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When I drop my daughter off at public school, I give her this advice: run or ambush. Shelter-in-place? FTS. That makes it easy to slaughter tightly gathered innocents. If you have kids in public school, what do you tell them to do should a spree killer or killers start annihilating their classmates, teachers and/or administrators?

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      • Parents/families are responsible for their children’s education AND safety. You always have a choice… You just have to decide which choice will provide that education and safety. Nobody else is responsible for YOUR children. There are many good alternatives to the government indoctrination/helpless victim “schools.” It just has to be important enough for you to do what it takes to do the job.

        How much effort, sacrifice, involvement are your children worth?

        • As much sacrifice as the two jobs I have and the job my wife does in order to make ends meet and put food on the table and be able to afford opportunities for them. No, not all of us can afford to simply not work and loose half our income to home schooling.

        • I guess we can’t let our kids go to a friends house since they may not have armed security. Probably shouldn’t let them drive either since more people are killed on the roads than by guns.

          Bottom line is that life can be dangerous and we can’t constantly shelter those we care about every second. Life involves risk and that’s just the way it is. What we should have is armed teachers at school to at least offer resistance against these psychopaths.

        • Im introducing Save The Children From Fetard Families legislation to prevent the child abuse that ignorant parochial liars like you MamaLiberty inflict on your spawn by failing to send them to school… sincerely, there outta be a law!

        • Virtue signally from the right? Really? “Shame on you for sending your child to public school.” That’s just pathetic.

        • Agreed, I know lots of folks that sacrifice to have a parent stay home with their kids. All about priorities… My wife left a $50k a year job to home school our kids, that was an adjustment…

    • Yall regressive dishonest vacuous clowns are barely qualified to teach a dog to sit…

      …Look at your posts, you cant distinguish between even the most disparate sources, between correlation and causation, between anecdote and evidence, you cant think in any meaningful way and have zero critical faculties… not to mention you dont know much, and what you think you know is garbage from Fox/Rush/horse dung sites like this one…

      … Youll raise Fetards who believe racism is unimportant/nonexistent (except the racism blacks inflict on them), global warming is a hoax perpetrated by China, evilution is junk science and Creationism/Intelligent Design is fact etc

      • All you want is to send your children to school as a baby sitter. Get off your high horse (rocking horse for you) and admit you don’t want to give up anything for the proper education and safety of your kids. You are just an extremely selfish lib. In your case it is really a shame folks don’t have to get a license before they can have kids.

    • Know the difference between cover and concealment. And keep cover between you and the threat until you are safely away.

      If options run out, attack the threat with anything at hand and keep attacking until you or the threat are dead. Your actions may save other lives.

  1. Get out of the building if you can. I gave them a place off school grounds where I can meet them. If they are contained in a classroom, they are at the mercy of the teacher.

    However, I am happy to report that our school district is implementing the ALICE protocol, which is better than “huddle together and wait to be killed.”

    • ALICE is an improvement. One thing I have observed though is teachers don’t seem to grasp the concept that they will have to determine the course of action. I did an ALICE presentation to a faculty that kept asking for what to do in different scenarios, they could not grasp that independent decision making is crucial.

      • They asked you all those questions because teachers know how to teach, not how to make a plan on the fly to deal with a mass shooter.

        Why would you expect them to be able to do that if they nothing about tactics and guns and have no situational awareness, you dunce.

        Thats why arming teachers is a dreadful and inane notion.

        Even for professionals ie police and military it is extremely difficult and risky to try to hit a target moving unpredictably with children all over the place also each moving unpredictably.

        If an amateur, ie a teacher draws a gun in that situation the best you can hope for is the mass shooter doesnt see her and she freezes. More likely she freezes or misses and the mass shooter kills her, or she kills even more children or other teachers similarly ill equipped to be shooting it out with a mass shooter, or the custodian or administration or police…

        Arming teachers is the dumbest idea ever, and your advocacy of it is evidence that your children should be taken away as you are obviously a danger to them

        • The only other option than arm the teacher is what we having right now and it’s not f****** working. I’m tired of hearing people say they will accidentally shoot the kids. It’s better than the teacher throwing scissors at them

        • “… nothing about tactics and guns and have no situational awareness, you dunce.”

          Why do you assume that all teachers no nothing about tactics or situational awareness?

          Some teachers are not going to be able to handle the situation no matter what. That doesn’t, however, give anyone the justification of removing options from everyone else.

        • 2a sux sucks, interesting fact, a CCL holder has never accidentally shot an innocent victim when responding to a threat. Also, police have never shot a CCL holder responding to a threat.

          So, on the one hand, we have unicorns, on the other hand, we have horses. I’ll focus on the horses, as they actually exist.

    • My county Sheriff (in spite of his numerous faults) is pushing A.L.I.C.E. on every school district in my county, and pushing it HARD. And that is no small feat since my county has what is quite likely the most liberal city between Berkeley, California and Stockholm, Sweden.

      A.L.I.C.E. is absolutely a step in the right direction. And it is the best step that is politically expedient at the moment in my part of the country.

  2. where do you begin? it changes with where they are. if they are at recess and it happens vs in the halls of the school, or in the cafeteria or like this guy pulled the fire alarm and waited them to run out of the classroom. how do you advise for that? tell them to ignore fire alarms? maybe i tell him to hide. what if the guy sets the school on fire?

    the only real option for school shootings in particular to stop, i think, is to have armed Police Officers at the school at all times. but we are already short police officers in pretty much every city/state so that’s a pipe dream.

  3. Shoot back. But then again, my kids won’t be going to a “gun free” zone to get their government mandated indoctrination.

  4. My daughter’s school days are long over, so the question is inapplicable. But if it wasn’t, I think I’d tell her to know how to get around the school blindfolded so she could get out of Dodge PDQ in a SHTF situation.

  5. Get low, get off the X, move quickly and immediately seek cover/concealment. Once done, don’t stay static unless you have no other choice. Look for ways out of the immediate area while looking for cover/concealment along the way. Once out of the immediate area (if possible), run the opposite direction as fast as you can and contact authorities if you have the ability.

  6. Why is the media allowing the FBI to tell us there was no information indicating the time, location or the true identity of the person who posted that Youtube comment. It was all there. The time, his real name and the location would have been available in the metadata associated with the comment. It’s been all over the news for crying out loud. That’s one FBI Agent who probably feeling like he’s been thrown under the bus.

  7. And this school HAD a armed security guard on duty when this happened. The only solution is armed and trained teachers and administrators.

  8. I was always told to secure my siblings and don’t stop running.

    Fighting back isn’t going to fare well at range so the only other option is to run and hope that the antagonist takes interest with closer victims.

    Just what I was told when I was younger.

  9. Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Escape, evade, assist, attack. if you can get out safely get out safely. if you cannot get out safely do everything you can to avoid. help others if you can do so safely, because you can’t help anybody if you are injured. as a final Resort be the most brutal human being you can.

    as the final Resort getting close and do the best impression of a honey badger that you can. don’t fight fair if you have to fight. hit him in the back, hit Them in the knees, hit them in
    the in the genitals, break their arms break their legs break the joints gouge the eyes. beat them to death with whatever you can lay your hands on because your life is more valuable than theirs.

    I know I am a cold bastard and it saddens me to have to raise my children like this because the bloody politicians insist that laws stop bad people from doing bad things. the only people that Laws affect are those that tend to be law-abiding in advance. you cannot regulate away the evil that lurks in the hearts of men

    • Thanks for putting that into words…

      IMHO… That’s not cold at all, just a good plan to deal with the cold hard facts of an incredibly bad situation like this… When we go we go ALL IN… Speed, surprise and violence of action!!!

      Carry on Sir…

    • Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends… John 15:13

      May our Lord God Almighty’s Blessing be on coach Aaron Feis and his Family…

  10. My daughters are grown now, but if they weren’t: If a shooting happened in the schoolyard, I’d advise my kids to drop, seek cover, and when possible to run like hell (hard to hit a fast-moving target). If it happened in the school (with kids in classrooms), I’d tell my kids to drop, get against a wall and hide if possible (or play dead). I also think that classroom doors should be solid wood and lockable during class time to limit shooter access. There should be qualified armed school security personnel patrolling the halls (and possibly armed teachers, too, if some of those snowflakes could stand it) and the outer doors should be locked so nobody can get in from outside, but kids can get out at need. If a shooting happened between classes while kids were in the hallways, I’d advise my kid to run away from the sound of gunfire and get out of the building – far away and hide until the all-clear was sounded. I recommend that all schools should hold drills, the same way they do for fires (and used to do in case of nuclear attack – but that was a LONG time ago!)

    • Non-morons are aware that the hide under your desk nuke attack drills were useless for safeguarding the kids, their purpose was indoctrination, to foster fear and thereby galvanize acquiescence to whatever national security state and foreign policy initiatives the government wanted in the name of saving us from the Commerneasts (so naturally this is new info for you Ogre et al).

      Practicing shooting it out with a mass shooter and trying to teach kids to behave like marines and seek concealment and cover and move and evade and attack a loony armed adult is similarly stupid and pointless, unless your purpose is to scare them and thereby ramp up support for home-schooling and/or further weaponizing society

    • “The most important thing is to be quiet and listen carefully to your teacher and do exactly what she says. It will be very scary, but you have to be brave, dont scream or cry or jump up and run around. Stay calm and silent and follow your teachers instructions.

  11. I don’t have kids.

    That said, I think what you tell them depends heavily on how old and how mature they are. Like Scouts (back in the day, not that gender-fluid-acceptance bullshit they have today) you start with ultra-basics and work your way up to more advanced concepts and skill sets.

    It’s also going to depend on building layout, security and safety designs, school policy and a bunch of other variables, including your kid’s capabilities, that you’re going to have to learn about and weigh as you develop a program for your kid(s). Ex: Multi story buildings produce different things to think about than do single story buildings. So does classroom location since a little kid probably can’t move a heavy fire door.

    Like a lot of things in life this is going to be something where you have personalize the “program” to the individual in question and the circumstances. You also have to be aware that both will change over time, carefully consider that and update “the program” as capabilities/situations change.

    • For the good of the progress of society and common decency you need to hack off your puny balls so we dont have another generation of imbeciles

  12. For my 12 year old daughter:
    That if she is under the direct control of a teacher to follow the teacher’s instructions until those instructions become stupid. Then use her own common sense and what I have taught her.

    That if she is making the decision on her own to decide if she is in position to escape and hide or if the shooter is too close where she needs to fight in some way shape or form. She knows to throw things, charge the shooter, and to fight dirty once in close.

    In a mall or store she knows to run away from the gunfire, to exit the store through the closest exit, hide behind the engine block or wheel of a car in the parking lot until the area is safe.

    If she is with me, she knows that if I tell her to run she runs and not to worry about me.

    At home she knows where my guns are and how to use them.

    A few weeks ago, I asked her the most important thing I have taught her so far. Her answer is “Don’t be stupid.”

  13. It hasn’t come up much yet. It probably should.

    I think you can’t encapsulate it to one piece of advice. If what I heard is true, this current piece of trash pulled the fire alarm before opening fire. Which would prevent running. In that case you hide or fight.

    But for the most part I try and override the nonsense schools are selling. Run. Run as far and as fast as you can.

  14. Situations are obviously very fluid, but in any case, thinking outside the box and rules is necessary. If you’re on a ground floor, go out the window. Windows don’t open? Break the damned things! The school district can present me with a bill after the kids are home safe.

    What’s the first rule of any gunfight? Don’t be there – so this sheltering in place stuff has got to stop. Even starlings and herring instinctively know that the individual is safer in a moving swarm. A gaggle of kids and teachers, swarming down the hall at some twisted fvck on their way to the exit will probably have far fewer casualties than those sheltering in place, waiting and hoping.

    • Birds (and fish for that matter) have one critical advantage that a pack of kids in a hallway do not, 3 dimensional movement.

      Those birds can move in multiple directions at once to throw off a predator who consequently does not have range on them.

      Kids and teachers packed in a hallway with only 1 dimension of movement and someone who can reach out amd touch them from the other end and going to be slaughtered.

      If that same pack of kids and teachers can get outside where they at least have some room to move good, great even. But stay out of that hallway.

  15. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends… John 15:13

    May our Lord God Almighty’s Blessing be on coach Aaron Feis and his Family…

  16. We had active shooter training at my place of employment. Key takeaways:
    1) Get out of the building/area if you can.
    2) If you can’t get out, hide/lock/barricade
    3) If the shooter gets to you anyway, don’t just sit there begging for your life. Shooters love sitting ducks and that attitude results in increased death tolls. Run, attack, throw stuff, distract the shooter, etc. REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM!

    Moving targets are had to hit. Move! Even if you get shot, your movement reduces the chance of a center mass hit.

  17. I told my kids to escape if possible and fight if not. And I told them I would come for them regardless of what the police were doing. Looking back I should have never let them go to public school. We did private school, home school and public school. If I had it to do over again I would never have let them go to any public school and most private ones, too. Home school is the ONLY way to be sure your kids are educated and safe. Plenty of guns and no tyrannical indoctrination to deprogram out of them. For anyone who thinks home school is too hard, too costly or doesn’t socialize your kid(s) I’d urge you to do some research and talk to your local home school association. The life you save may be your kids! (TM)

    • So your kids know racism is insignificant/nonexistent (except that of racist blacks), gays are going to an eternal torture chamber as per the magic creature in the sky, evilution is fake and Creationism is real, global warming is likewise fake, as is any news that contradicts what you taught them… this is intellectual child abuse, you should have had your kids taken away

  18. Hmmm…I have 2 sons in college. They did NOT grow up around guns. Both are fairly clueless even with dad’s badgerin…er advice. I do my best but if you’re in your 20’s you bear responsibility for yourself. End of minor rant.

    • Your spawn were VERY fortunate to evade at least some of your FETARDED influence… are they going to legitimate universities and studying something that develops their critical faculties?

  19. We have told our son to get out of the school. We have given him an offsite location to go to and told him how to contact us once he gets there.

    Sitting in a room waiting to be shot is not what I want my son doing. I told him a moving target is harder to hit and distance is your friend.

  20. At her current age and maturity level I have told her to do what she is told and try to keep other kids calm and quiet.

    In another year or so we will have the talk about making every effort to escape if possible and be prepared to fight if needed.

  21. My teenager already knows what to do: careful, quiet, and fast escape from the building unless the attacker is within 50 feet, at which point you set-up for melee’ battle at the doorway.

    My pre-teen child knows to escape the building as fast as possible unless the attacker is close, at which point you lock the door, pile up desks, chairs, tables, and prepare to throw anything and everything at the attacker if he/she breaks through the door.

  22. Run, hide, fight.

    Run. With distance comes safety. Get farther away from the perp than others. Keep running.
    Hide. If you can’t run, find cover.
    Fight. If you can’t run and there is no cover, fight back.

  23. When our kids were in school, the district still did lock-downs. We basically told our kids that if they heard gunshots, the should try to escape in the opposite direction if possible, no matter if the teacher tried a lockdown. If not possible, they were to help barricade the door and find whatever they could use as a weapon.

  24. Don’t have our own kids yet, so I’m here to talk from a teacher’s point of view. Somebody here wrote that listening to a teacher, unless he/she acts stupid, is a good advice. A part of me wants to say that the percentage of teachers who would act stupidly is not that high but if I’m to be honest, I’m afraid that well-educated kids of gun-friendly parents are more likely to act smart than many teachers are. My advice would be to talk to your kids’ teachers, find out what plans they have, survey the school yourselves and decide for yourself.

    The best course of action is situation-dependent. Running sounds good, but might be impossible or impractical. When you’re on fourth floor, some of the kids are blind and some in wheelchairs, and the gunfire blocks your exit, running is not a good option. Locking in place sounds suicidal, but I live in an area where armed police response to a school shooting is near-guaranteed within 5 minutes, while studies indicate that many mass shooters tend to skip locked doors in favor of easier targets, because they too know they’re on the clock. Even fighting back can be riskier than playing dead when you’re seven years old. So survey the school, talk to the teachers, know your kids, make a plan you think is best and periodically update the plan as situation changes and your kids grow older.

    And yes, I do carry, yes, I do know other teachers who carry, and no, I’m not going to admit to it if a parent ever asks. Local police should know they might encounter an armed teacher or other such defender during a school shooting (I’ve asked one of the officers responsible for such training) and I see no reason to paint a bigger target on my back than the one I already have there. Plan accordingly.


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