72-Year-Old Nashville Man Shoots, Kills Early Morning Home Invader

Henry Shuster is apparently the kind of guy who gets up and going early in the morning. He left his Nashville home at OMG:30 Wednesday morning for breakfast. When he got back, he found evidence of a break-in.

From newschannel5.com:

Metro Nashville police say a 72-year-old Henry Schuster came home after eating breakfast to find a kitchen window screen lying on the floor along with several other items. According to investigators, he drew a pistol and began searching each room of the home.

It didn’t take Shuster long to find the uninvited visitor.

Police say he encountered 27-year-old Taylor Lowery in a bathroom. Schuster told police he shot Lowery when he lunged at him and tried to grab for the gun.

This apparently wasn’t Lowery’s first interaction with the criminal justice system.

Taylor Lowery (courtesy Nashville Police Department)

Taylor Lowery (courtesy Nashville Police Department)

Lowery later died from his wounds at a local hospital. According to newschannel5.com, prosecutors are reviewing the case, but police consider the shooting a justifiable homicide. If we had to wager, we’d say the prosecutor with ultimately agree with the PD on this one. Prosecuting a septuagenarian who defended himself in his own home isn’t a good look for an elected official.

Even in those long-gone, good ol’ pre-covid days before riots, looting and social unrest, Americans used firearms to defend themselves hundreds of thousands — perhaps millions — of times each year, usually without ever pulling a trigger. Those guns prevented robberies, rapes, murders and assaults. That’s one of the reasons we enjoyed historically low violent crime rates for so many years.

Now, that seems to be changing. There are a lot of good reasons Americans have bought more than 8 million new guns since the beginning of March, many of them first-time buyers. The fact is, guns save lives. Far more than the number of lives lost when they’re used by criminals. Americans know that and want the tools to defend themselves. Just ask Henry Shuster about that.




  1. avatar jwm says:

    Hmmm. Didn’t mention his race, did they.

    Us old timers have a tendency to be up and moving quite early. Most days I’m up before 6. No alarm needed.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      Im likely younger than your oldest child and Im usually up by 6 am without an alarm(I have to be up by 6:30 for work)

      1. avatar frank speak says:

        ….some of us are just up all night posting and replying to comments…and hitting the sack around 6 AM…to each his own…

      2. avatar arc says:

        Oy, I’m a wolf. I usually hang around all night and often long into the AM. I crash out, get up anywhere from 8AM to 1PM, depends on what I need to do / how I feel.

    2. avatar Rattlerjake says:

      The picture of the perp is self explanatory; but no they didn’t mention the race of the old man.

      Wonder why we’re not hearing from black liars matter on this shooting?

      1. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

        “Wonder why we’re not hearing from black liars matter on this shooting?”

        Because the guy shot wasn’t black?


      2. avatar D walz says:

        Like that blm

    3. avatar Ralph Humphrey says:


    4. avatar Debbie W. says:

      Who gives a damn about the race of the 72-Year-Old Nashville Man or the Early Morning Home Invader? Dumb fuk bigots that’s who.

      1. avatar Humpty dumpty says:

        I care…. lol
        Makes ALL the difference….
        People like you…..I swear…. (debbie go-downer)…

        1. avatar Montana Actual says:

          Pretty sure this crazy cat lady is bi-polar.

  2. avatar Leigh says:

    Don’t break into other people’s homes and this won’t happen.
    Anyone got his 4th grade photo? Anyone defending him?
    Oh wait…the guy is white…my mistake. We actually want him to be responsible for his actions.
    Q:Is it yours?
    A: No
    Response: Then leave it the F alone as long as it is not harming you and it is not on fire (usually).

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Perp’s “white privilege” didn’t seem to buy him much, could that whole concept be bullshit?

        1. avatar Meanienazi says:

          Lol….. the typical ghetto excuse….

        2. avatar Cloudbuster says:

          He just really needed to use the bathroom badly!

    2. avatar John Allesch says:

      Someone made mention he should be responsible for his actions. My opinion of that would be to quickly replacing the bullet that he used so as to be ready for the next intruder.

  3. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

    “Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

    Attributed to John Steinbeck

    1. avatar SkyMan77 says:

      +1 Words to live by…

    2. avatar former water walker says:

      That’s MY motto! Prepare for eternity😏

    3. avatar Thixotropic says:

      Clint Smith said it to me at Thunder Ranch.

  4. avatar Sam I Am says:

    Don’t screw with old timers.They’ve had just about enough of everything, and can be quite impatient.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Hence the backdrop for the movie Gran Torino.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “Hence the backdrop for the movie Gran Torino.”

        Eastwood was portraying a pussycat.

    2. avatar Nam62 says:

      I’m 82 & no truer word have ever been spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        DFN 71-72

    3. avatar Gestapolice says:

      Ain’t skeered

  5. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

    He “drew his pistol.” He didn’t have to go to a safe or a hidey hole. May have saved his life..
    Home carry if you can, because you never know who might invite themselves into your abode.

    1. avatar Keepinitreal says:

      Yeah…. you gotta keep those delivery/ service people in check…. :/

    2. avatar Gabriel Trumpeter says:

      I’m 85 and ALWAYS carry a .380 Ruger LCP in a pocket holster no matter if home or out. When out, I also carry my Colt Defender. You never know when it’s going to hit the fan. Luckily, in my state those “No Weapons Allowed” signs ain’t worth the $$ it took to make them. There are very few places we cannot legally carry.

  6. avatar enuf says:

    Anyone willing to break into a home is creating a deadly threat. This one could have gone worse, early report said the homeowner had a heart attack from the stress:

    Ended as well as could be hoped for. Hope the elderly gentleman will be alright, at least doesn’t sound like he’s anything to fear from the law.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Breaking into a home at O dark hundred in the morning? Does not sound like a first timer. Bet he was unaware the homeowner was a carrier.

  7. avatar LifeSavor says:

    Kudos to Henry.

    Every day, pray for peace but be prepared for war.

    1. avatar Paul says:

      Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!

  8. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    First, there shouldn’t be any consideration of charges for Mr. Shuster. He came home, found someone in his house who had broken in to gain entry. That should be a clear, unequivocal justifiable use of deadly force by the owner and/or occupant of the dwelling.

    Second, good on him for carrying. If he had left his gun at home, this could have had a very different outcome.

    Third, clearing a house by yourself is a very hazardous thing to attempt. Mr. Shuster got lucky there.

    1. avatar enuf says:

      Simple procedure to maintain the rule of law. There should always be a careful review of evidence when somebody shoots somebody. This one sounds completely justified, but procedure must be followed or all we have is chaos.

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      DP, article read like he was in the kitchen when he discovered evidence of break-in, not sure what I’d have done from there, except one hand would be holding my gun. Making a phone call might not occur to me.

      1. avatar Paul says:

        You’re probably over 30 years old. No matter what sort of problem I might have, I set to work correcting the problem. It almost never occurs to me that the solution might be found on the telephone.

        It DOES occur to me, from time to time, that a solution might be found on Youtube. They have videos that show you how to wipe your bum, if you need it. Changing brakes pads/shoes, small engine repair, you name it. But, if I come in to find a burglar ransacking my home, I don’t think I’ll take the time for Youtube. ;^)

    3. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:


      Here’s hoping you have your system set to alert you for responses to your comments.

      Can’t find the thread wherein you recommended the “Encyclopedia of Modern Firearms”. My copy arrived today (July 8)…Wow! Lots of disassembly drawings, parts and specifications for things I own (and hope to own…someday).

      Thank you for the suggestion.

  9. avatar JOLJ says:

    septuagenarian, four years of collage paid off, now you get to use words, most septuagenarian never even heard of.

    1. avatar SkyMan77 says:

      Septuagenarian… Hmmm… Doesn’t really roll off the tongue very well. I prefer Old Fart…

      1. avatar James Campbell says:

        “I prefer Old Fart…”
        LMAO. That’s the nickname of a Fort Worth old timer I’ve shot handguns with a few times. Shoots the bullseye out of a pistol target at 10 yards with his EDC, a PPQ 9mm that he carries along with three 30 round magazines.

        1. avatar All Hail! says:

          Bask in the glory of the always relevant (and certainly never made up out of thin air) comments from the incomparable James Campbell.

        2. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

          Little ‘all hail’s’ perpetual Butt-Hurt puts a smile on my face, and a *snicker* on my lips… 🙂

        3. avatar James Campbell says:

          Mine too Geoff. What a pathetic bunch of sub-moronic losers these TTAG trolls are.
          ImAnOldFart is ACTUALLY his username on Walther Forums, but, I made him up according to the Leftard.

        4. avatar All Hail! says:

          Heed the not at all unhinged words of the peerless James Campbell.

        5. avatar Bruth says:

          Yo, Geoff, speaking of things that pass through your lips, hows your secret boyfriend doing?

    2. avatar Rattlerjake says:

      Four years of collage(sic), yet you can’t even spell COLLEGE!

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        Maybe he went to art school.

        1. avatar Paul says:

          “Art school” might not be all bad. It’s the “liberal arts” you have to watch out for.

    3. avatar SheriffJon says:

      Yeah, like college….

    4. avatar Moe Less says:

      But that “collage” you made in art class is looking great, right?

    5. avatar Truthhurts says:

      College…… <——- WHAT A SCAM
      Most college graduates are worthless humans who can't change a light bulb by themselves…. these are people who deserve NONE of what they have….js

  10. avatar Dude says:

    He was 100% within the law. The intruder didn’t even have to lunge for him. His mere presence in the home was a threat.

    1. avatar GS650G says:

      No matter what, he lunged for me officer. I feared for my life I did.

      1. avatar Dude says:

        Yep 😉

  11. avatar ROBERT POWELL says:

    us old-timers do not carry to look badass, some carry out of habit ,others carry for safety .both kinds will shoot you rather than scuffle with you.if you do not want to assume room temperature,DO NOT INVADE OUR SPACE..

  12. avatar billy-bob says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. #CLEANTHEGENEPOOL

  13. avatar Bob in Calif says:

    Many people my age and above suffer from O.C.D.
    It’s not what you think…..
    I gotta agree with the old guy in Montana above. I’m too old to run, too old to fight.
    BANG…end of problem.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Word. I’ve been shot at and I’ve shot back.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        I’ve been shot at and didn’t shoot back because I wasn’t armed. That will never, ever happen again.

        1. avatar Paul says:

          That is a bad, bad, BAD feeling. It’s always better to be armed than unarmed in any situation that might turn ugly. Speaking of which – the wife is whining about some honey-do’s that I have no intention of ever doing . . .

        2. avatar possum says:

          Your gonna shoot ur ole Lady and just let her bloat in the Sun? Cool, most guys dig a hole, The Last Honey Do.

  14. avatar Roger J says:

    “There are a lot of good reasons Americans have bought more than 8 million new guns since the beginning of March”. There are a lot of Leftie prosecutors are going to teach them a new lesson that self defense is unlawful.

    1. avatar GS650G says:

      And a lot of criminals dressed in black wearing gloves and a mask will be found face down in parks and other public places.
      A Philly cop told me they would find them rolled up in a rug and left in the woods. Anonymous tip would lead the cops in.
      He said they didn t really pursue the crime rather looked at it as a burglary interrupted and the homeowner would rather not discuss it with police.

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      If those leftie prosecutors survive until the verdict.

  15. avatar Matt in Oklahoma says:

    I’m setting the Wendy’s on fire for this. The have or has a question though first. Does a fire in Wendy’s make it a flame broiler Burger King?

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Effing militant vegans just looking for an excuse…….

    2. avatar enuf says:

      My guess would be a Waffle House. There is a Wendy’s and a Burger King nearby, but they would not have been open for breakfast that early.

      The 300 block of Radnor in Nashville is practically surrounded by Waffle House, there’s four or five close by.

      Yep, that’s my guess. He grabbed early eats at Waffle House, came home and caught the burglar in the act.

      Mystery solved.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Gronk! Me like! Waffle House GOOD! Try cheese omelet!

  16. avatar Ranger Rick says:

    My “Feel Good Story of the Week”.

    I’m a sucker for happy endings.

    1. avatar Darkman says:

      Nothing says Freedom like shooting some scum bag who’s broken into your house and attempting to steal your stuff. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  17. avatar J. Smith says:

    They didnt say what he shot him with, my guess was a .38/.39 whatever it takes.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “They didnt say what he shot him with, my guess was a .38/.39…”

      Well, there was a body, so the invader wasn’t shot with 6.5 anything, else there would have been only a vapor mist in the bathroom.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        And certainly not a .45, or no one would even remember he had ever existed.

  18. avatar ChoseDeath says:

    Good for the old fella. Hope he recovers from his MI swiftly and completely and can go about his daily life unencumbered.

    1. avatar Gabriel Trumpeter says:

      That’s another reason you need more than a single gun. Gawd knows when the bureaucrats will get around doing the paperwork to release your weapon back to you. I can’t imagine going around these days without a gun.

  19. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    You have a right to defend your private property. Even when the Libertarians Liberals and the Left think you have no right to do so.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      That’s because *they* do not!

  20. avatar Demoncrats says:

    Good take out the antifa reprobates.

  21. avatar Dennis says:

    Good thing the miscreant wasnt black, eh? The old man would be in jail as we speak. I heard white lives matter will be having a demonstration this weekend though!😁

  22. avatar RV6Driver says:

    My dad is 72. He didn’t start ccw till he was 70. He pocket carries a snubby with wadcutters and I can say with certainty he’s ready to use it.

    I set him up with an AR and 10/22 which he shoots on a regular basis with my mom.

    In the past he was never into guns. (Even after serving as a Navy Corpsman medic in Vietnam. )
    Now he’s an ornery gun totin’ senior. Better late than never…..

    1. avatar Paul says:

      Squids are kinda funny. Especially Corpsmen. I’m a Navy vet who likes guns. I don’t love them like some of the folk here, but I like them. But, a lot of my shipmates never owned a weapon, never wanted a weapon, and never carried a personal weapon at any time during their military careers.

      I think it safe to say that the Hospital Corps is a safe place for conscientous objectors. And, thank God for each and every one of them.

  23. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    When you break into private property. Thru a door, gate, fence, wall, window, etc, you are not a protester. You are an invader, criminal, rioter, burglar, and deserve to be shot.
    If you cross a private property line you are no longer a protester. Call them invaders. It’s an accurate description of them.

    1. avatar Paul says:

      Errrr, uhhhmmmm – maybe you need to think a moment about gates and fences? I’ve often opened a gate, closed the gate behind me, then approached the house, office, shop, barn, whatever, to make my presence known.

      In the recent riot video, the problem with the gate was the destruction of the gate, in gaining access to the property. Opening a gate is not a crime, destruction of the gate is most definitely a crime.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        When the gate has a big sign saying “private property–no trespassing”, and the gate is locked, I would not bet my ass. If you’re dead, you’ll never even get to know the answer!

  24. avatar Fred says:

    Just think of how much money was saved by not needing to prosecute the perp by winning the room temperature challenge from the old guy! Mr Schuster should get a $2000 reward from the criminal justice system!

  25. avatar GS650G says:

    Good thing it was the bathroom. The loo is easier to clean up than a living room or bedroom.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Unless your bullet misses completely or over penetrates the tweaker and hits a water pipe. And it’s amazing how fragile a toilet is. A falling body can take one right out.

      1. avatar possum says:

        I’m sitting in the kitchen early morning, drinking coffee Getting ready for work. It’s a $45 a month shack in the sticks of Missouri. Lots of mice, got a .22 , mouse running up by my sink ,Blam, got the mouse and the faucet, water everywhere.

        1. avatar jwm says:

          So, you got breakfast and running water with one shot. You’re one talented marsupial.

  26. avatar Texican says:

    Speaking of home invaders, the St. Louis couple that defended themselves from being attacked has been threatened with violence this coming weekend. Apparently, no authorities and no security services will help them.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      From the video I saw they don’t need help.

      1. avatar Paul says:

        They could use some advice, though. The Pistol Packin’ Mama needs to get herself an AR or similar. And, both of them should consider a slight change in wardrobe. Some kind of pants with lots of cargo pockets, or a service belt, or maybe even some bandoliers. You need some way to manage ten or more loaded magazines!

        BTW, no need to field dress the carcasses. Leave that for the coroner!!

  27. avatar guitarsampsandguns says:

    Glad he was carrying (a right the constitution protects, even while its being violated in some states). The outcome likely would have been been very different had he not been carrying.

  28. avatar Hannibal says:

    Not a great idea to clear your house when there’s clear evidence of a break-in unless there’s someone else there (like your kid, etc) or you can’t help it for some reason. Not only does it contaminate the scene for investigation (not a big deal) but you’re putting yourself at a lot of risk, even if you’re armed. Good thing the BG didn’t hear him coming, hide somewhere and then ambush him from behind.

    Trapping someone in the bathroom and then shooting them- was it because he lunged for the gun, lunged to try and escape, or was just standing there and the whole ‘lunge’ was made up after the fact? Guess we’ll never know. Being a burglar is a dangerous career.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Why would you second guess the victim, the home owner? The bad guy made his choice and it cost him.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        Why not? I believe that a curious mind is a good thing, as long as it’s some anonymous person on the internet and not that of the county prosecutor.

        And if you read my last sentence I think you’ll see that I agree with the assessment of the burglar being the one who is at fault either way.

      2. avatar LarryinTX says:

        *EVERY* eyewitness account agreed that he lunged at the homeowner.

        1. avatar RobinGoodfellow says:

          Hell, I wasn’t even there and I saw him lunge at the homeowner!

    2. avatar jERRY zOPP says:

      We don’t need to know.

      1. avatar Paul says:

        Not only do we not need to know, we don’t even care. Little bastard broke and entered a domicile. Nothing else need be considered. When dead men start testifying in court, maybe I’ll change my opinion.

    3. avatar possum says:

      r. My cat had kittens last night, she ate the after birth, I ate the kittens

    4. avatar Gabriel Trumpeter says:

      I agree with you on someone “clearing” their home. Call the cops. let them clear it. If the bum does come out while you’re standing outside, aim at him and tell him to hit the ground. There are times it isn’t important to kill the bad guy. Killing the bad guy when you yourself are not in immediate danger could cost you big time in court on really bad charges. Some goodies in the house ain’t worth risking your life or freedom for. He might be armed also.

      Of course if he breaks into the house while you are in it – BANG, BANG – double tap.

  29. avatar FirstBubba says:

    What difference is the perp’s “race”?

    “Red or yellow, black or white,
    They are equal in my sights…”!

  30. avatar Ned Pepper says:

    OK, Zoomer. Get some.

  31. avatar Ralph says:

    Now if that 72 year old was me, and I had not yet had my coffee when the idiot broke into my home, I’d have shot that @ssh0le about 72 times just because.

    Never mess with an old guy before he’s had his caffeine.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      You either have a drum magazine or you are better at fine motor skills (reloading) than I am in the morning.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        I have a lot of guns and most are fully loaded all the time.

      2. avatar LarryinTX says:

        After the first mag, you should be able to take your time reloading. Even go out to buy more ammo.

    2. avatar possum says:

      That made me laugh Ralph, Thanx👍

  32. avatar possum says:

    What a tragedy, the kid was looking for a job. Interviewer said “Man you stink ” Lowery says “Wait, I’ll be right back ” then he drops the soap while talking a shower and an old senile man blast him.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      The likeliest of scenarios.

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      The picture of “turning his life around”.

    3. avatar RidgeRunner says:

      Not the real Possum

  33. avatar Debbie W. says:

    “72-Year-Old Nashville Man Shoots, Kills Early Morning Home Invader.” There is another kind of “invader” and that kind of “invader” is the narrow minded bigoted jackass who sees the heading and their primary concern is the race of the players. The bigots on this forum are to your gun rights what a drunk farting gasbag is to fine dining.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      Bigots don’t have a natural, civil and human right to free speech? To be bigots?

      Says who?

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