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If only America’s gun owners had someone on their side who was skilled at the negotiating process.

[G]un control advocates don’t refer to [the FBI 3-day background check limit] as a “compromise” anymore. Today, this provision is known as the “Charleston loophole” because the FBI failed to process the 2015 Charleston, South Carolina, church shooter’s background check before the 72-hour clock expired.

Right now, Democrats are demanding that the Republican-controlled Senate go into emergency session to pass the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019 (H.R.1112). This bill would undo the 72-hour compromise and extend it to give the FBI 10 business days to perform an “instant” background check. If someone wants to appeal a rejection, the FBI would have another 10 business days to process the appeal. This would allow the government to take 20-21 business days before giving a final determination on a background check that is supposed to be instantaneous.

When you fill out a Form 4473 to start a background check, that application is only valid for 30 calendar days. If you haven’t taken a gun home within 30 days of filling it out, you must go through the process again so the FBI can make sure you haven’t committed a crime in the meantime. In any given year, somewhere between seven and nine months have 21 or fewer business days. This means that if the FBI has 20-21 business days to give a final answer, the government would suddenly have the power to run out the clock on millions of gun purchases every year.

Twenty-five years ago, Republicans told us we had no choice but to give up our rights, but the “compromise” was that in the worst-case scenario, we would only have to wait three days to buy a gun. Today, we are being ordered to “compromise” again and allow the government to take up to a month to give us permission to buy a gun. This is what a slippery slope looks like.

– Max McGuire in Why Does ‘Compromise’ Always Mean Gun Control Wins?

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    • He told the people of Lordstown, Ohio not to sell their houses because GM wasn’t going anywhere.
      Then GM closed and not a peep. Now a shithole around here and it wasn’t nice before.
      I get your sarcasm but I’m not sure who’s side he’s on anymore.

        • Absolutely Knute.
          I have very low regard for politicians including him.
          When I voted for him, he was the lesser of 2 evils.
          The Hildabeast would have screwed this country up more.

        • Sorry Joat, Hillary would have just screwed up the country in a different direction. Trump is playing amateur poker with America. But we deserve Trump because we are not worthy.

          Elect a clown. Expect a circus.

        • Trump, at this point, is America voting for a breath of air while being waterboarded. Its buying time.

        • “Its buying time.”

          It’s wasting time. Although I really like the man, Trump is a placebo. He’s a distraction. When your enemy has already demonstrated their intentions and are gathering for war, a people must be diligent and fight. People placed a false hope in Trump. They let their guard down. It’s a dangerous thing for liberty at this time in the nation’s history.

      • “I will get rid of gun free zones on schools. You have to. And on Military bases, my first day, it gets signed.” Donald Trump,Burlington Vt. rally 2016

        Most of us are still awaiting his signature on this campaign promise,however all Americans here are crickets and it’s well past his first day.

        • DJT is FOS just like any other celebrity or politician, same egotistical BS.
          They think we are just the useful idiots.

      • That question is easy to answer Joatmon. Who’s side is he on? His own. Trump is fundamentally at the core a negotiator who lacks strong principals. Every compromise he makes is because he thinks is going to gain him an advantage for him.
        Understand something. That means at least some of the time that this is going to help and sometimes hurt as opposed to a Kamala Harris that prays at the alter of big government socialism/communism that will never every give America a break. It however will work in our favor if the collapse happen when she’s the president because a lot of people will then be blaming HER for the mess instead of Trump.

    • Yeah and I have some ocean-front property in Wyoming to sell you. Wake the F*&^K UP man! He’s a traitor to gun owners. He made that clear soon after he was elected – or don’t you remember him saying:
      “Take the guns and worry about due process later.”

  1. If only Americans voted for pro-gun candidates instead of low-information politicians who seem to further pander harder and harder to the left….

      • Rand Paul is not only Pro Gun, he’s astute on the Constituion as well. In fact, he’s considered a radical by other Repubs because he thinks it should be the actual basis for laws in our country. Furthermore, he runs his office under budget. So, there is at least one…

        • I don’t get to vote for Rand Paul, and no one like him runs in my area. When he ran for President, he was out of the race by the time I would have had the opportunity to vote.

      • Lets crowd fund Dan Zimmerman if only to serve as a wake up call to POTUS that we are pissed. Maybe Stephen Willeford as VP.

        But if they make it to the primary They’ll have my vote.

    • John Boch, if you don’t like Trump give me one or two presidential candidates that you would fully support and I mean a couple that are actually electable not unelectable Libertardians like Ron and Ron Paul.

      • You *do* realize that Mr. Boch was appointed to Mr. Trump’s 2nd amendment coalition during the campaign, right? The coalition that never once met because it was a complete, total lie by a gun-grabbing New Yorker to get votes from folks like yourself and endorsements from people like Mr. Boch?

      • Well Donald Trump’s not perfect, he is head and shoulders above everybody else in this race.


        Donald Trump’s gonna win in 2020. No doubt in my mind.

        And before 2024, he will appointment at least three maybe five More Supreme Court justices. And we’re gonna have a solid program maturity as Scotus for generations.

        • **Unless democrats fulfill their goal of once again controlling congress and the white house so they can pack the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College, make D.C. a state (2 perpetual democrat senators), and open the borders while completely ending any immigration enforcement. It sounds crazy, but they actually openly promote this.

        • Taking into account how unbelievably radical the Democrat Party is becoming it wouldn’t put it past them to make several Republican Supreme Court Justices be involved in several fatal “accidents” when the next Democrat is sitting in the oval office. And just like that they hold power in the Supreme Court.

        • ” Just heard a few minutes ago that RBG has malignant tumors ”

          CNN is reporting it is so. Pancreatic cancer. I lost my brother and my aunt to that. I give her 6 months. It’s one of the most aggressive and least manageable cancers to get. She was treated for it before, maybe ten years ago. But, the second time around? No chance.

        • And yet Ted lost to a first time amateur as did John Ellis and so did Goober Graham along with the sweater vest boy from Ohio. Could’ve, would’ve and should’ve don’t count because that ship sailed three years ago, we’re dealing with the present not the past. Donald Trump is what we have, will protect the 2nd Amendment or not, we’ll have to find out but so far he’s been better than Shillary ever would be.

        • Ted Cruz couldn’t have beaten one of those little illegal immigrant children he loves so much.
          Witness his behavior at the National Convention: such a display of sore-loserism, willing to toss the election to the Democrats because he couldn’t win the primaries.

  2. Compromise is defined by repubs. as “getting along” or “working together”.
    Compromise is defined by dim as “my way or the highway”.
    Why do you think people have called the republican party “the stupid party” for decades?

  3. Anti gunners are right on one thing. Background checks were not a compromise. The pro gun side got nothing out of it we just gave ground.

    It’s time to stop supporting fudds. If we don’t punish them they won’t ever change. It’s fine if you disagree with me just don’t tell me Trump is better on the constitution than a dem.

    If he could he get away with it he would support all dem gun control.

    • If Trump is no better than a democrat then why in the hell do Democrats absolutely detest the man? He’s a country mile better than any Democrat and I’m sick of self righteous people like you saying he’s not, pull your head out of your a$$.

      • He is not any different on the Constitution than a democrat. In what way is he? I didn’t say he did nothing good at all or was not in some ways better. On the Constitution he is not.

        • He’s certainly not perfect on the second amendment and I didn’t expect him to be since he grew up in New York City. And if Trump was like a Democrat on the constitution he sure as heck wouldn’t be appointing constitutionalist judges. But but but muh bumpstocks!!! Go put your Bernie or Biden 2020 sticker on your car them you’ll really have something to complain about if they get elected. I got news for you, we’re never getting 100% pro second amendment president again, deal with reality.

        • lol what constitutionalist judges? Just because they have an R does not make them such nor them saying they are. Kavanaugh certainly is not.

          The only one who might be is Gorsuch and that’s because he has not had any big cases yet on this stuff.

          You know your the one who sounds like a leftist right? unable out have a conversation without insults. I didn’t expect trump to be pro gun. I expected him to not add more gun control than Obama.

          That’s all he needed to do to keep my support. It’s not just gun stuff he is bad on surveillance, imminent domain and all that.

        • So Trump has lost your support? like I said get your Leftist bumper stickers on your car. While your at it bury your semiautomatics and mags over 10 rounds next to your bumpstocks because if a Dem beats Trump banning them will be top of their agenda.

        • Biatek, are you blind, or just dumb? Look at the 2 Justices he’s put on the Supreme Court, then try to tell me he’s just like a Democrat regarding the Constitution! A really stupid statement. And justices are not “R” or “D”, dummy.

        • @Jamie in North Dakota both Gorsch and Kavanaugh have sided with the progressive justices on numerous occasions plus read Kavanaugh’s dissent on the Heller II case and tell me he’s a constitutionalist.

      • At least when Obama was president we were all united in opposition. Now that we have this squish in charge, we’ve fallen into infighting and the gun controllers are loving it. The Dems might be worse on gun laws but we would be more united in our opposition and a force to deal with. Trump is now looking to see just how much, gun control he can get away with and his devotees by his side.

      • Trump just “ordered” American businesses to stop doing business with China. Where in the Constitution does it authorize the POTUS to do so?

        Answer: NOWHERE!

        Trump is a self serving ignorant ass hat. Always was. Always will be. But the problem isn’t Trump. He’s just a symptom. The problem is our Godless corrupt society. As the Bible says, What can the righteous do when the foundations be destroyed?

        Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama murdered America…it just hasn’t fallen down yet.

        Remember, you ALWAYS get the Government you deserve!

  4. From what I have read in the NRA’s America’s 1st Freedom magazine, although maybe my memory is mixing some things up, originally there was not a three day limit for the FBI to complete the background check. But then the FBI got caught purposefully dragging their feet on the background checks, basically as a way to limit people’s ability to buy guns. So the NRA pushed for the 72 hour limit to be put into place. As such, it is absolutely not any “loophole” but rather is there by design and only because of the anti-gun shenanigans of gun controllers. Sort of like the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

    This three day limit may be what Trump is looking to undo, but if so, hopefully LaPierre can explain it to him why that too is a bad idea. I believe I also read that during the Obama administration, the FBI had stopped processing the background check appeals for people who had been flagged by the background check systen.

    • The word “compromise” is a taboo for any absolutist, regardless of the side he’s on. We PotG feel we have been getting the short end-of-the-stick on each piece of legislation. We need a different way of living with the process.

      If we had the power to call the shots then we wouldn’t be discussing “compromise”. We do NOT have this power. Gun owners are not showing up at the polls and voting for gun rights. Those of us who care are caught between a rock and a hard place. Either we let the Democrats win; or, we vote for Republicans so that the GOP chooses the Majority Leader of the Senate or the Speaker of the House. Then, the Republicans might slow the process a little. At least, Republicans will listen. That’s the way things are for the time being; how do we make the most of it?

      There is no “reasonable” or “common sense” gun control proposal that will reduce suicides, homicides or mass shootings by a measurable amount. So, periodically there will be an unrelenting push for more and more gun control. The best we can do is push the legislation in a direction that offers the LEAST opportunity to make life impossible for us.

      The waiting-period vs. background check was an illustrative decision point. Would we have been better off with a waiting period that would grow from 3 to 9 to 12 to 18 . . . days? Most local police would not have bothered to investigate notices from FFLs so there wouldn’t be an effective background check system. Maybe that would have been better. NRA chose the alternate path: an “instant” background check with a 3-day time-out. Now, we have background checks and the door is opening for the FBI to hold-up a PROCEED response for 9 to 12 to 18 . . . days. Was this the better choice?

      I’m not proposing an answer; instead, I’m proposing that we actually THINK about the potential pitfalls of one or another path.

      Suppose we propose a “modest” change to any proposed background check law. That is, that any state’s FOID that includes a NICS check is good for a background check. (As is the case for many states under the existing FFL NICS check system.) You would NOT have to get an FOID from your state-of-residence; any Non-Resident FOID (from the state with the lowest fee and least onerous application requirements) would satisfy the Federal law for a background check.

      Each state would be required to maintain a phone number to call to enter an FOID serial number to verify that that FOID is in good standing at the moment. So, if you want to lend/sell a gun to a neighbor you can verify that his FOID is in good standing with a simple phone call.

      Each state could verify its outstanding FOIDs by running a NICS check annually/monthly/weekly or even daily (the practice in IL).

      Those of us who occasionally lend or borrow a gun would simply get an FOID to comply with the “Universal” Background Check system. Those of us who NEVER, or hardly ever, lend/borrow or buy privately would NOT get an FOID. Suppose those of us who occasionally lend/borrow/buy-privately are 10% – 20% of all gun owners; the impact on gun owners would be fairly limited.

      What would the problems be in such a system?

      Would the government know much more about who has guns? Not really. They know who gets mail about the shooting sports. They can find out who shops at gun stores. Nearly everyone who is moderately active in the shooting sports is already identifiable. Those who keep guns but hardly ever buy or sell guns wouldn’t need an FOID so these would remain obscure.

      The argument for lengthening the waiting period would pretty well dry up. If a “Charleston” case came up again the answer would be for South Carolina to switch from annual to quarterly follow-up NICS inquiries. (Then to monthly, then weekly follow-ups.)

      Either the states would investigate “hits” on the follow-up NICS inquiries in a timely manner or they would time-out. States would be forbidden to put an FOID in suspended status for more than 30 – 60 – 90 days without an adjudicable finding, allowing the holder an opportunity to contest the evidence. States would be required to notify holders when they get a “hit” so the holder could begin to contest the finding of a “dis-able- ing” discovery.

      States would quickly give-up resolving false-positive “hits”. It would be too costly. Moreover, the system would be forced to clean-up the 95% false-positive problems; this would be a positive step forward for gun owners.

      Having addressed the background check “loophole” there wouldn’t be much more to do in this direction. What would the gun-controllers try to do then? Would they complain that gun owners who occasionally borrow/lend guns must still travel to/from an FFL to complete paperwork? To what end? More paperwork? Such an approach as this would compel the gun controllers to become forthright that they are really trying to document who has which guns by make+model+serial number. And, it is THIS end that we must try to stop at all costs.

      By refusing to steer the Universal Background Check legislation in a less painful direction we are ENSURING that Congress will write it in a MORE painful scheme. We would prefer that they did nothing; but we can’t influence that outcome.

      I have no hope that any approach such as illustrated by this example will stop the demands for further legislation. It will NOT stop such demands. Yet, it will make it far more difficult to make incremental steps in the same direction. Much more difficult to justify trips to/from FFLs for 4473 forms. Much more difficult to require psychological tests to own a gun or buy a gun. Much more difficult to impose waiting periods for those who already own guns.

      • I really don’t like that universal FOID idea. But it’s at least worth talking about.

        Combine that with an electronic instant background check that’s open to *everyone* — simply enter the ID# and get a yes/no reply with a receipt that you can keep. No more info needed; just a verification that both parties involved aren’t criminals.

        Universal Background Checks done that way might be not only a compromise, but a huge step forward. Both sides gain something, and nobody really loses. If the Democrats wouldn’t go for something like that, then they were never interested in real solutions at all.

        • All purchases are now connected to your FOID, fulfilling their dream of a national database for future confiscation.

        • Well, shoot. Obtaining an FOID (or a NICS check) would be a burden on citizens who have done nothing wrong. Instead of that, how about we tattoo the foreheads of prohibited persons with “PROHIBITED” in one-inch letters? They have earned the punishment, I have not. That would eliminate all “loopholes” at the same time, and it would be (gasp) CONSTITUTIONAL!

        • I have been saying for years that we should just put a green or red gun symbol on everyone’s ID or DL.

      • You can cognitively re-frame rape anyway you want but it’s still rape, Tory. Your spineless posts rarely fail to disgust me… When I bother reading them at all.

        “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams

  5. “Twenty-five years ago, Republicans told us we had no choice but to give up our rights…” 25 years ago the 2nd read the same as it does today…shall not be infringed. You know, the same way it read 225 years ago!

    • Yup. I can’t believe chronological adults let themselves be browbeaten like that. I mean, chicken-little bullshit about how the other side would ruin the country aside, voting is the easiest time in their lives to act according to principle. Practically no consequences. But I guess that is of no value to someone with no spine. Trading it for a chance to say ‘my side won’ is a pure win for them.

  6. Go to National Review to read about a court decision (Michigan Court of Appeals). Establishing the Right to self protection. While using the act of brandishing a firearm. One more victory for firearm Rights and self protection.

  7. “the FBI FAILED to process the 2015 Charleston, South Carolina, church shooter’s background check before the 72-hour clock expired”
    Did the director initiate a study to find out what went wrong so it won’t happen again? Did congress compel him to testify that the FBI’s failures have been fixed?

    Notice how no one in charge can admit their own failures so they pretend we need more laws and more restrictions.

    • Yep. Try telling your boss why you couldn’t accomplish a task that was supposed to be ‘instant’ in 3 days and that you should be given 3 weeks for such a task. Last I checked it’s We the People who are supposed to be the boss here.

  8. Maybe the FBI just needs to refine their process and get their data figured out so they can do it in time? All data should already be there, it isn’t like your dealer calls and they say “oh, sketchy dude wants to buy a gun, I guess we need to send some agents out and follow them around and conduct some interviews.” If they can’t do their job they should be held accountable, not the rest of the nation delayed. Find someone who can get it done.

    • It sounds like you’re advocating for an assessment of any existing problems, and a process to provide a solution to said problem. That occurs in the private sector (because they have to in order to survive/thrive), not the public (because no one is accountable).

    • For real enlightenment, we should all realize that the background check system for NFA items (6 months, 12 months, who knows?) demonstrates EXACTLY what NICS would be like without the 72 hour limit. If that is not long enough, spend taxpayer money to MAKE it long enough, until you are fired by the voters for wasting so much money.

    • Exactly. I’ve been saying this forever.

      ME: “I want to buy this gun.”

      GOV: “Sure. But first fill out this form and wait a bit while we decide if we want to allow it.”

      ME: “Huh? Isn’t it my right, and don’t you have some document in your own offices in which your original bosses reminded you not to touch my right?”

      GOV: “Oh, don’t worry. If you meet our criteria, you’ll get your gun and enjoy your rights. When we approve you first. It’s for the children, remember.”

      • quote——————–GOV: “Oh, don’t worry. If you meet our criteria, you’ll get your gun and enjoy your rights. When we approve you first. It’s for the children, remember.”———quote

        That is the only part of your post you got right. Yes indeed it is for the children as we slaughter them weekly in our schools. Now lets see you mouth off against this truth. Any sane person would not.

        • Weekly school slaughter, huh?

          Its amazing how the media is silent on the matter and not covering all these school shootings you’re worried about.

        • Children we slaughter weekly in our schools, huh? Have you ever heard of a place called ‘Planned Parenthood’?

        • Gov, he has heard of planned parenthood and he loves the genocide it is conducting against the black community. The left has always been racist and fascist. vlad is their poster boy.

  9. It’s funny how a system designed to take less than 72 hours back in the days before we even had 56k dial-up internet service now needs 3 weeks.

  10. DEMOCRAPS : ”We are the BloomBorg. Lower your arms and surrender your guns. We will separate your biological and technological distinctiveness from our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”
    POTG : “Really? Don’t think so A-Hole. We will not comply. MOLON LABE (suckers)”

    • Gun Free Zones are the biggest problem at this point. 94% of the Mass Shootings have been in “Gun Free Zones”. They are what needs to be banned. We are going to lose this fight if we don’t do something about them. The Demorats know that they are the key to complete civilian disarmament. Each mass shooting becomes are talking point for more gun control (none of which will stop any mass shooter).

    • Don’t hold your breath !

      “I will get rid of gun free zones on schools. You have to. And on Military bases, my first day, it gets signed.” Donald Trump,Burlington Vt. rally 2016

      Most of us are still awaiting his signature on this campaign promise,however all Americans here are crickets and it’s well past his first day.

  11. As Background Checks are unConstitutional as any gun control law,now or future as the Constitution over rules any unjust/un Constitutional law.

  12. When the founders wrote the 2nd Amendment that codified a Human Natural Right we already had..they did not write in any restrictions…..reasonable to antigun Commies!

    In fact to make clear of their words they added that sweet music of


    • Which RNC policy positions do you dislike? Lots of them, I assume, but you’re setting that all aside for what you’ve calculated to be the greater good. Or do you just think others should toe your line because you’re that special of a snowflake?

      Either way, wish in one hand, shit in the other. The RNC wouldn’t take all three branches because it would undermine the two-party lie and they’d have no one to blame. If they have too much political capitol they’ll just spend it by being more repulsive.

        • Where’s my over the counter silencers and repricocity? I know you don’t mean to be full if shit, you’re just dyed-in-the-wool needy and unaccountable. I blame your parents.

  13. Ehhh…try living in ILLinois. We had a RINO governor Rauner institute 3 daze for rifles/shotgun’s. And he got slaughtered in the ejaculation er emaculation of Jabba the Prickster. I’ve never had a problem in 2 dozen background checks(probably from my rare name)but damn! I’m glad I’m not John Smith😫

  14. We should ask them which tax “loopholes” they are using. Didn’t they ever hear of fixing what’s broken rather than changing the whole system like when they screwed up health care. Senator Toomey and somebody else are introducing legislation to tighten up the system and require prosecution of prohibited persons who attempt to purchase arms, and they are felons not that dumb PC term California wants to call them. Although if they leave the People’s Republic they WILL still be felons, like it or not.

  15. Real pro-gun action needs to be done at the State level. The federal government says cannabis and border jumping is illegal, but millions of illegals and drug users, and business reliant to those groups, operate openly without much fear. All States need to stop enforcing federal gun laws and aiding federal agencies and which dipshit is President largely becomes meaningless to the citizens in free states.

  16. Right Wing Racism and Sadism and Brutality are the hallmarks of Conservatism. Civilized States in America and in the rest of the world outlaw murder over property rights as human life is more valued that mere possessions that can be replaced. You of course would disagree entirely and mommy will be home soon it comes from Conservative Greed and Stinginess and the idea that the ultimate God is money over human life. And lets face facts your Racism is overflowing in your diatribe.

  17. With today’s computers if the Government kept professional records it should only take seconds to verify if you ever committed a crime or were judged mentally ill. I think caving into a 30 day wait only tells the Government to go on being as incompetent as they always are, but lets face reality, the Government will never change and when nut cases slip through the vetting process they end up slaughtering many, many people in only seconds. Its one of the situations where you are damned if you do and damned if you do not. In the end saving lives should take precedence and if it turns out to be your loved ones demise only to late will you say Vlad was right.

    • When you and the Left stop killing a million babies a year we can then talk about the 50+/- that are killed by mass shooters.

      Until then GFY

      • Nice try on changing the subject at hand. Your Lord God Trump is good at that too while never speaking to the subject at hand or doing anything to correct a serious situation that affects the American people.

        • You said “In the end saving lives should take precedence.” but yet you consider 50 lives more important than 600,000. He was on topic, you were not. You don’t give a rats ass about lives, just hating the people you hate.

        • Vic Nighthorse says:

          quote———————-You said “In the end saving lives should take precedence.” but yet you consider 50 lives more important than 600,000. He was on topic, you were not. You don’t give a rats ass about lives, just hating the people you hate.——————quote

          Neither one of you Right Wingers would address the subject at hand. Diversion is your only defense against vetting all gun purchases. You have no logical defense against it.

      • To have a level playing field maybe we should adopt The Ministry for State Security (German: Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, MfS) or State Security Service (Staatssicherheitsdienst, SSD), commonly known as the Stasi (IPA: [ˈʃtaːziː]), was the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). Why worry if you have nothing to hide?

    • Vlad, I will admit I disagree with you more than I agree, but this comment does have a lot of truth in it. An instant check with today’s computers, even allowing for crappy internet, shouldn’t take three days, it should take more like three minutes. It should get processed while I’m looking for the holster, ammo, cleaning supplies or ball cap. If any cop can punch my information into his squad car and identify me is seconds, what is wrong with our feds? The fact is our background checks do work – when they have the information input correctly. Too often the information has not been input (Sutherlin Springs for example) or updated (in the case of a lady killed by someone on a restraining order because 15 years before she called a suicide hot line and was denied a firearm).

      Another problem is people aren’t prosecuted for trying to purchase a firearm when they know they shouldn’t. A recent article stated in the last 10 years over 7 million illegal s had attempted to purchase and been turned down. Why haven’t they been arrested and deported? Tree years ago a news article from Chicago states only three percent of the gun crime in the Windy City gets prosecuted, the rest is pea bargained or dropped.

  18. Why do we want to expand the three-day loophole to ten? It they can’t pass a background check, we probably want to know right then, so we can charge n prosecute them, fastly and furiously, to coin a phrase.

    • Well said. If they can’t pass a check, then by 3 days in, they have probably already stolen a gun and committed the intended crime. By 10 days, they should already be in prison.

  19. They wanna put more restrictions on people, vs. making the bureaucracy do its job because the first one is easier.

    Also, who are their real constituents? Look at who they serve.

  20. 72… 72 … where have I heard the number 72? Oh, I remember. If they’d made The Parkland Pisolero wade through 72 virgins before approving him a gun, we’d still be waiting.

    I’ll show myself out.

  21. Conservatives have conserved nothing. You can not win by playing defense. You only win by being more radical than your enemies.

  22. What else is new? We keep on stepping backwards. Here’s I describe both parties, Republicans promise to support the 2nd amendment and pass more restrictive gun laws that only effect the law abiding citizens. Democrats tell you right up front that you will get more restrictive gun laws, that only effect the law abiding citizens.
    I ultimately ask this, when all guns are banned will the security personnel that protects politicians and liberal elitists will they give up their guns too? I already know the answer to that question. Like ALL government workers, politicians and liberal elitists it’s like this, do as I say but not as I do.

    • Except for the embarrassing fact that in Europe in the last several years they only had two mass shootings while this year along with the year not even over yet we have had 251 and still counting. You see you cannot escape the truth and the truth is they proved their gun control laws work and work every well while we with very little Federal Gun restrictions have shootings every week and sometimes several times a week like in Dayton and Texas.

      • “… mass shootings while this year along with the year not even over yet we have had 251 and still counting. ”

        You can keep claiming that number till the blood dripping from your worn off finger tips gum up your keyboard but it won’t ever make it true. I know it’s a lie. You know it’s a lie. Hell, everyone else here knows it’s a lie. With that and numerous other incendiary comments it is obvious that you Sir/Madam are pathological and I fear should, for the safety of yourself and the general public, be housed in a secure mental health facility for observation and treatment. Hopefully your medical insurance policy has coverage for mental health services so you don’t end up bankrupt and homeless on the street, dependent on the government to provide for your psych medications.

  23. To say that Gun Owners Get Nothing, one assumes law abiding gun owners are referenced, is not quite correct. Actually, the law abiding are “served”, at least in the Animal Husbandry Sense of the term.

  24. All this in fighting is depressing. We need to March on Washington and put the fear of God in these megalomaniacs. I’m sick of the talk. March god damn it!

    • March to Washington D.C. would be a great idea, except most pro 2nd amendment people have obligations called jobs. Most lefties are either living at home with mom and dad or receive support from subversive.

  25. How about we repeal all of the laws that haven’t worked before we talk about new ones;
    Background checks
    gun free zones
    magazine restrictions
    Cosmetic features restrictions
    mail order

  26. President Trump is what we have for better or worse.
    Can’t say he’s perfect however there is no one better running for office. I don’t trust him however if any of the Democrats were to beat him, we are screwed.

  27. People who wish to be free will eventually have to refuse to comply and probably will end up having to physically fight for their liberty. There really isn’t any other way. The only question is if this generation will kick that can down the road, making it ever more difficult for the next generation.

    The long game favors tyranny. The only way to win is to fight the hard short game. The founders of this nation knew it. All of recorded history proclaims it.


  28. ok mr president please stop be a slowmo demoncrat you n do know they are liars cheats and theives so give them NOTHING and send them packing to comprimise is to lose….

  29. Remember presidents are selected not elected now and Trump was installed to pacify the conservative right and he’s done it and so many people are so wanting for him to be real they can’t see all the lies he’s told but he’s just the latest shill from the Zionist bankers, he’s giving 85 BILLION to Izrahell, he said he wants MILLIONS more “immigrants” coming to America and guess who bailed Trump out when he went bankrupt………the Kushners (son-in-law’s family) and the House of Saud (Saudi Arabia) and repaid them by recently signing a bill to allow US nuke technology to be “sold” to them………we’ve been sold down the river long ago and he’s just the right oar of a rowboat but now matter what happens the rowboat still is going over the falls

  30. As soon as Trump deferred the bump stock decision to ATF, “let them make the determination as to the legality of them!”, sneakily distancing himself from what was coming, I started to have misgivings and second thoughts. I still do! On the issue of gun control, there is no room for waffling and compromise! We,gun owners, are in the position we are in because of all the ground we have given up and all the fire sales of our rights by people we trusted! Hear me Trump? Hear e LaPierre?

  31. A government and a population that don’t respect the basic right to life cannot expect to have any other rights constitutional rights either. If an unborn child has no right to live then all of the other constitutional rights that he might acquire after birth are meaningless.

  32. Don’t ever expect a politician(s) to back off on the encroachment of our God given rights.
    We are a bankrupt nation, thank you very much, oh fearless leaders. THEY have abrogated their duty to coin and issue money. Just over a century ago, THEY sold us out to the International Bankers. THEY gave themselves, through the Federal Reserve Act, the ability to spend us into oblivion without any personal consequences to them. THEY, through this act, gained enormous power to leverage their position to spend profligately on socialist, unconstitutional progams to perpetuate their attractiveness as politicians and, hence, to effectively become career politicians. Basically, the American Monarchy.
    When and if a large percentage of Americans realise what has been done to them, THEY will become the targets of the ire of We The People. THEY most certainly want to disarm WE THE People before America has to face the facts of bankruptcy and the inability of the GOMT. To pay its bills and issue the checks for all the FREEBEES THEY HAVE VOTED FOR.
    The clock is ticking and we’re getting very close to the moment of truth, which THEY would prefer we never get to. WE CAN NEVER PAY THE DEBT THAT THEY HAVE RACKED UP AND PUT ON THE BACKS OF THE PRODUCERS. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!

  33. 🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 As long as there mass murders, narcotized junked up hair trigger whack jobs, weaponized syphilitics, drug cartel gunmen, child sex traffickers, MS 13 gangs, antifa assaulters, Manchurian candidates, Terrorists, angry democrat mobsters, anarchists, traitors, Narco-Terrorists various & different evil doers running around loose with trucks, machine guns, machetes, bombs, flame throwers, Molotov cocktails, switchblades, RPG’s, bows & arrows, mustard gas, anthrax, syphilis, ebola, buckets of rocks & bottles, tanks, Swiss army knives. No one should give up their guns. And no government should require them to. And law abiding citizens with fire arms, turning in said fire arm will not stop any of the above. It is the left that has proven that they are the enemy of WE THE PEOPLE. Time to water that patriot tree??? Get out there to the range and sharpen those skills. Catch up with me on YouTube. My opinion. News article. Never Give Up Your Guns. Click my name to read the article.

  34. Communist Democraps and possibly Republicans violating your 2nd Amendemnt – AGAIN. When will it stop. Why, when you are completely disarmed, that’s when.

  35. The conjecture in this article – is this the typical garbage that gets posted on this website? I’m going to take a guess and say probably. Stupid article. Ignorant speculation. Not very informed. Typical reactionary fear mongering with made-up “statistics”. No reason to even come back here, the author is a moron.

  36. Here is the major question. How much illegal drugs will take off the streets? And how will it keep young ladies from ending up in shallow graves by non-firearm serial killers?


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