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(Josh Galemore/Arizona Daily Star via AP)
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Gun-control advocates have long argued that trained police and military, but not civilians, have cause to be armed. We’ve been told that owning a gun is a dangerous fetish — not to mention useless in the face of a state armed with tanks and thermonuclear weapons. A civilized society relies on law-enforcement officers to safeguard the peace, not a bunch of unregulated slack-jawed yahoos. Even the notion of a constitutional right to individual self-defense is, they claim, a fraud perpetrated by the gun lobby and its collaborators.

The same people now inform us that cops are shock troops deployed by a systemically racist state to suppress African Americans. So much so that the public should contemplate abolishing, defunding, or “reimagining” law enforcement altogether. We frequently hear progressives hyperbolically assert that black Americans are being “hunted down” in the streets by nefarious cops. When the New York Times published an op-ed by Senator Tom Cotton in which he proposed that the president “employ the military,” if necessary, to protect city neighborhoods from rioters and looters, dozens of the paper’s staffers acted as if the words themselves were violence, tweeting, “This puts Black @nytimes staff in danger.”

So the question is: Why have liberals spent years demanding that we arm racist killer cops and disarm innocent black civilians? Why do they believe white supremacists should have guns but not shopkeepers?

– David Harsanyi in The Riots and Protests Will Make Gun Ownership More Popular

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  1. The answer’s easy;
    To create division and a sense of fear so people will demand to be oppressed in the name of “safety”.

        • Reclaiming my time….

          I would just like to chime in and remind people that my opponents are racist and any conversation about government tyranny is racist.

          I yield the floor.

          Eric Swalwell 2020

    • “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

      • “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin”

        Would it not be important to point out that the quote is taken from one context (single locality), and used as a broad brush in a completely different context (national condition)?

        • What you wrote about context might be true, but Ben Franklin’s words somehow seems to fit the broader situation we find ourselves in. What a coincidence!

          • “…Ben Franklin’s words somehow seems to fit the broader situation we find ourselves in.”

            It does seem to fit, yet Franklin did not utter similar words regarding liberty in general as related to the effort to write a new national constitution, nor even as a rallying cry promoting encouragement to maintain/sustain the fight for independence.

    • Its Hegelian dialectic, Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, “dont let a crisis go to waste”, start a fire in the back of the house, run to the front and sell the homeowner a fire extinguisher. Since liberalism always generates the opposite of its stated intent, those fire extinguishers are firearms now. The synthesis will be safety and the loss of rights, if people accept the compromise they give you after the antithesis phase. If we don’t accept a compromise we will get freedom.

  2. Just think – It won’t be long before cops can retire and let the machines do the dirty work.

    “You have 20 seconds to comply…” 😉

    • Machines are systemically racist, which is why STEM needs to be abolished.

      Eric Swalwell 2020

      • STEM…. the name could be considered racist too… remember the nickname of the Chinese guy in the Steve McQueen movie “The Sand Pebbles.”

        • “STEM is racist, says this African student”

          Of course STEM is racist. Who’s to say there can’t be ethnic variations of sciences?


          Who, huh?

    • Thanks for the video Geoff but we all know (NOW) that the roboCOP would have shot the black man.
      hope I don’t have to add sarc.

  3. Certainly part of all this is the militarization of some police departments without the adoption or training in rules of engagement. The anti-gunners can’t seems to make up their mind what they want, but hopefully their lack of focus will stymie their efforts for awhile. It won’t be easy to support candidates that want to disarm them given all the unrest that has occurred and police departments not responding.

  4. The past month of news should just be replayed in ads on repeat until November.

    The way the nation has been in the past month is exactly how the left wants it to be, all the time.

    A Maoist cultural revolution, culminating in a new Reign of Terror.

  5. Because liberals and the people who vote for them are as dumb as a box of rocks. Food is far too easy to obtain in today’s society. If it wasn’t, most of these people would starve to death from sheer stupidity.

    • You have just penned the perfect example of why they are referred to as Leftards.

  6. More gun owners can’t be anything but good. Especially if they vote and gun owners, to a man, tend to vote. And let’s not assume all the new gun owners are hipster douche bag asshole. They’re probably not. Many are libertarian minded independent types.

      • In a state run by Democrats financed with union money, one man’s vote means squat.
        Look at how people act. Businesses shut down. Economies ruined. Normal, healthy people treated like criminals for fear of an unseen virus. Lose your job or never get hired because your skin color doesn’t fit the EO quota.
        Why the hell would anyone bother to waste time voting for tone-deaf leadership when their motivation is to collect more fees, raise taxes, and line their pockets with other people’s money? In an environment like that, voting changes NOTHING.

        • FWIW, I live in NJ.
          Some people will understand and others won’t when I say gun owners here are perceived as little more than a potential group of unprosecuted felons.

        • We see Black Lives Matter marching in all of our large cities complaining about systemic racism. Well, just who the hell has been running these large cities for the last 50 years and in many cases longer? The Democrats, the party of systemic racism, that’s who. Yet, all of these Black Lives Matters marchers are life long Democrats. Trump has been telling them to vote for him by asking them: “What the hell do you have to lose”? Insanity is voting for Democrats over and over expecting different results.

  7. No different than “Drumpf is fascist!! Why won’t Drumpf ban the gunz!!!”
    Mental illness doesn’t begin to describe the level of cognitive dissonance with these morons.
    Notice how they’ve proliferated since the closure of asylums.

    • Shire-man,

      I would not characterize most Progressives as mentally ill in terms of a clinical perspective. Rather, most Progressives heavily prioritize emotion and downplay facts when choosing their views and positions in life.

      The natural consequence of prioritizing emotion and rejecting facts is major instability, both on an individual level and on a societal level.

      Having said all that, I readily entertain the idea that such people are mentally ill when they reject plain truths in favor of emotion. An example would be “transgender” garbage. If Jane Doe’s feelings are intense enough that she is a man, she asserts that she really is a man in spite of clearly being a woman. Such a person rejects the concrete facts of her anatomy and DNA to indulge her feelings. Honest people call that exactly what it is: a delusion which is, wait for it, mental illness. That hypothetical woman is just as delusional and mentally ill as a man who has super intense feelings and insists that he is a chimpanzee.

      • I’ve read articles that compare extreme forms of transgender feelings (as opposed to drag or other cross dressing) to Body Integrity Dyaphoria.

        I’m not a psychiatrist but that makes a certain amount of sense. And for people with BID, the medical community doesn’t acquiesce to the patient’s wish for amputation, but rather goes with therapy.

        One thing they absolutely don’t do is try to “affirm the choices” of the person demanding an amputation.

        • The Atheist Libertarians support suicide as a choice. Abortion as a choice. They support drug use that destroys the mind and the body. So why not allow someone to choose to have their arm or leg cut off? And why does that sound crazy if you support All the Above?

          • “The Atheist Libertarians support suicide as a choice. Abortion as a choice. They support drug use that destroys the mind and the body. So why not allow someone to choose to have their arm or leg cut off?”

            A person who has lived life, and decides enough is enough, is a sovereign citizen/person. If society, for the good of society, can legitimately disrupt the suicide of a sovereign person, then that same society can claim that all human activity in that society is subject to consensus of the society as to what behavior is permitted/prohibited. The proposition that society has first call on the people is a hallmark of socialism/communism.

            (note that I referenced a person who has lived a life)

            If we are sovereign, and the power of government is delegated from/by sovereigns, then, yes, if a person wants to cut off their own limb for whatever reason, where is the authority for society to intervene? The good of society?

      • “I would not characterize most Progressives as mentally ill in terms of a clinical perspective.”

        Liberalism is a mental disease
        –Michael Savage

  8. The way liberals are going the Police Department’s will be like the movie “Demolition Man” after Stallone is defrosted & the criminals will run the city.

    • To be fair, in Demolition Man, as a result of their social policies, they hadn’t had a murder in 22 years.

      And Taco Bell still sucks.

      • Fix Baltimore and Chicago From criminal behavior then come back and talk with me about gun control. Violence is spreading across MD and the police who remained cannot cover everyone. The police were participating in some of the murders, so now what? These places have some of strongest gun laws in America and yet still high murder rates of gun deaths by gang members, criminals but not lawful gun owners because they were band and relied on the police did not limit murders, they actually added to them. Limiting legal gun owners is not the answer, only adds to the problem.

        • Aw comeon…. Taco Bell exists because sometimes folks are just in the mood to gulp down ten or fifteen toilet paper tubes stuffed with grade D beef… I mean tacos.

  9. I’m actually taking another newbie to the range *today* in a couple of hours to allow him the opportunity to try out a few different handguns and make a decision as to what he’ll want to buy for himself. He’s never owned a gun before and is concerned about the increasing instability, so we’re going to take the time today to let him experience “real” gunfire and gun handling so he’ll be a better informed buyer.

    Last weekend, another friend also expressed a desire to buy a first gun for the same reason, and we’ll be setting up a range day for him as well.

    • YES PLEASE Help TRAIN New Firearm Owners! If EVERYBODY WOULD HELP with two or three friends at a range we might see something good come from this period of CRAZY.

    • Watch out Has…rumours of “Juneteenth” protes er RIOTS today. Supposedly blocking the highway. Oh and 700 Club seems to be going SJW. Sad. I’M NOT GUILTY!!!

    • Brother Haz, most everyone where I live does have a gun, but I actually just got my first firearm virgins to come to a range. Her and her husband aren’t ready to buy one yet, but they let me teach them all the safety aspects and had a freaking blast ringing steel with a .22 LR. Hopefully I can get em back out!

      • Just got back from a fun time at the range. Believe it or not, the (separate) groups to my left and right were also doing the same thing, each with an experienced shooter bringing his gear and training “virgin” newbies on safety, etiquette, gun operation, tips, etc.! It was great!

      • My younger son still has no real interest in guns, but when he was about 14, I took him to an outdoor range and turned him loose with an AR that had a cheapo 4x scope that had a bullet drop compensator on it, and when he discovered he could dial in 400 yards and ring distant steel consistently, he just loved it. Still not interested in putting his own money in it, but he’ll never be voting for gun control!

  10. How about, “Why have liberals spent years saying that cops are racist white supremacists?”

    Answer: Because they’re propagandists that hate nuance.

    Why are these racist white supremacists hiring so many non-whites? It’s almost like the dems are pushing a lie. Oh wait my bad, look at Portland, OR. Those guys are obviously racists.

    Los Angeles Police Department: Total Minority Police Share: 64.6%

    Atlanta Police Department: Total Minority Police Share: 62.8%

    Baltimore Police Department: Total Minority Police Share: 49.3%

    Dallas Police Department: Total Minority Police Share: 46.2%

    Chicago Police Department: Total Minority Police Share: 47.9%

    Memphis Police Department: Total Minority Police Share: 51.9%

    Portland Police Bureau: Total Minority Police Share: 14.6%


    • You bring up an interesting point that I heard yesterday.

      Immortal Technique, a rapper, made the claim that when he was growing up cops were perceived as racist because in his area they were mostly white but that today they’re half black and brown but still fuck with the same people they did 35 years ago. So he’s of the belief that it’s not “the cops” per se but rather the way they’re trained and the historical reputation of an area.

      That makes sense to me but then I’m biased since I’ve essentially thought this was geography based for years, ever since the cops treated me exactly the same. In that case it wasn’t about race, it was about location.

      • Maybe it has to do with what folks in that location like to do for “fun”. If black police officers harass you just as much as white police officers, it might be your attitude and what you do that causes this unpleasant scrutiny.

  11. What state owns thermonuclear weapons? I have always thought this was federal territory?

    There are more guns out there in civilian ownership now than at any other point in American history. This happens under the Trump admin. and while the democrats are going completely over the edge lunatic. What’s not to love? The way I see it, this is the best example as to the strength of the 2nd Amendment. The 2A isn’t fading away, it’s actually quite strong. Even though it’s definitely being attacked.

    • “What state owns thermonuclear weapons? I have always thought this was federal territory?”

      That was sarcasm.

      A certain California Rep. Eric Swalwell is on record stating if we won’t give up our guns, he will use nuclear weapons on flyover country.

      Seriously, he did…

    • “The 2A isn’t fading away, it’s actually quite strong.”

      Did the SCOTUS get that memeo?

    • The fact that more people own guns isn’t evidence of the the 2nd amendment being strong or honored. It is evidence that more people are thinking they will need to defend themselves in a climate where the police won’t or won’t be allowed to. It will be a simple matter to round up all the guns that have been purchased over the past 20 years as soon as the legislation is passed to do so, regardless of how many people proclaim “over my dead body.” Politicians, the President and the SCOTUS have failed us. Despite the millions of dollars gun groups have given to Republicans.

      • Old white men with flags in front of their homes are not the only people that have guns. Most gun owners are not NRA members.

        If LE were made to actually do a confiscation nation wide, there would be blood shed. Many people would bow to it for sure. This is my concern with the newest gun buyers. But there are quite a few thugs out there that do not where the bullets end up.

        Some people can be controlled and some can’t.

        Don’t forget, cops all over the place are quitting.

        • 99% of legal gun owners would comply.
          1% would take the confiscators to hell with them.
          Look what one or two dirtbags on the run in a city caused. In Boston two assholes had them lock down the city for days. A guy in philly with 3 guns in a rowhouse was 8 hours long. He shot 6 cops too. Their plan is to make it really really illegal to possess anything gun related and hope everyone complies. Like income tax. Marching into a neighborhood and going door to door will require a lot of young men without family. And the job won’t pay nearly enough.

          20 people in an urban setting would take weeks to conquer. Even longer if more joined them. In the end they want the lone wolf outnumbered 20 to one at 3 am in bed. Their bravery has limits. So lets hope both sides just back down a bit and cool it because it’s too late to do this by fiat and too hard to do it by hand.

        • GS, Your scenario makes perfectly good sense if you’re considering a single holdout. But the first or second time they pull that 3 AM assassination while the victim is asleep, they’ll begin to notice the bodies of their friends appearing around the entrance to the precinct. If they’re going to come and get you, there’s no reason to wait for them. That game stops being fun pretty quick when you’re outnumbered 100-1 by unknown people with long-range rifles. Now, there are no more cops, time to start looking for the people who were giving the orders.

  12. “… A civilized society relies on law-enforcement officers to safeguard the peace…”

    Therein lies the fallacy. We do not have a “civilized” society.
    Never had, never really will. Nature of the beast and all. Humans just happen to be more cognitively developed as mammals. Nothing more, nothing less.
    That said… “An armed society is a polite society.”- Robert A. Heinlein

    • Civil : adequate in courtesy and politeness : MANNERLY

      Not much of that going around these days.

      Great point and great quote from R.A.H. Here is the full quote:
      “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

  13. Those creeps need major cities for their “peaceful protests” (riots) to work. Then towns in my county had demonstrations scheduled last weekend; there was no need to be intolerant because it was pretty hot and humid beyond belief and most of them didn’t last more than a few minutes.

  14. The problem with running ads that feature looting and arson is the TV and internet folks will refuse to accept it claiming that it violates their “community standards.” In three months they will claim it never happened and that the “Trump” footage is a gross exaggeration, right before demanding the government “bailout” those same cities and the bankrupt states with your tax money. Yet another wealth transfer to those who didn’t earn and don’t deserve it drawn as a blank check against your children and grandchildren.

  15. Not gonna lie, There’s a sense of satisfaction seeing a self-defense shoot vs. what they show us. I don’t feel guilty at all about it. Reassured actually. Sometimes even a chuckle.

  16. You cannot control an entire country and its people with jets, tanks, battleships, and drones or any of these things that you so foolishly believe trumps citizen ownership of firearms.
    A fighter jet, tank, battleship, drone, or whatever cannot stand on street corners and enforce “no assembly” edicts. A fighter jet cannot kick down your door at 3AM and search your house for contraband.
    None of these things can maintain the needed police state to completely subjugate and enslave the people of a nation. Those weapons are for decimating, flattening, and glassing large areas and many people at once and fighting other state militaries. The government does not want to kill all its people and blow up its own infrastructure. These things are the very things they need to be tyrannical in the first place. If they decided to turn everything outside of Washington D.C. into glowing green glass, they would be the absolute rulers of a big, worthless, radioactive wasteland.
    Police are needed to maintain a police state, boots on the ground. No matter how many police you have on the ground they will always be vastly outnumbered by civilians which is why in a police state it is vital that your police have automatic weapons while the people have nothing but pointy sticks.
    HOWEVER, when every random pedestrian could have a Glock in their waistband and every random homeowner an AR-15 all of that goes out the window because now the police are outnumbered and face the reality of bullets coming back at them.
    If you want living examples of this look at every insurgency that the U.S. Military has tried to destroy. They’re all still kicking with nothing but AK-47’s, pickup trucks, and improvised explosives because these big scary military monsters you keep alluding to are all but useless for dealing with them.

  17. “America’s Gun Makers Couldn’t Have Dreamed Up a Better Advertising Campaign”

    True. Which is why the left will do everything in its power to put America’s gun makers out of business. And SCOTUS will be complicit.

    We are not yet at the point where reliance of 2A is the only solution to a rapacious government, but the time is drawing nearer.

  18. The answer is white Liberals are racist. A blanket statement? yes it is. Now show me a white Liberal who has always been against, the Mulford Act? When a black man showed up at an Obama rally carrying an AR-15. Why was his picture only shown in black and white? And from the backside only. No front side picture. No Interview on any national TV outlet?

    These democrat cities are burning. And the white liberals who control them have passed and maintain racist gun control laws. White Liberals have publicly endorsed the Mulford Act. They have had personal ownership of it for decades now.

    What will the black democrat lawmaker who tried to stop constitutional carry in oklahoma, say when its law abiding black gun owners, who organize an open carry demonstration in the state?

    “Black gun owners plan pro-Second Amendment walk”

      • The Mulford Act banned public carry of guns in California, I think in the 1960’s. It was aimed at blacks, I believe in response to the Watts riots.

        • To RPG
          The Mulford Act was written in response to the Black Panther Party for self-defense openly carrying loaded Firearms at a peaceful protest at the state capitol in Sacramento California.

          And it really was a peaceful protest as all protests are supposed to be. It was not a riot. As what is going on right now.

          Yes, it was signed into law by Governor Reagan back then. It was also co-written by a Jewish lawmaker who sat on the board of directors of the ACLU.

          And that is the part that people do not want to talk about.

      • A California law signed by then Governor Ronald Reagan in 1966. That banned the open carry of loaded firearms.

  19. The facts of the matter are, in my view, as follows:
    1. The patience and forbearance of the law abiding public is not without limits.
    2. Numerically, this group is far superior to the rioters. They are far more of this group than there are “law enforcement types” too. Additionally, many civilian gun owners are more practiced with firearms than are the general run of police/law enforcement types.
    3. Who knows how close to it’s breaking point the patience of the law abiding segment of the populace might be. Finding out might, for the rioters and vandals, be a most painful experience. It might be painfull for others too.
    4. One hopes that, in the words of Malcolm Gladwell, we do not reach, let alone pass The Tipping Point.

  20. As long as we are unable to use firearms for self defense without facing prosecution, lawsuits and pretty much loss of everything we worked for we are never going to be able to use firearms properly for self defense. The loss of immunity and recently the firing of cops puts them in our shoes. We never had “qualified immunity” in the slightest. It’s not fair for cops to be treated this way but hey that’s how we had to live with consequences. Look how empowered a certain demographic is right now.

    Look the other way when someone takes out the trash and you’ll see how the 2nd was intended.

  21. To the leftIt’s not the right people being hunted down by the government. These people on the left would have no problem using the state to hunt down and kill gun owners for just being gun owners and not having the same political opinions as them. Hell theyhwould approve of literal nuclear carpet bombing United stats citizens so long as the “right“ United States citizens are being nuked. But then again we are dealing with a far leftist ideology the literally believes that everyone not like them is irredeemable and should be killed; a political ideology that want to be in power and to use that power to quite literally exterminate every single United Stares citizen that opposes them.

    Did that sound crazy? Of course it did. But a small part of you knows that I’m actually speaking the truth.

    • Of course that’s the truth. However, what those ninnies don’t understand is that the people they plan to send in order to keep their own dainty hands clean, are more likely to kill THEM, since LE are also deplorable gun owners. And law enforcement could get 100 gun owners to assist each of them in hunting liberals, but never find a single liberal to put his ass on the line hunting gun owners.

  22. Too bad Remington shuttered Bushmaster instead of making serious revenue selling ACR’s right now. The ACR had so much potential.

  23. Everyone is pro gun when they think there’s a good chance they might be on the business end of lawlessness. The local neighborhood gun shop was a sparse wasteland. Just about the only gun they had more than one of were a row of M91/30 Mosin Nagants. High cap 9’s? Mostly gone. Semi auto rifles of any sort? Mostly gone. Home defense shotguns? Just gone. Ammo? Rationed to one box per caliber per customer.
    They had some odds and ends. Hunting shotguns, a few defensive pistols. I think people are convinced that shit is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. Some people are going to end up dead, and the new gun buyers are just trying to make sure that’s not them. Whether any end up genuinely pro gun after this is hard to say.

  24. Spoke to soros check
    Hire Bloomberg check
    Fund Democrat nut jobs get rid of guns check
    Destroy NRA check
    Hire Beto check
    Pay Clinton for fake dossier check
    FBI insiders CYA operatives check
    Fake impeachment check
    Destroy economy with China help check
    Enforce lockdowns on small businesses only check
    Get everyone to wear masks hide identity check
    Free criminals check
    Red flag laws check
    Hire deep state thugs check
    Start riots blame game check
    Piss off conservatives statues destruction game check

    Someone is designing your destruction. Stop trusting all government. Trump only outsider fighting for us. They hate him they hate us.

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