After Sweetheart Deal Collapses, Fed Will Indict Hunter Biden on Illegal Gun Possession Charges

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Federal prosecutors will seek an indictment of Hunter Biden for illegally possessing a gun as a drug user by Sept. 29, according to a new court filing on Wednesday.

Biden is expected to be charged in Delaware with felony counts related to his purchase of a gun in October of 2018. At the time, he has said he was regularly using crack cocaine. Prosecutors said last month that they also plan to charge the president’s son with tax crimes in California or Washington, D.C.

The charges stem from a lengthy federal investigation into the president’s son. This summer, he nearly reached a deal with prosecutors that would have allowed him to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of failing to pay federal taxes. The deal also would have allowed him to avoid prosecution on gun charges if he stayed out of trouble for several years.

But after a judge questioned the deal at a dramatic hearing on July 26, it collapsed. Then, on Aug. 11, Attorney General Merrick Garland granted “special counsel” status to David Weiss, the Trump-appointed federal prosecutor who has been overseeing the investigation for years.

Wednesday’s filing is the latest sign that his team is plowing ahead with an extraordinarily sensitive and historically unprecedented investigation — a criminal case that pits prosecutors in the executive branch against the president’s son.

Garland and Weiss have long maintained that the investigation is independent. But IRS agents who worked on the case have testified to Congress that they believe they faced political interference while investigating the president’s son. Congressional Republicans have similarly blasted the case as tainted by politics.

House Republicans have accused Weiss of offering Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal, and they are scrutinizing his foreign business dealings, including in China and Ukraine. They have also lambasted the feds for deciding against stiffer charges for the alleged tax crimes. And they are preparing to launch an impeachment inquiry against the president because of his son’s foreign business.

— Betsy Woodruff Swan in Prosecutors plan to seek indictment of Hunter Biden on gun charges this month

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  1. “Federal prosecutors will seek an indictment of Hunter Biden for illegally possessing a gun as a drug user by Sept. 29, according to a new court filing on Wednesday.”

    Good, though I seriously doubt he will ever do any hard time, as much as he deserves it.

    Also, I could have done with the edited pic of ‘tiny’, thank you very much… 🙁

    • The useless SOB won’t even be sentenced to ANY time. No prior offenses blah blah blah. Aging father he needs to see to. blah blah blah. PERHAPS a few hours of “community service”/noshow.

      • Best bet is that after Hunter eventually changes his plea to guilty or no contest, he will be found guilty and sentenced to both jail time and a fine in accordance with federal sentencing guidelines. The jail time may be suspended in whole or in part in exchange for good behavior and no further violations, plus supervised probation for a number of years. Like him or not (and I don’t especially) Hunter is a first offender and former drug addict (maybe still is?) and that will get him some leniency; pretty much the same as most other defendants. BIG PROBLEM no one yet presented sufficient evidence to connect Hunter’s actions to his father. Until that happens an impeachment is going nowhere!

  2. Slap on the wrist trying to run out the clock on the substantive charges and deflect from Joe AKA the Big Guy’s treason! DOJ is a bad joke!

  3. IF it happens, which it probably won’t, he’ll be absolved of all the crimes the rest of us would be in prison for!!

    • “crimes the rest of us would be in prison for“

      Perhaps you’d be kind enough to point out an example where a similarly situated individual (lied on the 4473, only had possession of the gun for under two weeks, and made a public admission of his crime) yet went to prison.

      • A similarly situated individual? hunter biden is the son of the potus.

        But good to see you sticking up for the truly downtrodden, white, wealthy males amongst us, miner.

        Your gun control laws will affect who? Oh, yes. The poors and poc. Good for you to finally admit you favor whitey and wealth.

        • If Joe Biden, aka “POTUS” really wanted to protect his son all he would have to do is pardon him, before, or if elected after, the next POTUS is sworn in. You know, kinda like what our Former President is contemplating doing for himself! So which is worse, pardoning your son or pardoning yourself?? Any takers on that question?

      • Of course the Resident Marxist has received his/her/its marching orders to defend the Biden’s at all cost!!!

      • MINOR49er. Seems you like the DOJ likes to pick and choose who to prosecute when a FEDERAL FELONY is committed. You Lefties bitterly complaint, moan and groan about the so called “gun show loophole” claiming that gun sales there don’t go through NICS (another Leftist Boldfaced LIE).
        The fact is that the Feds prosecute very few of those felonies. Seems to me like a bit of hypocrisy, don’t you think? On one hand you complain about people having illegal guns and how “easy it is” and then on the other, when a criminal is caught, you either want to let him go (Hunter) or not prosecute at all?

  4. “This summer, he nearly reached a deal with prosecutors that would have allowed him to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of failing to pay federal taxes. The deal also would have allowed him to avoid prosecution on gun charges if he stayed out of trouble for several years.”

    Actually, as has been pointed out by various lawyer sources and even the Judge – the way it was worded and presented, had that plea deal been accepted and gone forward it would have given him immunity from prosecution for ANY crime. Its that non-standard way and wording that made it stand out to the judge.

    • They haven’t even gotten to other crimes yet, such as the human trafficking, unregistered foreign agent, misuse of government (tax payer) property for personal gain, theft of and use of tax payer funds for personal use, embezzlement, conspiring to and illegally avoid reporting income, and illegally conspiring to disburse tax payer dollars (around $1 billion) in exchange for favors – ya know, those things Joe was also involved in with Hunter and heck a pimp was even paid $25,000.00 to purchase a woman from Joe’s personal bank account.

  5. Even if found guilty (which he is) Joe will immediately pardon him. One more reason to remove Joe Biden and Mattress Harris, the two dumbest and most corrupt POS to ever hold office anywhere in America.

    • Right.
      I want to see it.
      I want to see what kind of 3rd world country Biden has brought the US to.
      Tote that one out as a campaign slogan, Biden 2024, common sense gun laws unless it involves my crack head son!

      • The people paying attention, the rioting pseudo-anarchist false equity pushers want us to be a corrupt third world shithole.

        The rest of the lefties are head-in-the-sand idiots who think voting for old segregationist Joe means they’re “nice” people who “care” because 70+ years ago somebody said Republicans are mean. A label they got for supporting and passing the Civil Rights Act given to them by a bunch of Bidens, Byrd’s and Faubus’.

  6. This needs to be more out front and in the news.
    Had anyone done the same thing, they would be in jail serving time.
    And were is all those gun grabbers? Why are they not cheering on for him to be prosecuted? Why are they not demanding he be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, the same laws his own father pushed for? Why the silence?

    • And, they turned OFF commenting on that article.

      However, the number of up votes is 2 to 1 over the down votes, so the Georgia readers obviously approve of the actions… 🙂

  7. Gotta do something while Daddy Bribem can still pardon him AND clear the slate before a Republican DOJ can get a shot at him…

  8. Regarding the gun charge, what evidence have the authorities collected to prove Hunter Biden’s guilt?

    Will Hunter Biden receive the same tax crime deal (no criminal charges, no jail time) Donald Trump’s Cuck buddy Roger Stone received?

    “According to Law360, Roger Stone and his wife have agreed to owing more than $2 million to the IRS to settle a suit alleging the associate of former President Donald Trump, hid income from the U.S., they told a Florida federal court on July 15, 2022.
    In a filing, Stone and the federal government asked the court to approve a settlement under which the political associate and his spouse, Nydia Stone, would agree to an income tax liability exceeding $1.6 million. Roger Stone also would be separately liable for more than $450,000 in taxes, according to the proposed settlement”

    If it wasn’t for double standards, conservative Republicans would have no standards at all.

    • “Regarding the gun charge, what evidence have the authorities collected to prove Hunter Biden’s guilt?”

      His signature on form 4473 that he filled out, a FEDERAL form, where lying on it is a FELONY crime… 🙂

      • Miner49er thinks its not a crime if a Biden does it. That actual form with that actual signature and Hunter admitting it … means there is no evidence to Miner49er ’cause its a Biden.

        • “Hunter admitting it … “

          Oh, just when was Hunter Biden under oath to make such a statement?

          Are you speaking of his novel?
          Amateur writers often embellish their life details, that sort of exaggeration is par for the course and probably won’t stand up in court.

          And help me to understand why Hunter Biden shouldn’t qualify for the same good ol’ boy discount Roger Stone and his hot swapping wife received, no criminal prosecution, no jail time.

        • “Roger Stone”

          Red herring.“

          Of course you don’t want to compare the prosecutions, Roger Stone doesn’t pay his taxes and suffers no criminal charges, no trial, no jail sentence.

          But for some reason Hunter Biden can’t get the same deal for not paying his taxes, instead he is criminally prosecuted.

          We’ll see how it plays out in court, you may be right and he will be sent to prison for years.

          I admit, with a criminal indictment, Hunter Biden would be an excellent candidate for the Republican primary.

          But I promise you, no matter what, I will never vote for Hunter Biden in 2024 or in the future.

        • miner. None of us voted for hunter. But that doesn’t change the fact that he has access to the upper levels of .gov. You know. Like eleanor roosevelt and barbara bush. Nobody voted for them, either.

          You truly have become a parody of yourself.

        • “Of course you don’t want to compare the prosecutions ”

          Because they have nothing to do with each other.

          For your re-education: “red herring — something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question. It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences toward a false conclusion.”

        • MajorLiar,

          Y U always B lyin’? Hunter’s bogus federal “prosecutor” deliberately allowed the statute of limitations to expire on several of his most egregious tax crimes, and he was being offered essentially a ‘plead guilty, and this all goes away’ deal on the rest, INCLUDING the very real gun charges, for which “other people” are tried and imprisoned EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

          The thing that’s crawled up your @$$ is that, BECAUSE the prosecution AND the defense lawyers chose to try to lie their @$$es off to the judge, and got caught, he’s now having to deal with the possibility of actual criminal, and civil, charges. Boo f**king hoo, you lying sh*tweasel.

          See, I am man enough, and intelligent enough, to admit that Donald J. Trump is a blowhard, and a liar, without defining or underlying philosophical OR political ideology of any kind. Twice, I didn’t vote for him (also didn’t vote for the Hildebeest or Lyin’ Joe Biden, either).

          You, on the pathetic other hand, try to run this stupid-@$$ scam that Senile Joe, the serial liar and child molester, is somehow an effective or useful chief executive. Painting s**t white doesn’t make it vanilla ice cream, you lying toad. As much as I despise Trump the Loudmouth, even having NOT voted for him twice before, I would vote for him in a heartbeat in November of next year, rather than that doddering, senile, child-groping idiot sexual predator in the White House (who was a babbling idiot throughout his career in the Senate). Either accept and admit your rampant lies and hypocrisy, or shut the f**k up.

          And you STILL remain too stupid to insult.

        • “Oh, just when was Hunter Biden under oath to make such a statement?”

          You idiot, that’s what the plea deal was for. It was in exchange for him pleading guilty. He actually pleaded guilty to the gun and other charges – by pleading guilty he admitted it.

        • MINOR49er, Of course it is a Red Herring. Is there a part of that you don’t understand? Again, you leave out the very pertinent part where Hunter was also charged with gun violations? Now why is that?
          You are just another Leftist Sleepy Joe supporter.

    • So, a Bribem DOJ/IRS settles with a US citizen and it’s a “double standard”? Deals are cut daily with thousands of citizens owing millions in back taxes and I can assure you that in none of those processes does it list any taxpayers political affiliation… As far as Bribem Jrs gun charge evidence? Hmmmmmmm. I guess HIS signature on a federal form that was allegedly falsified (the form NOT the signature), ACTUAL photos of Bribem Jr handling the firearm he allegedly purchased after filling out the allegedly falsified document, ACTUAL photos of Bribem Jr allegedly USING illegal drugs while handling the firearm he allegedly purchased after filling out the allegedly falsified document AND Bribems ACTUAL admission that during the time period that he purchased the firearm he allegedly purchased after filling out the allegedly falsified document he was ACTUALLY “ADDICTED” to Crack Cocaine in his “memoirs” as well as nationally published interviews… I know it might be difficult for some to SEE the implications of all that but hopefully the prosecutor will be able to tweak enough ACTUAL information from what “little(?)” he has to go on to make a case…

      • “Deals are cut daily with thousands of citizens owing millions in back taxes“

        Yes, that’s true, just as we see in the Roger Stone case, no criminal prosecution, no trial, no jail sentence.

        So again, explain to me why Hunter Biden should not get the same deal as Roger Stone?

        Regarding the gun charge, I was gratified to see you use the word allegedly seven times in your short post. It seems clear you have a grasp of the legal difficulty facing the prosecutor. Without someone to testify what was actually occurring in the photo, that won’t pass for actual evidence.

        And I’ve posted multiple credible sources showing that actual prosecution of those who lie on form 4473 is rare, and usually involves those who were actual convicted criminals fraudulently obtaining access to firearms.

        Why should Hunter Biden be a victim of selective prosecution, doesn’t he deserve equal justice under the law?

        “In the 2019 fiscal year, when Hunter Biden purchased his gun, federal prosecutors received 478 referrals for lying on Form 4473 — and filed just 298 cases. The numbers were roughly similar for fiscal 2020”

        “A 1990 Justice Department study noted how difficult it was to bring cases against people who falsely answer questions on the form, especially because there is no paper trail for drug abusers like there is for felons“,roughly%20similar%20for%20fiscal%202020.

        • Talk about inability to see the forest! TWO gun. Selective prosecution, I do the same thing, I go to jail.Run out the statute of limitations on purpose! More of the same. Typical hypocrite democrat.

        • You want it fair and balanced, miner? No more 4473’s. No more background checks. No waiting periods. No permission slips to exercise a right.

          When a person actually commits a crime gun in hand they get punished for that.

        • GAO Sept 2018:
          At the state level, officials from 10 of 13 selected states said they did not investigate or prosecute firearm denials, some citing competing resource demands and the lack of statutes with which states prosecute as reasons. The remaining 3 states investigated a high proportion of firearms denials. One of the 3 states reported about 1,900 referrals for prosecution in 2017 and about 470 convictions. The records only indicate investigations of “DENIALS”, Bribem Jr was not denied, he actually took possession of at least two firearms after lying on 4473s…

          As usual, “flawed” numbers with only one data point (did you look at the state level?) that works for YOUR agenda… I was being facetious with my use of the word “ALLEGED(LY)” but apparently that evaded your astute sensibilities… Average sentences were around 120 months…

        • “A 1990 Justice Department study noted how difficult it was to bring cases against people who falsely answer questions on the form, especially because there is no paper trail for drug abusers like there is for felons“

          In this case Bribem Jr has PUBLICLY admitted to his addiction to Crack Cocaine during the time period in question and has actually been photographed USING a Crack pipe… Plenty of “paper trails” from personal memoirs, nationally distributed interviews… (and the “Laptop from Hell”)…

        • The resident MARXIST has never filed out a 4473 form, so he/she/it doesn’t comprehend that lying on the form is a “FELONY”!!!!

          Called “PERJURY”!!!!

          HE/SHE/IT believes in one set of Justice for DEMOCATS and his/her/its allies..

          And another for “REPUBLICATS”!!!

    • “Will Hunter Biden receive the same tax crime deal (no criminal charges, no jail time) …”

      No. He’ll receive an even better deal on that and the firearm charges.
      That’s how it works in a banana-republic two-tiered justice system.

    • minor49iq…One thing at a time…This is about the firearm charge against hunter. You’ll have to take a ticket and sit down blabbermouth and wait until the tax charges against hunter show up.

      Trying to defend hunter and joe with your lame “finger pointing” won’t hold up in court. The charges against POTUS DJT were concocted like the debunked Russian Collusion, etc. Charges against the Ukraine-China-Russia duo joe and hunter were not in any way concocted which prompts you to finger point like a snot nosed grade school tattletail or a marxist democRat blaming others for what they are guilty of.

    • MajorLiar,

      So, the takeaway from your quarter-wit comment is “it’s a crime if a Republican does it, but not if a Dimocrat does it”????? Nice that you’re being that honest. Hunter, the crackhead whoremonger grifting git of the senile and stupid (P)Resident (i) admitted he owed taxes on millions in income he didn’t report (or pay), (ii) admitted he falsified a federal form (4473) under penalty of perjury, (iii) publicly admitted to criminal drug use/abuse, criminal illegal transportation of women across state lines for “immoral purposes”, and outed his pervent, pedophile father for, among other things, showering with his adolescent daughter.

      Is there ANY crime a Dimocrat could commit that would earn your opprobrium??? Or is it the political equivalent of color-blindness; you simply CANNOT SEE a Dimocrat crime????

      Oh, and wipe off your chin; that Joe Juice is a bad look for you.

    • MINOR49er, Are you IGNORING that fact that he possessed a firearm which he illegally obtained? (shaking my head)
      Seems you did not read the article? The Tax Evasion is only one charge. What has Roger Stone to do with this when you consider the gun charge? (Shaking my head, yet again)
      You are good at your propaganda.

      • Walter,

        No, actually, MajorLiar is pathetically BAD at his propaganda – but in the crowd of quarter-wits and below he associates with, it probably suffices (“In the Kingdom of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King”). The evidence is in – MajorLiar is a semi-sentient (at BEST!), Leftist/fascist quarter-wit, with delusions of gender. He is not smart, he is not insightful, he is not educated, he is not intellectually curious. He is a programmed, Leftist/fascist drone. If he has parents (that he ever met – or if they were ever formally introduced to each other), they are probably ashamed of him.

        He serves ONE purpose on this forum, AFAIAC – he is a somewhat entertaining target for ‘whack-a-Leftist/fascist-mole’. Other than that, he is simply an oxygen thief.

    • I agree. 4473’s are a clear violation of the constitution. But if you or I did this we would be felons with ruined lives.

      hunter is an entitled, wealthy white man. So he gets a pass.

    • Phillip,

      I could say the same about every “gun law” on the books, too. And here is the dilemma we Jeffersonian libertarians face – IF we have laws, our system prescribes procedures for testing/determining the validity and constitutionality of those laws (assuming Marbury was properly an implied power, which I actually don’t concede), then UNTIL that system results in an overturning of those laws, they are still laws.

      T. Jefferson also gave us a roadmap for what to do if we don’t like that system.

      So, unless I’m missing a third alternative, our options are to live within and comply with the system or (as the Lefties are fond of saying) “burn it down”.

  9. BTW, anybody know what kind of gun that is? I looked at a lot of profiles and couldn’t find anything that precisely matched both the trigger guard and that distinctive curved back of the slide.

  10. Well the “Irony of Irony” is that the Federal Charge of possessing a firearm or purchasing a firearm while a user of a controller substance is 100% Unconstitutional, if you follow the methodology of the Bruen and Heller decisions, as it has no historical analog with the Federal or State Laws at or around the founding period of the country.

    Bottom line is you can’t take away a persons 2nd Amendment Rights if they are a Legal or Illegal user of a controlled substance. If you convict them of a crime and send them to prison, then obviously they lose many of their rights, however when their sentence ends, they get them all back.

    “Hunter Biden vs. the Biden DOJ”, may be a huge civil rights victory for all Americans, LOL

    • I agree completely. There is no authority in the Constitution to restrict substances or Arms from a free people.

  11. Other descriptions of the charges refer to a Colt revolver. What about the pistol in this ubiquitous photo?

    • Dunno, and it doesn’t really matter. The offense of lying on the 4473 did apply to his purchase of a revolver.

      Regardless, he won’t face any punishment even if he’s found in violation of the law.

      • old joe may have hunter quietly killed to protect the rest of the biden crime family. I don’t think that qualifies as justice, though.

        • Is Joe related to Hillary? I know she has lots of people aborted when they prove to be inconvenient to her. And, of course, abortion is a “women’s rights” issue.

        • I can certainly see the Don having one of his capos offed. In Joe Biden’s case, that would give him another son that he can build up to the level of sainthood and beyond. We’ll be hearing soon that poor old dead hunter was an amazing doctor who singlehandedly cured Cancer, Covid, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, teenage acne, diabetes, near-sightedness, halitosis, stupidity, and mortality.

  12. He’s still gonna walk. The Bidens have been committing crimes all over the world for longer than most registered voters have been alive without consequence.

  13. “…a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

    It is as easy to recommend no punishment two or three times, as it is to do so once.

    • Yes, recommending no punishment apparently happens rather often regarding the form 4473:

      “The FBI, in reviewing instant background checks for firearm purchases, detected 112,000 lie-and-try crimes in fiscal 2017 alone, and federal investigators had names and addresses on the filled-out forms. How many were prosecuted? Twelve, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report”

      So let’s see, 112,000 detected ‘lie and try’, only 12 prosecuted.

      • Miner (or his doppelganger?) has just made a solid case for eliminating the 4473 form and its process because it is completely useless and not worth the (ahem) paper it is printed on.

        With opponents like this, who needs friends?

        • I’ve said this before. miner and dacian deserve our thanks. They’ve help biden sell those million plus guns every month. They’ve helped keep us focused on the fight to beat them.

  14. an absolute cluster f**k family. Rotten to the core. If the people ever get the truth it will eye opening.

  15. Please explain to me why the first gun mentioned was a revolver, yet the second gun in every picture is a semi-auto?! Why no mention of two guns?

  16. Nice trigger discipline ya got there, Hunter. Yeah, we know…it’s the crack you were smoking.

    What a worthless POS he is.

    • He could help greatly by having a negligent discharge with that handgun. Gonads or femoral artery.

  17. Somebody on the radio today (maybe it was Clay Travis or Buck Sexton?) said that they had read the 4473 charges, and he thought that maybe there were TWO SEPARATE cases involving the 4473 felonies. One case regarding a revolver, and another involving what appears to be a Glock (per the pic at the top of this article).

    If that’s true, then our media is missing this.

    • Must be more then, one report I read listed a Cobra 380 on a Bribem 4473… Not a Glock in the picture (exposed hammer)…

  18. “Perhaps you’d be kind enough to point out an example where a similarly situated individual (lied on the 4473, only had possession of the gun for under two weeks, and made a public admission of his crime) yet went to prison.”

    Dennis Summer mentioned “crimes that the rest of us would be put in prison for.”

    “The rest of us” are just average Joes, not the son of the POTUS. However:

    Virginia woman Deja Taylor, whose 6-year-old son shot and injured his teacher in January. … Taylor was charged earlier this year for being an unlawful user of a controlled substance in possession of a firearm and making a false statement during the purchase of a firearm.

    The controlled substance in this case was marijuana, which is legal in Virginia but is a controlled substance under U.S. law and is still regulated by the federal government. Federal authorities said Taylor knew “she was an unlawful user” of marijuana when she purchased her firearm and denied using cannabis on documentation.

    Taylor had no criminal history prior to the charges. She pleaded guilty [in June] and is awaiting her sentencing. The federal case against her could result in up to 25 years in prison, though her lawyers said sentencing guidelines call for 18 months to 24 months behind bars.


    Brion Martai Odell Hamilton of Oklahoma, is facing up to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty in October to making false statements on ATF Form 4473, the Washington Times reported.

    Hamilton had previously been convicted of carrying a firearm under the influence of marijuana in Oklahoma County, and federal prosecutors determined he lied on the ATF’s Firearms Transaction Record form regarding his eligibility to purchase a firearm. — Fox News

    Both offenders are awaiting sentencing.

  19. Reminder

    Remember His lawyers have already said if it goes to trial they will use the Bruen standard for their defense!!!

    If it succeeds than those that were convicted for lying on the 4473 form, should be able to appeal and request expunging of their records!!!

  20. @Telcontar46
    “So which is worse, pardoning your son or pardoning yourself??”

    Neither; “pardons” are political, not judicial, acts. “Pardons” are not based on “justice.”

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