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Brad Turner’s a no-nonsense kinda guy. Unlike a lot of those who submit their EDC gear . There’s nothing unusual here. And that four-inch Springfield XD-S 9mm carried in the Outbags IWB leather holster is a reliable, just-the-facts ma’am choice. See the rest of his gear at Everyday Carry.

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  1. That Boker AK-74 auto is an excellent value. Solid AUS-8 blade, overall lightweight, good finger-grooved grip. I think they retail for around $40.

    • I have a mini-K myself, first auto knife I’ve ever owned. Bought it right after Texas took the law against auto knives off the books.

    • Being a ny resident, I certainly didn’t carry one of those for a decade before swapping it out for a Kershaw Leek. If I had, I would have said it’s a fantastic knife for edc.

  2. I guess I must be missing something because I just don’t get the attraction of seeing what some guy is carrying in his pockets. I keep looking at these daily EDC pocket dumps in the hopes of seeing something interesting, and it hasn’t happened yet.

    So I went to the EDC site and browsed through the various pocket dumps. Some were even more inane and most didn’t even have a gun, just collections of the usual stuff everyone carries . . . pens, notebooks, gum, hand lotion, pocket combs, spare pencil leads, even a guitar pick. Bert’s Bees seems to be popular, and the EDC site will even sell you a brass tube to carry it in for only $33.81. Wow, gotta hurry up and get one of those.

    There are occasionally interesting items like cool mini-lights and little gadgets, but finding them is like actually getting a $500 winner lotto scratch off. For example, there is a Critter Cutter, which is a little cut out metal multi tool shaped like a little dinosaur that has such useful cutouts as a bottle opener and at twist off cap opener all for the price of $9.75 for the basic stainless tool, or $13.75 for the cool ‘Blackout’ version.


    One guy had a nice pair of Mecanix gloves, the obligatory Field Notes, and of course Bert’s Bees but no gun. Although, in his defense, he did have a package of Daneson Single Malty Scotch Whisky Toothpicks.

    Okay, my apologies to all if any of you think I am making fun of you for enjoying these posts, but I just think these pocket dumps are too much like the people on Facebook who post pictures of themselves washing their feet or of what they had for lunch. It just gets a little too . . . . weird for me.

    • What is worse? Looking at the posts and enjoying them, or apparently hating them yet continuing to look and furthermore feeling compelled to tell everyone else they shouldn’t. You sir are the one who dislikes it, yet still looks and even takes the time to write out a long dissertation as to why you dislike it. If someone has a problem it might just be you.

  3. I notice that there’s just a heap of keys attached to a single ring — I was starting to think I was the only guy in the world that didn’t own one of those Keysmart key holder dinguses. They are pretty cool, though. I kinda want one.

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