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By Brandon Curtis

As your mother probably advised, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Also, keep your temper in check.

Police say that 42-year-old Patrick Brown had bought a Range Rover recently, and was approached by 39-year-old Darnell Brown (no relation) who made fun of his new purchase. An argument began and at some point and Patrick drew a gun and pointed it at Darnell.

Darnell, who was with his family at the time, became angered by the show of aggression. Things only got worse from there.

From KSL.com . . .

Patrick Brown then drove away from the parking lot and Darnell Brown followed. At the intersection of 4500 S. State, Patrick Brown “leaned out of his car and threatened to shoot Darnell if he kept following him,” the charges state.

Darnell Brown then took a picture of the back of Patrick Brown’s SUV with his phone before hitting it with his own vehicle, according to the charges, and then got out (of) his vehicle and yelled at Patrick Brown to “get out and fight him.”

Patrick Brown made a U-turn with his Range Rover, “pulled up next to Darnell and shot him once in the head and then fired a couple more times at their vehicle before driving away,” the charges say.

Darnell did not survive. Police eventually caught up with Patrick thanks to the photos that Darnell had taken of the vehicle during the incident.

Patrick was arrested and charged with murder, two counts of discharging a firearm causing serious injury, possession of a firearm by a restricted person and discharge of a firearm. His “restrictions” stems from convictions for bank robbery and aggravated assault in Alabama.

The fact is, as Heinlein famously wrote, an armed society is a polite society. For the most part. This has been born out over the last 30 years as violent crime cratered while the number of civilian guns doubled.

Still, there are some lessons to be learned here:

  • Don’t get confrontational
  • Don’t chase after someone
  • Don’t go looking for a fight
  • Keep your ego in check
  • Keep your temper in check
  • Know that some people will, in fact, shoot you dead

Of course, this incident could have been avoided entirely if things had been handled differently on one or both sides. We help to choose our paths in life, and I, like most gun owners, choose paths that don’t put me in clear danger.


This article was originally published at concealednation.org and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. Things like this challenge the 2A absolutist in me. But pre-crime punishment is a two-headed snake that can bite you effectively at each end.

    • After clicking on the KSL.com link. The perp was a convicted Felon (Bank Robbery and Ag Assault) Hence the firearm was Illegally acquired and the 2nd A holds no sway in this case. In fact it clearly shows Laws held No Sway in this event. As We all know laws are irrelevant in the eyes and minds of criminals, so all Laws that restrict 2A Rights are intended to prevent Law Abiding Citizens from exercising it’s use.

      • True, but 2A Absolutionism usually means that even convicted felons (at the very least ones who have served their time) can’t be infringed either.

        The response to this article’s illustration of a downside to 2A Absolutionism is that good guys just need to be sure to train harder than the bad guys’ real-world experience.

        • this article’s illustration of a downside to 2A Absolutionism

          So, no one got the real lesson from this one? How about DON’T make fun of a dudes Range Rover and THEN chase after him (KNOWING he has a fucking gun) when he tries to leave… AND NEVER ram into said Range Rover expecting the guy to climb out and FIGHT with you… You might end up just another dead moron…

        • Exactly

          Dumbass met bad guy. Bad guy killed dumbass. Bad guy goes back for an all expense paid vacation in the graybar resort. 2 wins for civilization.

      • If an individual is too dangerous to be allowed to buy a firearm, what the F&*# are they doing walking around free in society?

        On the flipside of that, everyone who is free should regain all of their Constitutional Rights.

      • “and the 2nd A holds no sway in this case”

        You know, I’ll admit it’s been a while but last time I checked, the 2nd did NOT read, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed UNLESS the government decides that certain arms/people are too dangerous, then that’s totes Gucci fam”

        • Perhaps Congress needs to do a better job of disciplining the militia.

          “Clause 16. The Congress shall have Power * * * To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress.“

    • It “challenges” you because you’re a weak minded simpleton….

      • ….and ‘stand your ground….’ knows what it is to be a ‘weak minded simpleton’, believe me!

    • >>Things like this challenge the 2A absolutist in me.

      Not me. Everything here worked out great!

      >>Patrick Brown made a U-turn with his Range Rover, “pulled up next to Darnell and shot him once in the head and then fired a couple more times at their vehicle before driving away,” the charges say.

      >>Darnell did not survive.

      Good. Darnell was a dumbshit. You’re going to chase and attack a guy that just threatened you with a gun? Your pride is really worth more than your life? Dumbshit.

      >> Patrick was arrested and charged with murder, two counts of discharging a firearm causing serious injury, possession of a firearm by a restricted person and discharge of a firearm. His “restrictions” stems from convictions for bank robbery and aggravated assault in Alabama.

      Good. Time for lifelong state mandated slavery (Prison). He can literally make furniture and license plates until he dies.


      • The end result isn’t the challenge. It is knowing that there really are people who should be prevented from ever touching a firearm in the first place, but every human has a right to whatever tool they decide will be best for self defense, against all comers.

        • Touching a firearm, or being among the general population? People that will run into other vehicles because they are upset, probably shouldn’t be among us, regardless.

          I think it’s pretty easy to disentangle absolutism from events like this. Keep violent people in jail.

      • I know, right? It never ceases to amaze me when I see people get even MORE aggressive when they have a gun pointed at them. Today’s MSM is an active participant in fueling the stupid and the angry…

        • You should dig up the story from the 1970s or early 1980s where the HK rep shot and killed two bikers who chased him for 30 miles. He used a full auto Mini 14.

  2. Article neglected to say which one if not both should not have been running around loose(bail reform)!!

  3. True, RR has lost it’s way in the last 25 years or so becoming a elite luxury SUV, believe Prince William had one with fridge/cooler in console. However, to get into a fight over it is just downright farm animal stupid. Must be some history there that the news did not report.

    Would love to find a 1970s vintage to restore though, maybe an International Scout. Currently the supply pipeline for car parts is really behind due to the ‘Lock-Downs’. Almost as bad as the ammo shortage.

    • Manse,

      I dunno….I volunteered for a while on a farm which functioned as a preserve for unwanted horses, pigs, and even llamas. None of them were that stupid.

    • I drive a ’94 Geo Metro…and people make fun of me all the time…in a good-natured sort of way…haven’t shot anybody yet…guess those RR types must be a different breed….

      • …or maybe it was that “waving Trump” photo image I had attached to a rear window or the “Just say no to gun control” sticker I stuck on the back bumper over the “I’m pretending i’m driving a Porsche” sticker that eventually became unreadable……

    • My sister had one. Someone nicked it in a parking lot and damaged a taillight. I could have purchased a running vehicle for what she paid to replace that. Most RR owners buy it as a status symbol, including her.

      • Do RR owners also wear Rolex watches?
        It’s their money, they can buy whatever they desire.

      • “… status symbol…”


        We have worked on several of these Rovers over the years, and only two in ten customers could afford the relatively expensive repairs with cash/check payment. Most make payments to their credit card account for a year or three—status symbol. One of the two will be able to easily afford it but is cheap even though he trades up every couple years—status symbol. The other will keep one because he really likes it and, in 10-15 years when the head gaskets fail (most do eventually), will give serious consideration to dropping 8-10 grand on engine replacement because he just plain likes it, status symbol be damned.

        The status symbol ones tend to be fiercely defensive about their ownership of these things, as displayed by the fella in the article.

        Of course, we’re talking generalities here… 😉

      • That’s strange, my Range Rover is only three years old and when I broke it tail light the new win cost $240 at the dealer.

        • Probably depends on the model and dealer. $800 including tax and installation at the dealer is what I was told.

    • It all went downhill with the Range Rover Sport. Even my kids know to make fun of anyone driving one of those.

  4. Illegally obtained gun.
    How and where did he get it?
    Need to investigate fully.
    Will he also be charged with manslaughter and 2nd degree murder and 1st degree murder and 3rd degree murder?

  5. No mention of race? How cute…although I did know a white boy named Darnell once. Too bad only one survived. Picked up my new gat today. Whoopee. Ammo insanely expensive so my breakin will be abbreviated. Sigh…

  6. I could easily see my little demented troll doing something like that.

    And it would be a win-win situation, either dead or in prison for life.

    Little troll! Go buy a Range Rover!

    (And get vaccinated… *snicker* 😉 )

    • Honestly…. do you think it makes you fit in to act like you control a troll?
      You are trolled because you’re a g d stupid m f er… and the supply of “trolls” to your comments will never end…. because you’re stupidity has no bounds….

      • Look at what other TTAG’ers say about my widdle troll :

        “The continuous time and effort this person puts into attempted mockery of Geoff pretty much means Geoff owns him.”

        What a failure for a troll!

        Dance, troll. I order you to respond… 🙂

        • Jiffy, every time your troll posts, I command you to respond:

          Dance, troll. I order you to respond… 🙂

      • “Fit in”? Geoff has been here for a long time and made some valuable contributions. I know him. I don’t know you.

    • the only people that drive Range Rovers in my town are drug dealers…although they seem to prefer Hummers or big Caddy SUV’s…

  7. It seems tensions are rising everywhere.
    Perhaps its the uncertainty of the future.
    All things involved 2020 wasn’t that good and 2021 doesn’t look much better.
    One of the Methhead girls around here( No, I doubled up on the raincoat) told me it was electromagnetic waves from all the satellites and microwaves.
    Absolutely not saying disarm by no means, I’m afraid with all the people carrying gunms though we’re going to see a lot more of this. When the galls get to slinging lead it’s over, they get mad and they just dont GAF.
    Anyway in about three months everyone will be out of ammunition.

    • Good thing you have a burrow… 🙂

        • “THAT was funny!!!”


          My pathetic troll isn’t going to like that one bit!

          Look at what other TTAG commenters say about him :

          “Some random guy on the internet hurt your feelings once and you just can’t get past it. You’ve been doing this for well over a year. What is wrong with you? Seriously you have a psychological problem. I hope you find the help you need.”

          HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! 😉 🙂 😉

        • When the choices are either killing paper targets OR, feeding and defending yourself and your family and protecting life, liberty and property? I’ll take the latter… If you are not proficient with firearms at my age a few trips to the range won’t help you… Besides that, if Beijing Biden does happen to get his ban choices will be either turn in your guns OR hide them til you need them… No more “happy hour” at the range with the AR/AK… Then what? You forget how to shoot? Not likely…

  8. Well that’s just uncalled for. Hell, you probably should be made fun of if you drove a Range Rover.

  9. If you are going to buy a Land Rover, you better be willing to take some crap off of people. Then again, what type of turd pursues someone to give them deserved crap about their automotive follies.

    • BIG difference between a LAND Rover and a RANGE Rover… AND who are YOU to make decisions about what other people drive…

  10. I cannot imagine that there is not some missing part of the story here. Regardless, two people with little respect for others, apparently crossed paths with the outcome being a product of their actions.

  11. Opinions are like assholes. Every has one. But don’t be one.

    And if the Range Rover is the best the British can do, they still have a lot to learn. They are a purchase made by the heart and not the head.

    • well,..at least they don’t turn into a rust bucket the way a Jeep does….

  12. “And if the Range Rover is the best the British can do, they still have a lot to learn. They are a purchase made by the heart and not the head.”

    Does Lucas still provide the electric systems for British elite vehicles?

    • Lucas WAS the standard in automotive lighting, IF you were involved in any motorsports (particularly endurance racing) you used Lucas lighting… Shelby used Lucas lights on the early Cobras…

    • Lucas, Prince of Darkness. They don’t have a good reputation downunder.

      • Once had an interest in British sport cars. The tales of failed Lucas electrical systems put me off, but once I realized I could never afford a Jag XKE (convertible), kinda lost interest in all that. Just wondered if Lucas’ reputation had improved.

  13. I can’t help but to think there is more to it than this, but what do I know. People are stupid at times.

      • Darnell Brown’s (the dead guy) fiance was in the passenger seat. She told police she only knew Patrick Brown by the name “Bama

        They lived in the same apartment complex so they probably did know each other at least casually…

  14. If only Patrick and Darnell Brown could have made brown love instead of war 🙁

  15. I don’t get the joke, what’s funny about that type or make of car? I don’t have one but I don’t get it.

  16. “Keep violent people in jail.”

    Well, there’s that. Increase the inventory of potential body part donors.

  17. And Patrick’s baby momma will have fun, fun, fun ’til the repo man tows the Rangie away!

  18. “So, no one got the real lesson from tis one?”

    Stupid people, playing stupid games with guns become the face of “wild eyed (gun) zealots”, i.e. law abiding gun owners.

  19. 1 dead & 1 going to prison for a while. Sounds like that’s about where they belong!

  20. The freedom of speech freaks hate guns. Because they feel held back by their own fear of being shot. If they say something they know is insulting to a stranger.
    So yes an armed society is a much more polite society. Having guns. Even open carrying them does cause people to be polite.

    In fact when a neighborhood open carries guns. The mob does tend to be empty handed. Instead of carrying rocks and spray paint cans. And they also don’t carry a cross to burn on your front lawn either.

    I am a 2A absolutist. It’s not my problem that someone feels intimidated. In fact they do not have a right, to not feel intimidated. And anyone who believes the opposite. Has never been a supporter of the First Amendment or the rest of the Bill of Rights.

    • The freedom of speech freaks hate guns.

      Funny, Without guns in the hands of the “people” there would be no “free speech”… The only people who get violent when you exercise your free speech to disagree with them is the “Progressive” Liberal bunch which is comprised of an odd mix of Communists, Socialists, Fascists and a collection of racists of various colors and ethnic origins…

      • Yes indeed. I learned a very, very long time ago. The communist, progressive types were not my friends. Nor are they anyone else’s friend.

  21. i read the article and it appears to be a Win-Win-Win situattion. One A-hole dead, the other charged with murder and another junk Range Rover off the road. Or did I miss something?

  22. The use of a gun was tangential. Patrick B. had more than one deadly weapon at his disposal. He could have just floored his RR and run Darnell B. over. Would we have heard about it then?

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