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That bar on the right of the graph represents projected FBI background checks for “Black Friday” gun sales. The Fibbies estimate “a huge total for November 27, spokesman Stephen Fischer tells The Trace. Bureau forecasts show this Black Friday shattering the single-day record with an estimated 190,000 background checks run in a 24-hour period — or slightly more than two background checks every second.” Oh the irony! The Truth About Guns quotes Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop propagators The Trace for a story revealing that Americans are tooling-up as never before. And why is that? (The buying spree, not punking The Trace). One reason stands out . . .

Hillary. The prospect of the vividly anti-gun rights former First Lady becoming president has scared the be-Jesus out of gun owners. Saying that, it’s a perfect storm. The increasingly credible threat of terrorist attack has stimulated the gun buying glands of both existing gun owners and newbies. At the same time, pro-gun rights states are continuing to liberalize their gun laws; Kansas just went Constitutional Carry. And video game warriors continue to come of age. Could we see another guns and ammo drought? We could. In fact, it won’t be long before there are more guns in America than Americans. How great is that?

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  1. it won’t be long before there are more guns in America than Americans.

    If the crypto-Muslim in the White House gets his way, there will also be more illegal aliens in America than Americans.

      • The article refers only to Mexican immigrants. But I’m sure that you didn’t actually read the article or you’d know that.

        But anyway, thanks for playing. Pick up your copy of the Home TTAG Game on your way out.

    • How about we make a deal with “the powers that be” For every illegal Mexican they deport, we can accept one thoroughly screened refugee.

      • Thinking of deals, I read a while back that it would be cheaper to take all the illegals in detention, enroll them in special Army unit train, arm, and pay them than to keep them in detention and feed, house, clothe, and provide legal assistance.

        I like the idea: get caught trying to enter the country illegally, or get caught here illegally with no job, and you’re in the Army — where you’ll learn English, the history of the U.S., our values, etc., meanwhile serving overseas.
        (I make an exception for those with jobs because in my view, since they’re earning money they can pay a fine for being here without permission and be put into the queue for legal residency — and when I say “fine”, I mean like $2k per year for each year here and until they get legal residency, meanwhile paying taxes, etc. And if they don’t like that deal, they can join the Army.)

  2. I think retail sales are a better indication of new guns. Transfers also include used guns across state lines or between strangers and used guns sold at retail stores.
    In any case, more people seem to be interested in defending themselves. Hillary, Obama and the terrorists have combined to be a great sales tool for pro-gun interests.

  3. So am I understanding this right? I *have* to go out and buy a gun?

    Have to run this by the wife… but if that’s the rules, then, whatever.

    • Well I read it as that I HAVE to buy a ridiculous amount of reloading supplies, but yeah, it seems to be that these are the rules now. Embrace change I say.

    • Get a fake “spouse” receipt from the dealer, that shows you got the gun at a super mark down sale price, at about 80% off the regular price.

      • What was it I read…oh yeah:
        “My greatest fear when I die is that my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them”

    • . . . and alloy, and jacketed lead, and various substances involved in 37mm rounds. . .

      God Bless Us, Every One.

    • Been there, done that, three times… AND! twice NICS went down for part of the day. Talk about a good day…

    • Check J&G sales online. They sometimes have 12 gauge lever action imports for sub $300. I don’t remember the make.

  4. WELL yeah-around here(Chicagoland) we got an influx of the mideastern types,the natives are restless because a white cop shot a black “child” during aPCP fueled knife-wielding spree, local breakins,cartel murders and just the sense that the po-leece are not your friend. The hildebeast barely get a thought(from me). I wish I could add to the record…

  5. I noticed a Heritage .22 revolver for $99 on Black Friday. That’s just about impulse level, but does anybody have any opinions? The internet likes it, but there are more than a few names here that I trust more.

    • Check out Hickok45 on Youtube. He did a review recently. Believe it or not this single action six gun is illegal in Illinois(beats me why)…

  6. Let’s see …. on the shopping list so far….delivered….. M16 with additional new 9″ AAC upper complete with Trijicon ACOG + SDN 6, Powder Springs 45 ACP boolit squirter with a bucket full of original 30 rd mags + a half dozen uber rare Cobray 40 rd mags and an original Sionics can, mad shooter American 180 with extra barrels to fit a pair of the original under barrel helium neon Laser Loks and 8 original 177 rd drums with their ungeared winders+ SWR Spectre can, an MP 40 with 13 mags, a DS Walther MPK+ 6 mags, a silenced + suppressed 10/22, a sweetie SR22 with Sparrow can and Crimson Trace green laser that is abig hit with lttle kids and the ladies, an original HK91 preban plus the obligatory tactikewl Benneli shotgun. Add the Dillon 650 and Square Deal to keep them fed…..
    Missing still a few….
    If You know how many machine guns You got, You just don’t have enough! Sort of….
    Well, if the bastard Hughes amendment was eliminated by all those heavy breathing Rebublican candidates or just cans were excluded from the NFA registry -(the window for concrete change with their iron clad campaign commitment is WIDE OPEN right now!!! so get involved!!!) I’d be in REAL big trouble with the missus. And financially destitute beyond the point of Know no return if cans were over the counter on the spot and machine guns were reasonably priced again with those greedy scum sukker investors losing their money. A literal Revival of the Second Amendment if everyone got those unconstitutional infringements repealed before the election. If that came to pass, what a wonderful predicament! Egads! I’d lose count of all the hardware……
    So, Honey all I want for Christmas is ANOTHER little bitty can, pretty puleeez. Just one. I Promise to always always put the lid down and vacuum and wash + detail Your car each and EVERY weekend to Your birthday next summer.
    The Surefire Socom RC 7.62 in FDE is looking pretty good just right nowwwww…..

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