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SIG SAUER knows where the American Firearms market is headed: CCW. In 1997, the FBI conducted 2.7 million instant criminal background checks for Americans applying for a Concealed Carry Weapons permit. As various states liberalized concealed carry laws, the number soared. In ’08, the FBI’s CCW-related checks jumped to nine million. In ’09, it hit 14 million. This year, it’s going to be 20 million. If you’re a gunmaker that isn’t making guns for CCW, you’re watching the parade go by. To avoid that fate, SIG SAUER has just announced its P290 Sub-Compact 9mm pistol . . .

The P290 is a new platform for the New Hampshire manufacturer. The double-action only pocket pistol will offer removable side panels in the usual wide range of finishes and an integrated light option.  The gun’s 20.5 ounce weight is just a tad heavier than the comparable Glock 26 (19.75 ounces). Full P290 stats (from below.

The mini-SIG won’t hit dealers ’til next year. Priced right, it will move and move fast. And despite SIG’s most excellent Colt-clone P238 rat gun (click here for our review), the smart money says the P290 will eventually chamber the increasingly popular .380 caliber.

Caliber 9mm
Trigger DAO
Capacity 6 – 8 rounds (two different magazines?
Finish Polymer / Nitron black or Stainless slide
Grip Removable Polymer / Wood
Barrel 2.9″
Overall Length 5.5″
Width 0.9″ (1.1″ with slide catch)
Height 3.9″
Weight 20.5 oz (with magazine)
Front Sight SIGLITE night sight
MA / CA compliant No
MSRP (Price) Not yet announced.

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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing the grip lengthened a smidge to increase grip area as well as provide space to up the capacity to 10+1.

  2. There reportedly will be a magazine with a thumb rest and an extra round, extending the grip to a more practical length. Sig could have made this pistol lighter and smaller, but it is a 9mm — so by keeping a little more weight, Sig is staking out a place on the spectrum that allows the gun to be shot a bit and still enjoyed. Its a matter of opinion, but that could be a very good thing.

  3. I wish Sig would allow someone to publish a report on how it shoots. If it is a sweet as the P238 then I will want one. I hope they have all the kinks worked out so it will be a home run. Come on Sig, release a video already of how it shoots. If it is like the LCP then I will pass. Give us a peak for Christmas. HO HO HO

  4. Love Sig products — but I am not a fan of “polymers.” Will wait and see on this one.

  5. I’ll wait a while before I buy one. I’ve bought two “new” pistols from two other reputable fire arms manufacturers within the first year of their respective releases and had problems with them. In both cases I had to ship the pistols back for warranty service. One of the pistols must have been beyond fixing, because the manufacturer shipped me a brand new pistol. I have yet to read or hear about a new model firearm of just about any kind that didn’t have a defect or kinks that needed to be worked out.

    In addition, I just recently bought a Sig P250 compact, generation II. The modular design is cool, easy to clean, and I love the trigger, even though the travel is quite long. However, I’m glad I waited before buying one. Sig changed the body and magazine design since the initial introduction. The new magazines don’t work with the old grips and vice versa. If I had bought the generation I pistol, I’d be pissed.

  6. I’d expect reliability problems right out of the box. I am on my second P238. The first was a Dec 2010 build, the replacement a March 2011 build. I’d need a money back guarantee to buy a Sig again. If they can’t fix gun #2, I’m out the cost of a $49 mag, two holsters and $150 in ammo. Don’t worry about my time, I have nothing to do but be an unpaid beta tester.

    ps Sorry about the double post. Cyber gremlins

  7. Picked up my little Sig 290 on 4/1, after a quick clean, I took it to the range for my customary 50 round check of a new gun. Out of 50 rounds, I had several failures to fire; I checked the duds and saw the primers were lightly dented. I also had my LC9 with me and it shot the same ammo with no problem (Despite what some have said, the LC9 has been a great little gun for me). I took the Sig home and gave it a good cleaning. Today (4/4) I returned to the range and out of the first 11 rounds, I had six ftf; again, the primers on these rounds were only faintly dented. I slapped the mat and drove straight to the gun store and returned the weapon. The clerk asked me if I wanted to send the weapon off for repair, or do an exchange, since all of my weapons are for CC, and I lost faith in the little Sig, I threw down an additional 11 bucks and walked out with a new XDm-9 compact. (I have a full-sized XDm-9 and it has been a great weapon.)
    I was expecting a lot more from Sig. I have a Sig P229 in 40 cal and it has been flawless… Shame
    For those thinking about the Sig 290, you might want to hold off until Quality Control catches up.

    • Your experience is why I’ll probably never buy another firearm the first year of production. I’ve been burned twice.

      • Yes I agree, had one of the early sig 238 and it wouldnt lock the slide back after last shot. Had to trade it off for something else. Don’t think the local gun store takes them back for even trade out. I had brought this one online at Gun broker through. Also had other pistols I brought that had FTF problems, got rid of them all. If not 100% then I don’t keep them.

  8. Sig quality control on the P290 has not caught up. I purchased one and on my second fired round the rubber plug Sig put in this gun to keep dirt from getting in the muzzle got caught by the spring rod and was chewed up by the spring rod and barrel causing pieces of rubber to enter the weapon’s housing. Rubber laser plugs in a quality gun that costs $650.oo. I don’t think so. Quality is sending me a new plug. Rubber of course. I wonder how many shots I get before the same thing occurs. I own a lot of Sigs and this is not their norm.

  9. i just bought mine!!! I have to say tthe P290 is a gun to have. I bought mine with a laser sight. Very accurate and smooth shooting. One thing i did not like is the short grip. Sig please make a longer click that holds an extra round or 2. Over all 8 out of 10 and only because of the short grip. Otherwise this weapon gets a 10

  10. I just fired my P290 100 times today and no malfunctions other than it has a long
    trigger pull. It is not a Kel-Tec copy as I have owned two Kel-Tecs and you get
    what you pay for, a piece of excrement. I also have a Sig P238 and had some issues
    with it and the turnaround was 7 days. As a retired LEO I will not carry junk. The
    P238 and the Kahr are the best 380’s on the market. It’s just a matter of SA or DAO
    to make your decision. The recoil on both of these pistols is minimal. The P290 with
    the integrated laser and night sights is a great buy at just $700.

  11. The Kahr PM9 is a very good small 9mm, just has that long trigger pull that is annoying. I put a crimson trace on it and a custon TT leather belt holster, it is by far the most confortable to carry day in and day out.

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