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I don’t like turkey much. But I don’t dislike it enough to shoot it with a Desert Eagle. And as a Jew, I always hate to see food go to waste. Still, ’tis the season to shoot stuff and BulletSafe’s point is well made: don’t wear a frozen turkey, pumpkin pie or jug of cider for defense against a maniac shooting a gun designed to pierce a car’s engine block. I wonder if a frozen turkey would stop a .22 or a .45-caliber round? Frozen turkeys are on sale after Thanksgiving, right?

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  1. The only ‘real’ meat I’ve shot were out of date beef roasts when I worked for a food distributor.

    There are way too many people in need even in America to waste perfectly good food on this type of activity….

    …and on Thanksgiving? 🙁

  2. Check out all the comments from zero day accounts on the Youtube video! Ya gotta pay for high quality PR like that, lol.

    • Wow…
      I checked the sketchy looking accounts… 6 comments were made by accounts all created two days ago (on the 24th Nov. 2015)

      17 comments on the video as of writing this, 5 of them by the channel and 6 apparently fake comments. Wouldn’t normally go to such efforts to check but that’s dishonest.

  3. Well. COULD wear a frozen turkey and be safe.. it was the only food that the bullet didn’t penetrate! And you’ll look really awesome strutting around

  4. i’m surrounded by hasidics and married to a member of mikdosh el hagro but i don’t get the food reference.
    depression era survivor i could see.
    and why would a .22 do what the action express round couldn’t?
    i guess i woke up literal today.

  5. Nah, the Desert Eagle isn’t the most over rated and over hyped gun ever made. That would be the 1911.
    The .50 AE is the most hyperbolized cartridge ib existence though. Number two would, of course, be .45 ACP 😛

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