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Comedian/pundit Bill Maher posted this image on his Facebook page for one reason: he’s an idiot. Anyone who thinks that the NRA supports terrorists – either intentionally or as an unintentional byproduct of its legislative efforts – lacks basic mental processing power. The National Rifle Association defends Americans’ right to keep and bear arms so that Americans can defend themselves against criminals, terrorists, spree killers and government tyranny. (Not to mention defense against aggressive animals, the importance of hunting or the joys of plinking). Suggesting that the NRA is an ally of degenerate, nihilistic killers diminishes the public’s understanding of the terrorists’ goals, and enables their implementation.

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    • He’s a liberal. They are ruled by their own emotions when it comes to this issue. They can’t control themselves. This is just another emotional tantrum.

        • Maher’s just gotten old and bitter. And his brain is probably fried, from being permanently stuck behind that big nose. He used to be occasionally funny. Or at least have a quick wit. But he’s in a business that thrives on youth. Less so for men than women, but it does catch up with guys after awhile, as well. So now he’s just bitter, because noone pays much attention to him anymore.

          On a more serious note, I would hope the NRA support the rights of anyone, anywhere, to own and carry arms. It’s a universal right, God given, and certainly not up to some NRA dude to meddle with. What the NRA needs to focus on, is that the right to carry is no more being infringed in Europe and America, than it is in Isistan. If for no other reason, then because those with the fewest infringements wrt that right will, and honestly justifiably so, inherit the Earth.

  1. Bill is just the latest tool for HBO.
    They go with whoever is in political power. As soon as Bush was out of office Miller was out of a TV show.
    Same will happen to this so called comedian/pundit. Hopefully after the next election he too will never be seen again.

    • He’s just some sh*t stain who apparently has naked pictures of someone high up in the HBO decision tree. Otherwise he would not be on tv. Plus who cares what he thinks about anything.

    • He’s an important film star. Here’s a trailer from one of his best, “Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death” with Shannon Tweed:

  2. Oh man ruin a perfectly good Thanksgiving-maher’s voice is almost as annoying as Bury Soetoro…they both think they’re the smartest guys in the room. I’m sure barry thanks himself today…

  3. Maher can drink bleach for all i care. The way to fight this stuff is just treat it as what it is; pathetic, desperate dribble by the losing side.

  4. Yeah, we would totally not be called racist if we made that same cartoon with the caption “USA; thanks for letting us sneak in with the refugees!”

  5. Bill used to be funny when he did “Politically Incorrect.” The idea of having people from all over the spectrum of life commenting on issues was genius. A few years ago he started getting meaner. His expressed opinion about religion seems just bigoted. It seems very personal, not an informed stance. If he were a bit enlightened he’d realize he can have an opinion but accept that other’s have theirs.

    I rarely watch. John Oliver does a much better job of exposing crazy while educating us and being funny.

    Famous Bill Maher moment:

    Bill says, “I have two handguns, one upstairs one down because their have been a lot of breakins in my development. I go to the range twice a year.”
    Michael Moore says, “That’s not enough.”
    Yes, Michael Moore!

    • John Oliver might rate as less bad but then again he had children on his show singing along with him about how Congress should let DC have gun laws. His singing bits are already absolutely awful before even getting to the content.

      This particular exploitation of children in the name of liberal ratings and people control was in regards to a condition put forth that would have required the draconian DC specific gun laws to go away. Mean evil Congress not wanting DC to have gun laws. You stick it to them, Oliver!

      He may have equals but nobody is more guilty of bias and selective ommision. The cutest punchline won’t change that. It is actually possible that Oliver is also more clueless about firearms and personal freedom than even despicable Maher.

      • It’s a comedy TV show. Oliver is merely one of the staff of 10 or so who write that show every week.

        Is it his baby? Sure, more or less. But is it all him? Hardly.

        • No confusion on my part that it is a comedy show and he is not the only person involved. Exactly like Maher. I still don’t see your point. No amount of extra staff changes his ridiculous views on firearms and personal freedom.

        • Shouldn’t a “comedy show” occasionally be at least mildly humorous? What makes you think it is a comedy show? Seems to me more like sanctioned, widely broadcast hate speech.

    • Including an image of mohammed, or allah, or some other deliberately uneducated, backward, inbred sh1t-for-brains waste of oxygen. Wouldn’t it be fun if they noticed? I’m thinkin’ the TX traffic cop who shot down the attackers there like dogs in the street would probably be too busy to respond, I’m sure the moron would prefer to be undefended anyway.

  6. blah blah blah, and anyone who supports the 4th is letting ISIS make and carry out their plans in secret. Riiiiiiight.

  7. “Comedian/pundit Bill Maher ….”

    Comedian? When was the last time you laughed at one of his jokes? When was the last time he told a joke that was not a vile slander in disguise?


    Lets do the rock test. Go outside and find a small pebble. Listen to Maher for 5 minutes then listen to the rock for 5 minutes. Which one sounds more intelligent?

    • It’s 5am Fri morn. Irish coffe, eggs and donuts. Camp’n out in N Fla for Thanksgiving wknd.
      Just snorted a lil coffee w that post. I love it AND i’m gonna steal it and reuse it often. ‘Cept i’m gonna call it “the pebble test” cuz it sound more cute. (I don’t wanna hurt the lil liberals feelers.)
      It’s a great day to go shoot’n.
      Happy Thanksgiving everybody…

  8. There was a time, in another dimension, I found this guy’s political commentary interesting. Today I envision him as a willing domination subject for Rachel Maddow~”Lick my boot “……….

  9. Maher must be a comedian. He accused the NRA of being a terrorist organization while at the same time he’s on the Board of Directors of PETA — a group that promotes arson, tried to blow up a building where I once worked and runs a slaughterhouse.

    • ALF (PETA is basically just a front for those psychos) tried to bomb your place of business? Can we get the story please?

      • The radio-controlled bomb would have killed anyone in a 30-foot radius had it exploded. The bomber, who went to prison, was apprehended due to the work of a private security firm, and the bomb was never detonated. When the cops searched the bomber’s home, they discovered additional bombs and guns.

        Many articles have been written about the event and it has been thoroughly covered in several books as well.

  10. Actually, I’ll bet the terrorist of the world hate the NRA. Thugs, thieves and rapist HATE the NRA. I also think the bad guys of the world hope the left and idiots like Maher are successful in disarming us. It will be like shooting fish In a barrel. Kinda like France.

  11. This can be spun the other direction too. I mean, imagine what happens if someone makes a cartoon or video where a Jihadist thanks Bloomberg or Obama or Hillary for making their jobs easier…………………

  12. Our government actively puts weapons into the hands of ISIS and the Mexican drug cartels (and Lord knows who else) and we’re the terrorists…

  13. Maher is a hypocrit who hates guns but by his own admission owns at least two.

    “But they’re just little ones” he insists sheepishly. And he needs them because “everyone else is armed” and there have been breakins in his neighborhood. Typical guns for me but not for thee elitist establishment attitude.

  14. Bill Maher is easily one of the more obnoxious tv personalities, even more so than Jon Stewart. I think the problem both have is that they fill their audiences up with sycophants and then let it go to their head when the mindless dullards cheer every word they say as if it’s gospel. Then we’re left with social media idiocy like this.

  15. Yeah, he can be funny and reasonable for a few weeks at a time, but then like clockwork resorts to raunchy language and shrill parroting of the neo-lib platform. Fundamentally I don’t think he has the mind to be a full time entertainer, much less a pundit.

  16. I love Bill Maher and the Pravda media network. Bolsheviks and Communists are wonderful and useful idiots, err, partisans, yes, partisans for the glorious scientific socialist cause of IngSoc.
    I love Big Brother.

  17. Interesting statement from someone who called the September 11th terrorists “brave”…which is the point where I stopped considering Bill Maher to be a human being in possession of any functioning brain cells.

    • He’s not wrong there. The entire point of that was examining the mindset of the attackers and the radical ideologies they adhere to. By common definition, they certainly were.

      • Once you have decided that you really, really want to die, there is no such thing as courage. They were cowards, exercising their depraved and insane actions on the innocent and uninvolved. They could have simply invited people to come and kill them, that would have been more courageous, since they might have survived and had to start over, without the 72 Virginians.

  18. Calling the NRA, NRA Members and POTG “terrorists” is just the latest in a string of false epithets used by the Liberal gun-grabbers to vilify us. This because earlier false accusations were pathetic failures and they are getting ever more desperate and frustrated as gun ownership soars. An appropriate response would be to Join the NRA and/or donate a few dollars to the NRA on behalf of Bill Maher. NO better reply than to swell the NRA’s Membership by a couple million and their coffers by several million dollars.

  19. Bill Maher posted this image on his Facebook page for one reason: Publicity.

    This a softball way of getting press and likes from the left that he panders to.

  20. Maher is just another reason I cancelled HBO. Why he even has a following is beyond me…. a pompous lib a-hole of the Bloomberg ilk.

  21. I love Bill Maher, and I find it very unfortunate that he’s unable to think this one through. His broader characterization of the NRA as a “terrorist organization” long predates the recent bulls$!t proposal to strip 2A rights from people on the “no-fly” list and stems from the organizations’ staunch opposition absolutely everything potentially anti-gun, especially collection of empirical data on guns and gun crime. We’re never served by being less informed about something and consequently I do not support the NRA. They are, of course, not terrorists. That characterization is ridiculous, hyperbolic, and unhelpful.

  22. step one: label the NRA a terrorist organization
    step two: Add all NRA members’ names to the Terrorist Watch List
    step three: Deny NICs approval to anyone on Terrorist Watch List
    step four..

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