Chicago Shootings Gun Violence Weekend
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“These deaths are all tragic, and unfortunately appear to continue the trend of gun violence disparately impacting minority and lower socioeconomic-status communities.

“Since Chicago law enforcement cannot adequately protect Chicago residents from violent crime—despite admirable efforts of hard-working officers to do so—the city should ensure that law-abiding citizens are able to protect themselves with the same weapons that are ultimately being used against them on a regular basis by violent criminals: firearms.” – Amy Swearer in Chicago Democrat Pleas for Trump’s Help Despite Mayor After Weekend Bloodbath [via]

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  1. It’s going to get a lot worse…..most of the new arrivals there are from Central America……home of the world’s highest murder rate but a firearm’s possession rate lower than Australia. Once the new arrival’s baggage train gets settled into the jury pool, convictions for felonies will plummet.

    • Chicago is beyond ‘rescue’ at this point.

      Sometimes dumpster fires just need to burn themselves out.

      • I agree. There’s a significant amount of corrupt cops on the force, but it pails compared to the corruption in City Hall. Lay off every cop for 6 months, remove every gun control law in Chicago, make open and concealed carry permitless and let’s see just how much blood runs in the streets then.

        Cuz my bet is the blood will not be anywhere near as much as the river flowing full of it now.

  2. Even if the more law abiding folks of Chiraq got CCWs. It might make a small difference. But in a city like this the trigger happy cops. Would more then likely shoot even more innocents. The best solution stiffer sentences longer jail times and leave them there to rot. Not back on the streets in hours or days.

    • Agreed. They need to have mandatory minimum sentences for certain crimes.
      Use a gun during a robbery? Minimum 10 years. Commit rape? Minimum 20 years.
      Oregon has “measure 11 crimes”. It took descretion out of the hands of judges. It imposes minimum sentences for serious “person on person” crimes. It also extended the statute of limitations for some serious crimes like rape and child sex abuse.
      I think it’s had a good impact.

      • There was a 5 year minimum sentence that was a federal law and it was used years ago in a clean up of one of the northern cities along with brining in federal prosecutors . The mandatory sentencing is probably still there but is being ignored. Another thing the Chicago citizens could do is get together and file a class action lawsuit against the mayor, city council for not doing enough to protect them.

        • “Another thing the Chicago citizens could do is get together and file a class action lawsuit against the mayor, city council for not doing enough to protect them.”
          Which was never possible under Obama but Trump’s made of a lot sterner stuff.

      • Tom;
        The problem with extending limitations, is that now women are accusing men they have associated with twenty and thirty years ago of serious crimes. Bill Cosby comes to mind. Sure, he probably was guilty of some of the crimes, but now every women he had any sort of contact with, is accusing him of something or the other, like, “he purposely brushed up against my tits”, or “He touched my upper leg”
        It seems now days that women are showing their cleavage more and more, and for what ever other reason except to make you look down there, but as soon as you do, they holler “Hey, my eyes are up here”

      • Chicago has closed prisons, what prisons remain are overcrowded and court orders mandate early release. Meanwhile plea bargains make gun charges away. When gun charges make it to the courts they may well be tossed.
        Then there is “swallowing the gun.”
        “It happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes there is a problem with evidence or witnesses, such as in the Barnett case. If a criminal runs, drops the gun and isn’t caught red-handed, it can be difficult to prove who had the gun.
        Sometimes the evidence is thrown out by the court, as in the Spearman case. But only 11 percent of all the gun charge cases dismissed by prosecutors during the five years studied by The Star were for evidentiary reasons.
        Other times prosecutors bargain away such a charge in order to secure a guilty plea on another charge.”

      • What the justice system does with a perp once they manage to catch him is a separate issue from the basic human right of self defense. The latter should never be sacrificed to asssurances regarding the putative “deterrent value” of the former. It’s a both-and situation. First, Chicagoans must be allowed to bear arms to defend themselves. Second, throw the book at the hardened perps that manage to commit a violent crime amid the hail of bullets from law abiding citizens.

    • The problem is, who pays for the jails. Illinois is already a high tax state, and why would non-Chicago residents want to pay yet higher taxes to warehouse Chicago criminals? The prisons are already overcrowded so you need to be building yet more. And, somehow, paying for it.

      • Best bet would be to legalize marijuana and focus on violent criminals. Would help drastically decrease the prison population while also making sure the justice system has time to focus on keeping violent criminals in jail.

    • The picture in Chicago looks extremely dismal. Look at the remarkably low “clearance rate”; which is over-stated in that just identifying a suspect who can’t be found constitutes a “clearance”. Of those charged, only some fraction are convicted; and these will be back on the streets soon enough.

      The survivors won’t identify or testify against the perps. That is – essentially – the end of the last practical opportunity for the community to “police itself” through the criminal justice system. The cops can’t be on every street corner; without citizen participation official investigation and pursuit is needle-in-a-haystack.

      Cops in inner-cities are increasingly under the Ferguson effect. There is no point in jeopardizing your job and pension by being as aggressive as is necessary to achieve results.

      What could possibly be introduced into this environment that will turn-around a progression to the “state of nature”? Eventually, the survival instinct will kick-in. However, the high costs of an IL CCP are an impediment. Likewise, the victims will lack the benefit of formal training in the laws of self-defense (or, more precisely, the laws governing the excusable use of lethal force). The victims willing to exercise their natural right of self-defense will carry without benefit of permit or knowledge of the Marquee of Queensbury rules.

      The one possibility would be a vigorous escalation of stop-&-frisk making it impractical for anyone – criminal or peaceable – to carry outside the home. Yet, that would have to be companioned with vigorous prosecution and sentencing of felon-in-posession. And it is precisely this combination that is politically unacceptable in these precincts. The Democrat Machine in Chicago will never jeopardize its control over the office of power. So, if stop-&-frisk is a political non-starter, then there is no other future than continuous escalation.

    • Chicago cops are not that trigger happy. If you are policing a war zone then you will use your gun a lot more than if you live in the normal world. Chicago cops seems to be pretty proficient since there is far less collateral than in NYC and they seem to have fairly good hit percentages. Maybe it’s the real world experience that they get on a daily basis.

      • That, and at least Chicago cops aren’t carrying guns with a 14lb trigger pull.

  3. How can Trump help? There is no federal concealed carry law that he could push the minions of some federal agency to be faster at issuing. There are no firearms laying around the White House that he has the means or authority to just hand out. Does she really believe he has a bunch of guns available to be handed out like a bunch of free federal cheese?

    End catch and release. Put the gang bangers, the influncers, in jail like you actually mean it, instead of just putting them back on the street to continue victimizing the innocent. End “affordable” bail for any violent activity. It is a wonder that the CPD actually bothers to arrest anyone since they will be back out on the street before the ink is dry on the arresting officer’s notes.

    • Maybe she’s thinking national guard activation, which will never happen without authorization by congress and governor. Even if it did happen the same people complaining about the violence would have a new political cause to march against.

      • Feel free to fact check me, but I’m quite certain I’ve already read about at least one politician in Chicago asking for the U.N. to send in “peacekeepers” to assist with the violence.

        • Trust a politician to come up with a solution that actually makes the problem worse.

          But on second thought, the UN’s merry band of peacekeeping rapists and extortionists would probably fit right in with Chicago’s corruptocrats, so it makes perfect sense. Birds of a feather…

        • Considering UN peacekeepers tend to come from countries where wage rates are a small fraction of US minimal wage or welfare, the peacekeepers will just be another gang, although one better equipped than the opposition.

  4. Where’s Pig Farmer Bill? I’d like to get his reaction to his livestock lifting off and heading for low earth orbit.

  5. Protect themselves from themselves? Who do y’all think is committing the crimes? Who do you think voted in these laws that cause some of these issues? Who’s raised this gen of thugs? Who’s liberal ideas were these? Who do you think the politicians and ineffective law side came from? Every bit of this IS THEM.
    You plant corn don’t expect potatoes to rise up.
    They will get zero sympathy here.

    • Well yeah…everyone knows who’s pulling the trigger’s. Their nephew,son,grandson,brother,uncle or cousin is pulling the trigger. I have news for the ignorant-CC is already having a positive effect. And the onerous price has plummeted. One local group is advertising 16hr. classes for 50bucks. It’s reported generally positively on the local “news”. Here’s a dumbocrat slowly catching on…is Chiraq fixable? Probably not. But put guns in the hands of the relatively good and law abiding would help. I avoid huge swathes of the city BUT it has spilled over to LSD and the local expressway’s. Try not to pizz off the dindu’s…

  6. Maybe end the catch and release program. Hand out HARSH sentences for all gun crimes, not just probation.
    They have said and shown time and time again that most gun crimes in Chicago are done by young men that have already been arrested on prior gun charges and are back on the streets.
    Soft on crime is an understatement in Chicago…it is brown/black privilege.
    Trying not to ruin the lives of too many young black/brown men by being too easy on gun crimes.

  7. Send them to work camps far from the city. Treat some of the worst like they are snitches and dump them back on the street – let the street take care of them. Put some into other state’s work camps. Keep them guessing and take them away from anything familiar.
    Isolate the worst and break the gangs back. Oh yeah, teach them to hit the target they choose.

  8. Not enough prisons? Perhaps floating prisons anchored out far enough offshore to prevent swimming-ashore escapes would be the answer. Let them be large steel barges or mothballed Navy ships with cell blocks and an exercise yard and a kitchen. No law libraries, TVs or other luxuries that honest poor people can’t afford. Not enough prison space? Build more barge blocks. The scheme would have the added advantage of being incremental, of putting people to work (the ones that want to work, anyway), and boosting the local steel industry economy. Might sound far-fetched, but it’s probably as good as any other idea.

    • Nah that would never work. Soros-funded NGOs would just pick them up in their own ships and ferry them to Spain to avoid a “humanitarian crisis.”

      Hey, wait a second!

  9. The vast majority of the murder ‘victims’ in Chicago are career criminals with rap sheets as long as your arm. They under current law are not able to possess firearms to defend themselves.

    However, their law abiding neighbors certainly deserve the ability to defend themselves effectively. What would make even more of a difference would be:-

    – end the street law of ‘Omerta’, the communities know who the criminals are but never work with the police
    – the prosecutors actually need to convict & sentence those arrested. Ms Foxxxx regularly either declines to prosecute or downgrades felonies to misdemeanors

    Preventing crime by actually locking up criminals seems to be more effective than merely easing restrictions on CC.

  10. , black and most hated on all 50’s, from genocide to swastikas and right wing comities

  11. “despite admirable efforts of hard-working officers to do so”

    Mwahahahahah! Stop! You’re killing me!

  12. “Chicago Needs to Ensure Its Citizens Have the Means to Protect Themselves”

    No, obviously, they don’t. So long as good people continue to live there and cause no affect on those who are ruling over them things will not improve…

  13. Illinois should have constitutional open carry. Then, Chicago residence could do community patrols with firearms night and day. That would solve a lot of crimes, since they could police their community and protect themselves. Chicago Democrats want to make the rest of Illinois be as defenseless as Chicago residence with their gun control agenda. Let’s see in November how things go in the race for governor.

  14. Idea…round up every felon you can for the next year..till the prisons have to stack them!
    part 2 grab a few grain barges and send the whole deal north to Canada…give each one a flyer on how to whine about being a ‘refugee’ and letem go on the shore…then refuse to take them back under a death order…now Canada HAS to keep them!

    part 3 laugh at Canada!

    Just like Cuba did to us in the 80’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Chicago does not care about its citizens’ right to self protection. So much of it is posted as Gun Free that you cannot effectively carry.

    If you live in the suburbs, it is even worse if you have to go to the city. You cannot carry on the trains. You cannot carry through the train stations. Basically, suburbanites with concealed carry permits are unable to have the protection that the 2nd Amendment would otherwise guarantee.

  16. I have the solution!
    Kentucky Gun Co. is now offering the Polish RGA-86, 14 Ga. 15 shot rotary launcher super gun, for just $1680.
    How about the city of Chicago issues one of these to every citizen, never convicted of any crime of violence.
    Sure, there would be some collateral damage, but I’m betting in short order, any thug would be afraid to stick their hear out the door, that is the ones that are left!

    • oops!
      Looks like I didn’t read the fine print. This thing isn’t even a firearm! Sorry bout dat!

  17. The black voters in Chicago are just like the white voters in California. Both have voted for “free Stuff” in the past. That was all they cared about. Now they both have lost their gun civil rights. Being a city, Chicago lost their rights first. A state level loss of civil rights takes a little longer. But California is rapidly moving in that direction. Trump/the federal government can’t help them. They have to help themselves, if they still can.

  18. This trend should continue (more people smelling the self defense coffee). In light of recent USSC precedents even the 9th circuit appears to be doing so. Just keep spreading the word, emailing reps and senators, and praying. The only thing I see jeopardizing this trend toward greater and greater 2A / self defense liberty is if conservatives get duped into a “convention of states” and we lose 2A. Otherwise, things are actually looking up.

  19. People keep calling the problems in Chicago “gun violence”. Call a spade a spade. It’s GANG VIOLENCE. 99% is black on black violence. Where’s BLM???? Chicago is a shit hole that’s only going to get worse. The only solution for the remaining few decent people left is to move their families far away and let the inhabitants kill them selves off. Then bulldoze and blacktop the city and form a parking lot.

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