kept coming up to the first part of the 20th century. All came here legally. Prior to the establishment of the Republic there were no laws limiting immigration from The United Kingdom as we were a part of the UK.

        • What is your argument and where did I error with my understanding of the facts?
          Here is where you made mistakes.
          “The Civil War ended in 1865, 74 years after the Bill of Rights had been “Incorporated into federal law”.”
          You are incorrect, the Bill of Rights were not incorporated until AFTER the Civil War.

          Prior to that time the Bill of Rights only restricted the Federal government, and the States decided who could vote or own firearms, etc.
          “Illegals have no rights, primarily because they are here illegally.”
          Not true, illegals have plenty of rights primarily due to the incorporation of the Bill of Rights and the 14th amendment. For better or worse because of the changes to the Constitution after the Civil War anyone who sets foot on US soil illegal or not, citizen or not, has almost the exact same rights as a US Citizen even with ancestors going as far back as yours.

          Illegal Aliens probably even have 2nd amendment rights though the courts are still it figuring out. At least one illegal alien has won appeals arguing 2nd amendment rights though he was still deported.

    • It is not just slavery. Gun control laws were instituted to discriminate period. Look at NY’s Sullivan law. It was passed to disarm Irish and Italian immigrants. California gun control laws were instituted to disarm Chinese, and more recently, black people (Black Panthers in the ‘60s). It is equal opportunity racism that gun control was founded upon. If you are an “other”, that is what gun control is all about. Now they want to “other” actual gun owners themselves. And women and minorities are the fastest growing segments of gun ownership in the last decade. So modern gun control it won’t just impact white males. It is important to point out where gun control came from to show why it should not be instituted now.

      • Wide spread appeal to other groups is good. But the left have framed a very old long standing narrative where white men have been cast as villains oppressing groups of people, blacks, immigrants, etc. Adopting that narrative but just changing “white men” to “Democrats” still leaves the core premise intact that white Americans are racist and America is inherently evil. It would be better to reject the blood libel instead of perpetuating it. It has implications that go far beyond gun control as we can see how the Democrats use it in other political issues like the immigration debate.

  7. This is not “curious” at all. The Democrat Party is controlled by persons determined to dismantle the American Constitutional Republic and impose a Socialist Globalist Marxist-inspired Dictatorship on every American. In their vision of “Utopia” a small Ruling Elite will control everything and the majority of the rest of humanity will live as dictated by that Ruling Elite. An essential step is to disarm the general population to the extent that no effective resistance to the Ruling Elite can be mounted. It’s not about racism. It is about absolute power to rule unopposed.

    Yes, “gun control” DID originate as a racist, anti-black idea. Look at the root of it. The idea was to impose absolute control over a race-specified group of people at that time. Now the “racism” is not limited to persons of a certain “race” but expanded to everyone whom a small group of elitists have deemed unfit to rule…only fit to serve. It is the antithesis of the founding principles of the American Constitutional Republic modeled on an amalgamation of the totalitarian dictatorships of the 20th Century.

    • We have a presidential candidate talking about seizing control of the energy sector and prosecuting the owners for global warming. Absolute clown world

  8. They really just want to legally disarm white men…that is the goal…they just can’t say it.
    Remember…the politicians and the activists will NOT be the ones that go out to search and seize…they will leave that job to the ARMED cops and/or military.

    • The Elitists will do their part in assisting the cops in gun confiscation by enacting with the financial banking system the mechanism to shut down pro-gun individuals’ banking resources. No checking, savings, investment account will be liquid….all frozen. How long will you resist without any finances. Some preppers are prepared and will survive for a while, But, most citizens live from pay check to pay check or use plastic money. Three minutes without oxygen; three days without water; three weeks without food…..and you are history. Yes, they will pry your weapon from your cold, dead….starved…..hand.

      • We have our own right-wing billionaires, they can start a “2A National Bank”. The ‘Gadsen Flag’ will make a nice corporate logo, and do the same with credit card processors…

      • Bingo! You get it. No door to door confiscation. They expect to have us lining up eager to turn our arms in to thaw our credit, bank accounts, and smart meters.

      • Surprising more people don’t understand this. Literally the only hope we have is to fight so fast it never happens that way. Either way, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees, so I know what my path will be. I don’t plan to just “survive”… I will more than likely die fighting before most so called patriots try to pry the scraps from the empty shelves at the grocery stores.

  9. Bob Barr is one of the good guys. There are too few like him in Congress and way too many like the execrable Lucy McBath, bottom row, far left:

    We still have some good Congressmen here in Georgia, but some of them are dumb enough to think Guam is going to tip over and sink, if we send another dozen US Marines there. From Lucy to Hank, God help us if we send any more idiots to Washington!

    • The Babylon Bee is premium satire. Absolute gold. Absurd, but hits home so hard it makes you suck your teeth.

  10. “”” there is perhaps no other group in American history whose members understand intimately the “right to self-preservation” embodied in the Second Amendment than black Americans.””””

    actually…most of the black Americans I know…know a BIG WHOOPING ZERO about guns and don’t care about that right. Some even go as far as to call it a red neck cracker right….ohh the ignorance.

    but that is the DNC voting pool for ya…only know 2 that voted for Trump because their eyes got opened by the DNC caring more about illegal aliens than blacks!

  11. Dumbocrats are about being evil. Period. They’ve barely “evolved” since the anti-bellum daze.

  12. “An America in Which Only Cops, Affluent Whites, and Criminals Will Have Guns”? You have the title almost correct. It should be “Affluent Socialist Whites”. A dirty little secret is that the socialists don’t really have a problem with guns, as long as the guns are in the hands of people WHO THINK THE WAY THAT THEY DO. As far as blacks goes it will be only if they have demonstrated that they are hard core socialist and then only reluctantly.

    • Sadly, the idea of the idea of “the only gun owners should be those that think as we” is also strong in the NRA – as it was started and is now. The leadership is appalled that minorities and the “unwashed masses” want to be able to protect themselves. Why, that is just criminal letting “those people” have a means of self protection!!!!

  13. It is therefore more than a little curious as to why Democrats continue to push gun control measures that are inherently, historically, and intentionally designed to disenfranchise minority groups from their Second Amendment rights.

    It’s not curious at all. Gun control, and before it, crossbow control and sword control, was always intended to facilitate the control of the ruled by the ruling class without such complications as securing their consent. Most every ruling class in history has practiced it to the extent it could.

    The real curious question is: why do so many African Americans support them?

  14. I’m tired of reading articles by John Boch. Please get someone else to write articles. He is the polar opposite of CNN. Sounds like s good thing, but then you realize he cherry picks stats to only support his view. The truth about guns can do better, if they want to.

    • Why don’t you try writing an article yourself???
      I am. I have two subjects I’m working on now.

  15. What’s even more curious is why the vast majority of underprivileged minorities continue to vote for the Demoncrat party. And not just over the loss of their 2nd Amendment rights. They want to bring in uncontrolled masses of illegal immigrants to take low skilled jobs from them and move them onto welfare, and somehow they seem to think that’s a good thing. And along with those uncontrolled masses comes an uncontrolled flow of drugs that plague minority communities. They take away their prospects for a better life and at the same time push drugs on them and when they get caught with those drugs they lock them up. Then they claim that minorities are too stupid to get a free government issued ID card. They have noting but contempt for these people yet they keep voting for them. Something I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

    • Because when they have no more jobs and no more money, they can just take it from the rich people (i.e. anybody who has more than them). Why should a person running a business that worked their way up, invested their own capital, put their own family/life on hold, and hired all the people get more money than any of the people who DO THE ACTUAL WORK KEEPING THE PLACE OPEN? What, you think just because somebody sits in meetings all day, keeps the place operating and the bills paid, fills in whenever people under him are unavailable, knows the ins-and-outs of the working end, the management end, and the ownership end … do you really think that person DESERVES more? Everybody is equal and that’s how they should be paid!
      Besides, there are very few rich people, so they will be outvoted by the poors who lost their jobs and the poors who we imported… They don’t have any choice in the matter, right?
      yes this was all sarcasm. well, except for the last part – people who work hard are a minority compared to the number of greedy lazy people.

      • I honestly don’t think most people are as greedy and lazy as we tend to believe.

        Somewhere along the line “learned helplessness” became “taught helplessness”.

        A combination of teaching people that they’re being “held back by others” while simultaneously intentionally withholding from them the information and skills to get ahead seems to be the core of “public education” these days.

        • And I didn’t even mention they deliberately deny their children an education while enriching themselves on the excessive taxes they impose on the poor and any wealthy people dumb enough to stick around.

    • Don’t forget they also want law enforcement to back off of minority and immigrant communities because RACISM, which will lead to more drugs, assaults, robberies, and murder among those communities.

    • Nonsense. The “underprivileged minorities” don’t know the Constitution from a Fig Newton. They want their pot, welfare handouts and the “rights”. Will cry/do/protest at the demand of the demtard party

  16. The people they think are too stupid to get an ID card are smarter than that. They are the few that actually realize that voting gets them nowhere, one party promises and doesn’t deliver at all and the other party doesn’t make promises(except maybe “trickle down”), so it doesn’t matter (from their prospective) who is in power.

  17. It seems that the anti gun coalition is made up of black people – led by their grifter politicians – soccer moms, OFWW and college commies.

    What a group. The inmates are running the asylum.

    • What is pathetic is these hyphenated folk don’t realized they have been replaced in the yellow hearts of the progs by the massive quantities of newly imported future voter/clients.

  18. I think your categories are too broad. It would be affluent whites, it would politically connected whites. If you don’t support Democrats, “Sorry, no guns for you”.

    • It would be politically connected persons of whom a minority would be whites. Whites will be a minority in America. That is a foregone conclusion.

      • This OFWG has done his part. I’ve got 7 kids and 9 grandkids with 1 more on the way.

        If we become a minority here it will be because we were too damn smart to have kids. We preferred cruises and good living to raising kids. And we wanted to save the planet from human caused global whatever bullshit is being pushed these days.

        • Kudos. Having kids and and continuing a legacy is it’s own reward. It wasn’t ever really a reproduction problem. Japan is in demographic decline but there is no angst among the Japanese that their kids will have to struggle in their own neighborhoods against Chinese or Russians. At least not from immigration, maybe if they lose a war. Ironic because their constitution was practically dictated to them and pattered from ours. Just goes to show how different people make different choices and have different outcomes.

  19. Look to the UK for a preview of what the US will become. Criminals have more than enough protection from their victims and the punishment is laughable.

  20. “Why, then, is the Democrat Party so heavily invested in advancing these laws to their logical conclusion?”

    This is simple.

    Because it is no longer Democrat, or even American. it is now part of the Global Communist movement. We are no longer dealing with the Democrats of yesteryear. These are Bolshevik revolutionaries, plain and simple.

    To achieve a hostile takeover of the American system they must first silence, eliminate, and disarm Constitutional Republican resistance.

  21. A reminder that Hugo black, author of the Korematsu decisions and actual confirmed, admitted member of the KKK, and Democrat Senator put on the Supreme Court by Democrat hero FDR was also behind the show trial of US v. Miller.

  22. The true dem plan is to achieve total, absolute power and leave the Citizens with no means of resistance once their tyrannical objectives take form.

  23. The history of gun control in North America is the history of violent White supremacism and the
    efforts of its proponents to create for themselves a “safe working environment”.

    Racially invidious gun controls are a way to keep wouldbe oppressors safe from their intended victims,
    be they Indians, Blacks, Chinese or Jews.

  24. Ultimately it will not be racist. The Elites will treat all those below them equally as the Bill of Rights is replaced by a living document.

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