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Mark Bless of Arnold, Missouri says this is “Typical EDC. All items are in rotation. My first chronograph watch.”

His EDC includes a Gen 4 GLOCK 27 with a 9mm Alpha Wolf Conversion, an assortment of knives, and a couple challenge coins.

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    • Now, THAT was funny. You’re not likely to win many friends or influence many people with it, but that was DEFINITELY funny.

      Maybe the next step is a kit to convert 9×19 pistols to fire .380ACP, for those times you REALLY don’t want to hurt somebody.

        • I am looking for a .22lr conversion kit for my .50 Desert Eagle. I would get the best of both worlds, the concealabity and light weight of the Desert Eagle, and the libtard friendly .22lr for when I want to look lethal and that’s about it. I would also make sure to aim below the knees.

    • well said.

      why the fuck would anyone convert a .40 to a 9?

      then again, his profile pic does have a handlebar mustache….

  1. I have a 9mm and a .357 Sig barrel for my Gen 3 Glock 35 and also a .40 S&W barrel with conventional rifling for lead bullets.

  2. I like to take a car with a reputation for bulletproof reliability from the factory like a Honda Civic or a Toyota Camry, and so fundamentally change it with third-party crap that I have no idea whether it will go 20 feet or 200,000 miles before breaking down.

    s/ guys who modify Glocks

    • Now, see here! Every single one of those mods makes a Glock more ‘shootier,’ and adds one or two inches more range and maybe a couple of ft-lbs of muzzle energy.

    • What he did was like putting a lawn mower engine in the Camry or Civic, when he could have bought it that way to start with.

    • I have an S3F Solutions 9mm conversion barrel for my Glock 23 that I’ve shot about 700 rounds through with no malfunctions. With my stock barrel I’ve had 2 FTE malfunctions in about 1000 rounds but both within the first 200 rounds or so and both with different new magazines. I still carry it with the stock barrel but the conversion barrel is winning me over. Being that the conversion barrel has been malfunction free and the stock barrel has had 2 malfunctions which would you feel more comfortable carrying?

    • Oh, so you’re familiar with that ‘device’?

      Can’t get a date? 😉

    • They’re okay. I have the Alexis Texas, Asa Akira, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg flesh lights.

  3. I bought the conversion for cheaper practice. Never have had a single malfunction. Utterly reliable and as accurate as the Glock barrel. 9mm is just easier to shoot accurately. Wish I had went with 9 from the beginning, but got a great deal on a Glock 23 to start and stuck with .40. Both have conversions now.

    • I know. My first dildo is a 8inch and it’s just not enough, I wish I had gone with a foot long right away instead of buying another 8inch and using tape. Sure, the double 8inch is a lot of gun for the money, but you have to replace the tape frequently. Oh well live and learn.

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