Jim’s Springfield Armory XDE in .45 ACP: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Today, we have one of the relatively new Springfield Armory XDE’s in .45 Auto for today’s “EDC Pocket Dump.”

Jim shares this with us from the Sonoran Desert as a retired professional.

He writes:

Springfield Armory XDE .45ACP 3.3″ and spare mag, loaded with standard pressure 230 Grain JHPs.

Galco Underwraps Belly Band, the most versatile, comfortable rig I’ve ever used for deep, concealed carry, tucked or untucked, in any mode of dress, in any climate, especially under a t-shirt in hot, humid weather. And No Belt Required.

HK Mini Folder

Beretta Mini Folder Money Clip

SureFire E2E Executive Elite Flashlight

Streamlight Key Chain Light



  1. avatar billy-bob says:

    Well… it’s no Yeet Cannon, but it ain’t bad.

  2. avatar 41mag says:

    Springfield Armory.
    Illinois dealer licensing.

    `nuff said.

    1. avatar So wuh says:

      Weak argument

  3. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Not my favorite plastic pistol, but my favorite caliber. Love Galco if I’m not buying custom, but never tried the belly band. Knives look, well, short. Light you are good to at this station.

    1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

      You are good to go at this station. What’s up with spell check?

  4. avatar Hank says:

    Finally a Real mans caliber.

    1. avatar B.D. says:

      lol ok….

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        Bigger deeper holes work better every time. Autopsies prove it. Of course, center fire rifles work best of all. Rifle, rifle, rifle.

        1. avatar enuf says:

          12 gauge slugs.
          3.5″ Magnum 600 gr.

          Massive ouchie.

  5. avatar strych9 says:

    Exactly the pistol my wife used to carry. It’s alright IMHO, was retired from her carry rotation though as her situation changed to one where she valued more capacity over .45 caliber.

    Nice light too. I was kinda bummed that SureFire discontinued it.

  6. avatar Specialist38 says:

    The only issue I have (aside from ot being a Springfield pistol) is that it’s an ugly gun.

    But if it runs for him, then it really doesnt matter. But it is a morphodite design.

    1. avatar strych9 says:


      Trying to tickle someone’s dictiphilia? ROFL.

    2. avatar daveinwyo says:

      All guns are ugly in a beautiful way.
      Kinda like; so ugly they’re cute thing.

  7. avatar Mack The Knife says:

    Great gun(almost). I carry the 9mm version cocked and locked. I was raised on 1911s and evolved from carrying a full size to the SA EMP 40. The EMP was very unreliable, failed to go into battery, had the extractor tuned twice and didn’t fix it. The extractor pawl broke and off it went back to SA who replaced the extractor, but, didn’t fix the fail to go into battery. The last straw was when the recoil spring assembly broke in two. Traded it for a M9A1 at Buds. That was a good deal, got the A1 and money back. The EMP is an overpriced POS.
    Anyway, as an interim carry gun, I started carrying my XD service model in 40. This is my go to gun in a pinch, usually in position as my bedside gun. I’ve had the XD for many years, put thousands of rounds through it and it has never had a hickup. When the XDe came out, it took me a year to find one. Its been my carry gun for 3 years now. I practice with this and other guns weekly and this gun carries like a 1911 cocked and locked with the reliably of my XD. As for the XD series, my daughter has an XDM and my son has two XDs in 40 and 45. All exceptionally reliable guns. The XDe also has the option or carrying in double action. I do not prefer the forward positioning of the trigger and extremely long pull. Too much for a compact gun. Most folks and definitely, casual carrying people, would not be able to put a round on target with it.
    When I bought my XDe, 9 was the only caliber available. I wish I had one in 40. As great as the modern 9 is, the 40 will always be superior to it. The arguments otherwise are ridiculous.

  8. avatar Ton E says:

    So people do buy the XDE!

    1. avatar LazrBeam says:

      Yep, got one. Nice piece. Plus, it was on a Springfield special so got four extra mags, in addition to the standard two, and a holster.

  9. avatar Will Drider says:

    “Belly Band” holster, in the Senoran Desert? It becomes a stinky sweat band including the leather. Once its nasty, how do you clean the sweat out of the band and not screw up the leather which also needs cleaning, drying and treatment EVERY DAY CARRY Right? Maybe he just goes from building AC to car AC and back? Even though he says in hot and humid weather: Not a single sign of use or stain on the Band! I’m tossing the B.S. Flag on this one!

    1. avatar Jim says:

      @Will Drider
      If your rig is “nasty” and “stinky” it’s not the rig, it’s you.
      Training classes in Personal Hygiene, Deodorant Soap Selection, Anti-Perspirant Application, Effective Laundering Techniques, and Showering For Success are available at an additional cost.

  10. The XDe also has the option or carrying in double action. I do not prefer the forward positioning of the trigger and extremely long pull.
    دانلود اهنگ جدید
    کافه بازار دانلود

  11. i love this Armory XDE
    fu**ing amaz pack :))))))

  12. i’m completely agree with you
    this is so nice and crazy pack

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    1. I dont prefer the forward positioning of the trigger and extremely long pull.

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