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Red ball 20-round magazine for Hi-Point 9mm carbine

Press Release:

Dayton OH – ( – Hi-Point 9mm (Model 995) carbines are known for their robust construction, accuracy, reliability, and affordability. The only “problem”: the 9mm Hi-Point OEM magazines hold 10 rounds. For engineering reasons and due to the huge volume of sales of the 9mm carbine with the 10-round magazine, there were no plans by Hi-Point to make a higher capacity magazine. The solution . . .

Redball 20-round magazine for Hi-Point 9mm carbine

The Redball, a one-piece, 20-round, single-stack magazine for the Hi-Point carbine. This great-looking articulated magazine fits and feeds the 9mm Hi-Point carbine without fail. Moreover, it is the only high-capacity magazine tested and approved by Hi-Point firearms and MKS Supply.

It looks like two magazines welded together, but what looks like a mid-point weld area is actually a polymer-molded magazine well stabilizer called a locking plate that makes the magazine fit firmly in the carbine’s grip to prevent wiggle and thus increase ammunition feed reliability.

Redball 20-round magazine on Hi-Point 9mm carbine

There are plans to offer the Redball magazine for Hi-Point’s .40 and .45 ACP carbines in the future, but the company wanted to guarantee this concept, get things patented and satisfy the current 9mm demand first, so one new magazine is all they can take on presently.


20-round capacity (currently 9mm only)
Heat-treated steel body; black oxide finish
Polymer base, follower and locking plate
MSRP $24.99

About MKS Supply, LLC:

MKS Supply insists on high quality, reliable firearms. We insist on guns that are easy to own and service. Most of all, we insist on value.

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  1. I have seen that review on a Hi Point C9. Frankly is a crock of crap in the guy doing the interview should not be allowed to write or post anything on the internet is even the uninformed can see is a biased review geared toward denegrating the pistol that is so popular that even major gun dealers cannot keep it in stock.
    This review is not new but evidently it is still going around and is about as outdated as a real chiselled out of stone.
    I will not get into the numbers of high points being produced as they are available online but they speak for themselves and if reliability is an issue they in no way would be putting out the numbers they are without being put out of business. I am biased here as I own two High Points. I can’t afford more expensive firearms but the quality, accuracy in the way they feel on my hand keep me from buying anything else and being able to justify it for any reason other than the fact that I would want one like I would want a new watch. Hi-Point Firearms are not only good they are excellent and what they do and if they cost 2 to $300 more they would still be worth the price.I would and do stake my life on this. I carry the C9 Everywhere I Go and have every faith in it that it will do exactly what needs to be done if God forbid it needs to be used in that manner. enough said.

    • Sorry. I am referring to a review that is posted in a box at the bottom.
      I am planning in a HP Carbine soon.

      • I got the 9mm and they’re a hoot (pain in the bum to clean though). You might be surprised how much recoil it has too (not saying it’s a shoulder buster but i was expecting something along the lines of a 22 rifle).

        • I too own a couple of these guns and not because of the cost . I had an opportunity to use one for a week and was impressed enough to buy a couple and continued my trials . I came away pretty impressed , value wise , and have recommended them , Not a HK 94 or even on par with a Sub 2000 but acceptable in most ways . You do need a good bench set up for a proper cleaning and they are a little heavier than I think they need to be but I like mine and the magazines in this story will be on their way as soon as I can get a couple , just to see if they function flawlessly , if so , I’ll get about 10 of them .

        • Why would you expect a 9mm to shoot like a 22?
          Just wondering. My 7yr old daughter shoots my 40 cal carbine and I just bought her the 9mm carbine.
          She is a little bity thing too but she can shoot!

    • Well, Brother, you ain’t alone. Not seeing the review you’re referring to, but I’ll tell you I CAN afford more expensive guns and still own two Hi Points and have owned many over the years. they are great guns and on the rare occasions I have I problem with one, a simple call to the factory puts me in touch with a tech or parts person and it is resolved in minutes.

  2. Look, I have never said anything bad about Hi-Point. They are for the money good guns for people that can’t afford better. Having said that, damn that thing is ugly!

    • You know, just the other day I was thinking, “Gee, I wish there was some may to make my Hi-Point carbine even uglier than it already is.”

      So… this is proof that God answers prayers.

    • My thoughts as well. But functional and cheap are better than pretty and expensive for many.

    • Meh, it’s for people that can appreciate high to low end guns or anything really. I’m just in a class of gun owner that can appreciate more guns than normal. Like, all of them….:)

    • Ugly, bulky, and low capacity.

      But also reliable and utterly unkillable.

      There’s certainly a niche for that.

      • There is. Tackle box/glove compartment/cached guns. The guns where, if lost, stolen or SOMEHOW destroyed, aren’t financially missed.

        But you are right, they’re tough as all hell. They’re made cheap, but not chintzy, which I respect them for.

  3. High quality aftermarket magazines for the .40 caliber carbine? Yes please. In fact, I would settle for high quality 10 round aftermarket magazines for the .40 cal. I hate the OEM magazines. I love the gun…except for the magazines.

    • RedBall just answered your question, the .45 will be available in May and the .40 in June, Both higher capacity magazines for your Hi Point rifles. I’m not sure if both will be 20 rnd. or maybe 15…Look for them

        • Sorry kids, just got the update. Due to further research & development these extended magazines won’t be available until the end of June or the 32 of never! which ever comes first!!!

        • Update, I can no longer get a reply from redball, the last I heard from them was back in July, they told me that they were releasing the .45 extended magazine on August 30th. Well here it is September 16th and still no magazines! I think Red Ball has a lot of liars working for them, considering the original release date was Jan.1, 2017!!!

        • Well here it is October 1st and still no extended magazine from ! I believe my original assessment of the 32nd of never is most accurate. These people have lied to me every time I’ve contacted them, take that into consideration before purchasing from them!!!

  4. 3 10 round mags came with my 4595, and that has done well to this point.

    Will wait with anticipation for a few in double that capacity.

    I better start chunking out a lot more 230 grainers on the load bench in anticipation…

  5. The carbines rock. I had a 380 pistol that I couldn’t get to run. I bought it for very little and sold it for a profit. Better than a rock. I guess. I would buy a carbine in 40 or 45. 40 ballistics are great out of a 17.5″ barrel. I could see these as a great home defense gun…

  6. While I understand many people that own hi points, such as the individual who happens to own two in the previous comment asserts, they are Excellent guns, and some feel they could stake their life on. Point taken, you carry your hi point everywhere. But to say at a few hundred dollars more they are still worth it, I personally would have to say that would cost as much or close to a glock, xd, fn, sig, and so on. And if they are so good as the commenter above states, why no law enforcement agency has adopted them should be absolutely ludicrous! Why haven’t they then? Because they aren’t as good regardless of the price tag attached to your beloved hi point. And secondly this was a review for a new product that should make hi point cheap asses cream themselves and had nothing to do as far as I can tell with what ever the hell “mr. C9” happened to be talking about. I read the article because I want to know what is ending up, or could end up in the hands of someone with a Shasta taste on a beer budget. I will give credit where it is due, if you love your hi point, I am not confused by the reasons.

    • Hi Points will never be purchased by police or the military. They are heavy and don’t have all the bells and whistles those organizations crave. So what?

      Hi Points work. They are not EDC guns, they are guns that go to the range and shoot respectable groups and sit by your bed ready to do their job to defend you if you have an intruder.

      • Ruger couldn’t get many LEA to bite on their PC 9 either and this is my personal favorite , It feels like the mini 14 and the mini 30 and takes my p series pistol magazines flawlessly , gets me inside the rings at 100 yards over and over and over and over .
        I definitely don’t use LEO buying habits as a criteria in my decisions .

    • “But to say at a few hundred dollars more they are still worth it, I personally would have to say that would cost as much or close to a glock, xd, fn, sig, and so on. ”

      luke, there are folks who live paycheck-to-paycheck, who simply don’t have a few hundred more to spend on a gun.

      Being poor shouldn’t mean you can’t defend yourself, or your family at home when you aren’t there…

      • +1
        Home defense doesn’t have a price of admission, no part of the 2A does.

        That said, you think a Sig is “a few hundred” more than a Hi-Point? I guess it depends on your definition of “few”.

        Sig DOES have a price for admission.

        • If you really want to go there, a Remington 870 runs about 350 new at walmart. And if your life is worth a 200 dollar hi point I encourage you to buy one. Please, own a hi point. Next if you think you can’t find a sig for 5-600, you probably can’t, but I can. Almost anyone could, but not you.

  7. Hi Point guns are a lot of things, but accurate isn’t one of them.

    And this magazine, just makes an already ugly gun look even worse. In a world where most pistols are double stack, why are they even making single stack rifles? They should take a page from Kel-Tec and just use someone else’s magazines.

    • Hi-points are ugly but so is Glock to a lot of people. To say they are not accurate means you never shot one, they are inherently accurate because they are blowback and have a fixed barrel. Have owned one for years that I can keep in console of my truck and not take it in and out, it is cheap enough that if lost it is not big expense. It shoots groups as well as any other more expensive gun I own, but no I wouldn’t carry it personally. If you have shot one and it was not accurate the sights could have been off, or some people get so caught up on bore axis, trigger, gun weight, muzzle flip so on and so forth and just mentally don’t adapt to whatever they are shooting.

    • My Hi-Point 9mm carbine will do about 5 moa.
      I don’t know anyone who can do that with a handgun, and at home defense range it’s only a question of which ventricle of the thug’s heart is going to get perforated.

    • Not accurate?

      I took my wife to the range for her first time, let her fire a box of .22LR from my old pump Winchester. Then I handed her the Hi Point 995TS. She put 10 rounds in a 3″ group at 25 yards her first time shooting, for FSMs sake!

      That’s accurate enough.

    • They are plenty accurate. I shoot a 40 pistol with the included ghost ring out to 25 yards with tight groups. More then enough for self defense.

      With a $39 BSA red dot on my 40 carbine, I’m hitting both the large and small round plates on steel swinging target at 50 yards and the larger plate at 100.

      It’s not a sniper rifle but it is fun and a great deal for the $175 I paid for it. You could hit a man size target, or deer easily. And the 40SW is really moving out of a 17.5″ barrel.

  8. Egads. Kids, avert your eyes. Sorry, but I like cheap AND expensive guns, and I’m sure the low- er.. um… I mean hi-point is great and all, but that is uglier than a mud fence.

  9. Disclaimer: I have nothing against Hi Point and I own a 995 carbine. With that being said, I have some practical concerns:

    1. Wouldn’t something so long be difficult to maneuver with? It seems that this would be impossible to take to the range and put on a bench rest, not to mention the possibility of it snagging on something in the middle of the night. If nothing else, it significantly extends the profile of the firearm.
    2. How does a magazine with a sharp angle like that not jam?

    • Not every firearm has to make “tactical” sense. Do you not own any guns that are just for fun?

      • You make a valid point; I just assumed the extended magazines were being marketed at the folks who used 995s as their “bump in the night” guns and wanted greater capacity.

        If these magazines get favorable reviews and don’t nullify Hi Point’s warranty I’m open to the possibility of buying some in the future.

        • I checked and the 20round mags are sold on the Hi-point website. So there ya’ go…

  10. When someone has very little, the little they have becomes sacred and symbolic. This explains the vitriol common to Taurus/Hi-Point threads. Best to walk on by. Let the dead bury the dead.

    • I’d hardly say I have very little, with a little over 100 guns that I own! Personally I have four Hipoints, the 995,4595,.45JHP & the infamous C-9! They are all accurate & dependable as well as digesting just about anything you feed them! Yeah there not as nice as my Colt H-BAR, AK-56-S, Thompson, Colt 1911, Baretta 92FS, or Smith & Wesson 915,but they all have their place. So get over your gun snobery and accept that the inexpensive gun is here to stay!!!

  11. I actually like how the camo carbines look. Would have bought one at a gun show a while back, but they only had it in 40. I think I like it because the camo hides the ugly. Wish it took Glock mags though, they’d never be able to keep them in stock then.

  12. People who can’t afford the AR15 can now get almost as much firepower. Our capitalistic system is wonderful!

  13. But… But what the hell is going on with that canted mag? And for cryin’ out loud, this design was the best somebody came up with? A sten mag? Not a drum or a beta type design to keep it as unobtrusive as possible, but a freakin’ yardstick?.

    My brain hurts.

  14. I had a C9 that made a great paperweight. Never did get through a full mag without a FTE AND FTF. I bought it because it was all I could afford at the time, and thankfully I never had to use it for self defense, or I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be here to write this today. For the extra $50, get an LCP or even a diamondback or Sccy.

    Only positive is that I sold it on armslist to a guy for full MSRP and put it towards a Sig Sp2022. Now there’s a great gun for the money.

    • I have a Sig 2022 in 9mm also . It’s a great , solid, performing shooter. The best. I also have a Hi-point 9mm carbine, as well as a Kel-tec Sub 2k. I shot them side by side and I will tell you what I feel about them. The sub-2k has three things going for it . 1. It’s folds in two. 2. It has the ability of hi cap mags. 3. It’s quite lightweight.
      The cons : The sights are not real great. I get 120 yards out of them pretty much right on( although I had to crank the front sight way over from center, to do so.). (It came out of the factory off that much. Ok, it happens sometimes in manufacturing). It hates aluminum cases. Out of 20 rounds of aluminum cases, I had 4 failures to eject. And those cases upon examination were split wide open.
      My Hi-point eats everything I put in it. Being cheap, I shoot a lot of aluminum cases. With the rear sight set up at the lowest horizonal line on the rear sight, it will hit a milk jug consistantly at 250 yards. I love long shooting and this is about as cheap as you can get. My Hi-point is heavy, true, doesn’t fold in half, right. It has a stupid 10 rd. mag. yes. (I’m anxious to try the 20 rd. Red Ball mags.) But the sights are adjustable and marked so you can return to a previous setting without problems. It never hiccups or has a problem with ammo so far. Yes, it doesn’t operate as smooth a my Sig, but operate it does.

  15. The Afghans with mostly old bolt action long guns keep the modern Russian army at bay for three years until President Reagan ordered the CIA to begin supporting them. 7 years latter the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan.

    A durable reliable accurate gun is all anyone needs. The cost is negotiable in your personal budget.
    Inner city gangs have mostly “cheap” guns. If this is true then the police should have no trouble dealing with them since the police have been militarized.
    But history teaches the Afghans also had “cheap” guns as well. It did not work out so well for the Russians.
    It might explain why the police have not really gone after organized gangs in the democrat party controlled city of Chicago.

    An law abiding black woman defended herself and her three children with one of these “cheap” guns her husband bought for her at a pawn shop. The three armed invaders left after she fired several shots at them. The husband was away at work when the attack happened.

    Now if someone can make the hi point with slide fire type accessories.

  16. Promag makes15 round aftermarket magazines. I’ve bought 4 of them and they all worked fine with a little feed lip filing. They have a plastic sleeve that makes the magazine look like an extension of the grip. The 995 makes for a great trunk weapon.

  17. I picked up two of these three months ago. After 500 rounds of Winchester 115gr 9mm I’ve had zero feed issues and the magazines have stood up well to as much abuse as I can throw at them.

  18. I have both the Hi-Point carbine and the 9 millimeter handgun. I was told about them by the gunsmith at Bud’s Gun Shop in Lexington Kentucky, he said you probably can’t find a more durable gun. He said I could take this gun out in the parking lot throw it as high in the air as I can let it come down and hit the concrete, pick it up and hit my target…

  19. I’m a retired peace officer. I have many expensive firearms. I also own the hi point C9 and the 9mm carbine and have put hundreds of rounds through each of the weapons with no malfunctions. I’m going to purchase the 45 caliber in pistol and carbine next.

  20. I hear so much up and down on these gun’s. Bottom line it isn’t a Ar-15 or anything like that it is a in expensive gun that is just fun to shoot. Ammo is cheap and doesn’t break the bank every time you go to the range. I bought it for two reasons first the cost of the gun the cost of the operation of the gun and the second fact was it is made in America.

  21. I own a 45cal. pistol and a 9mm carabine, both HI-point. Never had a problem with either gun and love the weight of the 45, not much of a recoil when fired. The only thing is that the 45 is ugly as sin; but I bought it to shoot, not to look at it.

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