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Active attempting gun confiscation in this country will make the past month’s violence look like a Sunday picnic.

Gun confiscation is a thoroughly unworkable policy, and probably the idea most likely to spur a violent resistance to American law enforcement. (Not that we haven’t seen plenty of violent resistance to American law enforcement already this year.) The more Americans own guns, the less likely it is that a proposal like confiscation ever gets any serious traction.

– Jim Geraghty in Good Luck Promoting Gun Confiscation during an Era of Booming Gun Sales

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  1. I wonder if it will dawn on any of the new gun owners that they’ve been voting for the wrong side.

    • Yes, many are voting for the wrong party:

      “I like taking guns away early,” Trump said. “Take the guns first, go through due process second.”
      Trump also said some of his fellow Republicans were “petrified” of the NRA, called on lawmakers to produce a “comprehensive” gun bill, and squelched prospects for a GOP-backed concealed carry proposal as part of a broader gun package.”

      “I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time,” Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence.
      “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.”

      • Minor69er at it again. Did it actually happen? Nope. Will it happen if your beloved democrats get in office again? Yep.

        When you learn how to put a stock on an ar come back and say something.

        • Why would I want to put a stock on an AR?

          SIG braces are so much more functional.
          Mine has a handy top sling attachment that gives a great over the shoulder carry from there to the rear leg of the front sight.

          Now, putting a buffer tube on an AR is a bit more interesting, but I do have the appropriate strap wrench.

        • Pistol braces typically attach to carbine style buffer tubes, which don’t reqire a wrench. You do need a proprietary castle nut wrench for the nut that jams the buffer tube and retention plate in place. … unless of course you’re using a pistol brace on a full stock buffer tube for some reason? …. I dunno, you say the weirdest s#it sometimes Miner.

        • Interesting.

          Well I can tell you, if you wish to put a rear sling attachment on an AR pistol, you must remove the buffer tube with a strap wrench.

          Although as I pointed out, I think the top sling attachment on the brace gives one a much better geometry for over the shoulder carry.

      • Thats funny….. so I guess there are 2 complete idiots using the name miner49er. Can’t even come up with an original name. Sad

      • I hope to see a change in the Democrat’s idiotic and emotion-based policies on guns as more of their traditional voters become gun owners and realize they like being able to be their own first responders.

        If the Dems stopped alienating half the country with their gun confiscation horse shit, they might stop losing elections.

        Then they might be able to drag ‘this country, kicking and screaming, in to providing healthcare for it’s citizens, reigning in some of the destructive anarcho-capitalist policies that have all but destroyed the middle class, and other changes that would address the actual root causes of “gun violence” instead of pandering to hysterical Karens with AWBs, et al.

        • You will NEVER witness the Dems change their stance on firearms, they are wedded to the idea of stripping everyone but themselves, their bodyguards, their close pals, and the government of guns, it’s how they plan on instituting their nation destroying policies, armed citizens can resist, the disarmed have no option but acquiesce and comply.

          Like abortion, reparations, amnesty, and a host of other policies the DemoMarxists champion “gun control” (prohibition on civilian firearm ownership) is here to stay, it is and always be a cornerstone of their platform. Why? Because those that they rely on for campaign contributions (Soros/BloomBOIG and others of their ilk) demand it.

      • I usually don’t bother to reply to trolls but you a God Damned Idiot and a liar as well.

        Trump is easily the best Gun Right president we have had.

        Don’t waste our time here.

        • How? Cause he has done nothing? I’m far from a ever trumper but he did say that stuff. His In-law is into nfa stuff, and we don’t even get scraps… I don’t know how that’s in our favor???

    • Some percentage of new gun owners will become 2A devotees. Its certainly not a 1 for 1, but it’s definitely an addition to our side.

      • This. We would be nuts to expect each and every new owner to join us. But some will and every one that does is a win.

        • And some of the new owners will still be okay with doing away with those scary black rifles. They got their handgun or shotgun, so they think that’s all people need.

        • “And some of the new owners will still be okay with doing away with those scary black rifles…”

          So what? They already thought that way so it’s not like any of this is a losing proposition for POTG.

          In a game of inches you don’t complain about not taking half a mile at a time.

        • “And some of the new owners will still be okay with doing away with those scary black rifles. They got their handgun or shotgun, so they think that’s all people need.”

          Exactly where are you getting your information? Some people really need to get up out of their basements, take a shower, put on some clothes and get outside. How in the world do you think the AR platform became America’s most popular rifle? You’re attaching 1980 “wisdom” to 2020 reality. Seriously.

      • Dude,
        That will be up until they have a need for one of those “Scary Black Rifles”.

    • Oh really, what’s the “right” side? The side that reverses precedent and bans bump stocks? The side that refuses to hear 2A cases at the Supreme Court?

        • One side doesn’t help and sometimes even nibbles around the edges of what is left of our 2A cake. The other side drools as it promises to eat it all to the last crumble at first opportunity it gets.
          You know which side is less bad.
          As for me, I want my cake back!

    • I’m wondering where all the “conservatives” are and what they’re trying to “conserve”.

    • Doubt it, they’re hypocrite liberals. Telling everyone else for years no one needs a gun, now they want one so that’s different.

  2. None of us will be handing in our weapons.

    Have a safe, happy, celebration of our nation, our Constitution, and our freedom (despite the encroachments)!!! Enjoy your families and friends!!

    Stay strong and determined to preserve the legacy our founders began. Raise the flag. Pray and instill hope.

  3. Just wanted to say, happy Fourth of July everybody and I’m going to get drunk as hell and eat some barbecue over the weekend and dive into a Reaper 33 book, he was a sniper and his name is Nicholas Irving and there is a free book read on YouTube, if anybody’s interested

  4. 95% of gun owners will turn in their guns if they are threatened to do so. The problem is the other 5%.

      • But will there be blood shed when President Trump does it?

        “I like taking guns away early,” Trump said. “Take the guns first, go through due process second.”
        Trump also said some of his fellow Republicans were “petrified” of the NRA, called on lawmakers to produce a “comprehensive” gun bill, and squelched prospects for a GOP-backed concealed carry proposal as part of a broader gun package.”

        “I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time,” Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence.
        “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.”

        • It’s good to see that the little basement dwelling Democrat troll is still out and about spreading more lies and deceptions. The great thing about the United States is that we tolerate persons of all beliefs, such as avowed Communists like “Miner49er”.

        • Better to make ad hominem attacks then to address the real issue: Trump is no friend of gun right or the 2nd amendment.

        • And miner and all hail are? The second biggest disaster for our nation would be a biden win in November. The first biggest would have been a clinton win in 2016.

        • to Miner49er
          If you or anyone thinks there is a “war on Cops” now, you ain’t seen nothing yet when the government orders the confiscation of guns. It will be “open season” on anyone wearing any government uniform.

        • “avowed Communists like “Miner49er”.”

          Not me, true communism is inconsistent with human nature. Communism didn’t work for the pilgrims at Plymouth rock end it is often corrupted into authoritarianism.

          Representative democratcies, also known as republics, are more of my preferred governance.

      • Ask the government how many people turned in or destroyed their bumpfire stocks and I think you’ll get a pretty close approximation of how many would turn in their guns.

    • People tend to change their minds very quickly when it concerns something they value is threatened – like freedom for example.

    • They will turn in their guns if the government threatens to take away everything they own. They will threaten to give the kids to “child services dept”. Their house, car, small bank acct. That’s what they do when they suspect you of dealing drugs. You have to prove you’re innocent. It’s called Asset Forieiture. Ask the hot dog/taco stand owner who doesn’t take credit cards. They notice he does big cash deposits at the bank. The feds come in and accuse him of drug dealing. How do you prove a negative, when you can’t afford a lawyer? It’s happened in California. Probably everywhere else, too.

      • That’s a double edged sword and a damned dangerous game.

        Tell people you’re going to take their children and some will cave. Others will retaliate.

        1/10th of gun owners retaliate and they’ve wiped out all the LE and CPS people multiple times over, like 9x or more.

        I really wish people would step back from the ledge we are break dancing on but that’s probably too much to ask.

        • It doesn’t take much… a dangerous man with nothing to lose isn’t something to take lightly

        • I’m more concerned about brain-washing little kids into snitching out other family and friends.

          Especially if there is a cash award involved…

        • Geoff;

          No offense intended here but you’re behind the curve by a decade. Or more.

    • Data from other countries suggests it’s no more than 20%. Most of the rest of us will bury them somewhere. You will die a glorious death.

    • “95% of gun owners will turn in their guns if they are threatened to do so. The problem is the other 5%.”

      lol, that did not happen in Connecticut or New York State.

    • No, the problem is the sheepish people who do turn in their legally owned guns protected by the Constitution of the United States, giving up their right to own a gun because communists liberals tell them they have too.

  5. I doubt it. Irish Democracy maybe but the feeble response of America’s gun owners to an attack on the civil order does not make me optimistic about active resistance. Too many gun owners seem more concerned about gun handling skills than supporting some one who took a stand .

  6. Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful time, surrounded by people and things they love. Can’t wait to kick back with my family by the pool with some cold beers, good food, and big laughs! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. That’s why when I lived in Komifornia I never registered any of my modern sporting rifles.


  8. I’ll believe it when I see it.
    It’s easy for a bunch of unemployed white children loaded with idiot debt from chasing their French History degrees living in their wealthy liberal parents basements to blow off steam by burning the minority neighborhoods downtown but most of us are actually invested in civilization and have plenty to lose.

    Though lately my desire to inflict pain on whining commie losers has at times risen beyond my desire to seek comfort. Sometimes I think inflicting pain on whining commie losers would bring me great comfort.

  9. Short and sweet. Reminds me of the two most important sentences that I live my life by:

    Shall not be infringed.

    Come and take them.

  10. Every time I see pictures of piles of guns like that I wonder how many lives could have been saved by either using them or by learning to shoot with them.

  11. Trying to confiscate Americans guns will be the quickest way to see politicians hanging from light poles in this country. We are closer than anyone thinks. The idiots in Washington have completely lost the confidence of the people.

  12. If they want my guns, they can have them. I just hope they don’t mind overly much … When I give them the bullets first!

  13. I’m not giving my gats away. If the latest feeble response to (mostly) unarmed “protestor’s” is any indication I’m not particularly worried. Have a nice 4th! F##k those who say f##k the 4th!

  14. First off have a safe and Patriotic 4th of July. spend some time contemplating the significance of the day. Read the link below with your family and especially your children.
    READ: The Declaration of Independence | Fox News
    Things like this may happen in big city Liberal bastions. Not so likely in small town America. I’ve had the conversation about firearms confiscation with a number of law enforcement personnel in my area. Number one they are against it but, more importantly they understand. That living in a town of 25,000 and a county of 39,000 everybody knows their families and where they live. They are smart enough to know that any attempt to enforce a wholesale confiscation of firearms would result in severe consequences not only to them but, also their loved ones. Those are the tactics that will be necessary if such as act is attempted regardless of the local. Not only against law enforcement but, politicians as well. There will be no quarter expected and no quarter given. If anything was learned from Charlie in SEA it was. Everyone not on your side is the enemy and must be eliminated with Extreme Prejudice. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  15. Because Jim Crow Gun Control is a deranged agenda rooted in racism and genocide it must be stopped.
    The days when some murderous nut misuses a firearm and every gun owning law abiding citizen pays for it by being forced to forfeit gun rights needs to be stopped cold.
    Gun owners living in fear of what some punk with a gun may do across town or in another state must end. Knee jerk politicians need to pull their heads out of their behinds and hold the line for Gun Rights no matter what.
    First and foremost Jim Crow Gun Control is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide. It is past time for some politician to stand on the floor of Congress and unmask Gun Control.

    • I bet you never heard of the Union League gang gun violence that predated Jim Crow. During “Reconstruction,” and military occupation, the Union League armed Freedmen who went around terrorizing southern civilians who were not “allowed” to have arms. They also terrorized Freedmen to did not vote for the Radical Republicans. This resulted in the proliferation of the KKK.

      • I would certainly be interested in hearing about how the union league terrorized civilians in the south.

        I can tell you, the union league is a Republican organization that I support.

        “In the early organization of Alabama’s Republican party, the league also functioned as an informal caucus of the “Radicals,” and its leaders were prominent in drafting the Reconstruction constitution of November 1867. However, in 1868, the terrorist Ku Klux Klan group and its offshoots effectively shut down the organization, assaulting or killing several prominent activists, including Daniel H. Bingham of Athens. In Sumter County alone, state representative George Houston and several other black league leaders were shot, and others, including representative Richard Burke, were killed. In all, at least 15 league activists met violent deaths between 1868 and 1871.
        In this climate, the league’s Republican sponsors concluded that the secret organization had served its purpose, and it was formally abolished in Alabama in 1869. Vestiges of the organization survived locally, and it continued as a paper organization at the national level for decades. Though transient, the Union League recruited vast numbers of freedmen into the Republican party, and it also fomented lasting changes in the plantation system in Alabama and elsewhere. ”

        • It was called “Reconstruction” for a purpose, Miner. Some of us know our history. When you know history it is kinda fun to see just how propaganda is based on lies. Of course American colleges and universities haven’t been teaching much history for a couple of decades now.

    • Yawn. You’ve said it 1,000 times here. Is that the extent of your knowledge on gun control? Someone shared a facebook meme and now you know Jim Crowe wanted to keep the guns away from black folks? It’s either this, or some random trump shit. C’mon debbie… find another talking point.

  16. Personally I think the American gun owner would fall into three categories if confiscation ever went through.

    A, those that meekly surrender their firearms and lose them for life.

    B, Those that hide their Firearms and spend the rest of their life looking over their shoulder.

    C, those that fight.

    Have a wonderful Fourth of July

    • In the long run the people who bury them will be the ones to win the long term fight. The government would make a lot of enemies taking down the fighters. That’s standard insurgency strategy.

      • If you have to “bury” them in America, it’s already a lost cause. At that point, it would mean the military is somehow supporting gun confiscation, along with law enforcement. It’ll never happen here.

        • Nobody cares what you think. Make yourself useful and let us know where alter ego C.C. has gone.

    • And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit. I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities.

      Eric Swalwell 2020

  17. 1st a collection of American firearms would not look like the story’s picture. Far too many hunting rifles and shotguns. Where are the ARs, AKs, large magazines, and optics? Not in the picture right. Why because they haven’t collect those from people who have them. Although I did see a picture of an Australian collection. It was awful. All those cut up FALs and the like. Not here.

  18. I guess it depends where you live, Police would be totally outgunned. It would only take a few all out firefights to stop the nonsense, Many of us (POG), that have taken the oath (more then once) realize that somethings are worth dying for…

    • They might try a few, but once they see police officers getting slaughtered in the effort, the powers that be will likely lose heart. I know a lot of police officers and their attitudes towards gun confiscation is “no effing way!”

  19. Gun confiscation is a wet dream for Hoplophobes. Such a thing would lead to open revolt in the USA and everyone knows it. Police and military units would split along Constitutional ines. There would be breakdowns of the ruling authority at every level and conflicts within the very enforcement agencies charged with confiscating guns.

    It’d be a total furball, a clusterfuck of the first order.

    • It would be interesting to see how a Cuomo or Garcetti or Jacob Frey would convince the defunded police that they have to go into the tunnel rat’s den and forcibly remove the weapons cache.

  20. Like the Frog boiling in the kettle, much like all all the other incremental Firearm Infringements enacted since 1934, any Firearm Confiscation will probably not happen all at once. Much like Gun Control in the various Blue States with bans, special licensing, features-tests for Firearms, and “May-Issue” carry mandates, these things were pushed through without any meaningful resistance,,,,,no the “law-abiding” Gun Owners will just tighten their belts and weather onward until the next inevitable infringement with nothing more violent than a bitter attitude. The recent riots and civil disturbances were mainly enacted by Youth who probably had marginal employment, limited material possessions, and little responsibility to offspring or parents,,, thus they have nothing to loose anyway. Not so the employed individual with a career, established home and parental responsibilities. If the Government enacts Civilian Firearm Disarmament these established folks (if nothing else for the sake of their future and that of their children) will probably be the first to comply.

    • Wow. Great article. Sad, but probably true. The 4th ammendment is just as important as the 1st and 2nd. Maybe more so.

  21. The intelligent gun grabbing politicians understand the MAJOR problem faced when attempting a “buyback” and/or “confiscation”.
    Most firearm owners will refuse the “buyback” entirely. Leaving the vast majority of firearms still in the hands of their BoRs protected owners.
    This would then leads to the inevitable “confiscation” attempt.
    How many LEO/Military Personnel are REALLY willing to die while enforcing Constitution/BoR violating policy/laws put forth by tyrants? No way of knowing for sure, but FAR more patriotic gun owners will be willing to die in the name of protecting their God given rights as defined by the Founding Fathers and the associated documents.
    As for the elected leaders, lawmakers, LEO, Military, or WHOEVER supports and/or attempts the confiscation?
    They will be viewed as traitors and enemies of the state, to be delt with accordingly.
    The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Federalist Papers are the Supreme Documents of the U.S. of A.
    Those looking to subvert this reality will just water the “Liberty Tree”.
    Happy 4th of July Patriots, may you have an ample supply of quality ammo (in all owned calibers), AND a sufficient quantity of high capacity magazines to hold most of it. Just as it should be in America.
    Dance like the shit slinging, basement dwelling monkeys you are trolls, I command it!

    • These are the unchallengeable words of the always sober, never mentally compromised, awe-inspiring James Campbell.

  22. A lot of dem’s from 40-70 years old here in the South, are pro-gun for home protection.
    They still do not like AR-15 in youth hands & they know what an AR-15 is & how to fire one from Military service. They own hand guns mostly & this is from my small circle & hearsay.
    So many of the new gun owners will be pro home protections with one gun, but against you having ten to one hundred pistols & rifles. They will still vote Dem causes, only they will be progun in polls.

  23. No one is going to confiscate any guns. Who would do that? The Police? They’ve be disrespected and abandoned by EVERY politician with a microphone in front of them.
    No, cops aren’t gonna do that bidding EVER. Now, leftist and antifa? That’s all they got. And that ain’t much. How about the UN? Blue helmets make easy targets.

    They got nothing and they know it.

    • They are going to create a national police force. The members of this force in your community WILL NOT be from your community.

      • You are not thinking out of the box. The Democrats have no need of a national police force. The will do what Chavez and Maduro do. They will enlist gangs to keep the population in line like they already do in the ghetto. By outsourcing enforcement to gangs they can deflect blame away from themselves.

    • There’s a saying here in Texas, ALL hat, and NO cattle.
      Any tyrants attempting a Texas gun confiscation will learn that statement defines them to a tee.
      What happen to All Hell? Did my hot pocket delivery not get to the basement?

      • Please remember to thank the inestimable James Campbell for his service to country and for escaping the surly bonds of earth as one of our proud astronauts!

      • If you talk to people who are serious about “transforming” America in the ways the progressive-fasicst left dreams of, they freely acknowledge that to do something even close to what is proposed will require the institution of a police state. The hard left knows perfectly well that once started at least 50 percent of the American population will openly oppose their new environmental/social/financial agendas. There is simply no way to accomplish those multiple political agendas without creating the kind of top-to-bottom intrusion and coercion that is only attainable with a police state.

  24. All gun owners: You will make a Plan Ahead Plan, so at a moment’s notice you will know which government actors and officials you may “interact with” if any gun confiscation actions occur. Local MSM folks will also be listed on your plan, as well as other influencers, as your knowledge and wisdom suggest — for example, Superintendents of schools and board members.

    The plan might include contact names, email, and work and home locations, so if your email doesn’t make it to a target, you may knock on their door and give them a piece of your mind or walk back and forth in front of their home or office with a sandwich sign.

    This strategy and Planning Ahead For Success is guaranteed to increase the success of any post-Act lobbying and networking you might want to engage in with local communists, globalists, statists, and gun grabbers.

    This is a wonderful way to keep things all civil, respectful, safe, and friendly, while avoiding unpleasantness, violence, and unrest.


  25. The only reason they want to defund the police is then they can introduce a national police force. Whatever members of that force that will be in your community will not be FROM your community. That way there will be no ties to family or friends that can complicate decisions made by law enforcement officers. This is how Canada’s national police force, the RCMP, works.

    They will come after the guns after they stack the supreme court. Count on it. Then we’ll see how much of the testosterone flowing in the comments section is real or not.

    • I would hope that when we POTG see this coming we will have the foresight to build from 80%, hide, and hoard arms and ammo. They can’t confiscate what they don’t know about. A lot of us have already started.

    • “…..Then we’ll see how much of the testosterone flowing in the comments section is real or not.”

      Sexist much?
      To what do you attribute a female soldier questioning an order that violates citizens Constitutional rights? Her regular testosterone injections?
      Patriotism has NOTHING to do with a hormone.
      Also, the leftist gun grabbers are WELL aware the III%ers are NOT their biggest hurdle to clear during a confiscation, not by a long shot.

  26. They aren’t stupid enough to announce they are taking them. First, they will pass laws ‘registering’ them.

    And if you are in possession of an un-registered gun…

    Announcing registration immediately drives them underground. You won’t be able to go to a public range without the risk its registration won’t be checked. If pulled over by the cops, you run the risk they will check it.

    How many folks do you know that have an un-registered machine gun? That’s the future that awaits us…

    • There are tens of thousands of “unregistered” full autos out there that have now passed through multiple generations. They are never going to be voluntarily turned over.

    • My thoughts exactly. I could see the police staking out the range too and finding a minor traffic violation as an excuse to pull you over. The Supreme Court, specifically that POS Roberts, will have ruled that the police have PC to search your vehicle because you left a range. I’d do what a friend of mine did who moved to NYC: he took his huge collection of firearms with him. He, after jumping through a ton of hoops, registered his shotgun, but not the rest of his guns. He kept the rest in a very safe place in case he ever had a DGU because he knew the police would search his flat.

  27. Heck even a vast majority New Zealand gun owners did not turn in their evil black rifles when told it was mandatory and big fines not too. Even Australia has had a number of “last chance” gun buybacks. States that have banned EBRs have had a abysmal turn in/registration rate. Why would anyone expect Americans to be much more complaint, especially when trust of government and police to protect you is near an all time low?

  28. I laughed when they banned bump stocks. I’m keeping all 10 of mine. F them. BTW, ATF I’m talking about my fingers.

  29. They, whoever they are, will always get my bullets first. Before my guns. And I have lots of bullets.

  30. All the Internet Rambos here will meekly bow your heads in submission at the mere sight of a government costume, quietly gather up all your guns, hand them over, shut the door, sit down in your easy chair, start sobbing and explosively shit your pants.

    • Your wishful statement does not hold up to well to the reality of the nation now. The government doesn’t support its own police forces. In Democrat controlled cities. The “blue flu” is spreading. There is no one coming to help you on the other end of that 911 call you just made. Or the one you will make in the future.

      • This one is definitely a paid troll who shows up on every conservative website. You can see him everywhere from the bottom dwelling comment section on the Federalist before they caved in to Google through what passes for more high brow sites like Powerline. Just ignore him.

  31. Seriously???? 99% of Idiot Americans will hand them in so fast you won’t be able to blink. All the Government has to mention is you’ll get a Free Grocery voucher. Who are you kidding? They’ve already let Criminal hoodlums do as they please in their cities. Time to wake up!

    • Seriously? 99%? I think your guesstimate is 100% exaggerated. When they say “hand them in” there’s going to be a nation-wide collective FUCK YOU. Don’t underestimate that.
      It’s never going to happen and I’d never comply EVER.

  32. The cops can’t stop looting and burning of store, Let’s see them take guns away from everyone. Or more than one guy at a time. They need an army to disarm one dude.

  33. I’m sure site like this will bitch and moan and call anyone who resists a terrorist and a racist and a Nazi.

  34. Won’t vote outta laziness but willing to kill to protect it.
    Uh huh cool story

  35. Hmm, notice anything strange? Where C.C.?

    Did mommy take his keyboard away or is he just on vacation?.

  36. The United States of America government does not want our Gunms, if it did it would take them. Maybe 50 years ago it may not have been able to but today , if the gov wants them they could take them

  37. Everyone here just does not get it, they are not going to come door to door for firearms. They will pass another AWB and you just will not be able to buy anything new. We will see $200 pre ban magazines and no new AR forged lowers. Hell, if they are smart, they will ban the selling of uppers and barrels. If they ban transfers most will not sell as for most it will not be worth the risk. If you actually go out and shoot IDPA of USPA, you will need to modify your mags or get new ones as no one wants to risk having the events banned as well.


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