Andrew Cuomo SAFE Act Ammunition Database Vaporware
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Cuomo hazy on status of ammo sales database — ‘not a significant aspect’ of SAFE Act

New York gun control vaporware . . .

…(T)he governor said that he wasn’t aware of the current status of the state’s plan to build a database for ammunition sales, an element of the 2013 SAFE Act that remains in limbo more than five and a half years after Cuomo signed the controversial gun control bill.

California, in contrast, is set to move ahead with its version of such a database next year. Golden State voters approved the system in an August 2017 referendum.

One possible reason for New York’s relatively laggardly pace: The 2015 memorandum of understanding signed by then-state Operations Director Jim Malatras and Senate Republican Majority Leader John Flanagan that stipulated the database could not be implemented until both signatories agreed that it was ready to be switched on and no money would be allocated to fund its operations. Cuomo’s Counsel Alfonso David insisted at the time that the database was still coming — but that was more than three years ago.

Weapon of Choice review – chilling portrait of a ‘top gun’

The very idea of civilian-owned firearms freaks out the British media . . .

If a rightwing firearms fanatic stumbles across this absorbing investigative documentary about America’s love affair with the Glock handgun, director Fritz Ofner’s voiceover soon lets them know what they’re in for. Near the beginning of the film he calls the gun’s Austrian manufacturer Glock “merchants of death”. The company is owned by Gaston Glock, 89, a secretive billionaire who might have been ripped from the pages of a John le Carré novel.

Reliable and easy-to-use, the Glock was an instant bestseller when it hit the market in the 80s. It is popular on both sides of the law in the US, as the service weapon packed by many police forces and the go-to gun for gangs. In the brand-conscious world of hip-hop, the Glock has been rapped about by everyone from Wu-Tang Clan to Biggie Smalls (it helps that “Glock” rhymes with a lot of words).

Parents Upset Over Active Shooter Drill Done ‘To Expose Students To Sound Of Gunfire’

And how will those students react if, God forbid, they encounter the real thing? . . .

Nanette Adams has a son who just this year enrolled in the High School. She and some other parents contacted KDKA-TV News saying they were concerned about the drill; more specifically, the fact that blanks were bring used.

“Students have been prepared; although, I have not been advised about what that preparation consists of,” Adams said. “My concern is for students who may have some sort of issue with anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, special needs students.”

The high school principal sent emails out to parents saying in part that the drill will include an alleged shooter in the building.

The police will be firing blanks to expose everyone to the sound of gunfire in the building.

In the email, he said the blanks will not be fired at anyone, however the sound may be heard throughout the school.

This is the super-secure border checkpoint where the gun smuggler was nabbed (courtesy

Montreal man gets 51 months in Vermont border gun smuggling case

Wait, isn’t that illegal? . . .

A Montreal man has been sentenced to 51 months in prison after he admitted smuggling about 100 handguns into Canada across the Vermont-Quebec border.

Alexis Vlachos appeared in U.S. District Court in Burlington, Vt., on Tuesday.

He will be given credit for the 43 months he has been in custody since he was arrested in Canada prior to his extradition to the United States.

Chilling anti-gun violence statues make debut this weekend

3D art . . .

“Creating a life-size representation of this lock down drill, we’re forced to confront this issue face to face,” (co-creator Sean) Leonard said.

Leonard and fellow advertising professional Dan Crumrine brainstormed and came up with this project idea. Then they reached out to Manuel Oliver, whose son Joaquin was killed in the shooting in Parkland, Florida. They said Oliver encouraged them to broaden the project’s impact, leading to a partnership with the Giffords nonprofit, and the deployment of 10 identical sculptures across the country.

These are multimedia pieces of art. Leonard and Crumrine said the desks are actual school desks. The girls, however, were 3D-printed; a deliberate symbol in light of recent debate over legalizing 3D gun-printing designs’ being published.

“We’ve been able to 3D print part of this statue and show that there is good that can come from 3D printing,” said Leonard.

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  1. Parents Upset Over Active Shooter Drill Done ‘To Expose Students To Sound Of Gunfire’

    I wonder, do these nervous twits hose down their dickless offspring with CO2 after a fire drill?

    • I’d be upset, too. Check that, I AM upset.

      Not because I don’t like the sound of gunfire (or the smell of gunpowder in the morning), but because running a drill like that with gunshots in the backgroud serves no purpose except to terrify the very people it ostensibly protects — while not protecting them at all.

      Thanks to the leftist education/media complex, my daughter goes to school every day afraid she’s going to die. It does no good to tell her school shootings are rarer than deadly lightning strikes and there’s really no logical reason to fear. The filthy news-media whores have done too good a job infecting young, vulnerable minds.

      And on top of that, if deadly lightning does strike, she knows as well as I do that no one in her school can defend her. Anyone who would try isn’t allowed. It’s like the progs actually WANT children to suffer and die.

      I’m halfway convinced that if they thought they could get away with it, they’d cut out the unreliable middleman and start firing real bullets. Set their own Reichstag fire, and it’s off to the races.

      • I am 100 % convinced. They now start to train the sheeple to be frightened early. Frightened sheep are ever so much easier to control than thinking men.

  2. Upset about the “sound of gunfire” and upset when when someone else’s precious angel kills their precious angel, but never upset when their precious angel kills someone else’s precious angel.

    • Yes Typical Leftists. Personally I Love the sound of gunfire far from being traumatized by it. being upset over someone else killing my kid….. I would want to string up the one that did it….. slowly. upset about my kid doing that to someone else’s kid…. I would want to string my kid up for doing it regardless of the fact that it was my kid. my attitude is you do the crime you do the time. In this of course i am referring to ACTUAL crimes where there is a ACTUAL victim and it is not some made up crime where there is no victim. an example of this would be most of those that take drugs but never actually commit crimes (theft etc) to support those habits yet get locked up for possession of personal use amounts of those drugs. another would be going say 5-10 klms over the speed limit but not involved in an accident as a result of that.

  3. Andrew Cuomo the CommieO found out he bit off a bit more than he and his fellow civilian disarmament Tards could chew.

  4. Let me get this straight: A kaybecker bought some guns and tried to take them home to Canada without permission of the kannukistani government.

    So the US taxpayers are paying to lock him up for 4 1/2 years after extraditing him from Canada?
    All to pad some feral persecutor’s conviction record?
    Why not let his own country deal with him?

    • Yeah my question after he gets what amounts to a 10 month sentence on our dime is WTF?!?!? Should be an automatic 10 years…or more. Some deterrent😦😩😡

    • WTF law did he break, anyhow? US law, I mean. This sounds really stupid, if Q had him, why didn’t they try and imprison him? I’d love to hear the rest of the story.

  5. If you read the actual sections of the in the NY SAFE Act (Penal Code 265.00.24, 400.02 and 40.03) that define the ammo data base, background checks and sellers of ammunition, it’s so incoherent as to be almost impossible to implement a process that fulfills the law. That’s why it hasn’t been done yet and it’s unlikely it ever will be. Otherwise, it would have been years ago.

  6. Wait, haven’t the filthy, subhuman, Liberal Terrorists™️ set a nationwide precedent that it’s 100% acceptable to topple/destroy statues that make them “feel uncomfortable”? Should be a no brainer for gun owners to destroy these new statues without any repercussions. Just sayin’.

  7. Watching Act of Valor on TNT (it’s better unedited) and I think I’ve had an epiphany. The last thing an American wants to hear from an Arab is ‘Allahu Akbar!’ The last thing an Arab wants to hear from an American is ‘Frag out!’

  8. Wait, did I read that right? An armed citizen in his place of business confronts an armed robber, takes him out, and the Louisville PD takes credit for putting the guy behind bars for at least 17 years? well, no wonder there are not reports of civilian DGUs–the police hog the credit.

    • I was also waiting for the pat where the robbery unit played a role.

      Still waiting……

      (They probably wrote the report.)

      • A LOT of follow up and administrative work goes in to presenting a case where someone will be put away for that long. Too bad the idiot didn’t die. Would have saved everybody a lot of time and treasure. Bastard will have pleantly of crime-life left after he paroles out.

  9. Wasn’t the SAFE act passed on an emergency basis to bypass the public comment period? This alleged emergency has been going on for 5 years????

  10. Someone should give a video or book of how easy it is to construct a firearm using pipe, fittings and hardware from the local building center to the British media/gun confiscators and watch the shit hit the fan.

  11. The primary weapon that I saw in that “Weapon of Choice” video was the video itself — which was designed to destabilize healthy brain function via constant, unstable (and flashing) images.

      • Videos are more dangerous than firearms. My neighbor watches Rachael Madcow every night and his Trump Derangement Syndrome is nearly at the point of a violent explosion. It has gotten steadily worse for the last year.

        Like Dan Quayle said — “A mind is a terrible thing to lose”‘

        • Did your neighbor actually have a mind to loose in the first place? lol i watch and read from a wide variety of sources and draw my own conclusions, have done since my early teens. But i always was someone who never followed the crowd. In fact if the crowd was going one way i was more likely to go the other just to spite them. I have often been involved in political groups on both the right and the left and often play devils advocate on any number of topics to gauge what their real agendas are. It can be a lot of fun watching them as their heads almost implode due to the mental gymnastics though it is usually more those on the left that that happens with

        • Can’t you explain to your neighbor that there are REAL women (and mostly hot) over at Fox News> No need to settle for a bitter old homey queer shebat newsreader. Vote with the index finger.

        • “My neighbor watches Rachael Madcow every night and his Trump Derangement Syndrome is nearly at the point of a violent explosion. It has gotten steadily worse for the last year.”

          Good thing you have a gun! No telling when that maniac will snap.

  12. Cool sculptures… now make ones in memoriam of all the people killed by totalitarian regimes that disarmed their citizens.

    • If a statue of each person killed by totalitarian regimes in just the 20th century were placed in the US, the citizens may well be out numbered by the statues.

      • it quite well could. The soviet union on its own at conservative estimates killed 80 million of its own people. Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his writings posits that it could well be as high as 120 million and he lived there

  13. To those living in NY, it’s worth noting that absent the background check system for ammo, companies can still ship ammo purchased on the internet right to your door. There are still some holdout companies that are afraid of the Big Bad Cuomo and won’t, but plenty others will, and offer free shipping. So buy away.

    • Just keep track of what you’ve ordered, when the system gets going, send in a report declaring each purchase. Why not, it’s completely useless for ANYTHING except identifying gun owners, and they’re all identified already in commieville. Each such report will cost NY to record and maintain records, in a hundred years or so, someone will figure out it is throwing money in the crapper and toss the whole thing. In fact, report a few hundred thousand rounds more than you buy, in calibers you don’t own, just to screw with them. Maybe they’ll figure out they don’t WANT you to do that! Duh!

  14. I’m terribly confused at that “Glock” video…
    I’ve never looked at Glock schematics, but at least some of the schematics they flashed around the screen most definitely not Glocks.
    Wrong grip at 0:33
    Wrong takedown lever at 0:48
    A HAMMER at 0:21
    Looks like they just googled for gun schematics and used whatever they found for their imagery.

    • 6.5 Creedmoor does not tolerate such nonsense. That is why nothing rhymes with “6.5 Creedmoor”.

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