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“We are grieving with Parkland. But we are not powerless. Caring for our kids is our first job. And until we can honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep them safe from harm, including long overdue, common-sense gun safety laws that most Americans want, then we have to change.”

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  1. “That most Americans want.” Nope, sorry Barry, most Americans do not want Australian-style gun confiscation, and we all know that’s what you’re talking about.

    Also shut the f up and go to bed. You’re not president anymore.

  2. Common sense gun control, kind of like gun running in Benghazi? Like that type of gun control? Protecting kids? Like responding to calls for help, you know, like in Benghazi?

  3. How can it be, being as there are 320+ million guns in the country, we’re not all dead by now? Like, multiple times?

    Maybe it’s not the gun . . . Just thinking out loud.

  4. The tradition of waving the bloody shirt dates to the 1800s in American politics. It has a close relative, memorialized by Obama’s chief of staff early in his first term, “never let a crisis go to waste.”

    • I was going to say the same, that is former President. Ex president? And his heir apparent didn’t win.

      Meanwhile, the Senate will do nothing on national reciprocity or supressors, or much of anything else, until they can cede control back to the Democrats.

      I haven’t heard if the perp used a .9mm Ak-15 machine auto rifle yet. Though I wonder if he had a bump stock?

    • Even former president is generous. I recall every past living president being called former president, except for Nixon, whi was always referred to as ex-president. “Ex” still denotes the reality of the past, but does strip away some of the associated prestige. I’d be OK with labeling Obama as Ex-President Obama.

  5. I actually have to agree with him. We do need “long overdue, common-sense gun safety laws” to protect our children. Like a law that cancels the gun carry ban at schools. Trying to protect the kids against armed attacker empty handed sucks.

  6. I Tweet for making changes how the Mental Health field conducts psych medication doses. Experimental psych drug doses are the core of the problem and it’s changing the brain chemistry in these people. Most of the mass shooting cases are linked to this malpractice.

    • Please provide citations to the publications, in peer-reviewed journals, of the research you have personally conducted to support your assertions.

      Or, just STFU. And take off the tin foil hat. It reflects badly on the rest of us here.

        • Show me which symptom of mental illness SSRIs actually treat. The reality is that we’re feeding people drugs trying to “treat” diseases we don’t fully understand. We know that depression is associated with decreased serotonin levels, but it has not been proven that increasing said levels will treat the underlying disease. Heck, it hasn’t even been proven to treat the symptoms. All it does is give the user a legal high.

        • pwrserge
          Psychiatric meds are very effective, when used correctly.
          That said, if something has no side effects then it has no effects at all.
          Going on shooting sprees is NOT among those side effects.

        • The point is that fiddling with brain chemistry that we don’t fully understand is pants on head retarded.

        • That crap doesn’t make me high. I’ve been on 4 different SSRIs, and all they do is mess up my sleep schedule and make sex a grueling 6 to 10-hour chore.

      • I can tell you from first hand experience that SSRIs make people unstable. They are worse than useless and should be banned entirely.

        • First, second or third generation?
          And were they used correctly, or in a flashcard fashion by a Family Practitioner or a Shrink who barely passed neuroanatomy and neurophysiology?
          Perhaps he instability was there to begin with an should have been concomitantly addressed with another medication.

        • 2008-2009, 55yo female patient, no previous history of mental illness, no family history of mental illness except alcoholism. Licensed psychiatrist. I’m not an MD, you tell me.

        • I don’t feel attacked.
          He’s just talking out of the wrong end of his digestive tract.
          I’m trying to correct him.

  7. “And until we can honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep them safe from harm…”

    Like 24/7/365 protection via an armed service like we do. Oh, you don’t have that? Hmmph. Too bad.

  8. Most Americans want a former (and some say not so patriotic, or even morally balanced) president to stay quiet, and not interfer with the things on which he has never really had a firm grasp.

  9. You’re not president anymore you old ass hat liberal politician socialist. You epitomize the anti-American president piece of crap. We haven’t heard from you in forever and as soon as there’s a horrible thing that happens like this then your right to the Tweeter. Freaking penis!

  10. PLEASE STOP using the word “President” in front of that treasonous bastard’s name. He is NOT the president anymore and never truly was. We are all and truly rid of him.

  11. We need to take over the term “common sense gun laws” maybe have an outspoken and well known 2A community activist make a extremely blatant speach that’s direct and heard Nationwide. If trump can flip the script on fake news we can and should too. #idontknowwhatthispoundsignmeans

  12. “…President Obama Tweets for Gun Control”

    And in other news water is wet and the ground is below the sky.

  13. Right on, Chip! Obamarama is just parroting the gun control line that the Brady bunch, Moms and others use all the time. Like the Nazis and Soviets used to say, if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes a fact! And he even got in there that it’s for the children. Charming. Unless a pro-gun controller has anything to say that is credible, original and useful, I just consider it politcal speech and ignore it for the most part. And our former Progressive-in-Chief is hardly credible.

  14. Democrats would have likely retook the Senate in 2016 if President Obama did not go full retard on gun control.

    – These people claim that we “do nothing” regarding murder. How then, are murderers in prison? Is it just sheer coincidence that they are serving life sentences or on death row? If not, why is punishing murderers not considered “doing something”?

    – “This happens nowhere else”. Does “nowhere else” include Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico, and South Africa?

    – These people claim that no one is talking about banning guns. How then, did guns get banned in Chicago, Illinois, and Washington, D.C.? How did guns get banned in South Carolina in 1902 if no one ever talked about banning guns?

    – These people claim to want “sensible” gun legislation. Why did none of them call for repealing the handgun bans in Chicago and Washington? Or for laws authorizing police to arbitrarily deny permits to carry firearms, even if the applicant meets all objective statutory criteria?

    – Washington, D.C. had a handgun ban in 1982. Were the shootings of Ronald Reagan and James Brady hoaxes? How would such a thing be possible if it was as difficult for John Hinckley to obtain a firearm as it was for Marion Barry to obtain cocaine?

    – These people say that state-level bans do not work because people simply smuggle guns from outside the jurisdiction, and we need national laws. We have national laws on marijuana, and marijuana is smuggled from outside the United States. In order for gun control laws to work, must the United States conquer the whole world? How many servicemen would be willing to fight in a war of conquest for the purpose of disarming Americans at home? How many foreign children would have to be killed to accomplish that objective?

    – Regarding universal background checks, how do they expect the police to to catch a crack dealer selling firearms without running background checks if the police can not catch him for selling crack?

    – Kamala Harris, who at the time was the California Attorney General, said “Local law enforcement must be able to use their discretion to determine who can carry a concealed weapon” If so, why should not county clerks like Kim Davis be able to use their discretion to determine who can marry?

    – The United States of America already has the highest prison population in the world. How many more prisons would have to be built to accommodate a new population of prisoners who had not even been accused of hurting anyone?

    – The Second Amendment is not the only constitutional provision with adverse public safety implication. While no murder conviction was ever thrown out on Second Amendment grounds, murder convictions have been thrown out on Fourth and Fifth and Sixth Amendment grounds. If these amendments were repealed (or ignored), it would be easier to punish criminals. How many lives would be saved? What would be the price for those lives?

    – More people are killed by black violence than mass shootings. What must be done about blacks? Are the anti-gun people willing to abrogate Constitutional protections to go after blacks? If not, what would stop a state that had already abrogated the Constitution regarding the right to keep and bear arms, from doing the same regarding black people?

  15. Interesting tweet from a “president” whose home town has the highest number of black on black homicides in the nation and has some of the toughest gun control legislation in the country. Must be the race card thing.

  16. I suppose “common sense” continues to mean refusing to provide adequate security resources – including adequately armed professionals in sufficient numbers – to protect millions of US children in public schools from 21st century threats.

  17. US murder rates fell constantly for nearly 25 years as incarceration rates increased — making all Americans and American neighborhoods — ESPECIALLY minority Americans and minority neighborhoods WAY safer. It approached a 2/3 drop, down a whopping nearly 65% since the early 1990’s, until Obama and his right hand man, Eric Holder began arguing for and advocating shorter sentences, not just for recreational drug offenders (ok), but also for VIOLENT CRIMINALS.

    Just google image: US homicide rates since 1990; and then google image: US incarceration rate since 1990; and superimpose the images in your head.

    Now this guy did not have priors, but SHOULD have. It was not just his internet threats, but reportedly made specific threats personally in front of multiple witnesses. He was never charged. Imagine he had used two or three easily made pressure cooker bombs like the kid who made them for the Boston bombing and had killed 10, 20 or 30 kids with them. What would Oblamer be saying? That is his own fault? Or the fault of the ACLU for making sure that people who make grave threats don;t get jailed or put in mental health facilities when they are nuts and violent?

  18. “…until we can honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep them safe from harm…”

    I can’t help noticing that there was no one on hand to defend the children when that murderous nutbag showed up on school property. In fact, federal law prohibits the presence of effective tools of self-defense in schools.

    Until he’s willing to consider letting schools make their own decisions on how to keep their charges safe from harm, I respectfully submit that President Obama should keep his gaping piehole shut.

  19. I’m at the point where I’ve stopped trying to “discuss” these things with any of the shrieking “do something” types and simply tell them in no uncertain terms. “Come get them.” It seems to shut down their shrieking.

  20. This is a real chance for Trump to be Trump. To stand up and do something.

    When Obama was in office, he cried and whined for gun control laws, and nothing got done.

    With Trump in office, there’s actually a decent chance that something functional might get done — armed security officers (volunteer or paid) at every school.

    Trump seems to be obsessed with dismantling Obama’s legacy. This is a chance to do it a total death blow.

  21. Perfectly entitled to his opinion. Posting this is nothing more than click-bait to generate traffic. But it works. This site as degenerated to nothing more than a hang-out for tired, old (white) cry babies who love to rant about a former (black) president. Regan & Bush did more to take away your gun rights than any other president. TTAG audience is mostly akin to the Fox news audience in the world of gun blogs.

    BTW, don’t whine about my liberal, left-inspired views or whatever else you are about to reply to regarding my politics. I am all over the place politically and likely own more firearms than a good majority of you. Yeah, I am emotionally attached to my guns, but also don’t fly off into an unarticulated rant about Benghazi (or whatever other made-up story that suits someone else’s far-right agenda) when someone has an opinion that is not the same as mine.

    Most of the comments here give help to the narrative that the far left paints about gun owners fringe politics.

  22. Until they pass sensible gun control legislation including a total ban on deadly “gun free” killing zones and allow Constitutional Carry EVERYWHERE, we will continue to see this repeated over and over again.

  23. I wonder if the Libs/Progs, like Obama, will very soon run away from this story? The more that comes to light, the more the systemic failure of this public school is exposed (I am a retired HS principal). Since they are the authors of this systematic failure, they really cannot say too much without exposing themselves.

    The schools have been so hamstrung by pie-in-the-sky social assumptions masquerading as school law that they can no longer function.

    Examples include; (i) an unarmed security guard who is also an assistant coach, (ii) an “everybody knows” threat that was not effectively addressed, and (iii) a superintendent who either did not know, or is lying about not knowing about the threat that everyone else seemed to know about.

  24. FORMER President. Former.
    Also, stfu Barry. You had your chance; no one wants to hear from you ever again.

  25. Wasn’t going to fool with this posting, but had second thoughts. Ya’ll might want to save what follows.

    How many existing laws were broken during the shooting?
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Premeditated murder
    Attempted murder
    Aggravated assault
    Assault with a deadly weapon
    Assault and battery
    Assault Threatening and intimidating
    Conspiracy to commit felony
    Conspiracy to commit misdemeanor
    Aiding and abetting
    Providing firearm to minor
    Providing handgun to minor
    Possession of firearm by minor
    Possession of handgun by minor
    Possession of firearm by minor without federally required permission slip from parent or guardian
    Use of firearm or bomb to commit murder that is federally prosecutable
    Brandishing a gun
    Gun on school grounds
    Possession of ammunition on school grounds
    Discharging firearm in city limits
    Discharging firearm on school grounds with reckless disregard for another person’s safety
    Disturbing the peace
    Committing a hate crime
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    What/which law not yet implemented would have overcome the violation of all the laws above, and stopped the shooter from attacking the school? What is the total number of laws necessary to ensure “mass shooting” become virtually non-existent?

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