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“Here is the perfect example for why this (ghost gun) rule was needed,” said David Chipman, the Biden administration’s first nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. “I think you would be hard-pressed to find an argument against a (serial number) requirement based on what happened in New York.”

Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, said the James case is a striking illustration of the need for regulation of untraceable firearms amid spiraling violent crime.

Law enforcement officials have long expressed concern about the rise in crimes involving ghost guns. Last year, about 20,000 such weapons were recovered in criminal investigations, a tenfold increase from 2016, the Justice Department found. …

William Bratton, a former New York City Police commissioner, said the quick trace of the Glock 17 pistol allegedly used by James “clearly represents an argument” for the new regulations.

— Kevin Johnson in Brooklyn subway shooting suspect was traced to firearm. Is it a case for Biden’s ghost gun regulations?

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    • Ah yes, let’s ban other political parties! How did I ‘Nazi’ this coming from the MAGA crowd lol?

      • Ah not so fast…With Jim Crow Gun Control joe nominating nazis like the chipmonkey there’s obviously a huge need To Make America Great Again. If you cannot see America is floating along in a democRat sewer then your head resides in your behind.

        The fact is sewage always rides along with the democRat Party. It’s expected especially when History confirms the Rat Party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the kkk, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities.

        Instead of assuming you can speak for POTUS DJT you should be demanding the democRat Party be held liable for Monetary Reparations…don’t you think?

        • not really. both parties are racist and full of shit. it’s all same sport. D/R, red/blue. it’s all the same garbage.

        • “it’s all the same garbage.”

          Individualism vs. collectivism. Compare and contrast. Is it the same? How does it relate to racism?

        • No “reparations” from either party is necessary. Let the gold-diggers sell themselves for easy money as most are still stuck on the plantation anyways.

          I do agree regarding gun control BOTH PARTIES have screwed us equally throughout the years, and both are responsible for a corrupted immigration system and our economic doom. Like Tec Cruz said in his inaugural speech to Congress; “I dont trust either one of you as you both have gotten us in this current mess.” He was absolutely right and that statement has been needed for decades.

      • apparently you cannot open your eyes and look around.
        it is the dems destroying the rights of the individual in this country.
        let me guess … you voted for sleepy joe.
        the dumbest and most corrupt politician ever elected.
        he makes carter look like an economist,
        obama intelligent,
        and hillary not corrupt.
        of course .. since you voted for the imbecile … you must turn a blind eye.
        still wearing your mask ?

        • Sorry but Prez. CORNPOP JOE & HO are just figureheads. What we’ve been seeing is Soetoro’s third term. Between Soetoro and the Clinton Cartel is where the grand snotball of corruption is found. After all, Soetoro himself even admits his political career got started in the living room of the HMFIC of the Weather Underground, our nation’s premier domestic terrorist group.

    • “…ghost guns must be banned…” – The left.

      Ghost guns can’t be banned period. You’d have to ban CNC machines, welding machines, vertical mills, and blocks of aluminum and steel.

      • “Ghost guns can’t be banned period. You’d have to ban CNC machines, welding machines, vertical mills, and blocks of aluminum and steel.”

        Yes, “ghost guns” can be banned. Government, the representative of the people, can ban anything it wishes to ban. “Ghost guns” can never be eradicated.

        • That’s common sense and the Left eradicated common sense on their behalf a long time ago.

    • “Poopy Pants Biden”

      imagine how fewer comments there would be if people had to submit to an age verification

      • Hannibal I am sure the Leftists here would be against that. They would have to prove they are not living in their mom’s basement using her computer.

    • There was nothing ‘ghost’ about that gun, the idiot tried to scratch off the serial number. The AFT is wildly overinflating the numbers of ‘ghost’ guns by counting those that have had numbers defaced.

        • Trying not to get too tinfoil but I usually don’t see anything that fast from the ATF. Not saying they can’t do it I am just surprised it went so quickly without a searchable database that they are not allowed to keep.

    • LOL, LMAO even. Separation of powers does need to be more clearly delineated and the Chevron defense revisited.

  1. ‘…a striking illustration of the need for regulation of untraceable firearms…’

    Umm… if they’re untraceable how do you propose to regulate them?

  2. Why does a criminal successfully using a pistol he Lawfully procured with a serial number on it prove the need to eliminate home produced firearms? What demented twisted moronic train of thought produced this idea? The Lust for Control of course!

    • Bill, “Why does a criminal…?” Was that a rhetorical question? Because, nothing. However, yesterday I a related story of a friend’s recent theft of a firearm. He had the serial number written down. That is, for practical purposes, the only chance he has of that SIG being returned to him. Serial numbers are a double edged sword.

    • everything will be interpreted to support their agenda. Same tactic as feminism, race hustling, environmentalism, etc, etc, etc.

      For example shrinking glaciers in north America is a sign of global warming. Growing glaciers a few miles from the shrinking glaciers is also a sign of global warming. The gender pay gap is a sign of patriarchy. Women freely choosing lower paying professions and working fewer hours is a sign of the patriarchy. Black people failing is a sign of racism. A large number of white people voting for the first black (1/2 anyway) president is a sign of racism.

    • That’s my line of thinking on this, I’m not seeing this obvious logic, it appears irrelevant as he procured his gun legally?

    • They’re going to say that the reason they were able to identify and subsequently arrest this pos because they were able to trace the gun back to its owner by using the serial number to see who bought it.

      While that is, at least superficially, a valid point, it still doesn’t change the fact that they’re not distinguishing between home-built firearms and stolen firearms with the serial numbers removed. 20,000 is a BS number. It includes stolen guns and attempts to equate the two.

      • There “logic” (you’ll excuse the term in regard to Dems) seems to be that BECAUSE they could trace this gun by its serial number then of course ALL GUNS must have serial numbers, ergo: GHOST GUNS ARE BAD!

        Totally ignoring the fact that the number of hands any firearm passes through after the sale, legally or otherwise, negates their argument.

        They got lucky this time. The shooter was stupid enough to buy the gun recently, use it in the crime, then leave it at the crime scene. How convenient. Serialized or not, if he had taken it home with him they would still be looking for the POS, and his pistol, with the only clue the fact that the recovered projectiles appeared to have been fired through one of the millions of Glocks in the U.S,

    • If James had used a ghost gun, then Chipman might be in the same zip code with a clue. But, facts are facts, and James has absolutely nothing to do with ghost guns. Like every other progressive gun control freak, Chipman just heard the word “shooting” and he barks out his pavlovian response.

  3. Well as long as there are enough people dumb enough to believe this B.S. it’ll never stop! Try to get em to discuss REAL punishment up to and including capital, let us know how that goes!

  4. A quick trace of the gun did nothing to prevent the shooting. It did nothing to apprehend the suspect. It was completely worthless. This situation clearly illustrates that gun control doesn’t accomplish anything.

    • Increases tax burden and allows more ways to make citizens felons by process crimes……..oh you probably meant accomplish anything productive, disregard previous statement.

  5. Why isn’t this clown Chipman is prison for murder? Because he’s a enforcer for Democrats, just another trained dog sent out to take a bite out of American freedoms. Bill Clinton and Janet Reno’s lap dog. He belongs in a kennel for dangerous dogs.

  6. There is onlu one MAJOR problem with this diatribe. The gun used by the Subway shooter weas a GLOCK 9mm purchased in Columbia, SC in 2011. It wasn’t a “ghost gun”.

    One has to wonder of all those so called ghost guns that DOJ reports were seized were actually “ghost guns”.

    • You can always count on TTAG’s resident half wit WEB III to drop his daily incoherent turd of a comment on the rest of us.

      How long were you the police chief again? 🖕🤡!

      • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck aka…but he’s still less irritating than Lamp and his pet Geoff

        That was the typical dumbass comment from a dumbass. Never mind that what I said happens to be the truth. We would not want the truth to get in the way of your attempts are character assassination, now would we.
        Psst! I never said I was a “police chief”. Your blatant lies only show just how vile and contemptible you really are.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck now aka Just Ask Geoff, Changing your dumbass name again? Reminiscing, I have only been drunk twice in my life and that hasn’t been in 40 yrs. But you must be suffering from multiple personality disorder. ROFLMAOBT!

        • Just ask Geoff,

          Tell us you don’t own a mirror, without SAYING you don’t own a mirror.

          Nameless, brainless, d***less troll, go suck the hemhorroids of a syphilitic warthog.

  7. So, serial numbers (or their requirement) played literally zwro role in the planning or execution of the crime, nor in the investigation or resolution of the crime and arrest (and eventual prosecution) of the criminal. (The suspect was identified through van rental records, surveillance video footage, and social media posts.)

    Yes. It makes perfect sense how this incident demonstrates why “ghost guns” need to be banned. [Insert eyeroll here]

    • to Chip

      QUOTE———————-(The suspect was identified through van rental records, surveillance video footage, and social media posts.)—————quote

      Your demented paranoia, a hallmark of the Far Right either blinds you to the truth or you are an abject liar, the latter most likely. Here is a quote from the News Media on the Glock and ITS LEGIBLE SERIAL NUMBER.

      The Glock 17 that authorities found at the scene of the Brooklyn subway shooting had scratch marks on its serial number, according to a court document.

      A complaint against suspected Brooklyn subway shooter Frank James shows a photo of the Glock pistol with scratches over two areas where a serial number appears, and prosecutors said they believe the marks “appear to reflect that an attempt was made to deface the serial number.”

      Prosecutors said in the complaint that they believe the gun was purchased lawfully in Ohio by a man named Frank Robert James, and that it was used in the shooting.


      • dacian, the Dunderhead Oh, please. CNN is not a reputable news organization on its best days. So the GLOCK 17 had “scratch marks” on the serial number. That means it was NOT a “ghost gun”. According to reputable news organizations, the GLOCK was purchased in Georgia in 2011. Not Ohio.

      • …still looking for the lie.

        The shooter was identified through van rental records, surveillance video, and social media posts. The serial number merely corroborates that evidence.

        Go troll someone else. I don’t feel like punching below my weight today.

  8. Quote—————-William Bratton, a former New York City Police commissioner, said the quick trace of the Glock 17 pistol allegedly used by James “clearly represents an argument” for the new regulations.———–quote

    The statement is quite true. The nut case if he had not turned himself in and fled to another area could have easily struck again especially if he had worn a mask during the shooting. When law enforcement was quickly able to identify who it was the cops knew what he looked like and so did the general public after his picture was made known via the media.

    This is the fact that only the paranoid and demented Far Right cannot see or understand. Their paranoia prevents them from thinking logically or sanely.

    • Or you know leaving the weapon behind and not having the ability to attack again due to not having a weapon. Oh and getting identified by the keys to the rental van. You should move to NY you may be able to get a job.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, OK, how does this “clearly represent an argument” for new regulations? In NYS for your edification (continued) it is a crime in and of itself to deface a serial number of a firearm. Seems to me that it is you Leftists who are paranoid about this, not us on the Right.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck, Another name change?
          Time for your medication. You have so many names. You must be suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.

          Sigh, you are not one of us, you are a Canuck.

        • nameless, brainless, d***less troll,

          You are NOT, and never have been, a member of “the Right”. For one thing, in order to qualify, you’d have to grow a d***. dacian the stupid and MinorIQ surreptitiously laugh at your disability at your daily Leftist/fascist idiot circle jerks.

    • The statement is quite true. The nut case if he had not turned himself in and fled to another area could have easily struck again especially if he had worn a mask during the shooting.

      So what you are saying is… the law requiring serial numbers was useless? Because people seeking to murder others can just ignore that law and manufacture a gun without a serial number. Got it.
      I agree.

      Let’s take that a step further and focus more on the illegal part of murdering, rather than the illegal part of “gun crimes” and give us our freedom back with guns.

  9. A serial number has never stopped a murder and no matter how much it is stressed, guns without serial numbers do not kill people.

  10. the only thing the serial number proves is that firearm registration has always existed in the USA…they knew within hours (minutes) that the perp LEGALLY PURCHASED the Glock 17, in 1991, at a pawn shop…so much for the complete lies about registration being illegal…the truth is every citizen needs a least one real “GHOST GUN”, that the government doesn’t know about..

  11. Yep, all guns need serial numbers on them. By God that’ll stop all the criminals from using guns to kill innocent people. Those numbers alone,stamped on the guns, will render the firearm they are on totally useless. And forced the criminal to change his mind.
    (satire on anti gunner dem logic)

    What a load of knee jerk horseshit.

    • Country Boy,

      Now, don’t attempt to deprive them of their ONLY argument, by pointing out its inherent stupidity – it’s all they’ve got. Just read ANY dacian the stupid comment on the subject, and he’ll tell you that “universal background checks” and a federal gun registry will eliminate all criminals using guns – because he’s stupid.

      I used to think dacian the stupid (formerly Vlad), was just ignorant and uneducated. He is both of those, but . . . unfortunately, regular reading of his “comments” amply proves that he’s also stupid. Ignorance can be cured; stupidity is a life sentence without possibility of parole.

  12. “The use of a serialized gun in a crime shows the need for a ghost gun rule.”
    But just just last week we were hearing
    “The use of an (allegedly) unserialized gun in a crime shows the need for a ghost gun rule.”
    If all roads lead to the policy you already wanted, maybe you’re full of crap.

    • The sun is shining and Earth’s gravity is working – 100% Validation that we need a “Ghost Gun” rule. These people are so stupid, you just can’t make this stuff up.

  13. We have some friends staying with us for a few days while they are in town. They have with them their 6 year old son.

    This morning I was up early about 5AM, looked in on TTAG and say this article with that picture of Chipman. About the time the page came up the 6 year old is up and right at the computer desk with me and points to the picture of Chipman and asks “That man is scary, will he come get me?” I tell him its going to be ok and that Chipman is not coming to get him and explain to him he is just a bad man that wants to take away our rights.

    Leaving for Easter mass in a little while. The child is still concerned that Chipman is coming to get him, says he is going to ask God to get rid of him ’cause monsters should be killed.

    • Children don’t have to be told monsters exist. Children know monsters exist. Children need to be taught that monsters can be killed.

  14. Chipmonkey is an irrelevant ahole. Who cares what he thinks? I’ve heard the gun was purchased legally in ohio in 2011. Was he a resident of Ohio at the time? Must have been for it to have been legal.
    With all the other resources they used the gun trace was just a clincher.
    Can’t wait for the lawsuits when this new, unconstitutional crap takes effect.
    Government overreach just keeps getting worse.

  15. Studies show that most crime guns spend up to 7 years bouncing around before being recovered after a crime usage.

    But that does not work for the anti-gun narrative

  16. All it shows is who bought the firearm from the FFL that originally sold it. If that buyer sold it, they have to trace it further. Putting a name to every firearm is just a way to make every owner responsible for what others might do with the weapon.
    This is just a way to force people to pay for insurance, creating a new specialty for lawyers to exploit.
    This also means that self protection is even more expensive, so our God given right to self protection gets even further from the average citizen.

  17. A perfect example of Leftist/fascist “gun control” thinking –

    1. The gun was NOT a “ghost gun”;
    2. The criminal was identified and apprehended using rental car records;
    3. The type and provenance of the gun had exactly ZERO to do with the shooting or the subsequent investigation;

    but it somehow ‘proves their point’. Yeah, gonna have to take a hard pass on that one, GFWs.

    If it HAD been a “ghost gun”, that would have “proved their point”. It wasn’t, and THAT somehow “proves their point”. Obviously, the poor idiots never studied logic or debate. EVERYTHING “proves their point”, according to them.

    The perp had been flagged by the ever-so-efficient Fat, Bald, and Ignorant, but . . . no action was taken. The gun was fully legal, and purchased legally AFTER a NICS check, but that proves that we need “universal background checks”, and to ban “ghost guns”. Yeah, whatever. Here’s a quarter; go call someone who gives a s*** about your Leftist/fascist wet dreams of “gun control”.

    • Lol what?!? You still haven’t taken that remedial writing course, have you? 🖕🤡

    • nameless, brainless, d***less troll,

      I am not in need of any writing course, whereas you are in desperate need of . . . growing a d***, a pair of balls, and at least one functioning brain cell. Your pathetic attempts at “humor” only grow more pathetic with time. Most people, even incompetent people, experience SOME improved ability with continued practice, but not you – your pathetic playground insults only grow more stale with repetition.

      Toddle off to your daily circle jerk, Leftist/fascist loser.

  18. Chipmunk’s post illustrates why he should not have been confirmed as ATF head. Note how Chipmuck’s picture depicts his rabid chipmunk nature.
    Let’s see how laws have been successful.
    God’s “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Hmm….less than a success.
    Man’s Murder 1, Murder 2, Manslaughter,…. Not any more successful
    Man’s 20,000 anti-gun violence laws. And, we’re still killin’ each other.
    “That is why our masters in Washington are so anxious to disarm us. They are not afraid of criminals. They are afraid of a populace which cannot be subdued by tyrants.” – the late LtCol Jeff Cooper.
    Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns.
    They merely control the good guys, which is their true agenda.

  19. The quote from the Chipmoron clearly show why even Congress rejected this idiot and why serial numbers on firearms are far more helpful in returning stolen property after the fact than solving any murder, shooting, or armed robbery. The subway shooter purchased his legally serialized gun and passed a background check at the time, but like all criminals it was his behavior that set him apart. Clearly this man is no more than a black loaner version of Charles Manson trying to start a race war.

  20. Well, the actual article was properly categorized by Yahoo!: entertainment section.

    The serial number did not lead to an arrest; it was the public who “found” the shooter, and called police. Police were probably still running video over and over, while the perp was a few blocks away, at McDonalds. A public which had no information on the serial number of the gun used.


  21. Requiring all firearms transfers to go through an FFL won’t make any difference. People can claim a sale or gifting took place before the law went into effect.

    It will only work on firearms produced after the regulation goes into effect. Frankly, I don’t want to own any gun that is engraved with the idiotic words “Read Owner’s Manual Before Operating”.

    And, what about “Found” firearms….I was walking in a pasture looking for a roll of $100 bills I dropped and found this nice gun…..doesn’t Finders-Keepers-Losers-Weepers apply ?


    • When has that ever stopped a democratic political figure from being recycled and later trotted out as an authority?

  23. Chipman is just another asshole that’s partly responsible for innocent women and children being killed in the Waco, Texas religious compound. His mindset clearly reflects that of misguided and overzealous agents, supervisors, and support personnel that were involved and ruined an otherwise very easy arrest operation at that compound. For crying out loud Koresch went jogging alone often in the mornings. Crazy.

  24. How many ghost guns have serial numbers and how many do not currently? What % of weapons used in crimes are ghost guns verses stolen ones or ones illegally imported across our open borders? The answer is about 0.5 % are ghost guns – meaning this is BS legislation that is for show but accomplishes nothing. Crack down on the real source of. Guns used in crimes rather than “show legislation” against ghost guns!

  25. The shooter has social media posts wishing that ‘blk jeezus’ would kill all non-blks.

    He has a video where he calls for the death of EVERY white person on the planet.

    Hey Chipster, the gun was NOT the problem!

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  27. This article make zero sense, the subway shooter used a Glock 17 that was bought legally in Ohio in 2011, how is that a ghost gun ? Furthermore, if there is no gun registry how are serial numbers even relevant ?

  28. Chipdickhead needs to STFU!

    The Serial Number had nothing to do with chasing this Perp down.

    All it proved was that this Home Grown Islamic Extremist legally purchased the gun

  29. The original article this article was linked to was by USA Today, so it’s ‘facts’ are questionable. This incident doesn’t show the need for a ‘ghost gun’ ban. The shooter wanted to be caught. He left behind a bag with the gun, the van rental info, and other items that were associated with him. If he had successfully removed the serial number from the gun, the police would have still be able to tie it to the shooter. All the serial number did was add one more piece of evidence. It will not be crucial to the prosecution’s case. They can still show the weapon belonged to the shooter without the serial number. If it had been a ‘ghost’ gun, it would have still been tied to the shooter. This is not a good example for the reason to ban ‘ghost’ guns…to ban Chipman maybe, but not ‘ghost’ guns.

  30. Guns are our only salvation against the criminals one on one! Voting is the other!

  31. Rather than banning “ghost guns”, a pejorative term dreamed up by anti gun/anti gun rights media types, how about banning dictatorial loudmouths like Chipman.


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