What I’m Carrying Now: A Wilson Combat EDC X9S and an Inkosi

Chris writes . . .

I keep my EDC pretty light:

Gun is a Wilson EDC X9S.
Holster is from LSI
Knife is a Chris Reeve Inkosi
Sunglasses are from Oakley
Watch is a Rolex Daytona


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  1. avatar Setarip says:

    Wow! Now that’s an edc. Now he either drives a Ferrari to accompany his edc, or his drives a rust bucket. Either vehicle would be interesting in conjunction with the edc.

    1. avatar Chris says:

      Thank you.
      Im not much of a Ferrari guy, I have a Porsche and a Diesel Excursion…so hopefully that qualifies for both ends of the spectrum.

  2. avatar AP says:

    I collect and carry custom knives, and I drive a quite clean 02 Maxima and a slightly rusty 2011 F-250. I just really like knives, its not always about being posh (oh and only debt is a mortgage).

  3. avatar Rad Man says:

    DZ wouldn’t post my Ruger LCP2, Casio G Shock, Leatherman Wave, and ’04 Ford E-250.

    1. avatar The anti-fancy says:

      That set up is anti-fancy approved

    2. I’ve posted every single WICN post we’ve received. Not a single one left out. Please re-send.

      1. avatar Rad Man says:

        I was joking Dan, but thanks!

  4. avatar EricB says:

    $400 pocket knife for EDC? I occasionally lose pocket knives so $30 is about the max I’ll spend for actual carry. Hell, my pistol only cost about $500.

    1. avatar Fun Gunner says:

      I lost a Benchmade at work less than 3 weeks after buying it. My siblings took mercy on me and bought me a replacement for it on my birthday. Otherwise, I would have gone back to cheap EDC knives.

      I learned my lesson about expensive sunglasses too. Now I look for a pair I like in the $35 range and buy 2 pairs of them. My contact lenses have UV protection built in already so I’m not overly concerned with fancy lenses. If it’s got the UV sticker, I’ll bite. That first pair tends to last longer than an expensive single pair would, before I lose or break them. Maybe because Murphy knows I have backup and doesn’t bother. Dropped and stepped on the last doomed pair while gassing up a motorcycle at a station.

  5. avatar strych9 says:

    Pretty solid.

  6. avatar Ferg in Tahoe says:

    I have two Sebenza 21’s and an Inkosi. Spendy but absolutely great knives. Love that they’re made in Idaho.

    1. avatar Stoney says:

      Next time you get to Boise, try to take a tour of the factory. It is not only very modern, but you can see that that the craftspeople who work there really care about the products they produce. I have a Sebenza 21, 25, and now a 31. All great.
      I used to worry about losing one, but when you pay that much and give it a lot of use, you somehow pay closer attention to where it is.

  7. avatar Jimmy Beam says:


  8. avatar Ringo says:

    Nice gear. I enjoyed my X9s until it had to make a return trip to Wilson for a broken extractor. Can you provide more detail on the holster?

    1. avatar Chris says:

      Whats the story with the warranty work on your X9S?

      As far as the holster is concerned, Im using an LSI that i had made for my Staccato P. Its not perfect, but it works while Im waiting on RHT to make the correct one for the X9S.

      I did buy another one from Precison Holsters that was supposed to be for the X9S, but its 3/4″ longer than it should be…exactly the same as the LSI one made for the Staccato P.

  9. avatar Montana Actual says:

    I’ll just never have anything in common with someone who wears a rolex. Even if I was a multi millionaire, I couldn’t bring myself to that level. The wilson combat tho…. yea, but I’d probably opt for a 2011 as and EDC instead, and the WC as a nightstand gun 😉

    1. avatar Larry says:

      I have countless friends with boats , Harleys ,expensive pick ups , my Rolex is a fraction of the cost and holds its value better .

      1. avatar Montana Actual says:

        Good point, can’t argue that. I’d just invest in different things that hold their value equally or better. Diamonds, Gold, Silver etc etc.

        I couldn’t wear it on my wrist. And nothing wrong with having a boat, camper, and or a harley. You don’t exactly invest in those expecting to double your return.

    2. avatar The grid says:

      I am sure some folks actually prefer other models from Breitling, Tag Heuer, etc. But they will pick the Rolex because it’s more likely to impress. Even people who don’t know anything about watches, or luxury items in general, have heard of Rolex.

      1. avatar Chris says:

        Only other watch people have really noticed the Daytona. Its not as flashy or well known by the general population as a Submariner.

        I couldn’t care less about impressing someone who is impressed by the watch I have on. I wear this because I enjoy mechanical watches, and I like the looks of the Daytona. I also wear it every day, regardless of if its a business meeting, or wrenching on my car. There is no point in having something and not using it.

    3. avatar George Washington says:

      Some people can’t appreciate a fine timepiece…

      1. avatar Montana Actual says:

        Lol. I’m too G-shock for it. I do get the mechanics of a fine watch though. I do like that.

    4. avatar BusyBeef says:

      STI DVC-C > Wilson EDC series, all day, every day.

      1. avatar Chris says:

        If my DVC carry concealed under a t-shirt better, I would wear it in the summer.
        It prints more than I would like, which is why I now have the X9S as well.

        1. avatar BusyBeef says:

          Check out the Staccato C Duo. That’s what I’m rolling around with now (with a RomeoZero and Crimson Trace WML). My Wilson is in the safe until Winter.

    5. avatar Chris says:

      You’d be surprised. People tend to assume someone wearing a nice watch is a douche…but that is rarely the case in my experience. Most of us are normal people who simply enjoy a few splurges. The Rolex isn’t an investment either, I have it because I like the Daytona style, and love mechanical things.

      Regarding the gun, I prefer my DVC-Carry, but the X9S conceals better in a t-shirt. Its my compromise for the summer.

  10. avatar SoCalJack says:

    Thanks for sharing and including the holster. I can imagine hearing that satisfying click, or is it a clack sound, when the gun is holstered.
    Very nice EDC. My stuff gets all banged up. So I EDC a $2 wedding ring, $7 pen, $10 wallet, $30 knife, $30 watch, $35 light. I had a nice Seiko dive watch, which i took diving, but got all scratch up, just can’t have fancy stuff.

  11. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    i have learned that this may need a flashlight and a spare mag. whether or not that is the case, the blade should be an insingo.

    1. avatar Chris says:

      I have flashlights in my work bag and my car, but since my phone is always on me, that generally works.

  12. avatar Specialist38 says:

    That’s an expensive knife? Ok. Glad people have lots of choices to scratch an itch.

    Not my cup of tea nor the watch.

    I spend my money on guns and beer……the rest I waste.

    If I were to go back to an SA pistol, the Wilson would probably be it.

    Oh… and i recommend a cheap light to go with the knife and watch and pistol.

    Gotta slum it a little.

    1. avatar JoeV says:

      “I spend my money on guns and beer……the rest I waste.”
      I like that you don’t consider beer to be a waste of money. Now if someone could explain that to my wife..

  13. avatar jram01 says:

    I have two (2) Sebenzas. One for each pair of pantalonies.😂

  14. avatar Greg says:

    Watch is high end fake.

    1. avatar MrMax says:

      You’re just jealous. 😀

      1. avatar Greg says:

        I’m a Tudor man or Ball.

    2. avatar Montana Actual says:

      Nope. Spot em a mile away.

    3. avatar Chris says:

      Care to place a wager?
      Id be glad to have you donate to a charity of my choosing…

  15. avatar JLo says:

    Does it shoot as good as it looks?

    1. avatar Chris says:

      The X9S somehow handles like a much larger gun, I wouldn’t quite say its as good as a full size 2011, but it is far better than something like the Sig P938 which is very similar in grip size.

      Yeah, I know the X9S isn’t really a 2011, or a 1911, but its close enough that I’ll consider it a 2011 type gun. It is heavy enough, and the grip is just the right size, that it really does handle well.

      1. avatar EricB says:

        That’s a double stack right? And it’s grip feels like a Sig P938? I EDC a Sig P938. Can’t imagine that grip thickness holding 2x as many rounds. Guess I need to expand my horizons a bit.

        1. avatar Chris says:

          The grip is the same length as the P938 with pinky extension. It is wider than the 938. It is barely wider than a 1911 with standard grip panels though.

          The X9S grip has more of a square cross section compared to the 1911s oval section. (With grip panels).

          The reason that the Wilson grip is thinner than you would expect, is that there are no grip panels.

  16. avatar Carlwinslo says:

    I just got mine. It’s fantastic. I am a wilson fan boy though. I have an EDC x9, WCP320, and and a Vertec centurion beretta 92G.

  17. avatar Dave G. says:

    X9S MSRP is $2,695.00. That leaves me on the outside looking in.

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