Gun Confiscation - Don't Let This Happen to You
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A Brief History of Repressive Regimes and Their Gun Laws

REMINDER: The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. That is all . . .

Arguably one of the rights that has seen less government encroachment in the US — in contrast to other activities such as commerce — gun rights are now witnessing unprecedented attacks at the state level and even from politically-connected corporate entities.

Although gun control laws are not created equally in terms of overall impact, gun confiscation holds a special place in the halls of political repression. A trip down memory lane will give us a refresher of how gun confiscation has helped consolidate government power.

French Police Handguns Armed

France is proposing to give all local cops guns

The French have apparently concluded that more good guys with guns is a good idea. Shannon Watts hardest hit . . .

The municipal police are the local police force for towns and smaller cities in France, and fall under the authority of local mayors. Their main mission is to maintain public safety and resolve minor conflicts, but they have to appeal to the national police in more dangerous situations.

The proposal to arm all local cops is a significant departure for France. The law currently states that municipal police shouldn’t carry guns unless a mayor specifically requests it. According to Le Figaro, just under half of municipal cops currently carry a handgun, up from a quarter just 10 years ago (link in French).

The increased militarization of local police in France is directly linked to the increased threat of terror attacks in the country. In January 2015, after the attack on satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, the government gave local police in municipalities nearly 4,000 revolvers (link in French) and, in 2016, passed a decree allowing mayors to equip local police with 9mm semi-automatic pistols. Meanwhile, the French military deployed more than 10,000 soldiers around the country, in what is known as Operation Sentinelle—the French military’s largest operational deployment (link in French). It has become common to see soldiers carrying machine guns near major tourist sites, or along the check-in lines at Charles de Gaulle airport, something that would have been unthinkable not that long ago.

Michael Bloomberg Nanny State Laws Ban

UK paper: Bloomberg to run for president

Stock up on guns, 16 oz. sodas, and delicious trans-fat-laden foods while you still can . . .

A UK paper is reporting that Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and billionaire owner of business news network, is planning to running as a Democrat in the 2020 presidential election.

“Mike Bloomberg told me he is going to run in 2020,” a source told The Times. “He has the money to see it through while other candidates knock themselves out.”

Bloomberg, now 76, considered presidential runs in 2008, 2012 and 2016, amid concerns at the time that he might split Democrat votes.

Mario Salinas Girlfriend's Cat 4-year-old AK-47

Texas man killed girlfriend’s cat, blamed it on 4-year-old who fired AK-47, police say

Are they sure this didn’t happen in Florida? Because this really sounds like a story from Florida . . .

A Galveston man is accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend’s cat with a kitchen knife earlier this week and then pinned it on his 4-year-old boy who fired an AK-47 in their home.

Police arrested Mario Salinas, 27, Monday after they say he killed Snowflake the cat and then threatened to kill his girlfriend, The Daily News of Galveston County reported.

According to documents released Friday, a woman called police about 8 a.m. Monday saying her longtime boyfriend had threatened to kill her, the newspaper said.

Young v Hawaii gun control law ninth circuit appeal

Hawaii appeals decision to allow guns in public

Of course they have . . .

The state and Hawaii County filed a petition today asking the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider a three-judge panel’s ruling that Hawaii’s legal requirement for getting a license to carry a firearm in public violates the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment right to bear arms for self-defense.

The three-judge panel of the court handed down a 2-1 opinion in July in the case of a Hilo man’s lawsuit against the state and the Hawaii Police Department. George K. Young Jr. sued in 2012 after then-Hawaii Police Chief Harry Kubojiri twice rejected his application for a license to carry a firearm.

State firearm laws prohibit carrying a firearm in public except to transport it to and from places where it can be purchased and used legally, such as from a gun shop to your home or to the police department for registration. The firearm must be unloaded and in an enclosed container.

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  1. This brief history forgot FDR’s regime. First came man-made famine, then came gun control shortly after alongside currency control (use government fiat currency or else!), then came concentration camps.

    • FDR goon squads were fining farmers, confiscating crops for destruction, and pouring milk down the drain all of which happened to my Grandfather.
      FDR was the people’s pal.

  2. Um… obviously Fred and Wendy have never tried to buy a firearm with an expired driver’s license.

    Mikey could split the billionaire vote.

    No cat is worth going to prison over.

    • Go to her twitter page. She says she tried to buy a gun at a pawn shop and they rejected her because of the expired drivers license. But they said they would sell to her with a passport (wow a photo ID issued by the gov’t), and she passed the NICS.

      She knows her tweet was BS but Fred doesn’t because he’s a moron. Check his twitter page, it’s non stop leftist stuff from guns to universal healthcare. He’s a hardcore socialist

    • In the 2020 primaries, conservatives should cross party lines and vote for Bloomberg. It will disaffect the socialists and youths and maybe split the democrat party for good. The democrats are a loose federation of disparate folks whose only commonality is a severe hatred for anyone who is conservative or a “have”.

      • No need for conservatives to mess with the Dems, their primaries are rigged and the super-delegates will take care of it for us. There’s no way a Bernie can win and the brain dead socialists will always have to settle for a Hillary. My money is on Biden for 2020 (because an octogenarian president is the best way to attract new youthful voters). We’ll see how long it takes for the BDSs to abandon the party, but in the meantime they won’t be motivated voters.

        • “…when the enemy is making a false movement we must take good care not to interrupt him.” Napoleon

  3. A Galveston man killed the family cat.
    She died! She died!
    He blamed it on the four year old.
    He lied! He lied!

  4. Bloomberg’s beyond scary for gun owners. Trump’s worth 10-11 billion, but Bloomberg’s worth 43 billion. If he decides to buy the presidency, he can do it. Let me say this again, gun owners need to at least consider a plan B if that happens. Here’s what I plan on doing once my invalid mother passes on.

    • I think Bloomberg’s first step would be to simply buy the Democrat party.

      It would save a lot of time and effort with pre selection.

      • “I think Bloomberg’s first step would be to simply buy the Democrat party.”

        The number one way billionaires become billionaires is by using someone elses’s money, not their own…

        • Yeah, but! Let’s remember that Hillary jumped right in with a purchase of the DNC, which paid off in that you can donate any amount you like to the DNC, then she got to order it spent on *her* campaign. Pretty sly, if she had any kind of a campaign going on, 1.2 billion should have gotten the job done. But, brain cells are still required! Just being crooked as a snake is not enough.

      • If you read the latest news he listened to your advice and is already budgeting $80 million towards that goal; he wants to buy the National Legislature.
        BTW, I just found out why many dems won’t support him; he’s still a registered Republican, go figure?!

    • Paraguay? No way in hell. I’m already living in my Alamo. Bloomberg, you rat, bring it. I’m not going anywhere.

    • Meg Whitman couldn’t buy the California governor’s election. Money doesn’t matter as much as most people think.

      And $10B vs $43B is immaterial. The last election was, what, $1B per side? Bloomberg won’t win. He’s too mainstream to win the Dems and can’t compete on Trump’s level of crazy.

  5. Today’s Democrats are going to line up behind Bloomberg? Probably not. Warren, Cuomo, Harris, Booker, Bernie? Maybe. But they’ll see Bloomberg as a turncoat since he’s been elected as a Republican. The chance he has is if 20 Democrats split the primary field and he takes an early lead.

    • Bloomberg can’t win over the extreme hard left wing of the Democratic Party. He’s old, white, and wealthy via the private sector. Basically all non starters with the ocasio cortez socialist types the democrats seem to be embracing. He might fund those people, but he won’t be the face of the Democratic Party.

    • Bloomberg is an authoritarian but he’s also a capitalist. The Dems can’t abide by that.

      Aside from the gun control activism and soft drink, trans-fat and sugar bans, he actually kept many of Giuliani’s policies in place relating to policing, quality of life crimes, homelessness, anti-corruption, unions, etc. Gun control laws and mandatory penalties in NYC were already oppressive under Giuliani thanks mainly to Ed Koch. Nothing changed under Giuliani or Bloomberg, despite Bloomberg’s rhetoric and national activism. For most NYers, unless you were likely to buy a Big Gulp along with a dozen Krispy Kremes, little changed from Giuliani to Bloomberg. But things have completely gone to shit under de Blasio.

  6. Francais with guns?!? Mon Dieu! Sacre bleu! Whodathunkit…bring it midget billionaire. And you’re going on 80? And running on peop… er gun control? PERFECT😄😎😏

  7. Bloomberg running for President? I’m tired of having to choose the POTUS from a field of septuagenarian New Yorkers.

    • Since when does not being likable prevent someone from becoming the Demoncratic nominee for president?

      • The vast majority of Americans vote on likeability because they are too stupid to vote on issues. That takes thought.

        • Primary voters vote on issues, independents vote on personality. Look back at every election since the JFK – Nixon debate (when television came into the equation) and every single winner had a more dynamic personality than the loser. And also how little personality so many of the candidates had (Bob Dole, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John McCain, Michael Dukakis, etc.)

        • Voters are NOT stupid, and thinking is a waste of time. You get one vote every four years which has to stand for everything the government does. There are only two candidates. The odds of either actually promising the specific set of policy choices of anybody are minuscule, and then there’s the matter of them changing positions for no reason, or bargaining away everything you care about in order to pass something you dn’t care about.

          Imagine having to buy almost everything from a government chain of stores. One candidate promises Levis, Fords, and studio apartments. The other promises Tater Tots, Velcro shoes, and winter tires. Who would you vote for? Kinda suck, wouldn’t it. You’d end up voting on just what you think of their character, knowing it’s pointless, but hoping things work out.

      • Not since LBJ at least. He knew how to manipulate people into liking him really well, but he was not truly likable.

        • Slick Willy was a slimeball but he had a likable personality (until you learned what a sleazebag he was). For some reason people liked Barry but it completely escapes me why. He’s such a egotistical narcissist. But I think people who only saw him through the lens of the liberal media were duped.

        • I think Obama was deemed intelligent because he didn’t fumble sentences and words like Bush did, he didn’t walk into glass doors and wait for the Secret Service to come to his aid, and he didn’t read an upside down book while the world was falling apart. It’s all relative. His sing-song teleprompter delivery turns me off big time; I don’t see how anyone can listen to that and think he’s intelligent. His facial expressions spell h-y-o-p-c-r-i-t-e to me; but some people saw Bush and wondered if he was even breathing or just a ventriloquist’s dummy (with Cheney being the ventriloquist). But compared to Bush, at least he used big words and didn’t fumble them.

      • The only thing bigger than Bloomberg’s bank account is his ego. Neither he nor Cuomo have a shot in hell of being President. Both are powerful figures….in NYC. The rest of America, even the rest of New York is NOT NYC.

      • but bloomberg is in another category. That midget is a really really condescending, obnoxious pos. He literally wants to force people to live as he demands while he does the complete opposite.

        the midget would do well in liberal states but he’d get crushed in the south and midwest. NYC values don’t play well.

        • but bloomberg is in another category. That midget is a really really condescending, obnoxious pos. He literally wants to force people to live as he demands while he does the complete opposite.

          And the DNC’s 2016 candidate for president was…all of the above except a midget.
          And a good thing she was. I think she would have won if she didn’t spend the whole summer and fall telling half the country how much she hated them and their stupid civil rights.

  8. “The increased militarization of local police in France is directly linked to the increased threat of terror attacks in the country. ”

    The arming with handguns of village gendarmes is considered “militirization”?

    • It is, if you ask some people here. They think that ANY cop armed with something more lethal than a stern voice is ‘militarization’.
      Most of them appear to be too embarrassed to show on the little dolly where the Bad Policeman touched them, but we all know what happened. #metooBlue.

      • If you want to start turning around the growing hatred towards cops how abou they at least stop….

        1) The midnight no-knock warrants where the po-po have fun running their super-tac night-vision gear and try to force an armed encounter with the suspect….or at least their dog.

        2) Repeal the practice where police base their energy on which bust might get them the most confiscated property and money rolled back to their local or state group. In other words all confiscated property goes to the U.S. governemnet to vanish into that money vacumn. No confiscated property/money ever makes it back to the police.

        • Or how about we simply stop the government (at all levels) from confiscating money and property without due process? You know, that little protection our Constitution supposedly guarantees to all citizens?

          But I guess that’s asking too much, isn’t it…

  9. According to the state and county’s joint petition, the panel’s ruling is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of Hawaii law. The panel, it says, invalidated Hawaii’s law on the ground that it limits open-carry license to security guards and other people whose jobs require protecting life and property.

    “But that is just wrong,” the filing says. The law makes open-carry license available to any qualified individual who “sufficiently indicates” an “urgency” or “need” to carry a firearm and who is “engaged in the protection of life and property.”

    They have not issued any since, what, 1999? That means you don’t have a licensing system. I’m sure the 9th en banc will vote for Hawaii, then off to SCOTUS we go. We’ll get to see what Brett brings to the court right away.

    • I was wondering why all these comments weren’t discussing what is very likely shaping up to be the most monumental reclaiming of our 2A rights in over a generation. Fingers f*cking crossed…

      • Well, maybe because that ground shaking change is years away. It will be a minimum one year, probably more before the en banc panel issues its decision overturning the original panel decision, and another six before cert. could possibly be granted.

        You will note that I believe that the petition for rehearing en banc will be granted,and that there will be a reversal. The Ninth will follow other (liberal) circuits in concluding that carry outside the home, although a right, is subject to only intermediate scrutiny (which in the Ninth in gun rights cases is indistinguishable from total deference to the government) and conclude that the government’s interest in “public safety” is a sufficient basis to allow the “need” based analysis employed in Hawaii for issuance. They will conveniently ignore that chiefs in the various counties, contrary to the Hawaii attorney general’s opinion, will not consider an open carry app from anyone other than those working as guards, and have not issued any open carry licenses to anyone but security guards for as long as records have been kept. In other words, a de facto ban on open carry will not even raise an eyebrow.

    • I’m engaged in protecting life and property — MY life and property. Can’t afford to outsource it, so I’m on the job 24/7.

      Oh, wait…that only works if I’m protecting the property of someone else who actually has money? And here I was thinking Democrats were looking out for poor people and the middle class.

  10. “France is proposing to give all local cops guns”

    Given France’s history, I hope that all the guns are drop safe.

  11. 2016 voters: “The Democrats ran the ONLY candidate in the country who could lose to Donald Trump!”

    DNC 2020: “Hold my latte.”

  12. This is why it’s so important to call your Red State Democrats to support Judge K.

    He’s going to be the one seeing that Hawaiian case once it reaches the Supreme Court around 2020 or so.

    Call your senators, call your swing state red state Democrat senators. Tell your friends about the case and ask them to call or at least send postcards as well. See those 3000 coat hangers sent to the senator’s office? They spent that much against him. How much is a postcard?

  13. As much as I despise my Senator for her RINO ways I’m thinking those 3000 coat hangers will piss Collins off enough to seal her vote for Kavanaugh.

    I do really like the idea the progtards came up with re: the crowdfunding thing. That got her panties in a twist too. Done correctly by a real conservative group we might finally get her out of office.

  14. As long as it takes to move much of anything like this appeal through the 9th Circus, Ginsburg may we have died, gone to Hell, and been replaced, before they issue a ruling.

  15. Bloomberg won’t win… he’s Jewish.

    I’m not saying that to be anti-Semitic, I just don’t think this country is ready for a president from a different religion (all wisecracks about Obama’s being Muslim aside… he wasn’t, he worshipped himself). Ifyou are Mormon, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, etc, we have not yet reached the time in our history that you will be president… so let him run :), means the next few Supreme Court nominees will be picked by Trump.

  16. Bloomberg has to get past the minorities and women vying for the chance to be in charge. His plan worked in NYC but I don’t think it’s going to work nationally.

    Jeb! Spent 100 mil and came up with 4 %

  17. The three-judge panel of the court handed down a 2-1 opinion in July in the case of a Hilo man’s lawsuit against the state and the Hawaii Police Department.
    The Police are your friend, that is why the NRA sucks up to them so much.

  18. There is a docu film on Netflix about the Bataclan massacre. One of the amazing things left out of the Wiki report is that a couple of beat cops entered the theater long before the tac response arrived. On their own initiative they entered from the rear and across the theater floor they spotted a terrorist with an AK (slung, I think) walking in front of the stage.

    One of the cops benchrested his pistol on a bar in the back and engaged the perp at a distance of 50 or 60 yds., and took him down. That put the terrorists on the defensive. The tac unit command was being sued for insufficiently swift response; not that that proves anything.

  19. “gun rights are now witnessing unprecedented attacks at the state level and even from politically-connected corporate entities.”

    This is another manifestation of America’s slow but deliberate drift into fascism. Never thought it would happen, but it is. This is happening under our noses because most Americans have been so propagandized by The Left that they have little understanding of the political-economic system that leads to fascist totalitarianism. Most Americans think being fascist is just being “mean”.

  20. ? Where is my comment???!!!

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