Jon Ossoff
Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Jon Ossoff cleans the microphone after speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020, in Atlanta. He is facing Republican Sen. David Perdue, a top Trump ally, in a Jan. 5, 2021 runoff. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
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Republicans currently hold 50 seats in the upcoming US Senate. To secure control of the upper body along with the ability to block a Biden administration’s worst impulses regarding firearms and gun rights (which would include an “assault weapons” ban, “high capacity” magazine ban, PLCAA repeal, gun owner licensing, gun purchase limits and much, much more) the GOP will need to win at least one of the two pending runoff elections in Georgia.

Democrat Jon Ossoff is running against David Perdue. The other race is incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler against Democrat challenger Raphael Warnock. Both Republican candidates lead in the early polls (but bit of information isn’t worth the price of the electrons used to post that on your screen).

“I support a ban on the sale of semi-automatic rifles (“assault weapons”) and high-capacity magazines to the general public,” [Jon] Ossoff said in his gun policy platform. However, he did not describe what capacity qualifies gun magazines to be “high-capacity.”

Explaining his position on banning semi-automatic rifles and magazines above a certain capacity, Ossoff’s platform states, “Americans who would purchase high-powered weapons derived from modern military technology should be required to demonstrate high qualification and compelling specific needs.”

A risk-based gun removal law, often referred to as “Extreme Risk Protective Orders” or more commonly as “Red Flag laws” are laws that permit police or family members of a gun owner to petition a court to remove a gun owner’s firearms if that gun owner is deemed to present a risk of harm to themselves or others, even though they have broken no laws.

“Most gun owners are responsible, qualified, and own weapons in good faith,” Ossoff added. “However, the only objective of the firearms industry lobbyists is to drive up gun sales and enrich shareholders — even at the expense of public safety and common sense.”

– Ryan Morgan in GA Senate candidate Ossoff wants to ban semi-auto rifles, ‘high-capacity’ magazines, and more

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  1. The legislative filibuster is still a thing. While a GOP majority is a good thing for many reasons, a 50-50 split with VP Harris as the tie-breaker would still be legislative gridlock. No gun control legislation would get the required 60 votes.

    Oh, and Ossoff can go [expletive/flame self-deleted]. I’m somewhat of a mind to see some legislation make it through, so that SCOTUS can – finally – deal with the red-headed stepchild of Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment.

      • One or 0ne thousand chuck schumers there is no God Damn democRat going to dictate what I can use and cannot use to defend myself and my family. Unless those bastards want to stand guard over everyone and take incoming from home invaders, etc. they can all go to hell.

        • I wouldn’t believe Manchin on that. He still votes with the Dems over 90%, and I think him making that statement was just to take the edge off the election in Georgia. Don’t believe it for a minute.

        • “I think him making that statement was just to take the edge off the election in Georgia.”

          That’s what I thought when I heard it.

      • Here is where it gets interesting. Suppose Democrats win both U.S. Senate seats in Georgia. At that point, Republicans have 50 seats, Democrats have 48 seats, and two independent party Senators have 2 seats.

        According to first grade (elementary school) Mathematics, 50 is greater than 48 which means Republicans would still be the majority party in the U.S. Senate thanks to two senators who are independents and are NOT members of the Democrat party. That also means that Mitch McConnell would still be the Senate Majority leader. As such, McConnell would still control the U.S. Senate in terms of scheduling and priorities. Would that no also mean that McConnell could refuse to bring anything to the floor for a vote if he thought it would screw Republicans?

        So, even if the two independent Senators want to vote with the Democrats — which means votes would be tied 50/50 and nominally call in the Vice President to break the tie — the whole thing is moot if McConnell refuses to allow something to come to the Senate floor for a vote in the first place.

        Even if all of the above is correct, that does not mean that anyone can rest on their laurels and blow-off the Senate race in Georgia. All it would take is one Republican Senator to switch parties and both independent Senators to join the Democrat party — not at all impossible — to give Democrats the majority and control of the U.S. Senate. Let’s not make Republican control of the U.S. Senate that tenuous and vulnerable.

        • Those two Independents reportedly caucus with the Dems, so that ends up being somewhat of a tie of 50/50.

        • The independents should either join a party or pound sand. Or persuade 25 others to become independent and non affiliated as well.

        • Haz is right! One of those “independant” Senators is Bernie Sanders, I forgot the other one, but not really any better. Vote Republican, or kiss your rights good bye!

        • “One of those “independant” Senators is Bernie Sanders, I forgot the other one”

          Angus King, the Marxist from Maine.

        • tdiinva says: “Romney has voted with the President 8i% of the time.”

          Yeah until he didn’t…. and then voted to impeach.

          Stop tdiinva your nativity is showing.

    • Prominent Dems have already gone on record saying they would remove the legislative filibuster (which only takes 51 votes to change Senate rules).

      That would allow them to rubber stamp everything from the House, as well as expand the size of the courts, admit DC/PR/Samoa/ETC as states with their own 2 senators.

      Joe Manchin has come out saying he wouldn’t vote with the rest of the Dems to allow that, but it all depends on how much faith you put in him.

    • “I’m somewhat of a mind to see some legislation make it through, so that SCOTUS can – finally – deal with the red-headed stepchild of Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment.”

      There are a number of 2A challenge cases in the legislative pipeline, Chip.

      “2A Court Roundup: CA Carry, WA Gun Ban, & NJ Mag Ban Cases”

      LKB thinks 2018’s ‘Young v. Hawaii’ is one to watch…

    • I am listening to Chinese (not Communist) news sources, which point out that the Democrats are temporarily moving thousands of Democrat voters into the state to pad their count. Republicans must respond in kind. Open your homes to out-staters to give them legal cover for residency requirements. Do it immediately to ensure the validity of the move.

      • Democrats are moving thousands in to get control of the vote? Where do you guys get this stuff?

        And please do welcome all your friends in, rubbing elbows is good medicine! Be sure and break bread with your brothers and sisters as you plan how to rally for Donald Trump, shaking hands and meeting new friends is always a great experience to build camaraderie!

        No need to worry about masks or social distancing, Donald Trump has told us the virus is a hoax and will just fade away like a miracle.
        And we all know how honest and trustworthy Donald Trump is, right?

        I don’t believe those main stream media disinformation stories like this one from The Hill, it’s just more commie propaganda!

        I don’t know, 10 mobile morgues sounds kind of serious, but Rush Limbaugh said the virus is just ordinary flu so it’s just more grandstanding by corrupt politicians, right?

        “City officials in El Paso, Texas, have more than doubled the number of mobile morgues operating in the region as a surge in coronavirus infections threatens to overwhelm local hospitals.

        The New York Times reported Tuesday that 10 mobile morgues are now operating in El Paso, up from four, as health officials deal with more than 1,000 people hospitalized with COVID-19, more than some states. Meanwhile, 154 bodies reportedly remain in the control of the county’s medical examiner due to the surge in deaths and new cases.

        More than 1,400 health care workers from around Texas and others dispatched by the Defense Department are working to deal with the influx of cases, according to the Times, which has led at least one area hospital to set up tents to treat some patients outside due to overcapacity.

        Contributing to the chaos is conflicts between county, city and state officials, some of whom – including the state’s attorney general – have fiercely resisted any lockdown measures meant to slow the virus’s spread. The state passed 10,000 new cases in a single day for the first time this week, and its rate of new infections shows no sign of decreasing.”

        • “Democrats are moving thousands in to get control of the vote? Where do you guys get this stuff?”

          Straight from the 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s Twitter feed, ‘miner’ :

          “The best thing we could do for Joe is to get him a Democratic Senate. There should be coordination of resources. Everyone who campaigned for Joe should get ready to head to Georgia. I’ll go. It’s the only way to sideline Mitch and give Joe a unified government.”

          “There isn’t much time. The earliest date for absentee ballots to be mailed for the runoff is Nov. 18. The registration deadline is Dec. 7. The In-person early voting begins Dec. 14.”

          *snicker… 😉

  2. However, he did not describe what capacity qualifies gun magazines to be “high-capacity.”

    It seems to be understood by these people that anything that holds more than ten rounds is considered high capacity.

  3. We need at least one and two is better. Its key to stopping Biden’s legislative insanity not just for Gun Control but everything else.

  4. “Most gun owners are responsible, qualified, and own weapons in good faith,”
    But we’re gonna fuck’em over because reasons.

    What you get when you repeatedly punish people who have done nothing wrong isn’t pretty.
    Best case you get anger and resentment. Worst case you get total non-compliance and violent resistance toward the entire system.

    • I vote for the latter. I never filed for a concealed carry permit, because (1) I don’t want to be on a list released to the public by Leftists hoping to dox me, and more importantly (2) I don’t want to be on the government’s short list of homes on a S.W.A.T. list of homes to be hit first in a confiscation campaign.

      That confiscation campaign will be Phase 1, and Phase 2 will be house-to-house searches for 100% disarmament of Americans. Not being included in Phase 1, I hope, will give me time to hide my guns where they’ll be safe before Phase 2 is implemented. It’ll give me time to strategize with other Patriots to mount a counterinsurgency. The next American Civil War will be a counterrevolution waged against the Socialists/Communists/Anarchists.

      • Bingo. That’s exactly why I myself am not on any registry, and wouldn’t stumble over my myself to apply for a CCW permit, either (not even an option here in L.A. County, so…)

        I have my gunz-n-ammo-n-gear divided between two separate locations several miles apart, with no paper trail. If for any reason the balloon goes up (and I genuinely hope to God it doesn’t, and our political issues can be worked out), I don’t want to be caught flat-footed by a confiscation team.

        But on that topic, the majority of average Joe gun owners have some type of shotgun or plinker rifle, even in CA. So I have a couple of “sacrificial lambs” that can satisfy that expectation by armed goons if it ever came to it. The real gear is stashed.

      • Any suspect house will be searched to the point of demolition. And then comes out the ground penetrating radar to find anything buried.

        • “I wonder where the “new” Concorde will be?”

          Strych had the right idea.

          We likely won’t be able to tell until it’s well into the past…

  5. A weak majority of either party in the Senate could hold back new gun legislation. For that matter, the weakened majority in the House will be interesting to see play out. In the long run tho, it is the new balance in the Supreme Court that will make the big difference. The goal then should be to bring new lawsuits, and many of them, with high probability of fitting into Barrett’s views on the Second Amendment.

    This may be what we are already seeing happen. A variety of new legal challenges in California, for example, have already begun.

  6. Reportedly, Dan Sullivan (R) won the Senate Seat in Alaska, which gives the Republicans 50 Senate Seats. I thought that was contingent on the Georgia “run-offs” which might be resolved with the Georgia hand recount. Anyway here’s what OAN is reporting:
    and here’s what “270 to Win” is reporting:

    • No the hand recount is only for Trump vs Biden because the race is so close. That is why we went to paper ballots that are printed out where the voter can look at it to verify their choices before it is scanned. The paper ballots then become the audit trail which we are now using to verify the Presidential election.

  7. Ossoff is bad, but Warnock is no better. The anti-gun left is counting on them to push all that and more.

    • Yes, we are, and it’s just what the Leftists here and abroad are hoping for, because they’ll call in UN troops to quell the violence. Those blue helmeted smurfs will arrive from Russia, China, Cuba, Mexico, and anyone else hoping to establish a foothold in America.

      Russia will naturally take Alaska. China will take the Northwest, Hawaii, and all of the islands in the Pacific; Mexico, the Southwest; Cuba, the Southeast; an -istan will take the Midwest; and the EU will take the Northeast.

      Hopefully, the U.S. armed forces will disobey the Harris Administration, and turn their weapons on the invaders and the domestic enemies. I will be a freedom fighter, though as an aging and unhealthy Vietnam vet, I may not be of great use. The younger guys will need to step up to protect our nation. At least I will have guns & ammo for them.

  8. “Most gun owners are responsible, qualified, and own weapons in good faith,” Ossoff added, but you don’t need these weapons, the police will protect….no not that, because we are working hard to lock up violent criminals….no not that, because hundreds of kids will still get killed by gangbangers but if it save just one child….alright just what party line am I supposed to be using here?

  9. Even with 51 or 52 so-called Republitard’s we ain’t “safe”. Susan Collins for one is not to be trusted. Or Pierre Delecto.The Dims will fall in line because evil…lock n load. GOD save the republic!

    • Yep, I do not trust either of those two. That said, neither is likely to vote to end filibuster rules, pack the Court, statehood for Puerto Rico or DC. What we need to worry about with those two is a go along to get along attitude.

    • Without Collins there would be no Justice Kavenaugh and without Kavenaugh there would be no Justice Barrett. Do you think that Collins didn’t have the ok from Mcconnell to vote know on Barrett? Of course she did.

  10. While I despise the Democrats’ gun policy goals, I think they have way bigger problems to deal with; un-fucking everything Trump has screwed up with regards to the pandemic and the economy that has been destroyed because of his colossally inept handling of the pandemic is going to take all of Biden’s time for the next four years.

    • Wow. So in other words, you said:

      “Well I don’t like gun control but I’m happy with it so long as a Democrat is in charge.”

      Ok buddy.

    • Wow! That’s your defense? Set the frame for why the Harris Administration fails to bring about economic recovery — its just Trump’s fault? Your goons are the ones throwing monkey wrenches into everything, and then you blame Trump?

    • Dang dude! When was the last time you saw any Democrat who could do more than simple math? Those fools will wreck the economy with as much Green New Deal as they can manage (and that is just for starters). If you think the China virus was bad for the economy, just wait till Biden shuts us back down and his advisers already want us to give away the majority of the new Pfizer vaccine to other countries.

      Oh and if you think Hunter Biden’s daddy is going to stand up to China in trade deals, remember he has been getting pay off from the Chinese for years!

    • The economy was destroyed by all the lockdowns, which were not Trump’s idea and were installed on a state-by-state basis.

      The president doesn’t and can’t control everything. If you haven’t yet realized that, you probably voted for a Democrat.

    • Ok then Swarf…. Lay down you and creepy Joe’s hindsight 20/20 plan that was soo much better.

      I dare you.
      I double dare you.
      In fact..say what one more time.

    • Since we are a republic, the federal response allowed a lot of latitude for the states to make decisions best suited for their locales.

      Now with that said, let’s have a look at how some of the Blue states handled it.
      I don’t think we need to look any further then the death zones that Cuomo created in NY nursing homes and whose practice was copied by other idiot Democrat led states.

      End of lesson for you.

      • UK is in another coronavirus surge with over 30 thousand cases being reported daily. Sweden is about to implement lock downs because their herd immunity experiment failed.

        Most Australian states are lifting border restrictions. Melbourne is still a concern and proves a quarantine is only as effective as the lowest paid and least educated employee.

        • “UK is in another coronavirus surge with over 30 thousand cases being reported daily.”

          Only 30,000?

          The US hit 144,000 yesterday so we’re winning Bigley, right?

          You folks need to look at the real numbers across the world, the US is doing the worst, only 4% of the worlds population but 20% of the Covid deaths is not winning.

        • Miner,
          Unless the testing, diagnosis, and reporting are exactly the same in every country, then you’re comparing apples and oranges. Shouldn’t the Party of Science know this sort of thing?

        • I wouldn’t say Sweden’s herd immunity experiment failed. It’s still in progress, and it’s not a simple point on a map. Nobody’s going to know when herd immunity has been reached until we can all see it in the rearview mirror.

      • “So tell us how he screwed up the pandemic in Europe which is much worse than the US right now?”

        Expecting a Biden voter to carefully consider anything outside of the Orange Man Bad bubble is asking too much.

        • “The results, based on Our World in Data, are staggering:

          If the US had the same death rate as the European Union overall, nearly 84,000 Americans wouldn’t have died from Covid-19 (out of the nearly 190,000 who have died so far).
          If the US had the same death rate as Canada, nearly 109,000 Americans wouldn’t have died from Covid-19.
          If the US had the same death rate as Germany, more than 152,000 Americans wouldn’t have died from Covid-19.
          If the US had the same death rate as Australia, more than 179,000 Americans wouldn’t have died from Covid-19.
          If the US had the same death rate as Japan, more than 185,000 Americans wouldn’t have died from Covid-19.”

          Great job President Trump!

        • Hey Miner,
          Are the death rates the same for every state? If not, why is that? Since Trump is responsible, did he pick and choose which states should have the higher death rate? Why did states with similar populations have different outcomes? How many countries in the world have tested as much for Covid as we have? And finally, since Our Dear Savior Joe could have prevented this, then why didn’t he layout that plan back in January or even February? Since he chose to NOT share his brilliant plan, isn’t the blood of 100’s of thousands of American lives on Joe’s hands?

        • If, if, if…

          There’s no correlation at all between those death rates and what any given nation did about the disease. High death rates and low death rates are randomly distributed among countries that did severe lockdowns and countries that did moderate to virtually no lockdowns.

          Science says we inflicted all this economic and social damage on ourselves for nothing.

          If you’re following the science, then you’d target extra measures only at the most vulnerable and open up full business with minimally intrusive precautions for everyone else. You’ve got about the same odds of getting covid as you would of catching the flu, and the same precautions apply.

          But nope…all the progtards believe in science solely as a dogmatic ideology, so they’re incapable of actually learning from it.

        • Science tells us that the people dying in America already have one foot in the grave. The average age is around or above the life expectancy here. There is usually a comorbidity listed. Often, multiple are listed. Anecdotally, I know of an elderly lady with Alzheimer’s and cancer that was on her way out, as in a matter of months. She lives in a nursing home. She just caught Covid. She’ll be added to that list, and the media will blame Trump for her death.

    • Trup built the best economy in 100 yrs. The dems brought covid 19 here with China’s help. For no other reason than to sink Trumps rolling right along economy.

      You’re not stupid enough to actually believe covid got here just in time to ruin Trumps economy *by mere coincidence are you?…. or are you.? Trump/Russia Collusion (which was a lie) was used as cover for the Democrat/China Collusion to bring covid to USA.

      • “The dems brought covid 19 here with China’s help.”

        Oh please, share with us the evidence you have for this claim, I know I would be interested in your source and citation.

        • It was the Chinese government who didn’t stop the International flights out of Wuhan in time and the Democrats calling the race card about imposing quarantine or denying entry.

    • ” un-fucking everything Trump has screwed up ”

      Orange Man gone. Everything OK. — Yeah, I got it. Liberals are living in a fever dream brought on by Derangement Syndrome. I shudder to think how many of them bought in to the hallucination that all we had to do was get rid of Trump and the world would go back to rotating on it’s proper axis.

      Well, news flash: The world has not been out of kilter these past four years, and Biden in the white house is going to fix nothing. We’re going back to global neoliberalism — exactly what killed the manufacturing base in this country, what opened the wealth inequality divide, what brought on the austerity programs and decimated the working middle class. In short, the Democrats are about (to try) to do – again – exactly what it was that put Trump in office in the first place, and now they’re throwing in virtue signalling and cancel culture just to put some icing on the cake. Those idiots just never learn.

      But, hey — Orange Man gone. Mission accomplished.

  11. Manchin should switch parties. He s in a solid red state now. Plenty of senators have switch before, Spector the Defector lived up to his name.

    That would truly jack Schumer up.

  12. The Republicans help the majority under Trump….Unfortunately they weren’t all Republicans! Keep that in mind when your talking about the American people, all they really care about is their jobs.

  13. All the Trump haters here on TTAG can now enjoy the benefits of a Democrat in the WH and a likelihood of Dem controlled senate sometime in the next 4 years.

    Kiss your “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines “derived from military technology” goodbye, haters.


    • “…and a likelihood of Dem controlled senate sometime in the next 4 years.”

      Highly doubtful. Historically, the party in power that makes a grab for the brass ring gets their ass handed to them in a hat in the next election cycle.

      Obama rammed ‘ObamaCare’ down the country’s throat early in his first term, and the lower houses were blown out in the mid-term election in a historic loss. In the nation as a whole, they lost around 1,000 seats in the state houses.

      This is why Trump’s win was so *critical* – We got to put 3 conservatives on the SCOTUS bench.

      Had Hillary won, SCOTUS would be a 6-3 Leftist court right now and Heller would have been likely overturned by now.

      All you pissing-and-moaning about Trump ‘Not doing anything for gun rights’ would have had the 2A destroyed by now.

      Thank God Trump won in 2016 and got to choose Scalia’s, Kennedy’s, and most importantly, Ginsburg’s seats. Had the HildaBeast filled those seats, we would be truly fucked by now…

      • Agree with you on Trump, obv.

        Wish I was as optimistic about the Senate. Yes, I understand the historical precedent, but I’m not even sure Republicans will start with a majority as GA still hangs in the balance.

        If they blow it, Schumer will follow through with scorched earth, the SCOTUS appointments will be negated by packing, and the Senate will be forever changed with addition of new democratic states. We are very close to the precipice.

      • “Highly doubtful. Historically,”

        Mostly false, because ” Historically,” we are in a time unlike other times. Never has there been a Tech Monopoly that controls what you see or what you hear. More radicals are being pumped out of billion dollar universities by the day. The media is completely a part of one political party. Businesses and banks that control access to money and goods are also lining up to shut down/cancel people who descent. And with an unprecedented level of surveillance equipment that is able to monitor you in a real time basis, we are firmly on ‘new ground’.

        Additionally, if they pass all their gun bans, do you really think you will ever get another Senate, House, and Presidency that will ever reverse that?

        As for the courts/SCOTUS, time will reveal whether that dog will hunt.

        You already said they fell on their sword for Obama Care, the “reset” needs Americans disarmed.

  14. That photo of Assoff looks like he wants to give the microphone a two-hand job. Either that or he is cleaning it to give it a B-job. 😁

  15. America has binged on gun purchases over the last 10 years. CON-gress could make them all illegal tomorrow and tens of millions would refuse to comply. Laws only carry weight when the people abide by them and this is one battle people are willing to fight.

    • This reasoning is foolish. Nobody is going to pass a law and then immediately come for you. No, they will leave you in limbo and get you when the time is right.

      The news will be: “Rally cancelled, 57 arrested. Radicals had amassed an arsenal of more than 200 guns and 21,000 rounds of ammunition. They were arrested when officials discovered that they planned to attend the rally to show their support for the extremist republican candidate. Locals are shocked that this could happen in their town, and have demanded that the candidate condemn the radicals. No threats were made and its unknown if they planned to bring the military-grade weapons to the event. But Jane Worrysmith, owner of a local nail salon, points out that ‘if you own a gun, you could bring it at any time, and that’s a threat in my book’.”

      So what’s your defense against that?

  16. Im sorry but my gun rights do not ride on who co trols the senate. They reside with me. I thought this was America, act like it.


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