Mike Bloomberg
In this March 3, 2020 photo, Democratic presidential candidate former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg waits to speak at a news conference, in the Little Havana neighborhood, in Miami. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)
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Who says all of the political news is bad? After investing in excess of half a billion dollars into his presidential campaign so far, billionaire gun control financier and generally likable guy Michael Bloomberg had a disastrous first contact with the electorate yesterday.

Adopting an unconventional strategy of skipping the initial primaries and caucuses and focusing all of his attention and cash on Super Tuesday states proved…unproductive. After all of the shouting, voting and saturation ads were done, Mayor Mike came away with a whopping 44 delegates. For reference, that total is less than 10% of the leading candidate, Joe Biden.

It seems that all the money in the world — almost literally — can’t make up for a prickly, off-putting personality, disturbing views on civil rights and a questionable track record as an employer.

So, knowing a losing investment when he sees one, Bloomberg put an end to his campaign today.

But while we won’t have Mike’s underperforming candidacy to kick around any more, he’s pledged to fully support (read: fund) Joe Biden’s (likely) run against Donald Trump in the fall.

Don’t touch that dial.

Here’s the AP’s full report:

By Kathleen Ronayne and Alexandra Jaffe, AP

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg ended his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination on Wednesday and endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden. It was a stunning collapse for the former New York City mayor, who had his 2020 hopes on the Super Tuesday states and pumped more than $500 million of his own fortune into the campaign.

Bloomberg announced his departure from the race after a disappointing finish on Super Tuesday in the slate of states that account for almost one-third of the total delegates available in the Democratic nominating contest. He won only the territory of American Samoa and picked up several dozen delegates elsewhere. Biden, meanwhile, won big in Southern states where Bloomberg had poured tens of millions of dollars and even cautiously hoped for a victory.

“Three months ago, I entered the race for President to defeat Donald Trump,” Bloomberg said in a statement. “Today, I am leaving the race for the same reason: to defeat Donald Trump — because it is clear to me that staying in would make achieving that goal more difficult.”

Two of Bloomberg’s former Democratic rivals, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg, dropped out of the race and endorsed Biden as the moderate alternative to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders just the day before Super Tuesday.

Bloomberg ran an unprecedented campaign from the start. His late entrance into the race in November prompted him to skip campaigning in the first four voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. He hung his success on Super Tuesday, spending at least $180 million on advertising in those states, but had planned to continue deep into the primary calendar, already spending millions on advertising in states like Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Before results poured in on Tuesday, he projected confidence while campaigning in Florida, only to have his aides say the campaign would reassess the next day.

Voters ultimately rejected Bloomberg’s argument that he was the candidate best poised to take on President Donald Trump. The Republican president had paid close attention to the Democratic nominating contest and had been especially fixated on Bloomberg. Trump regularly railed against his fellow New Yorker on Twitter, mocking his short stature by calling him “Mini Mike” and claiming Bloomberg was the candidate he wanted to run against. On Tuesday, he called the results a “complete destruction” of Bloomberg’s reputation.

Bloomberg, 78, is one of the world’s richest men, worth an estimated $61 billion. His fortune flows from the financial data and media company that bears his name, which he started in the 1980s. In addition to serving 12 years as New York mayor, he endeared himself to progressive groups by pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into fighting climate change and curbing gun violence.

In the early weeks of his campaign, he used his vast fortune to introduce himself to voters outside New York on his own terms, and his rivals accused him of trying to buy the party’s nomination and the White House. As voting drew closer, the former Republican was forced to confront his Democratic rivals head on by appearing alongside them on a debate stage. His first performance was shaky and uneven and caused voters to view him with a more critical eye.

He proved unable to overcome consistent criticism of New York’s use of the stop-and-frisk police practice under his tenure as mayor, which disproportionately targeted young black and Latino men for searches aimed at finding weapons. The practice ended after a federal judge declared it unconstitutional, and Bloomberg apologized for using it weeks before announcing his presidential run.

He similarly faced pointed criticism — primarily from rival Elizabeth Warren — about the treatment of women at his company, Bloomberg LP. Under pressure from Warren, he said in mid-February he would release three women who sued him for harassment or discrimination complaints from confidentiality agreements. Women who worked for Bloomberg were featured in a commercial praising Bloomberg’s and the company’s treatment of women, and his longtime partner Diana Taylor defended him as a champion of women.

Bloomberg was dogged by accusations he was trying to buy the Democratic presidential nomination. His vast fortune proved a perfect foil for Sanders, who has said billionaires should not exist at all. Indeed, Bloomberg had a vast circle of influence from his spending on key causes like gun control as well as his philanthropic efforts to boost American cities and provide leadership training for mayors. Dozens of prominent mayors rallied behind his candidacy.

That, combined with Biden’s resurgence in South Carolina and the rallying of the party’s moderate wing behind him, doomed Bloomberg’s case that he was the best candidate to take on both Sanders and Trump.

What’s next for Bloomberg is unclear. He’d pledged to keep campaign offices open in key general election battleground states to help the Democrats defeat Trump even if he lost the party’s nomination. But Sanders’ campaign has said they do not want the help.

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  1. Best news I’ve heard in more than a month, Bloomturd Suspends Presidential Campaign,No Love For A Turd regardless of how much money said Turd has.

    • LOL, my (adult) son and I were *just* talking about Bloomberg’s inevitable withdrawal only half an hour ago. And here it is! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

      Now to wait for Fauxahantas to announce hers as well…

      • Yahoo reports Fake Indian Warren has no intention of dropping out. pinning her hopes on a brokered convention. I say she drops out by the end of the week if she can get it through her thick skull no one likes her…..

      • Well yes and likely to an obnoxious level of media saturation. Personally I am very suprised he dropped this early and a bit disappointed he didn’t drop more money on the primaries. Ah well on to covid monitoring unless the Bernie Bros get silly.

      • Of course Mini Mike will support Creepy Joe. Bolshie Bernie could be a bit troublesome for elites like Mini Mike.

    • Hallelujah! Now we don’t have to listen to his annoying lying campaign ads on TV. Yup, Mike will get it done. I think Larry the Cable guy should run. “Get er dun!”.

  2. He got his ass handed to him and wasted the better part of a billion dollars. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

    • Everyone keeps saying this. A billion dollars to him is like $1,000 to us normal people. It’ like building a PC. A waste of money? Sure, but it’s a hobby. This fucken twat funded the opposition to the boogaloo for a hobby.

  3. It was definitely the licking fingers/touching everything that did it. It showed uneducated and stupid behavior. Even kids know not to “double dip” at parties. Eeeeewwww.

  4. If Mike really wants to help America with ending gun violence, I have a suggestion. He can fund me to opening a firearm training center in every state. We can help train people who want to legally and safely carry firearms. We could even give discounts to ladies, victims of violent crime and minorities to help ensure their participation in being able to defend themselves. Just a thought. It makes sense because as gun ownership and concealed carry went up over the last two years, violent crime went down.

    Then he could push for stricter prosecution of criminals using firearms during crimes. Maybe if we got more of those criminals off the street, he wouldn’t get 50 or 60 threats against his life on a regular basis.

    But what do I know, I’m just a deplorable from fly over country.

  5. We have more proof that this guy is better suited to the democrat party. He panders by trying to speak Spanish, and his idea of solving a problem is throwing money at it.

      • He’s being a whinny socialist complaining about a capitalist for spending his money legally. Bloomberg gives out so many checks and he isn’t cheap about it. That makes socialists mad because they can’t compete with a billionaire. When a Republican runs as a Democrat the Trump bros get pissed because only their man can reverse his coat.

        • Kinda see what you are trying for but need some work tying the delivery to the intro. Still the irony is not lost or less amusing.

  6. Bloombag spent $500 million and all he won was American Samoa? For just a few dollars more, he could have taken title to American Samoa and renamed it Bloombergia.

      • Oh so true. I swear that nearly every day I get a glossy 8×11 mailer, and his ads on TV here in California were nonstop. Other than Steyer and a few from Warren, no one else campaigned way up here in Republican country.

    • At least it was only money and not in lives such as other vanity projects. China’s “Great Leap Forward” is one that springs to mind.

  7. Bloomberg is such a pretentious prick, I bet he never expected to get his ass handed to him by a dishonest dirt-bag like Elizabeth Warren. If you are the type of person a skeezer like Warren can talk down to, then you do not deserve to be nominated to run a soup-slinging station at an elementary school, let alone a country.

    Try as he might, Bloomberg isn’t Raymond Cocteau, and we live in reality, not, “Demolition Man.”

      • I bet if Bloomberg became President, he’d try and institute a policy of mandating make-work jobs for the production of rat burgers to feed the nation’s homeless with the real goal being the reduction of NYC’s rodent population. 😂

  8. Yes, but American Samoa was his firewall. All he had to do going forward was to run the table with Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Marianas and he could have turned this whole thing around and made a real horse race of it.

  9. Who says all of the political news is bad?
    I don’t understand how anyone can see this as a GOOD thing…. All that money little Caesar would have wasted on shit nobody watched will go to PACs to support Biden and to the gun grabbers to work on Senate and Congressional races (not to mention the infrastructure he has already bought and paid for) AND it gives the Democrats breathing room to come together behind one “Creepy” semi-brain dead asshole who is making all the right noises for the party faithful… As I’ve said before on this subject BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…

    • Correct. Bloomie would be the easiest to defeat in a general election… unfortunately, he now knows that, and even if he’s a social retard, that doesn’t make him stupid. Bloomberg’s money if wisely used on anything other than himself will make it a much tougher fight, and he can afford to buy somebody who IS popular.

    • MadMax is right… it would have been so much better if Bloomberg had stayed in. Hell, I think if he had gotten the nomination it would have been a slam dunk for Trump!

    • The dims aren’t going to come together behind slow joe. The party is fracturing between the ‘moderate’ dims and the out and out ‘radicals’.

      This bodes well for Trump.

      • You still think the Bernie wing is THAT strong after yesterday? He couldn’t even carry a third of Commifornia Democrats…

        • As of 11:00am Pacific Time this morning, the tally is Biden – 566, Sanders – 500. Warren has only 50, so she’s officially an also-ran at this point.

          The Biden/Sanders race is evidence that the Dems are splitting into the “traditional” and “socialist” branches as we speak. This definitely bodes well for Trump, because no matter which of them wins the Dem nomination, many supporters of the other candidate will feel disenfranchised and choose not to vote in November. Even if that’s only 10% of the affected group, it will help Trump avoid a repeat of 2016’s “lost the popular vote” issue.

          Then again, we might be seeing a Red Sweep in November, so who knows?

      • There are democrats who would vote for a fire hydrant if it were running for president. Unfortunately, Biden can attract those votes. Bloomberg wasn’t.

        • Well that got snipped…

          Last line was supposed to say “Bloomberg wasn’t popular enough to attract those votes.”

  10. On the exploding super-nova scale I’m happy I won’t be seeing Bloomturd’s ugly mug on tv & YouTube😃 Yeah his $ is still around but it would have been around anyway. HOW will S L O W Joe survive being investigated for vast corruption by him and his son? And sister. And who knows?!?

  11. So for 28 million dollars each he got a grand total of 18 delegates. Having blown over half a billion dollars on this, he will move back to banning the evil Big Gulp or Global Warming for his next big endeavor.

      • And you sound like a parrot badly imitating the crap the GOP puts out. This guy is pouring out millions of dollars to subvert our constitutional rights as they have been understood for centuries, but hey that’s capitalism right? Capitalism good! Much much good!

      • Actually he sounds like an American citizen concerned that a height challenged, Napoleonic, wanna-be Despot with a major ego issue and way too much money can irreversibly alter the political, social, economic and judicial makeup of this country for decades to come….. No ONE person should ever have that much power, yet here we are….

        • Bloomberg still reminds me of the firebrand major in the movie Tank Battalion (aka Tankovy Prapor, it’s a Czech movie with subtitles). He was known as “The little devil”.

    • Not only has he bought state governments like Virginia, he admitted the other night that he bought the House of Representatives for the Demorats..

    • The pharmaceutical industry is buying state legislature after state legislature. But that’s ok?

    • I’d say more like a puppet master. The VP will pretty much have to be a woman or POC. Physical attributes are very important to democrat voters.

  12. He realized he is too similar to Trump to win against Trump. But his campaign was probably more about funneling money to his buddies.

  13. You gun toting morons do realize that Biden has shown that he will steamroll Trump in November. He’s got the Eastern seaboard in his pocket. The south is now his and with Beto aligned with him Texas is now Biden territory. Once Obama endorses him the election will be over. Black Americans will vote in droves to put Biden in office. “Make the best of what we offer you. You’ll suffer less than you deserve. “

    • Old people love Biden. However, their voting bloc is being surpassed by the younger generations. It appears Biden will not win against Trump because of his positions, mental state and history.

      Bernie could have a chance, but the party doesn’t want him to win. They already stiff armed him when they chose Hillary well before the campaigning begun. Now they chose Biden.

      Most Americans will vote for another 4 years because they are used to what they got. It’s rare that Americans make change on their own. Hence why they put term limits on the presidency.

      The establishment wants Trump. He is very good for corporate business, religious efforts and gun control.

    • Kimber says:
      March 4, 2020 at 11:34
      You gun toting morons do realize that Biden has shown that he will steamroll Trump in November.
      It ain’t over til it’s over so go phuk yourself and your OFFERS……. Creepy Uncle Joe WILL implode, Obama is irrelevant and Biden will never hold on to the South (including Texas) as liong as Roberto Francisco O’Rourke aka “Beto” is at his side with his infamouse “Hell yes I’m going to take your AR-15s and AK-47s” stuck to his ass….. Biden will forget where he’s at or why he’s there at the first REAL debate when he has to face Trump.. I can see him now, that “deer in the headlights” look when he loses his train of thought, curled up in a corner wimpering for his “Mommy Jill”…… Good luck with that…

      • Thank you Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden supporter. News for you…you do not wear your moniker well at all. Try “useful idiot”…fits you like a glove.

        • Debbie W. says:
          March 4, 2020 at 12:04
          Thank you Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden supporter. News for you…you do not wear your moniker well at all. Try “useful idiot”…fits you like a glove.

          How the HELL do you peg ME as a “Jim Crow gun control Biden supporter”… Your reading comprehension must have gone full bore dyslexic….. How does “Creepy Uncle Joe WILL implode,” EVER compute to “Biden supporter”… Your apology will be graciously accepted…. I think MADDMAXX fits me QUITE well…
          You gun toting morons do realize that Biden has shown that he will steamroll Trump in November. was the 1st sentence in a post by “Kimber something” that I respoded to.

    • LMAO.! 😜

      You speak as though super Tuesday was an actual election……hoo boy?

      Buncha leftist butt-sniffers fighting to keep Bernie down and hope the meds kick in for Biden.

      Oh..but I forgot… Biden has now got a bromance with Beto! Yeah…that ought to put him over the top.

      That is rich…..keep believing comrade.

  14. Bloomberg needs to pay attention to something in the Bible about it being easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle…

  15. To paraphrase Sally Fields, his speech should habe been, “You don’t like me! You really don’t like me!” Bloomie’s arrogance and paid sycophants misled him into believing he could be the savior of the Dems and buy himself into office. The problem was he wasn’t inspirational or brimming with new ideas, andhe had a history of bad decisions and policies. He had a big checkbook, but he couldn’t sell a dud product to the American people.

  16. I think he finally realized that you have to be likable to win the presidency. Having a barge full of cash alone won’t do it. Now, he’ll just go back to throwing cash to lefty candidates running in purple districts. He’s not totally going away, unfortunately.

  17. Keep all those quotes and gaffs handy. The goal going forward needs to be calling out all the politicians who have accepted money from this despicable little man so that he becomes persona non grata in political circles making him bad news for any candidate’s election/reelection efforts.

  18. Spent a billion bucks to learn he’s carrying to much baggage and disliked by too many to run the country! MAGA KAGA!

  19. So he’s giving up spending half $1 billion on a failed presidential run so now he’s just gonna go back to what he normally does: buying state governments and local officials. You’ll just keep buying more state governments just like he has with Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Virginia and a couple more missing. Now it’s time to buy the state governments of Texas and Arizona.

  20. “Tejas” it is the Spanish pronunciation of a native word, likely pronounced more like “Tayshas”, meaning “friend” or “ally”. It was used by several of the local tribes. Hence the reason Texas’ motto is “Friendship” and we are “The Friendship State.”
    We kept the name, but not the people. We killed the heck out of them.

  21. I have to confess to mixed emotions on Bloombag ending his run for the office. I was really REALLY looking forward to him making a total fool of himself while getting shredded during another debate. That one debate was quite enjoyable. He had a chance and fumbled. It tasted soooooooo good too!
    Beyond that, I take satisfaction in being correct, along with many others, in my overall assessment on his chances for a successful candidacy. As I had said in other comments concerning Bloombag, no amount of money will lead people to like him, indeed people resent him.
    With that I’d wish I could say, “well…bye?” However I don’t think the despicable little jew can stay away. He’ll be back irritating people again.


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