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Gov. Gavin Newsom (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
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By Rob Morse

Last month, a man murdered his three daughters, ages 9, 10 and 13 in Sacramento, California. He also murdered the court-ordered chaperone who was supervising their visit. The murderer then shot himself. He used a modern rifle.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsome called it, “Another senseless act of gun violence in America – In a church with kids inside – Our hearts go out to the victims, their families and their communities.”

Democrat State Attorney General Robert Bonta said, “We need to enforce more of the laws that we have. The rise in violent crime throughout the country is almost entirely because of guns.”

Of course they said that. They have to blame “the gun” because to speak the truth about what happened would offend of too many of the Democrats’ special interests. Here is some of what these Democrat officials couldn’t say out loud.

  • Democrat politicians couldn’t tell us the murderer was an illegal immigrant who overstayed his visa five years ago.
  • They couldn’t tell us that the murderer had an active restraining order that made him a prohibited possessor, and his possession of a firearm illegal. They left out that in legal documents the murderer swore he didn’t have any firearms.
  • They didn’t tell us that the murderer’s ex-girlfriend said he had mental health issues and had threatened her with violence and threatened to take his own life.
  • Democrats politicians didn’t tell us that the murderer was under a detainer request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement so that he could be deported.
  • They can’t say that the murderer was arrested and in police custody only five days ago for driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and assaulting police and medical staff who tried to help him.
  • Democrat politicians have to ignore that 85 percent of violent crimes don’t involve a firearm.

Democrats can’t speak these truths because those admissions would upset the special interests that keep these politicians in power. They can’t say that some illegal immigrants are a danger to all of us. They can’t say that California routinely releases dangerous criminals back on the street because their political decisions have made it too expensive to incarcerate dangerous prisoners or provide mental health treatment in California. They can’t admit that gun-control laws don’t protect us because suicidal murderers won’t obey our laws.

It was more politically expedient to blame the gun than to blame their failed political polices, and too bad if it cost the lives of four innocent people. Those innocent lives were merely the incidental cost that Democrat politicians were willing to pay to remain in office.

If you think this is an isolated event and that these are isolated lies, then you should keep reading because it happened again after another high profile Sacramento shooting. 

That was when gang members with long criminal records had a shootout only a few miles away from the church shooting. Six were killed in the shootout.

Joe Biden Angry
(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Once again, Democrat President Joe Biden called for tougher gun laws to stop mass murder on our streets. So did Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Dianne Feinstein
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

What they didn’t say is that violent gang members were released from jail early, got their hands on illegal guns, and then shot at other gang members on a public street.

They can’t say that because that would mean admitting that the California economy is hurting, California’s judicial system is broken and underfunded, and that the state’s gun and drug prohibitions don’t work. It was politically easier to blame — yet again — guns for what happened.

Here’s another layer of truth below the surface — Democrat politicians tell us these lies because they work.

We see dozens of people shot by gangs every week in Chicago. And virtually every week the Democrat Mayor of Chicago blames laws in other states for the crimes committed in her city. We are told the same lies for years on end because the voters and the press never hold these politicians accountable for their failures. The politicians know they won’t be held accountable…not in Chicago, not in Sacramento, and not in Washington, D.C.

Lori Lightfoot
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

We the public — the voters — are the ones who have made it politically easier for politicians to lie to us than to tell us the truth. We never hold ourselves accountable for what we’ve let Democrat politicians do election after election. We keep voting for these same people in election after election.

We get the lies we tolerate. We are responsible for the politicians we put in office. The faces in office change every decade or so, but we can’t change the future by putting people with the same old ideas into office.

Too many of us have accepted the lies. It’s easier for us to blame a political scapegoat than to change the way we vote. And it costs innocent lives every day.


This article originally appeared at Slow Facts and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. i don’t need to change the way i vote.
    wasting time suggesting anyone here needs to.
    the ones i would like to aren’t gonna, the rest are right thinking.

    • I’ll continue to vote the way I always have. Whether or not the Democrat vote counters here in CA continue to ignore, file-can, or otherwise nullify my vote remains the true issue.

      • Haz,

        You seem like a nice guy, so . . . why the f*** do you stay in that s***hole of a “Progressive” insane asylum??? I was born in KKKalifornia, lived there most of my life, and . . . couldn’t wait to GTFO. Lovely, arguably near-perfect, physical location . . . run by a collection of idiots. When they manage to depopulate the state with their idiot policies, I MAY consider moving back. Until then, I’d rather move to ANYWHERE that isn’t completely bug-f*** nuts!

  2. Lies and more lies. Of course lying is inherent with Gun Control. After all Gun Control is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide so lying is part of the game.

    If the Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Party cared any about The US Constitution they would not be trying to replace it with marxism, atheism, etc. November cannot come soon enough.

    • No, he was at least arguably competent (if evil). Dianne got the “evil” part, but competence or intelligence eludes her.

  3. Its not lies that criminals and psychopathic mass murders and Far Right Wing Trumpites (who tried to take over the government by force and establish a Trump Dictatorship) did not get their guns by buying them second hand with no paperwork or buying stolen guns.

    • And when I say “who tried to take over the government by force and establish a Trump Dictatorship” I’m talking about the possibility of Pence rejecting the votes from states whose vote was not certified and rejecting those votes back to the state legislatures. That is “dictatorship” in my book. And that is because my book is “f” up.

      Now let me get back to complaining about right wingers while my party supports mass looting, vandalism, rioting under the guise of “protestation.” Mass arson, assault, and, you know, every once in a while, murder. All while I protest gun freedom. We need less gun freedoms in the US. We need the government to reign in guns, as if guns are the problem, and a shitty culture nurtured and fertilized by democrats is not.

        • Contradicting himself again.

          That mind is so twisted a straight chain of thought is impossible.

        • We couldn’t tell, dacian the stupid . . . his rants make at least as much sense as do yours. More, actually. Perhaps try using your brain . . . oh, I’m sorry, that was cruel, wasn’t it, suggesting that you actually use the brain God failed to provide you with??? Well, since you can’t engage in ratiocination, perhaps just go wank off with MinorIQ and our nameless, brainless, d***less troll. Y’all form a singularity of stupid when you get together.

    • Which guns were those, dacian the stupid???? The guns that the Capitol Police failed to find ANY sign of at the silly demonstration that was not in any way, shape, or form and “insurrection”? Or the guns that government thugs used to murder unarmed protesters???

      You are too f***ing stupid to insult, dacian the stupid. Go rejoin your circle jerk, and leave us in peace.

  4. Wait a minute. You’re telling me the social worker got killed? I thought these are “highly trained professionals” able to deescalate literal gang wars.

    • But maybe they’re not trained to handle a “gang of one.”

      (with zero apologies to that stupid old Army commercial.)

  5. Actually the needle is beginning to move to the other side of the political dial. People are finally becoming Woke to the Liberal and Progressive Democrat lies about firearms and the need for Gun Control. The recent jump in NICS checks and firearms purchased among the minority community clearly shows that. With Crime running rampant in Democrat controlled cities and states. It is becoming abundantly clear to millions of people that they are their own first responders when it comes to protecting themselves from criminals. Especially when Criminal Justice Reform and it’s policies of No Bail Release, Prosecutors refusing to prosecute criminals and Democrat politicians reducing or removing penalties for committing crimes. No longer can Democrats hide behind their mantra of More Gun Control will fix the Problem. People see the problem clearly and Gun Control is not the answer..

    • Yes, I’ve been saying the same thing: Dems have lost the culture war on guns.

      I don’t empathize with black folk very much – but I love seeing them armed.
      I don’t empathize with Asians either – but again, I love seeing them armed.
      I have some empathy with Latinos – and one more time, I love seeing them armed.
      I’m not a woman, but I do love women, and I love seeing them armed.
      I empathize with gays less than anyone, but again, I love seeing them armed.

      If you’re an American, you have a RIGHT to bear arms. It’s just that simple. Guns weren’t meant just for white guys.

  6. I drove a car to the bar and shot up the place
    I drove a car to church and burned it down
    I drove a car to the bank and robbed it
    I drove a car to a peaceful riot
    I drove a car to the kidnapping
    I drove a car to buy/sale drugs
    I drove a car to murder
    Almost every crime has a vehicle involved .
    Come on man, it’s the cars.

    • Sue Ford and GM. Shut down Nissan and Toyota. Make Honda and Benz accountable for the criminal use of their products. Can’t have these horrible fossil fueled death machines allowed to run around the streets causing people to commit crimes.

    • If only we all had Possum-mobiles! Those are so safe and furry – rather than fast and furious like all those big trucks and SUVs the bad guys drive 😆

      But it’s not the gunms or the cars – it’s drinking that most deadly and addictive of hazardous of liquids, hydrogen dioxide! All those bad folks drank lots and lots of hydrogen dioxide before they went on their rampages – it’s bad stuff and they keep pushing it on us and our kids! Ban hydrogen dioxide – for the children!

  7. As I’ve been saying for decades, Deal with those who chose crime and violence and the weapon chosen will be irrelevant. I have no problem giving someone a second chance, but those who commit violent crimes need to be made to understand such a choice is not acceptable behavior in any civil society anywhere. And that there will be consequences and a steep price to pay for such behavior. I don’t give a crap what color someone’s skin may be, what religion they practice, or who they sleep with. Do the crime=do the time. Every day of it.
    And, when the criminal has served his or her sentence, they stay clean for a court designated time and then their rights should be restored and not be under a lifetime punishment because they did something dumb at some time. With the only stipulation being, if they re-offend, they do not get a third chance.

  8. A letlftist (or RINO) saying ‘my heart goes out to’ whatever is laughable. They have no hearts/souls/brains.

  9. Let’s cut to the chase:

    Laws are basically powerless to stop the vast majority of crimes. At best, enforced laws eventually capture and imprison some criminals (reducing their ability to repeat crimes) and may deter a few criminals.

    The real root problem is the fallen nature of mankind and the inevitable destructive consequences when traditional families and values are absent. Where there are widespread traditional families and values, crime is virtually non-existent. Where traditional families and values are scarce, crime runs rampant.

    Expecting laws and their enforcement to tame human nature is a flawed strategy.

  10. “Laws are basically powerless to stop the vast majority of crimes.”

    Most crimes are caused by repeat offenders. Laws could prevent lots of those, simply by keeping those offenders locked up where they belong.


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