Americans United for Safe Streets Attacks GOP Candidates On “Gun Show Loophole”

“Americans United for Safe Streets, a non-partisan group advocating gun control, is set to launch a seven-figure ad campaign Thursday,” the Huffington Post reports. “[The ads are] targeting candidates on public safety and closing gun loopholes.” The group has Pennsylvania Republican Pat Meehan, Ohio Republican Tom Ganley, Virgina Republican Keith Fimian, and Michigan Republican Rocky Raczkowski in its sights. On the Democratic side, Florida’s Democratic Attorney General Richard Cordray gets a kicking for recognizing Florida’s CCW permit—which lets gypsies, tramps and thieves carry concealed weapons. Be that as it may, I’d like to point out that Virginia Tech spree killer Seung-Hui Cho legally purchased his firearms at TGSCOM Inc. and Roanoke Firearms—not a gun show.


  1. I stand corrected. Post amended,

  2. avatar cordray says:

    cordray is dem OHIO ag

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