NYPD crime scene
(AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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A New Orleans man had just parked his car when two wannabe carjackers pointed a gun at him and demanded that he give them his keys. He did, but that seems to have distracted the two yoots who weren’t ready for what else was about to be headed their way.

As nola.com reports . . .

The man told police he flung his keys, took cover under a nearby car and pulled out a pistol. He said he saw one teen by his vehicle, pointing a gun at him. The man told police he fired a single gunshot at the teen then ran for his house.

The unidentified man’s shot hit one of the carjackers in the neck.

The teens picked up a third person then went to the hospital. There police seized two pistols, one of them stolen, from the accomplice, who told officers the guns belonged to him and the wounded suspect.

The teen with the neck wound was “unresponsive.”

This wasn’t the first carjacking in the neighborhood, which probably explains why the owner of the car was armed and prepared to defend himself.

Since May, four people have had their vehicles stolen at gunpoint, by force or intimidation in the 500 through 900 blocks of Louisa Street, according to the Police Department’s major offense log, and two people were victims of attempted carjackings there, making it one of the busiest stretches in one of the busiest neighborhoods for carjackings.

We’re just glad the car owner came away from the attack unhurt, which is more than can be said for one of the aspiring carjackers.

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  1. Glad to see at least one of the perps assume room temp. May just scare the other two enough to seek another line of work!

      • Gipper’s Ghost It’s easy to see you have never been robbed. They aren’t trying to kill you, just steal your money.

        • Walter E Beverly III,

          Not sure if your comment was serious or sarcasm.

          In case your comment was serious, you would be foolish to count on every armed robber to be “nice” and refrain from harming you in the course of stealing your money.

          While it is true that some armed robbers have ZERO intention of harming you–and would not escalate to harming you if you refused to comply–it is also true that some armed robbers have ZERO reservations to harming/killing you.

          The truth of the matter is that you have no way of knowing if an armed robber is the “nice” variety (who will not harm you if you call their bluff) or the nasty variety who will harm you–potentially even if you comply.

        • uncommonsense I am serious. Robbers are not nice but they don’t want to shoot either. The gun in their hand is to scare people. Please don’t put words in my mouth. I did not say “ZERO”.

          I don’t know of any “nice robbers” but I do know that common sense dictates that you comply with the armed robber as much as possible until you have the opportunity to turn the tables.

        • There is one thing that is well known amongst the criminal class: Dead men tell no tales. Nor can they ever identify any perp. THIS is why so often even the compliant victim is induced to assume the same temperature as the macadam upon which he ends up ‘resting”. It happens FAR too often to be a reasonable first option.
          I go about armed everywhere. If so confronted, I hope I will have the opportuntiy, or be able to make one, to get a shot off at the armed one first, taking him out of action first. HE is the real thret, not the gumbah demanding my keys. And throwing them hard and far is something I hope I will be able to do. The distraction of so doing brings so many interesting options, all far bettter than watching him drive away in MY car still pointing his likely stolen firearm at ME to make sure I follow his oadahs. Well I gots me a diffrunt agenda.

        • Tionico Yep, “dead men tell no tails”, but if that were the reality, why is it that more robbery victims aren’t killed? Most robbery victims survive the encounter.

          I also go armed just about every place I do. The exception is the court house where firearms are prohibited.

      • I completely agree with Gipper here unfortunately. Next time they will either shoot a person or harm in any other way and then rob… It should have been one full mag and three dead “would-be-robbers” that are unresponsive…

        • Two uncommon sense ,
          Walter Beverly is correct .
          All you have to do is go to the YouTube channel “active self protection”.
          They present surveillance video of carjackings, robberies, and home invasions.
          And the narrator analyzes the action.
          Even criminals who want to kill you, will wait until you handover the loot.
          They are often momentarily distracted when you drop the keys, open the register, or they jump over the counter.
          That is when you can make your move, draw your gun, and counterattack.
          It is really fascinating and I recommend that everyone who reads TTAG go there and watch some of those videos.
          The truly amazing thing after having watched hundreds of these self-defense videos is there never seems to be a

          What you have in your gun is all you will use during an actual gun fight

    • Was going to paste the quote from the article (four carjackings in the same block of addresses on the street where the defender defended himself) and say the same thing.

  2. Kind of makes dacian the Dunderhead’s claim that 90% of the time the bad guys overcome the good guys who resist with their firearms. Actually there are hundreds of these type stories that happen every month.

    • I believe it was JOhn Stott (or is it Stossel? COnfuse those two manes) who put forth the statistic that for every one time a gun is used defensively by being fired, 1700 more incidetns take place where the gun was NOT fired. He backed it up with numbers and sources.

  3. ” And Another One Bite’s The Dust”
    Funny how we haven’t seen the usual suspects on here extoling gun control and mandatory lock down of all firearms. Along with some national registration scheme to prevent anyone not approved and authorized by some leftist bureaucrat from having a gun.
    Wonder what part of the majority of criminals and street punks use stolen, or straw purchased weapons the fool doesn’t understand. How many of the stolen guns from the murders and burglary of the gun range/shop reported last week, have yet to be recovered. But the average gun owner is the bad guy and responsible for criminal use of weapons.

    • Too bad the victim did not shoot all 3 dead. You may not stop it but it will slow down with no bail and mandatory sentencing which can include death. For most yoot it’s a stick your hand in fire and you only do it once or not at all education.

  4. What a pity. The poor lad was just turning his life around by beginning his career in the highly competitive automotive industry.

  5. “Since May, four people have had their vehicles stolen at gunpoint, by force or intimidation in the 500 through 900 blocks of Louisa Street” Sounds like way past due for an over watch place gun program……as in this gun and NOD own the whole damn place……..out of upper windows for residents coming and going. Prominently display a “FOOT” sign at all entrances to the street….as in “If your foot is on this street, you are in range. Choose wisely.”

  6. He waited for his moment. Good job.
    2 people had the drop on him, so he tossed his keys AWAY, made distance and and got to cover/concealment.
    Them when they came looking for him again (despite him having already given up his keys and presented no resistance up front) he had the drop on them. If they come looking after you’ve given them what they want, you better think and act reeaalllly fast.
    It would have been nice if he was more aware in the transitional space and could have avoided the whole thing but no plan is perfect.

  7. If anyone car jacks my car I’d be afraid they’d come back and shoot me. The shifter cable is held up with bailing wire, the door has to be held shut with a bungee strap, it’s got cardboard on the seats to keep the springs from poking your ass,the windshield wipers dont work , it only goes 45mph , it dies when you slam on the brakes, rusted out floorboards (fun to watch the hiway go by and a place to throw the empty beer cans),the power steering doesn’t work, no AC, the radio only plays country western, and it smokes so bad the county should pay me for killing mosquitoes.

    • LOL.

      I drive a 2000 Maxima, although not with as many defects as described.

      Standard transmission. It would be a hoot to toss the keys and then watch the professors look for PRNDL. Ample time to pull out the G27.

      • in my town a while back some perp pointed his little heater at a woman exiting the localWalMart, ordering her to tell her which car was hers, and to hand him the keys. When they were quite a ways away she pointed to that blue SUV over there, the one parked head in, the keys are on the driver’s side floor. As he swallowed her tall tale and opened the door, she booked it the other way FAST. Chuckling quietly. The keys were in her purse. eedjit bought her story. Didn’t get the car, either. I think she went back into the store…… to get lost in all those big long aisles full of stuff.

  8. I always love such a happy ending. Hopefully next time he’ll get them ALL on the spot AND drive off safely by keeping his car.


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