Virginia Teachers Armed Guns Schools
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Rural county seeks to be first in Virginia to arm teachers

The AG standing in the way of teachers protecting their students would be a really good look . . .

The school board in Lee County, Virginia, voted last week to allow an undisclosed number of teachers and staff members to carry guns in school.

Board member Rob Hines said the school district has just four resource officers for its 11 schools and cannot afford to hire more.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring is looking into the plan. State law prohibits guns in schools, with only a few exceptions.

Canada Teen gun Law petition

Alberta teen’s gun law petition nears 83,000 signatures as it reaches final stretch

Canada’s Kyle Kashuv . . .

Ryan Slingerland, 15, launched an e-petition opposing Bill C-71 — an act that aims to amend certain acts and regulations to firearms — at the end of March, and as of Saturday it had garnered some 83,000 signatures of support.

The proposed amendments to the Canadian Firearms Act and Criminal Code would require gun retailers to keep records of firearms inventory and sales for at least 20 years, and would require the purchaser of a hunting rifle or shotgun to present a firearms licence, while the seller would have to ensure its validity.

The bill would also expand the scope of background checks on those who want to acquire a gun.

Slingerland’s petition states the proposed act, currently in first reading, “does nothing to tackle firearms violence, but rather adds further red-tape on law-abiding firearms owners.”

Anti-Gun protest kavanaugh
courtesy and AP

Brett Kavanaugh’s Defense of Second Amendment Is Hardly ‘Extremist’

You mean all the hysteria ginned up by the anti-gun left has been intellectually dishonest at best or outright lies at worst? Shirley, you jest! . . .

These dramatic and uninformed condemnations reveal much less about Kavanaugh’s jurisprudence than they do about the struggle between the left’s vision of an activist judiciary and the Framers’ vision of governance, which emphasizes a judiciary that plays an important but limited role and leaves policymaking to Congress.

Where the left wants a “living Constitution” that allows unelected judges to dictate policy and flexibly expand or retract the scope and meaning of constitutional rights at will—often as a means of sidestepping the broad consensus intentionally required for constitutional amendments—a good judge instead defers to the original meaning of the Constitution and faithfully applies that meaning without infusing his personal preferences into the matter.

As evidence that Kavanaugh despises gun control laws and will do whatever it takes to expand the rights of gun owners (in the same way they would expect a liberal judge to find some way of making the Constitution fit his or her preferred policy), these gun control advocates universally point to his dissenting opinion in Heller v. District of Columbia (2011), often referred to as Heller II because of its status as a follow-up to the landmark 2008 decisionbetween the same parties (Heller I).

Andrew Cuomo Kavanaugh Gun Control SAFE Act

They see what’s headed their way and they’re getting increasingly desperate . . .

Cuomo took aim at Kavanaugh’s position on gun control, warning that if the conservative judge is approved, the state SAFE Act could come under fire.

The 2013 law expanded the definition and restricted the resale of assault weapons in the state, banned magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds and expanded background checks.

Conservatives and gun rights advocates have called for the law to be repealed.

“If Judge Kavanaugh goes to the Supreme Court, his vote could overturn the SAFE Act,” Cuomo warned. “They will overturn the SAFE Act. In New York we need to do the exact opposite. We need to keep building on common-sense reform.

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  1. Just exactly how could you have ~83,000 signatures from “Lee County” Virginia, when the County’s population in 2017-2018 was ~25,092. That’s over 3.3 times the County’s Population…

  2. Pardon me Onion but gun violence has reached every part of the city already. Carjacking in Bucktown where an 8 months pregnant WHITE woman was forced to lie on her stomach as homie and crew ripped her new Range Rover off. Wilding attacks in the Gold Coast. Lots of protesting in the Tiny Dancer’s© hood…has the Onion EVER been funny?!?

    • I think you’re making the mistake of thinking that Mayor Rahm gives a shit about ANY part of the city.

  3. Sanders looks completely loony.
    That image is enough to get him committed to the Booby Hutch.

    Calling Chicago Chiraq is highly insulting…… the Iraqis.

  4. “Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring is looking into the plan. State law prohibits guns in schools, with only a few exceptions.”

    This is true, but here are some of the exceptions. Subsection (iii) would seem to be the most likely to apply to this program, and possibly also (i). I predict Herring will make up his own new law though, and say it is not legal. Democrats like to do that.

    “The provisions of this section shall not apply to (i) persons who possess such weapon or weapons as a part of the school’s curriculum or activities; … (iii) persons who possess such weapon or weapons as a part of any program sponsored or facilitated by either the school or any organization authorized by the school to conduct its programs either on or off the school premises;”

    • Laws are for sheeple. Just do it and let the courts sort it out. Isn’t that the left coast mentality regarding laws and preemption of preemptive laws?

  5. Where the left wants a “living Constitution”

    Here are but a couple of examples of constitutions that the Leftards want to replace the current Constitution,the founders gifted us with.

    I saw the Burnmeister in that footage and thought he might pop a vein,Vermont might have been in need of a new senator.

    • I think the Bernmeister had an accident , in his pants. I guess he gives a shit after all , about what: tyrany !!

  6. “Listen, we’re at 3,000 shootings this year and counting—it’s only a matter of time before this violence migrates from the areas of the city I don’t give a fuck about into the areas that actually matter in my eyes,”
    Well. then the Liberal Elite might ease off the gun control train…or they would move out and infect other areas.

  7. So, Proconsul Cuomo-the-Younger, wanna-be king of preemption in his district state is “worried” a textualist on the federal Supreme Court will assert the Constitution says what it says, and that federal law preempts state. (Didn’t we have a war about that last bit?)

    I think “offended” more than worried. What’s the point of being hereditary ruler if you can’t do anything you like? Kim-jong Rocket-man gets to ack-ack gun dissenters; why can’t Mario’s dynasty?

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