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‘Vote’: David Hogg insinuates Trump may cancel 2020 election

This is how you know they’re insane, out of ideas or both . . .

Gun-control activist David Hogg apparently thinks President Trump will cancel the 2020 election.

In a tweet Sunday afternoon, Mr. Hogg, who had earlier in the day insinuated that all the National Rifle Association’s 2016 political spending money came from Russia, encouraged people to vote with a stark warning.

“These Midterms could be the last election of our lifetime. VOTE,” he wrote on Twitter.

Of course, this may have something to do with it:

2020 Youth Vote
courtesy washingtontimes.com and AP

Majority of young people not planning on voting in midterm elections, says survey

Only 28 percent of young adults ages 18-29 say they are “absolutely certain” of voting in the 2018 midterm elections, according to a new survey.

On the other hand, the Public Religion Research Institute (PPRI) and The Atlantic also found that 74 percent of seniors said they are “absolutely certain” about voting in the midterm elections, in what the survey-takers described as a “massive” generational gap in voting intent.

Overall, half of Americans are “absolutely certain” about voting in the midterm elections, which is about the same compared to the 2014 midterm elections.

Chuck Schumer 3D Ghost Guns Cody Wilson Defense Distributed
courtesy nypost.com and Getty

Chuck Schumer warns of 3-D printed ‘ghost guns’

Chucky sounds the alarm . . .

Gun rights activists reached a settlement with the US State Department and Department of Justice last week that allows them to post detailed instructions, including plans, files and 3-D drawings of the weapons.

“This online site shows you, how at your home, with a simple 3D printer, you can make a plastic AR-15, an AR-10, a very dangerous semi-automatic assault-style weapons out of plastic in your own basement,” Schumer said at a Sunday press conference.

The June 29 settlement stems from 2013 when the US government shut down Texas-based Defense Distributed when the website began sharing printable 3-D gun plans online — saying they were violating laws that regulate the export of guns since anyone, anywhere could download their plans.

Brett Kavanaugh Democrat Senators Gun Control
courtesy middletownpress.com and AP

Red State Democrats Have No Good Reason to Vote for Brett Kavanaugh

Tell that to Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, John Tester, Joe Donnelly, Claire McCaskill . . .

Eight Democratic Senators, most of whom face tough elections in November, have not yet signaled which way they will vote on the 53-year-old conservative hero’s nomination. (Three of these senatorsdefected from the rest of their party to vote for Neil Gorsuch back in April.)

But while some reports have framed their dilemma as an agonizing, make-or-break choice, the stickiness of their predicament is likely exaggerated. The available evidence — or lack thereof — shows that there is simply no compelling reason for them to give Kavanaugh the green light.

Canada Canadian Machine Guns Shortage
courtesy nationalinterest.com

The Canadian Army Is Short on Machine Guns

The news comes as President Trump presses America’s NATO allies—including Canada—to ramp defense spending.

The machine gun furor erupted when the Ottawa Citizen reported that Canada was considering donating weapons to Ukraine, including C6 machine guns . This triggered “a number of angry emails from Canadian Forces personnel,” according to the newspaper. “They stated the weapons should be instead provided to the Canadian Forces since units are experiencing a shortage of C6s.”

The Canadian military responded that there isn’t an actual shortage, but rather a temporary maintenance issue. “There is no C6 shortage in terms of meeting operational commitments, nor supporting key collective and individual training,” Department of National Defense spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier told Canadian media. “There is a fleet serviceability concern with the C6, that is being managed closely, but that does require reduced unit holdings in some instances in order to meet priority need.”

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    • I thought the same thing…he’s panicking about what’s not going to happen (3d printed plastic single-shots, sure, semi-autos? Not soon.), but seems to be missing new automated machine shop tools that will take the worry about 80% complete firearm parts and make the worry about anyone who has a machine shop and steel. Next stop, Ol Chuck tries to ban chunks of steel. I can’t wait, firearm control will be an anachronism soon.

      • Well never mind the 80% lowers. There’s nothing really keeping anyone from crafting 100% homemade guns at home now. I’ve seen more than a few videos on YouTube of people that have fabricated homemade Sten guns and MACs in their own ships. And don’t forget that those Paladin Press books were never really outright banned, even thought a lot of those designs were for guns that wouldn’t be legal to build. Being mostly open bolt full auto.

        I’m actually a bit curious to read the actual regulations they’re supposed to present on the 27th. I wonder if they’ll cover guns that arn’t made using a 3D printer.

        • Oh, I’m aware, but soon the organization involved in the lawsuit (Defense Distributed) will be bringing out new CNC milling equipment and more that will allow largely untrained individuals to do the same thing… With the express aim of making guns available to just about anyone. The cause of gun control will soon be pretty much dead unless they want to license away the home prototyping and design revolution now underway. I won’t morn, but a wake would be fun.

        • Yeah I’ve been following the story of Defense Distributed’s legal woes. Although, from what I’ve read of them so far, they’re mostly focused on their Ghost Gunner CNC mill for finishing 80% lowers. CNC mills are not really hard to come by now. But they’re still going to be hampered by the need to come up with a good way to make your own barrels. Certainly not impossible for the dedicated gun smith, but not exactly the easier thing to do either. If they come up with a tool for that then that’ll be one of the last two or three nail gun control.

        • I think I’m missing this, somehow. You can buy a complete AR upper (either 16+” or pistol/SBR) and a parts kit for building out a stripped lower through the mail without a BGC or anything like registration, all you need to print is the stripped lower receiver itself. How many rounds such an AR would fire before failing is anybody’s guess until someone tries it, but the upper and all parts attached to the lower would quite possibly be 100% ready for installation into another shiny new (printed) plastic stripped lower. IOW, if your goal is an operational and reliable AR-15 for $9.95, hey, it’s not gonna happen. But if your interest is in showing that “ghost guns” could be a thing, hell, it may be already.

        • LarryinTX; well no one is really denying that the kind of ‘3D printed guns’ we can make now are not worth a whole hell of a lot. From everything I’ve read most of these 3D printed AR lowers are at best good for about 500 shots.

          Ultimately this is more about preventing the Feds from preventing innovation with bureaucratic BS. After all, it’s not illegal to build your own guns using printed off diagrams of existing gun designs. This whole fight was just that the US State Department chose to target 3D printer technology using a weird interpretation of the ITAR arms treaty.

    • I remember the absolute panic over Glocks that were “all plastic” and wouldn’t show up on airport X-ray machines.
      People like Schumer include other politicians who surround themselves with yes-men who are as ignorant as themselves, so that when they say something stupid there is an echo-chamber telling them how wonderful they are. Then they are astounded when anyone dares to contradict them with actual facts.

      • Only those early Glock Sevens were made of plastic and porcelain, so you couldn’t detect them. They cost more than you make in a month.

    • There are loonies on both sides. Fortunately the left’s loonies are currently having a shit fit. A very public shit fit. They’re going to scare the muggles.

        • The same polls that had hillary in the white house? Polls are the least trustworthy portion of mass media.

          The media did not learn its lesson and will repeat its mistake. They tried to destroy Trump and assured him a presidency. It has been truly amazing to watch the left destroy itself. And truly funny.

    • About as many times as some lunatic claimed Bush would cancel the 04 and 08 elections. This has been a conspiracy for some time now.

      • Back when I was a teenager, I remember hearing a leftist predict that JFK was going to cancel future elections and declare a dictatorship.

        • Right. It’s like these loons magically forget every other president and apply all the conspiracies to this one. I heard “BUSH IS HITLER!!!” So many times my ears bled.

    • The difference is that the Lefty loonies are national figures receiving national broadcast time while the righty loonies are properly obscure in Reddit.

    • These same morons wanted to cancel either the midterms in 10 or the general in 12. Can’t recall exactly. Their “logic” was that they did not want to risk losing the house or senate now that their lord and master, Obama the boy who would be king, was in office.

    • There were similar claims for Nixon. Personally, I always thought he was the only one even remotely conceivable, because he seemed to have just lost it near the end, kept digging and digging and digging, but still, you have to wonder why these nuts think any other part of the government or any state government would just shrug their shoulders and not go ahead with elections. Just not gonna happen.

    • Yup. It was EVERYWHERE on gun forums back in the day. That and that national guard training. What a hoot. I’m sure the same nonsense was around during Bush from the lib and will be around from the conservatives during the next dem presidency.

  1. Most of the center and right thought Obummer was going to declare martial law, which wasn’t an unrealistic expectation given the existing failed coup.

    Although I doubt Trump will stop the 2020 election. One was subverting the united states, the other is trying to save it.

    • If most people on the right thought that Obama was going to do that, it shows how unrealistic they were.

      And most people in the center have never believed that about any president.

      • I am so old that I remember leftist claiming Bush II was going to cancel elections and declare himself king.

        • Hell not just that, but that he would then wage a global war to conquer the world. Iraq was just the first step so that the war machine would be properly fueled. The left seems to think all the conspiracy nuts are on the right. In my experience the left has far more. We can see that now with the belief that Russia is influencing anything not democrat.

      • Well, let’s see. We do remember a chain of Fergusons? We know that those were all provocations from outside the cities involved. Those provocations were going in a steady stream, right up to the time when everyone was quite certain that Hillary gets the presidency. Then shit happens and it’s too late to seriously do anything about it. So, I guess, we’ll never know, especially that the DNC servers are not available for analysis.

  2. So Hogg is worried that the government may go so far as too trample the rights of its citizenry by cancelling the democratic election process?

    If ONLY there were a section of the constitution that defined specific rights of the people, including I don’t know… the right of the people to keep and bear arms, so that the government wouldn’t dare attenpting to impose tyranny on the citizenry.

  3. I got a mail from Nelson (signed up for his letter so I could know when he has an event near me. Wanted to ask why the NRA’s leaders are never named when the Democrats attack the NRA) and got a mail with the title “a fundamental right is under attack”. I was just disapointed he was whining that voting required the same ID he requires for every gun purchase. Oh well, still voting for him. No prizes for traitors like Scott.

    Machine guns aren’t the only thing Canada is short on. Their gun laws have killed most domestic arms makers, yet they insist on having their guns made in Canada. They literally can’t even get new handguns at this point as a result.

    • Scott is a total d-bag, no question, but a vote for Nelson is a vote for Chuck Schumer. You are making a mistake.

      • I’d rather vote for Shumer than McConnell. At least if he’s majority leader (which is virtually impossible this election. Democrats would have to keep every seat they have AND win a Republican stronghold.) it’s the DEMOCRATS that are raising taxes and spending wrecklessly.

  4. I simply can’t imagine holding a worldview that would lead me to seeking wisdom from a histrionic demagogue.

  5. It isn’t just young people that won’t show up in large numbers for the mid-terms. Voter participation is usually lower for every definable demographic group during the mid terms. Coincidentally, this makes it even more important that the pro-gun community gets motivated enough to make the trip to the polling station in November. Few people voting overall gives us a chance to make our voices heard in a much clearer fashion then would be the case in the presidential election.

  6. “but that does require reduced unit holdings in some instances in order to meet priority need.”

    Bureacrat speak for SHORTAGE.

  7. He’s going to stop the elections, so we need to vote midterms that have NOTHING TO DO WITH PRESIDENCY in order to stop Trump from doing it. Makes total sense.

    These dumbasses seriously do not think at all before they say this stupid shit.

  8. “Only 28 percent of young adults ages 18-29 say they are “absolutely certain” of voting in the 2018 midterm elections, according to a new survey.”

    What ever became of Young Future Communist’s unite,camera Hogg will lead the parade to the polls.

  9. Hmmm…Hoggboy is barely mentioned on the lamestream media. TTAG is perpetually featuring “it” and things like Gabby G. Oh well…

  10. Do you ever get the feeling that in 50 years or so there’s going to be a book written on American’s mass killers and there’s going to be different chapters on people like John Wayne Gayce, Charlie Manson, and David Hogg?

  11. “There is no C6 shortage…” Department of National Defense spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier told Canadian media. “There is a fleet serviceability concern…that does require reduced unit holdings…”

    Now, there’s a man who values his pay and pension checks.

    • if there is no shortage then there should be no shortage for units. if there are problems with servicing that needs to be taken care of pronto “LIKE YESTERDAY PRIVATE” (doing Staff Sargent impersonation 🙂 ). as i said even allowing for those being in for service there should be several ready for operations spares for every unit as well as the functioning ones the unit are using be it war time or peace. if not and the officers in supply chain cant explain why then they need to be stripped of all rank and dismissed from the military with dishonor

      • “We don’t have a shortage of C6s, we have a shortage of working C6s”

        So, that justifies giving away some of the ones that still work?
        Or is it your plan to help the Ukrainians by sending them non working weapons?

        • well personally i would not be giving them any until there was plenty to go around my own troops as mentioned above. once that was established any surplus over and above that could then be given. most western nations around the world right now could not hold off an enemy invader for more than 3 days (in australia it is now the canberra line that goes from just north of canberra to just west of melbourne and they would let the enemy have the rest) and they could only hold that line for 3 days. not even enough time for allies to get here to help out. the US is one of the few that could repel an enemy invader

      • this problem of readiness and logistics is rife in NATO…they ran out of ordinance half-way through the Libyan operation…Germany has subs stuck in port, planes that can’t fly and during a recent joint exercise couldn’t participate because they didn’t have enough tents!

  12. 3D printing guns? Why, It’s perfectly legal to make your own firearm. With a small investment in machine tools, just build your own. That is, If your smart enough.

    • Back when I was in Junior Highschool, I was building cannons in shop class. Some had rifled barrels and one had a recoil system. The biggest used beer cans filled with concrete for projectiles. I never killed anyone with them.

  13. It would be nice to think that somewhere there is a civics teacher shaking their head and doing a face palm every time Hogg tweets. It would be nice but it’s probably hopelessly optimistic.

  14. “Sen. Chuck Schumer is warning the public to watch out forGhost guns — that people will be able to legally download starting on August 1.”

    I thought Chuckles the Effing Clown was into comedy not grims fairy tales. Next you know he will be doing Chicken Little,the sky is falling,0h wait he’s already done that routine.

    • The guns made out of clear plastic will be nearly impossible to see.
      Especially if the bullets are clear plastic too, you wont be able to see them coming.

  15. So, the Canadians are experiencing a shortage of rifles because they aren’t being maintained fast enough? Last I checked, a rifle shouldn’t require a specialized mechanic to service it. Basic maintenance on a firearm, including replacement of parts, should be easy enough for anybody to perform. Just keep a full stock of the most commonly replaced parts and they should be fine.

    Unless, of course, there is a shortage.

  16. I’ve voted in the past 4 elections, but I may sit this one out this year. I have no enthusiasm to vote for any one particular person and where I live my Social Dem senator and gay representative will win anyway. The only race up for grabs is for the governor, but I don’t care about that race either as I’m moving next year anyway.

  17. Mr. Hogg, who had earlier in the day insinuated that all the National Rifle Association’s 2016 political spending money came from Russia, encouraged people to vote with a stark warning.
    “These Midterms could be the last election of our lifetime. Only 28 percent of young adults ages 18-29 say they are “absolutely certain” of voting in the 2018 midterm elections, according to a new survey.
    On the other hand, the Public Religion Research Institute (PPRI) and The Atlantic also found that 74 percent of seniors said they are “absolutely certain” about voting in the midterm elections,
    I think the two events are related and really I doubt if all that many actual voters care what little Hogg thinks.

  18. Trump can be hurt in the Mid Terms by a shift to Democrat control in Congress, just as Obama was hurt in the 2010 Mid Terms when backlash against Obamacare shifted Congress to Republican control. It IS important that gun owners vote in the November 2018 Mid Terms, both for Congressional Candidates that favor our Second Amendment protected rights, AND for State Office Candidates that support RKBA. Mid Terms can no longer betaken lightly. The President would have to invoke his standing Executive Orders to declare Martial Law in order to “cancel” an Election, which are intended for the most dire National Emergency. The POTUS fearing he might not fare well in a Mid Term Election does not constitute a “dire National Emergency”.

    Seniors voting in large numbers for certain might be as dangerous as young people voting in large numbers. Many Seniors have no grasp of the issues and pay attention to the agendas of organizations such as AARP, who give them Leftist inspired disinformation and propaganda [while peddling Insurance Plans, of course]. Seniors are often as heavily ignorant and Leftist brain-washed as the young in my experience. YMMV (…and I sincerely hope it does).

    Hogg is a “dead issue” walking. He just refuses to acknowledge his failure.

    • mess with Social Security…and you WILL get a response…just look what’s happening in Nicaragua……

      • Yeah. Seems to be a big concern. Unfortunately, the response I am getting is to vote Democrat…

  19. Say arn’t Hog’s a invasive species in Texas and other parts of the South and its legal to control them anytime?

    • Kap….Hogs are an invasive species and be hunted day and night all year long, no matter their age. Someone needs to tell these hogs to stay out of these states and lay low.

  20. I hope you TTAG folks realize I’m getting strange looks in the office because I can’t stop laughing at that Hogg pic. LOL!!!

  21. Why would Trump want to cancel the 2020 elections? Based on the comically pathetic lineup of likely Democrat challengers, he’ll probably win a second term pretty easily.

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