Grey Ghost P320 slide
Dan Z for TTAG
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On Monday I got a visit from the Big Brown Truck. The driver dropped off a corrugated cardboard box and inside was the beautiful Grey Ghost Precision GGP320 slide you see above. I’ll be using it along with SIG SAUER’s new fire control unit and some other parts to build a new pistol (actually a few of them in different configurations).

I’ve been keeping the Big Brown Truck pretty busy lately. These arrived from Brownells Saturday:

Wilcon Combat 1911 magazine
Dan Z. for TTAG

Why? Because I have fewer 1911 magazines than I should (don’t we all?).

Oh, I’m also expecting another box on the doorstep today with some jaw-droppingly expensive .454 Casull ammo that JWT will need for a gun review when he’s back on his feet.

Here’s the problem. If basement-dweller Joe Biden pulls out a victory on Tuesday, all of that could be illegal. Check out this tidbit from Slow Joe’s campaign web site, detailing the measures he wants to enact during a Biden administration in order to “end our gun violence epidemic.” If elected, the Big Guy wants to . . .

End the online sale of firearms and ammunitions. Biden will enact legislation to prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts.

Need a new magazine? Want to upgrade your carry pistol’s sights? Thinking about adding a weapon light to your home defense pistol or AR-15 (assuming you’ll be registering it and paying the $200 tax stamp)? Nope. If Biden gets his way, you’ll be SOL. The only way to get any of that will be to visit your local gun store.

We have nothing against local gun stores, but online options give people far more choices and allow those with few or no retailers near them to get the gear they need. But none of that cuts any ice with Joe and the anti-gun orgs that are supporting him.

Think what a law like that will do to the hundreds of companies and thousands of employees around the country who work at online sellers like Brownells, Palmetto State Armory, Midway USA, Sportsman’s Guide, GunMag Warehouse, Lucky Gunner, Aero Precision, Natchez Shooter’s Supply and dozens more. Some of them probably have brick and mortar businesses and likely also sell through local retailers, but an online sales ban would be devastating for them.

So if Biden wins and gets his way, it would have been illegal for Grey Ghost to have shipped that slide to me. Would I have also committed a crime by ordering and receiving that dangerous gun part? Who knows…that depends on how an online parts ban bill is written. Not that I’d be able to do that because most of the companies listed above would probably be out of business.

What other items are on Uncle Joe’s anti-gun wish list? If he’s elected, he says he would . . .

  • Ban the manufacture and sale of “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines
  • Regulate possession of existing “assault weapons” under the National Firearms Act
  • Buy back civilian-owned “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines 
  • Repeal the PLCAA, allowing attorneys to sue gun makers into bankruptcy
  • Ban “ghost guns” by requiring background checks on sales of gun kits or for downloading 3D parts code
  • Limit gun buyers to one gun a month
  • Enact a federal universal background check law, ending all private gun sales
  • Ban gun ownership by anyone convicted of a “hate crime” misdemeanor
  • Expand the time limit for completing a NICS background check from 3 to 10 days
  • Incent all 50 states to enact “red flag” confiscation laws
  • Incent all 50 states to require licensing for gun ownership and purchases
  • Enact a federal “safe storage” law
  • Enact a federal law mandating “prompt reporting” of lost or stolen firearms
  • Prohibit the use of federal funds to train teachers to shoot and carry firearms

Fun, huh? Have you voted yet?



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        • Just remember my Comrades, all you Democratics, Liberals, Progressives, Leftists, Socialists, Communists, and my favorite Fascists and Marxists; just remember to avoid seeing all of those Trump voters on election day, we have been granted by the courts a late vote day on November 4th.

          So my friends avoid being triggered by all of those deplorables shouting MAGA and vote on OUR DESIGNATED SAFE DAY OF NOVEMBER 4TH. For your safety no non-masking wearing Trumpers will be at the polls that day.

          Remember Progressives, avoid Trumpets, and Vote on our day November 4th!

          Harris/biden 2020

        • Thanks, mystery man, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

          But I can assure you, Democrats know when election day is, it is Donald Trump who is somewhat confused:

          “ Donald Trump is urging his supporters to vote on Election Day — but he got one key fact wrong.

          “In the opening moments of a rally Tuesday night in Palm Beach City, Florida, Trump told the crowd to “make sure you get out and vote, Nov. 28.”

          So there you have it, all you conservative Republicans get out the vote on November 28!

        • “Thanks, mystery man”

          Don’t be sexist, everyone knows Miner49er is a Transvestite, Trans-gender: that identifies as ‘other’.

        • I’m confused mr. Whiner49er….
          An honest mistake considering today is the 28th…. take a look at the SLEW of Biden bumbles…. that old bastage ain’t playing with a full deck….. and neither are you!
          Get out of mommy’s basement you retard… you’re already over 50 years old!!!

      • BLM ( and the rest of that species) doesn’t understand that they are massively out gunned. All they are doing is letting their alligator mouth overload their humming bird ass.

        • Thanks for the memory nudge Gunny,

          That was one of my Dad’s favorite sayings…I miss the old traf’s wisdom and wit.

        • It will be eye opening for them.
          It’s so demoralizing to hear the whistle, then see the head of a “comrade” standing RIGHT next to you SUDDENLY disappear into a pink mist. The sound of the gunshot to follow a few seconds later.
          Be sure to keep moving toward the White House all you 🤡s, there’s plenty of ammo for EVERYONE who want to attend the “remove the leader of the free world” party.
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • Old guy in Montana- Your father was an old cousin-loving, gas huffing idiot. Go back to your trailer to diddle your sister… In no uncertain terms, F YOU (and OP)

        • And good on you for associating USMC with racist losers, Gene. SO much racism on this site… You all are simple people echoing simple ideas in an echo chamber. It’s truly pathetic.

        • @Mitch

          Such harsh sentiment coming from an enlightened troll loser…*sigh* my feelz are all hurt and $#!t.

          Back to your comment: Never had a trailer. Sister died from cancer decades ago. Dad met the love of his life while recovering from shrapnel wounds in the hospital during WWII. They enjoyed 58 years together. He did enjoy the occasional shot of Scotch at the Friday night poker game…pretty sure he never “huffed” anything.

          Query: can you even name your sperm-donor?

      • They are SOL with an Occupy DC attempt because Trump doesn’t have to wait for some whiny assed Democrat mayor or governor to request National Guard troops. He just calls them up. Those troops won’t be ham strung with catch and release rules or kid glove treatment.

        • Why would he need to call up Guard troops? DC is a federal area, not state. All he would have to do is call up any Regular Army unit to come put the boots down.

      • Oh yeah, they plan on storming DC, that’s why they applied for a permit from the national Park service with an estimated attendance of 10,000.

        All your great revolutions start with a permit from the national Park service, that’s how you can tell they mean business!

        Honestly, your right wing extremist news sources whips you folks into a frenzy with a few short lines, here’s some actual reporting on the protest:

        “Though plans to gather on the Mall are off, Shutdown D.C. still expects 10,000 people, as it indicated in its permit. It’s now calling for members of multiple groups to meet at Black Lives Matter Plaza on Election Day with plans to continue the event throughout the week.

        “We are concerned like many people that (President Donald) Trump may try to steal this election,” said Kaela Bamberger with Shutdown D.C. “He’s given us a lot of evidence to indicate that he has no problem trying to confuse the results or prematurely declare victory. At Shutdown D.C., we’re preparing to be able to mobilize quickly in D.C. if he should attempt to do so.”

        No calls for violence, no plans to attack federal buildings, just a big protest against Typhoid Trump.

        Don’t be scared, remain calm, all is well.

        • “Trump may try to steal this election” said Kaela.

          The dems always telegraph their intentions through projection. If they are accusing you of it, they are already doing it.

        • “Don’t be scared, remain calm, all is well.”
          Nobody is, you idiot whiner.
          The White House has Security personnel who know how to handle an assault.
          Just settle in behind the scope, press yourself forward to load up the bipod (stabilizing yourself AND the rifle), maintain slow and deliberate breath control, listen to (AND feel) your heartbeat. Then gently squeeze off a round after each exhale (and between heartbeats). Wash, rinse, repeat.
          Nothing scary about it. In fact, it’s easy peasy.
          Please leftards, BRING THE NOISE!
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • “….At Shutdown D.C., we’re preparing to be able to mobilize quickly in D.C. if he should attempt to do so.

          No calls for violence, no plans to attack federal buildings, just a big protest….”

          So what’s the point of mobilizing? Nothing – that’s what. That’s what all these lazy assed, non job having shit birds do every time. Nothing. POS.

    • Taking a broad view, Biden’s ideas along with most regressive gun-control notions are clearly aimed at making it difficult to keep and bear arms or, perhaps more importantly, completely discourage citizens from keeping and bearing arms. Similarly, the often heard disclaimer that “weapons of war” are somehow improper for American citizens to own because they are “only intended to kill people” signals yet another intent to inhibit gun-ownership by American citizens.
      All of these ideas are emblematic of a political dogma that is intensely distrustful of the fundamental 2nd Amendment tenant that an armed citizenry is an essential protection against governmental tyranny.

      Keeping and bearing arms is about power sharing, is about insuring that the state never attains the kinds of monopolized violence that totalitarians prefer. Our founders, being revolutionaries, knew what they were talking about with they wrote the 2nd Amendment. Citizens need free access to weapons (of war or otherwise) and weapons material in order to defend our freedom and liberty. This long view of gun-control is that—in its entirety—it represents a political dogma that intentionally abridges the most fundamental gun ownership concepts underlying the 2nd Amendment and is, therefore, profoundly in violation of the 2nd Amendment.

      Viewed from this standpoint, there really is not effective argument that gun control is anything other than a violation of the 2nd. Essentially the 2nd Amendment means exactly what it says. Let us hope a originalist grounded Supreme Court will recognize this and defend our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

  1. Yes Dan, I have voted (and tracked my ballot to make sure it was received by MT Election and Voter Services).

    Unfortunately, a recent series of boating accidents have reduced my firearms inventory to an elderly 8mm Lebel rifle (currently assuming the front leaning position next to the front door…intended for repelling AntiFa and for “donating” to BATFe schmoos).

    454 Casull “jaw-droppingly expensive”…yup, going for about $1.50 round at my LGS…they had a number of boxes a couple of days ago.

      • Thank you for your kindness and understanding.

        I’m considering a GoFundMe page in order to replace the several boats lost in those accidents…

        • What?

          A 13-foot boat can’t carry 75,000 rounds of centerfire ammo?

        • I sure would like to know the exact body of water and GPS coordinates where all these boating accidents occurred. I have a boat and a 150lb magnet that I could retrieve those guns with. 🙂

          • Sorry Gunny,

            That last accident took my entire collection of Glock Model 7’s…as you know, they are not magnetic and will remain at the bottom of Tally Lake, Hungry Horse Reservoir and Flathead Lake along with all the other aluminum and plastic firearms that I, sadly, lost…*sigh* (wipes tear from eye)

            I have the worst luck while fishing…

  2. All you “bu…but muh bumpstahks” and “take the guns first” idiots need to pay attention. A Biden win will be much, much worse then any stupid thing Trump says and doesn’t act on.

    • And a Biden administration would use the one truly stupid thing Trump has done, which is what the short-sighted among us are calling “muh bumpstahks,” to achieve points 1 and 2 in that wishlist above. Trump is far from perfect and there are good reasons to be disappointed in him, but there are far more reasons, and more important reasons, to vote for him.

      • He won’t push for redefinition by the BATFE to accomplish his goals. They’ll kill the filibuster and amend the NFA, which is the proper way to do it instead of a regulatory overreach that’s still being challenged in court. A packed SC will then decide it’s consistent with 2A. They’ll probably pull some BS like saying that they can’t legally be sold, so they have a value of $0, and the government doesn’t have to compensate for any seizures.

      • Voted today. There are still very long lines despite early voting for awhile now. It’s been like that all day, every day. I’ve never seen crowds like that before, even on election day.

    • Yes Sir.

      The Left / Marxists ONLY like Capitalism when it directly benefits them…for reference, I offer today’s China.

    • Look at TIK’s YouTube channel. He has a really good episode on Marxists and anti-Semitism. Marx was a rabid anti-semite and stated he thought Jews and capitalists are one and the same. Fun to see Marx’s own writings used against him.

      Somewhere a Progressive’s head just exploded.

  3. I’ll bet C&R firearms won’t be safe either. Give them time and that Wrist Rocket sling shot will be outlawed, then only outlaws will have Wrist Rockets.

    The good news: Joe will probably forget what he said about banning guns and such. He might forget where his office is too and show back up in the Senate or at the pool looking for CornPop or some kid to play with his leg hairs. (Why does somebody say something like that?)

    The bad news: Kamala Harris, BigToe O’Rourke and others will remind him.

  4. The article contains a misleading statement, mentioning that Biden would enact legislation. The President does not have that power. He can stump for it, but a bill must pass Committee, then a vote in the House, and then another vote in the Senate before submission to the President for signature.

    I believe Trump will be re-elected, but all that’s needed to keep ‘Ol Sleepy Joe (or Kamala, who’s salivating to take his seat) at bay is a Republican Senate.

    • You forgot Executive Orders, and, of course, agency (eg, ATF) “discretion”.

      GCA says first purchase firearms must be sold via an FFL (with background check). What if that, by EO, is declared to include accessories and ammunition.

      Point is, yes, legislature must pass the laws for the President to sign. And the President (the position, not Trump specifically) has been using EOs to increase their ability to act in lieu of laws.

      • While you are correct in your assessment of what can occur via an EO, those are not laws. I was referring to the article’s erroneous mention of a President and legislation.

        I have a feeling, though, that there will be a renewed push back against the Fed Gov’t by conservative states, and more states will declare the ATF’s authority as null and void (such as what happened in Montana) in which any firearm that is manufactured and sold within the same state will not be subject to Federal regulations, as no interstate commerce is involved.

        My 2 cents.

        • An EO can do *huge* damage. Example, no internet sale or home delivery of ammo will double the cost if background checks have to be done for each sale.

          I hope there are California cases in the pipeline to work their way upwards to squelch that crap…

        • Montana *tried* that. So has Kansas with suppressors. And in both cases, IIRC, federal courts have told them they cannot do that, as per Wickard vs Filburn.

          It’s been a growing concern that both the Judiciary and the Executive Branches are creating laws where none existed. Until / unless Congress takes action, it will continue, and those EOs and Judicial decisions will have the *force of law*, even if it isn’t codified in law.

          The real question is, when do the courts (or better, The People) begin to push back and say these are infringements, as they would be considered infringements if they were applied to, for example, Religious Freedom (imagine only being allowed to pray for 10 minutes per day – that’s enough for anyone), or you can only assemble and redress your government once per month….

        • Yeah. It’s funny how EOs are fine when it’s ‘your’ guy but not when it’s the other.

          Divided government can be a great thing. Too bad it’s ALSO dysfunctional because no one will agree with each other on anything as simple as what to order takeout for.

        • Odd that you ask when the People will begin to push back. I think the very cases you mentioned (Montana, Kansas) are proof that challenges are already beginning, and at the State level no less.

          Now that there’s a possible chance of pro-2A victories on the horizon with the new SCOTUS, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a large push. Besides, so many of our gun control laws here in CA (AWB, ammo BGC, magazine limits, carry prohibitions, etc) have been ruled as unconstitutional and are currently going through the usual waiting game because CA appealed them all.

          We have challenges and “push back” form the People. What we need are definitive rulings from SCOTUS (with prejudice) to stop all this anti-2A nonsense.

        • “It’s funny how EOs are fine when it’s ‘your’ guy but not when it’s the other.”

          That’s why partisanship is stupid. It depends on the outcome for me.

      • Maybe Gropey Joe can pay for the 5 million man army he’ll need to enforce his unconstitutional “EO” with some of the bribe money the chi-coms have laundered thru his coke snorting, whore-impregnating son.

  5. If you think the price of that 454 Casull ammunition was jaw dropping you should have seen what it was like to fire the first 200 rounds of it. Shook my fillings loose.

    • Jon, you embraced the suck with a smile on your face… 🙂

      Are you for test-firing a single-shot 454 Casull derringer?

    • .454 is an introductory round. It’s taller, younger brother, .460, will make your shirt flap when you touch it off.

      • I’ve shot many a .460 out of a SW X Frame. No problems at all. The weight and porting if those guns really help manage the recoil.
        These .454 Casull loads in a Ruger Super Blackhawk are a very different thing.

  6. Adding to this,

    The “Sponsored post” of the CalKey crap while is a good tool for those already in a communist state has their sales pitch worded as if buying their product would fight gun banning democrats. Scare tactic to sell.
    The CalKey, CaliKey, whatever… shouldn’t even be needed unless you WANT to single fire an AR for some reason. Otherwise, finding these loopholes and using them as blanket excuses to be ok with bullcrap legislation has to end. NOW.

    • The Kalikey equipped weapon can be returned to previous condition within seconds by simply swapping back to the previous BCG and charging handle. Maybe if you welded the 2 pins in so the upper and lower can’t be separated would help but odds are if enough of these are out there for them to notice it they will declare it a gimmick and the weapon still a semiauto since it can be easily converted back.

      • To rephrase,

        They can’t ban 30 round mags if we all buy 10 round ones and use them instead.
        THAT’LL show em!!

        The KalKey is a great tool to add to the AR IF needed, but it’s definitely not a tool in fighting gun restriction, only a compliance with the restriction. Wording it the way they did feels like they’re selling your freedoms for a quick buck.

  7. I have a few options locally for parts and ammo, Sportsman Outdoors, Coastal, and a LGS or two. Unfortunately the first two have pretty extreme markups and I only shop there if I can’t wait. The LGS are more reasonable but have limited inventory. Realistically I’ve done 80% of my purchases online bargain shopping for the good deals. My state has talked about stopping online sales, ala California, and I have made plans to move to a free state, but Biden might make that a moot point.

  8. Just got back from early voting in Crook County,ILL. HEAVILY weighted ballot for Dims. Slow Joe above DJT. Flagged for not voting on a bunch of Dims(no GOP,Green or Libertardian candidates on the ballot). Your pistol slide is the least of my concerns…lock n load!

    • Tazewell County is a bit more friendly to people like us. I will vote Tuesday, in person. Already looked at what will be on the ballot, figured how I will vote. Seems to be one D running unopposed by the ILGOP, but at least he voted for ccw and has been mostly gun friendly.

      When you lock and load, fix bayonet, ammo getting too pricey.

      • Well my AR DOES have a bayonet lug😃 OFF to the bayonet store😏😏😏 From another Former…

        • The spirit of the bayonet lives.

          Any firearm I may or may not have, that has a bayonet lug, has the matching bayonet. That bayonet may or may not be sharpened beyond high speed low drag deployment.

          All the Way

  9. The gun industry and gun owners – especially the gun crazies (yes, there are some) tempted fate.

    The shift from sporting arms, to self-defense, to tacticool (along with 80%, bumpstocks, and etc.) brought too much of the wrong kind attention to gun owners.

    A Biden win will turn that wrong kind of attention into the wrong kind of policies.

    As a gun owner/hunter, if that happens I’ll blame Biden, but I’ll wish that the other kinds of gun owners, manufacturers, and marketers had kept a lower profile.

    Disclaimer: yes, I’m aware that those of us who purchase expensive Wilson Combat magazines and expensive sight upgrades are not using them in street shootings.

    • Having to keep a “low profile” while exercising a Right is kinda the problem, isn’t it.

      • Not really. Recognizing and cherishing our right of free speech we sometimes keep our opinions to ourselves and always keep our conversations quite and private when at a restaurant. In more civilized times this was called being polite. Impolite gun owners cause problems for the rest of us.

        • “If ye love . . . the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countryman.”

        • Ummm… ‘s point is mine as well.
          You can *choose* to be polite and keep a low profile.

          Being otherwise *forced* to keep a low profile, lest you be rebuked, fined, or jailed, is another matter altogether. That’s loss of a Right to K&BA, as well as Right to Speech….

        • Choosing “quiet” slavery over “scary” freedom and liberty, got it.
          Without the 2nd A, the 1st A doesn’t stand a chance.
          Thanks for letting us know where you stand.
          Trump/Pence 2020

  10. “End the online sale of firearms and ammunitions. Biden will enact legislation to prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts.”

    Un constitutional but then the DemoCommie party is antithetical to the Constitution and the Republic, the domestic enemy the founders warned of.

    Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution states:

    “Section. 4.
    The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

    This means that Democrats, Socialists, and others who promote “transformation/reimagining” are in violation of the Constitution by their very existence, and should not be allowed any representation in any part of the US Government. Period.

  11. If Biden wins we have some serious country cleaning to do if the vote is valid….

  12. ya know, this is the same rhetoric we heard about obama twice. and, even when he had the senate and the house not a single gun was banned or confiscated. i predict the same for the biden administration.

    • Obama wasn’t presiding over a democratic party that was fully embracing socialism publicly. The current party is proud of their socialist ideas.

      If Biden doesn’t make gun control one of his first priorities if elected, his VP will. They must keep the socialists happy if they want to govern. They have a priority list, freedom and democracy is not on that list.

      I have watched national politics since the Reagan and Carter election. I have never seen the visceral hate I see now. I always heard the conspiracies about the left and right not respecting elections, or planning to nullify election results, never gave those conspiracies any thoughts. However I now see people making actual plans publicly and openly to overturn an election and force a sitting President to leave office if re-elected. I see plans to riot (protest) even before polls close. These are the people Biden has to keep happy if elected. We don’t live in the same we did just four years ago or even twenty years ago. The normal is long gone of what to expect.

    • Obama was a good politician who knew what that would mean for reelection. There would have been a second term ban if he could have made it happen.

      • He couldn’t in his 2nd term because HRC was anointed to be 45. Had he done gun control she would have lost for sure. Imagine Trump winning Illinois kind of loss.

        We benefited by her loss.

  13. If Biden wins, we should all consider ourselves already dead.
    Turning in firearms only means a bullet to the back of the head or decapitation.
    The Communist Democrats have made their goals clear… remove all deplorables…
    It will be Communist Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China, and The French Revolution all rolled into one.
    Live Free or Die!

  14. Remember, to the Left, “assault weapons” can be anything they want. For instance, as per I-1639 here in Washington State, *any* semiautomatic rifle is defined as an assault weapon.

    • That’s what it will be nationally, except including pistols. They’re learned that they can’t define an “assault weapon” based on features because those offending features can be removed. They’ll use language like “could accept a magazine containing over 10 (or maybe 5) rounds,” which will be any semiauto that accepts a magazine. Garands and some tube-fed will be all that escape.

      • Being tube fed or even having a rifled barrel will undoubtedly not prevent the M1 nor semiauto shotguns from falling under the “assault” ban. Then, of course, bolt action rifles will be assailed as “high power sniper rifles”, which is already happening. And the old campaign to ban handguns will have further impetus as well (we successfully banned “assault” weapons but handguns kill far more so they must go). A slippery and damnable slope, indeed!

  15. Why don’t you and the rest of the basement gun writers pledge to join the revolution against the Biden Communist Regime. You have a choice. Surrender your arms or Fight to the end for your rights. Theres no middle ground.

    If 15 million gun owners pledged to overthrow a Biden communist tyranny it might make the news. The words in Declaration of Independence led to the 2nd Amendment. The two go hand in hand.

  16. You got to go all through all sorts of that same stuff just to get a driver’s license so what’s the big deal

    • A. Is driving on government-provided roads an inalienable right specifically protected by a Constitutional Amendment?

      B. I obtained my license at 16, renewed it once, then never bothered again until I retired from the Navy last year. Thanks to the Full Faith and Credit Clause, I handed that silly 1993 picture to my new DMV, paid a token fee, and walked out with a license good until 2027. There is zero comparison to the policy ideas outlined in the article – which, if extrapolated to cars, would be more akin to going through the [original] licensing process every time you buy an oil filter or even fuel.

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