5 Shooting Range Keys for New Gun Owners [VIDEO]



As anyone who reads TTAG knows, there are millions of new firearm owners in the US. First-timers who have bought a gun in the last year or so for all kinds of reasons. While that’s made finding and affording ammunition a challenge, having more people invested in the Second Amendment is great news for all kinds of reasons.

But any new activity can be intimidating for noobs. Think back to your first range trip and how nervous and unsure you were until someone helped your through it, explained the basics, and showed you the ropes.

Nosler’s put together this video to help these new gun owners get through that initial uncertainty and make sure they have a good time at the range and stay safe while doing it. Share this with a new gun owner you know. Or even a not-so-new one who — and we all know one of these — could benefit from a little reinforcement of the basics.



  1. They missed an obvious one :

    If you see shooters acting like asshats, *leave* the range…

  2. Range rules:

    1. Range Officer is in charge. Don’t question their directions.
    2. Listen and follow what others do. The rules are for everyone’s safety.
    3. Follow the rules. No exceptions.
    4. Ask questions if in doubt to clarify any issues.
    5. Don’t be “that person”.

    • “5. Don’t be “that person”.”

      Hear that, little troll? 😉 🙂 😉

  3. The stories I could tell ONLY related to the things talked about this video that I’ve seen people NOT do. Ugh….

  4. I haven’t gone to a range to shoot because I want to save my spent brass. The first time I went to a range, I was told that I couldn’t pick up any brass. I guess the range operator gets to pick up all the brass and sell them on the market. I do understand that safety and smooth operations are a concern if people are policing their brass, so I am not going to buck the system. Instead, I go out to the country to shoot.

  5. Ranges weren’t needed where I grew up. Just walk away from the house. My first trip to an indoor range was intimidating as heII. RO was snapping at people and treating experienced shooters like toddlers. I found another one that was more accomodating. Wife & I had memberships there for years. Jerk RO cost them a lot of money from having very few repeat customers.

  6. The problem of guns causing death has been an issue in the United States, which is only mentioned and loudly concerned temporarily jigsaw puzzle and then settles down with no resolution because the fact that people are allowed to have guns is still the subject. controversial.


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