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We all have our favorite brands. Go-to makers of guns and gear that, through research, time and experience, we’ve come to trust on a daily basis. For Troy Coultry, that means SIG SAUER and Strider Knives. What brands are your favorites?

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  1. In alphabetical order, Kimber, Ruger & Sig, depending on the ultimate purpose of the firearm. Knives? Buck. Buck has met my simple needs for 60+ years; no reason to change unless an end-use need crops up that we’ve not encountered before.

    • That’s why I went from a Sig P938 (Black with Rosewood grips) that I didn’t want to scratch to a S&W M&P Bodyguard .380 that I don’t care about!!

      • I had a new G19 that some friends and I were out shooting with. It was hot, and I was dumping mags. I placed it on a soft rifle case, and then immediately said “shit” and picked it back up. I was worried about it melting the bag to the gun. My buddy says “did you get it on the ground and scratch it?”

        I took it, and threw it about 15 yards. “It’s meant to be used, not babied.”

    • I’ve carried one most days for about 30 years now. Plus I’ve got one in my truck, and keep one with each of my “things have gone awry” bags.

    • Try a Randall #10 3″. Makes a great utility knife. Trailing point or drop point. Choice of three different handle materials. Well two materials and two different colors in micarta. Own about a dozen Randall’s and had dozens more pass through my hands. Useful and great investments. Google Chris Stanaback. Good friend, Randall knife dealer and will only double the price if you mention my name. Seriously, he can often shorten the wait for a Randall from years to months. Days if you like what he has on hand. This morning he had a #28 Outdoorsman, green micarta, nickel silver hilt, black sheath. $475.

  2. Sig, FNH, Glock for handguns. Colt, Smith and Ruger for wheel guns. Ruger for the 10/22. Mossberg, Remington (older models) and Beretta for defensive shotguns. BCM, Spikes for AR15. But also generally very interested in CZ, Daniel Defense, Noveske, LWRC, Colt, Wilson Combat, Kimber, Walther, and a few others.

    SureFire for flashlights. That’s what I have and I am satisfied with it.

    Kershaw for knives. Good enough for me.

    Magpul for their Pmags

    Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat 2 points sling for my AR

    I like Trijicon night sights as well as the Siglite or whatever they are called.

    Tryibg to decide on the optic for my AR15 (currently iron only with an FSB and a DD rear sight). I have issues with red dots (astigmatism?) including quality ones such as Aimpoint, so considering an holographic maybe.

  3. My EDC is pretty minimal. I carry either a Kahr 9mm of some sort(usually my CM9) or a Glock 43 or 26. Knife is a Boker Kalashnikov automatic, and my light is a Prometheus Lights Beta QR on my keychain. It’s a small AAA light that is bright enough for EDC use.

    I sometimes carry an Olight S1 Mini Baton if I think about it. Lighting technology really has come a long way in the last few years.

  4. My EDC consists of a S&W 629, and two speed loaders for the extra ammo. My knife is a Ka-Bar Becker BK2. The flashlight is a Pelican 7060.

  5. Question to the experts: I want to EDC something I could use to clean/lube my gun AND lube the wife if needs be. Would you recommend CLP or KY gel? I don’t think KY will be efficient on the gun, but I am pretty sure te CLP will hurt us. Has any manufacturer thought about such a product?

  6. Knives: Spyderco or Benchmade
    Handguns: CZ (semi auto’s), Ruger (wheelguns)
    Long guns: No real preference, have a Mossburg 500, Savage bolt action .308, Ruger AR, some Aero precision lowers/uppers etc

    Not really into being a brand wh*re, just like to own stuff that works.

  7. Myself, I carry only Glock brand Glocks.

    And AK killing machines, in AR only from the Automatic Rifle corporate.

    Also large anvils from Acme.

  8. My Ithaca 1911’s and S&W’s 49 Bodyguard and 3953 9mm are my favorites….in a Tucker or Bill McLennan holster….with a Gary Bradburn fixed or Spyderco Yojimbo I folder. I like my small O-light too.


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