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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)
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When you’re worth north of $50 billion, a little setback like losing a billion on a short-lived vanity campaign that went nowhere is just a minor speed bump. Now Michael Bloomberg is trying to do to Texas what he did to Virginia.

Everytown is calling its $8 million effort here “Gun Sense Majority: Texas,” describing it as one of its largest state investments yet. It includes TV and digital ads, as well as direct mail and a field program drawn from its massive grassroots arms, Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action. They will be pushing for policies that continue to register broad support in polling, starting with universal background checks.

Everytown is not the only national gun control group zeroing in on Texas this cycle. Brady PAC is set to spend over $500,000, a sum that its executive director said is growing from an initially “modest investment” in the fight for the state House majority. Democrats are nine seats down in that chamber.

“It just kind of snowballed as we lifted up the hood and saw all the opportunities that existed,” the executive director, Brian Lemek, said.

– Patrick Svitek in How gun control advocates plan to make Texas a top political priority in 2020

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  1. Bloomberg continues his quest to financially support marketing execs and political consultants. They love this guy.

  2. Worked in New York and Virginia. Texas has been slowly turning “Blue” for about 20 years. Especially in the large cities. It’s all a part of the Liberal Ideology. Start slow get a foothold. Infiltrate the education system to indoctrinate new future voters and their parents. Get Liberals elected to city counsels, Big and small. Elected to state offices and appointed to strategic state offices. Control the media with TV and Newsprint. Advance like minded individuals in police forces. Then when the time is perceived to be right. Pick an election cycle to flood the media with their Ideology and back their chosen candidates with unlimited resources. This “Long Game” strategy has been very effective in changing the face and culture of Our Nation over the last 50 years. This is nothing new. It’s just now Freedom loving people are starting to pay attention. In some cases to late to save their Rights. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • This is simply not true. Texas has not had one single statewide Democrat elected to office in over 20 years now. And more, not less of our cities have Republican mayors than they used to. This last house and senate cycle, we had districts (like in San Antonio) turn Republican for the first time in over 50 years.
      In additon, we’ve significantly increased the free exercise of our 2nd amendment rights during that time, passing concealed carry, LTC, and numerous “right to carry” laws, including enshrining those laws in our state constitution. None of that existed 30 years ago.

      • Flip opposite in CA here. For the first time in our state’s history, as a result of the Nov 2018 elections, every single state level office…

        …take a moment and let that sink in…

        every single state level office is now occupied by a Democrat. The only (few) Republicans are in the Legislature, and sorely outnumbered.

        • It used to be that way in Texas. We’ve usually been a one party state, it just used to be Democrats. It was Al Gore that changed that for Texas. He represented the new “Southern Democrats”, and Texans wanted nothing to do with that.

        • Changing demographics is the single greatest threat to the legal recognition to the right to keep and bear arms.

          Nothing else comes close.

        • “It used to be that way in Texas. We’ve usually been a one party state, it just used to be Democrats. It was Al Gore that changed that for Texas. He represented the new “Southern Democrats”, and Texans wanted nothing to do with that.”

          Insert Tennessee where you see Texas. Exact same thing. Tennessee was so over Al Gore, he couldn’t even carry his own state in the presidential election.

        • I liked Ann Richards pretty well until she vowed to veto a bill allowing study of concealed carry in Texas. Just study!! Whippersnapper named Dubya was asked and said simply that if the Leg put it on his desk he would sign it. Haven’t heard from Richards since. Never was a bill to study, just CHL, and Dubya signed it. I thought he was pro-2A but that was wrong, too, he just considered it unimportant.

        • The world would have been much better off if that old battleax Richards had raised her own daughter properly.

        • I would encourage as many San Antonians as possible publically use those terms.
          Hell, stage vociferous conversations for maximum exposure.

          “…for investigation.”
          For what? A crime? Would said council put you on a list for further scrutiny?

          It would be easy enough to remind them of the many diseases with geographical nomenclature.

    • None of that has any significant impact on the voting demographics of Texas compared to immigration. The fact is, immigrants from poorer countries than the US (which is most countries, of course) consistently vote for the Democrat welfare state. While the oft-cited statistic that the majority of immigrants turn conservative after several generations is true as far as it goes, this, taken in relation to the other well known figure that in the same number of generations the reproductive rate of immigrants falls to a rate similar to the existing population, means that with a big enough percentage of immigration year over year the Democrat vote remains the majority regardless of anything less than a landslide against it from the original population.

      This is precisely what is happening in Texas. “Make Texas Blue” isn’t about changing minds, or making people hate guns, or environmental protection. It’s about more mass immigration. Simultaneously importing voters while driving up housing prices to lower the birthrate of the existing population. And no, I don’t just mean white people. They have to keep the immigrants that have “gone native” and starting voting conservative down in numbers too. The simple fact is we need to virtually eliminate ALL immigration to prevent Texas from becoming a consistent Democrat vote in national elections, something which would make every election a guaranteed win for Democrats in the House, Senate and the Presidency. And it needs to happen NOW. The real foothold to which you are referring is the control of immigration and birth rates, and that’s what Democrats have been gunning for for decades. The gun bans are just insurance, to keep the conservative majority of the non-immigrant population from doing something crazy, like taking up arms against a Democracy that is being used as a weapon against them.

  3. “After Blowing $1 Billion on His Campaign, Bloomberg’s Throwing Money Into Making Texas Blue”

    Why not? You people gave up in California and moved to the “free state” of Texas. So, to Texas we will go and show you that you are only as “free” as WE say you can be…. YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN AWAY FROM ME?!? I’M COMING FOR YOU… umm, er…. sorry….

    Eric Swalwell 2020

    • You misunderstand. Bloomberg is succeeding. The money is unimportant to him. He is a zealot trying to move the balance needle of public opinion. With his vast wealth constantly growing, the money spent move that needle leftward is the least important concern.

      This is a very long game, long term investment outlook Bloomberg is taking. Do not assume because one political race was not a victory that the effort did not aid his long term goals.

    • The money he spends replenishes as fast as he can spend it. That doesn’t mean he wants to waste it though. His priorities just aren’t helping people in need.

    • Good bet the SOB has most of his “smart money” in Wall St. If so his buttbuddies in Peking screwed him over good with the chicom flu. I really hope he lost billions in the market crash.

  4. dems have been working on it for at least 20 years now. pumping in liberals from out of state into all branches of media (tv, newspaper, radio) to push their point of view and agenda, and using out of state advisors for political matters. what has been going on in Texas, and is going on, did not originate in Texas. the people of Texas are having their state shaped by powers outside of Texas and beyond their control and beyond their votes. they didn’t ask for this sort of intervention (or meddling) and it should be illegal. this Bloomberg thing is the latest example of many, many, many others that flew under the radar.

        • Didn’t see the entire comment chain Carlos, but these were responses to an antisemitic post, since deleted. A couple of other comments were deleted as well, so ignore the entire thing. It wouldn’t make sense unless you saw a little more of what was being said, & replied to.

  5. Yes, because we are all the same! No differences between a conservative minded, half redneck Jew like myself and Bloomberg, none at all. Idiot.

        • They deleted a post by “Christian Patriot” for pointing out a certain fact that apparently gets you banned on this forum.

          Think about that. Banned for speaking the truth.

        • Who’s truth? Which truth? This is a private site. They have the right to censor or ban. You want to start an anti semite site? Do it and have a good life. Just don’t show up here bitcing about your rights when you won’t respect the rights of others.

        • @USSLiberty – Please, do enlighten me about my people! Tell me how I, and my fellow conservative Jews, are! Can’t wait to begin this journey of “self” discovery… lol.

  6. So, where are our 2A supporting billionaires? The liberal press is giving Bloomberg all the publicity.

  7. Rich dude paying other rich people to keep their boots on the throats of the poors seems like a thing that will really garner a lot of support from the masses right now, what with all the unemployment and empty grocers and Wendy’s having run out of hamburger. I know getting rid of the one tool that can effectively help my poor, aging ass survive the coming depression is right at the top of my list of priorities, right next making sure the jails are empty of violent criminals so we have space to throw the hairdressers in.

  8. I can’t control what my neighbors do. I might could have some degree for influence on people around me, maybe. I know it’s bigger than me but I can only do what I can do.

    Others might be persuaded by him but I’ve made up my mind. His money means nothing to me. My freedom and my mind is not his for the taking.

    You choose for you as I have for me. Just always remember that if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

      • “Let’s just go on the record, they talk about 40 Democrats. Twenty-one of those were people that I spent $100 million to help elect. All of the new Democrats that came in and put Nancy Pelosi in charge and gave the Congress the ability to control this president, I bough them.”

        Mayor Mike disagrees

        • Well, Pelosi and others on the left might could be bought. I don’t see any of them ‘controlling’ this president. This presidents control is from within himself. It is the very lack of control that frustrates the left so much about Trump.

    • “…if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

      Neil Peart, RIP… 🙁

      Neil would choose ‘Freewill’… 🙂

  9. Texas no doubt will go blue. Ted Cruz narrowly beat Beatoff O’fake…and like Virginia you won’t get a dime from me. Vote. All hands on deck…

  10. Instead of helping people with the hardships that they are suffering now Bloomberg prefers to trample on people . That is how Bloomberg amuses himself. Did anyone notice that the governors that took his gun control bucks are now being ignored by him during this crisis ? Take Rhode Island as one example. The governor gladly took his money and went anti gun . Now with all of the state’s problems Bloomberg is not helping with money for people in that state suffering financial hardships or setting up food banks. He and Soros had plenty of money for supplies for the caravans coming to our borders illegally though.

  11. “After Blowing $1 Billion …”

    I very much doubt Bloomberg sees it that way. He’s worth over $56 billion today. He just bought a 4600 acre ranch in Colorado for $45 million. He has other homes around the world he’s poured tens of millions into. He spends money like water on his various interests.

    And yet his fortune keeps growing.

    This is why he’s a political threat. Not because he can win a campaign himself but because he is willing to pour vast sums into influencing campaigns everywhere and anywhere he feels like.

    It should be obvious to all that Bloomberg does not see that billion he spent as wasted money. He sees it as an investment in moving public perceptions on issues of the day in the direction he wants voters to move.

    So he’s spending money in Texas? Okay, he does not have to “win” to win. All he needs to do is move the needle left over time, and his investment will pay off.

    From his point of view that is.

  12. The 2A extremists worse fears are coming true. How will they stop the Biden/Beto juggernaut that is presently overwhelmingly not only Texas but the entire deep south as well? Add Bloombergs millions and you have an unbeatable combo. 2021 is going to be a watershed year for socialism in this country. And you gun nuts are going to pay the price.

  13. New York City was for sale — as always — and Bloomb@stard bought it. But it wasn’t cheap. Let’s hope that Texas is a bridge too far for the cabal of billionaires that owns the rest of America.

    Y’know, we used to think that 2A existed to protect us from overreaching government. Now we’re beginning to realize that government is just a puppet, and we actually need to protect ourselves from the puppet masters.

  14. Virginia did not turn blue because of Bloomberg. It turned blue because of feckless Republicans who ran out of touch reactionary candidates. Democrats camouflaged themselves as moderates too. I realize that its simpler to blame the money rather than the actual message and makes people feel better, but it just ain’t so.

    If Republicans get complacent and run reactionary out of touch candidates, they will lose Texas just like VA.

      • Today money spent on political advertising is largely down a rat hole (unless you actually believe in “the power of social media”. TV ads are tuned out/channel change. Most people don’t read the prog newspapers. A lot dumped into direct mail has the “o so smart consultants” have idea what to do with their ill gotten lucre (so wasted).

        This the year of the chicom flu (the fraudulent vote by mail year) where will the $ go?

    • dwb, an excellent assessment of what happen in the Cavalier state.

      Too many Repubcos and Conservatives are all talk
      and no action. Go to a Unlock rally and see how small
      the crowds are. The same was true for the Tea Party and
      Gun rallies. More people line up at Highbuck for their latte
      than freedom rallies; at least in Maoisota.

    • There is no single reason Virginia went deep blue. There are a litany of reasons for the end result. Bloombergs’ millions just added to the end result. Let us hope that the next election the voters of Virginia will wise up.

    • VA turned blue because of NOVA and the DC government sector expanding into VA. I saw that ten years ago when I lived in Fairfax County briefly.

  15. Text book example of “a fool and his money are soon parted”…
    If he’s hell bent on pissing away $$$, I have some leftover Enron stock he can buy on the cheap…

  16. Bloomey, reneged on his offer to pay all of his hirees,
    their full salary, until after election day.

    Even his word of honor is worthless.


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