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The Left in America continues its sprint to the outermost radical fringes. Last week, San Francisco officially labelled the NRA a “terrorist organization.” Now, Rasmussen Reports reveals that 32% of Democrats polled “favor declaring the gun rights group a terrorist organization.” Even worse, 28% of them would imprison people for joining the nation’s oldest civil rights organization.

So much for freedom of association.

The long, media-driven campaign to demonize gun owners and the NRA in particular has brought us to a place where between a quarter and a third of Democrats embrace tyranny over freedom.

Obviously, Rasmussen’s poll shows that a significant subset of Americans don’t respect either the First or the Second Amendment.

From Rasmussen Reports:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that nearly one-out-of-three Likely Democratic Voters (32%) favor declaring the gun rights group a terrorist organization in the community where they live. Fourteen percent (14%) of Republicans and 20% of voters not affiliated with either major party agree. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Twenty-eight percent (28%) of Democrats say Americans should be prohibited by law from belonging to pro-gun rights organizations like the NRA, a view shared by 15% of Republicans and 10% of uanffiliateds.

Among all likely voters, 23% favor declaring the NRA a terrorist organization in their home community, while 18% think it should be against the law to belong to pro-gun rights groups like the NRA.

Meanwhile, quite a few of those hard-left, anti-NRA respondents joined with mainstream Americans to support stricter enforcement of existing laws over passing new ones that criminals will then also ignore:

Eighty-two percent (82%) of Democrats and 64% of unaffiliated voters want stricter gun control, compared to 45% of Republicans. But 57% of all Americans believe stricter enforcement of existing gun control laws is more important than putting new gun control laws on the books.


Despite the demonization, Rasmussen’s results show the NRA’s favorability remaining at 50%, as it has for a long time. This suggests that those opposed to the NRA have grown far more radical as efforts to increase gun control have failed, thanks to gun rights activism and plain old common sense on the part of mainstream, everyday Americans.

Fifty percent (50%) of voters share a favorable impression of the NRA; 44% do not. This includes 30% with a Very Favorable view of the group and 33% with a Very Unfavorable one. These views are virtually unchanged from March of last year.

Favorables for the NRA have ranged from 49% to 54% in surveys since 2011.

The trend, however, isn’t good. The most radical in their (rabid) opposition to the NRA are the last couple of generations. . .

Voters under 40 are far more supportive than their elders of making it illegal to belong to gun rights groups like the NRA.

We have our work cut out for us to educate folks not only on the proven benefits of firearms ownership. And some First Amendment advocacy as well.


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  1. The numbers aren’t too surprising to me (both the Dem and GOP #s) considering the current long-term strategy being pushed to make gun owners and 2A advocates pariahs in civil society. And let’s be mindful that our words and actions can play into their strategy, too.

    • Even when the NRA is Turmoil I still wear my NRA Cap And My Pro Gun Slogan T shirts and my CCW Gun.and I am polite when I get a scowl.I just Smile and say God bless and the demonic looks Ir get.I am not worried about a small % of Fools who think Like The lying fraud Dick tator Beat it O’Dork!

  2. “Twenty-eight percent (28%) of Democrats say Americans should be prohibited by law from belonging to pro-gun rights organizations like the NRA,…”

    “Even worse, 28% of them would imprison people for joining the nation’s oldest civil rights organization.”

    How fascist of them.

    Actually, that smells a whole lot like a literal declaration of war on gun owners…

    • “Remember, if your AR-15 was not a threat to the elites, then they would not be constantly seeking to take it away. Never let it go.”
      Brandon Smith “Red Flag gun laws”

      • I am old enough to remember when the anti-gun cult focused on handguns.

        As Marco Rubio said, “Our laws today reflect a time when dealing with gun violence was largely keeping handguns out of the possession of a gangbanger or street thug or what have you.”

  3. 100% of Americans with a brain understand that the Demtards party hates the US as it was founded and currently exists.

    • And hate everyone who stands in their way. As unpleasant as it is to contemplate, we need to keep in mind what happens to the opposition whenever leftists gain power.

      • I want to see The Calif Females build a Gallow platform,for for Gavin Newsom after he signed Illegally a Forced Inoculation bill for Children over the weekend in the dark of night.

        • Forced inoculation?

          Oh, I know somebody who is gonna get their nose all out of joint on that news.

          It would be *perfect* if it was done by gunpoint…

          *snicker* 😉

  4. Solution is simple but not easy. Never, ever vote Democrat. What more evidence is needed. They want to confiscate all firearms. That is the end game. You can ignore that fact at your peril.

  5. And in a TOTALLY unrelated front, TTAG snowflakes believe the propaganda, from the SAME MSM, who is also working a simultaneous project to also teardown the NRA by eviscerating the leadership.

    Buy a pair.

  6. Those under 40’s are probably skewed because the socialist messaging they love all about free shit inexplicably comes with that “gun ban” rider attached. They’ve conflated the two. I’m happy to listen to socialists and their economic pipe dreams but when “college for all” gets tacked to “gun control”, which it always does, I can’t help but get a tad suspicious. What does one have to do with the other and why are they so adamant about it?

    • It’s a vote buying message. It’s also what makes someone like Warren so dangerous should she get the nomination.

      If you go back and look at Gallup and Pew for a few years you find this interesting dichotomy in question responses by college students. Quite a Libertarian streak was appearing. For example: while college kids a few years ago supported abortion and contraception when presented as rights they actually were more supportive of gun rights than the 50+ crowd. That fact hurt the Dem’s feelings pretty bad and such a thing could not be allowed to stand.

      So, what’s the big issue to a lot of young people today? Well, from 2008-present the two biggest things for them are the cost of college and the inability to get a job commensurate with their college education.

      The result is that they pander on a set of key issues and then tag the others along. A package deal, kinda like trim on a car. You like the cameras and the heated seats but not the headliner? Sorry, package deal.

      Now, drowning people grab anything you throw them if it floats. Running with that analogy: The Democrat strategy here is to throw younger people a life preserver and then, having ‘rescued’ them, charge them for the pleasure of having been saved. And the price tag is BIG.

      You really need to understand this: This isn’t about guns. It’s not about student loans. It’s not about any individual thing the Democrats do or say. It’s all part of a package, and that package is to pull an Alinksy. Offer a pre-packaged solution the sell the ever-living-shit out of it.

      It’s doubly hard for us to win this one too, actually the problems are a trifecta in some ways. Combined with this kind of panic in the younger people is the fact that most people ~35 and under haven’t actually tasted the success of capitalism and are rejecting that as a whole. Self-reliance, personal responsibility, individualism… all that is kinda wrapped up in this capitalist notion that is being rejected. On top of that, no offense to anyone in particular hear, but ya’ll older folks are seen by a lot of these younger people as lying assholes who just want your Social Security and Medicare checks. From their point of view they see you as treating them like cattle. If they have to work until they day they die, well you don’t care as long as the checks keep coming. Checks, btw, they’ll never see unless the system is fixed and they KNOW this. They just don’t know what the solution is because the fact that Congress can’t keep it’s fingers out of the piggy bank is a fact that’s fairly well hidden from them.

      This kind of thing has been going on a long time but THIS time the Democrats perceive an advantage that MTV couldn’t give them: motivated young people out in numbers due to fear.

      • Excellent post, Strych. Excellent.

        With one exception.

        Young people may talk a good game. But when it comes go going out and voting, they don’t.

        Yeah, okay, 5% go vote on a good year. 1% or less most years. Think about that.

        It’s one thing to answer a poll or publish a comment. It’s quite another to get off the couch, visit the polling place and cast a vote.


        • Hence why I say they perceive this.

          I don’t pretend to know if it will actually work, but fear is a much stronger motivator than MTV’s “Rock The Vote”. That’s what they’re banking on here.

          They don’t need to move the needle much in terms of the overall population to win… bigly… and they know this. Everything they’re doing is, ironically enough, trying to swing that electoral college vote. Even complaining about that very electoral college is fearmongering to swing the electoral college.

      • Worth noting that us “older folks waiting on the checks” have been paying INTO this thing for decades, in my case over 40 years.

        • So, this is going to seem harsh… but I’m going to try to encapsulate the feeling I hear from these younger folks on this topic.


          You paid into the system. Who gives a fuck? You think being a sucker in a ponzi scheme entitles you to fuck the next group even harder just to make sure you don’t pay for your own stupidity? Apparently you do Mr. Madoff, you’ve said as much. So much for all that personal responsibility you preach. You just want a bailout so you don’t have to pay the piper.

          See, you were asleep at the switch. You let the Medicare and Social Security systems go bankrupt by allowing your elected officials to plunder the funds. You are the ones who fucked up the school system so that we had to dig into our own future and borrow just to get a decent education in fucking algebra at the community college so we could pass an entrance exam to get into college. The college YOU told us to go to. This happened before we were born, or while we were too young to vote and now you turn around and blame us?

          Yeah, well eat a bag of dicks you old fucks. We can vote now and we’re going to. We’re going to vote to ram this down your throat the way you tried to ram it down ours. You fucked up. Your incompetence is showing and you’re angry and lashing out about it. Sit down, STFU and let US fix this because YOU obviously can’t.


          ^^^That’s the reaction we’re provoking because you see a paw and you know it’s a lion. We need a very different strategy than just “tellin’ em the way the world works” because as far as they’re concerned they’ve heard that shit for ~20 years and it’s not working out. They’re looking down the barrel of never retiring so that you can watch GoT and “relax” a chance they figure they’re never going to get.

          Desperate people do dumb things. Ignorant and desperate people do even dumber things. Desperate, ignorant and angry people do things that serge might call ‘pants on head retarded’. When those people are scared it gets worse. Much worse. That’s what’s going on here.

          This is exactly WTF I’ve been talking about with advertising, psychology and the rest of it. If we fuck this up we’re digging not just the 2A’s grave here, but the Republic’s grave too and at this point the electorate is polarized enough that there probably won’t be any coming back because that pendulum won’t get a chance to swing backwards when someone like Warren becomes POTUS because that probably means we lost the Senate too.

          This one’s for all the fucking marbles. Play accordingly.

        • Well, Strych, you’re right. We need a better strategy. But WHAT IS IT? If anybody knows, they ain’t telling. And if they did, would anyone with the power to make it happen even bother to listen?

          With the typical ignorance of youth, Millenials and Gen Z think they’re the only ones who see the world’s problems and they’re the only ones who can change it because all the old people were too stupid to see it.

          Well, I got railroaded into this Ponzi scheme 40+ years ago. Sure, I hope I get to cash the checks when my turn comes in 15 years…who wouldn’t?…but I also see this for what it is. We all did. If I could’ve done anything about it, I would have. The machine is bigger than we are; we choose only what it lets us choose.

          And now *my children* are being fed into that inhuman crony-socialist meat grinder.

          And the smrt college kids have the gall to think *anyone* could be happy about that?

          Add to it that they’re just smart enough to see that there’s a problem and just dumb enough to “solve” it by making it exponentially worse. But that’s nothing new. Like I said, the machine is bigger than we are.

        • The funny thing Hugh is that they think exactly the same thing about you.

          And arithmetic is a bitch. There’s more of them and less of you every day. Keep that attitude and you’ll find yourself wondering how you ended up at the indoc point for a proverbial, or maybe real, glue/Soylent Green factory.

          Ultimately if you don’t change their minds you will lose and lose badly. Your kids will lose too and every generation after that.

        • Strych9,
          So the guy who didn’t have a choice and had money stolen as a pretend retirement doesn’t get any of it back? The politicians that stole it from the “lockbox” are long dead. Thought the young people were all for Socialism or that old from each according to his ability to each according to his need crap.

          In any case I am glad I saved back money for retirement. But they could come along and steal that as well. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has already said on more than one occasion that she wants to take that money to shore up Social Security. What would that do to your retirement plans? Pocahontas Warren wants a wealth tax to take the money you saved for retirement. They clearly believe there would be no consequences for any of that. I think there wouldn’t be a hole deep enough for them to hide in, men far tougher than I would want to collect scalps!

        • Rusty:

          Ethically, yes they should get it back.

          Realistically? There’s going to be an arbitrary cutoff where there is no money to “give back”. That’s the cold, hard truth. There are people alive today paying into the system who won’t get a dime back. The only question is where the magic number for age is on that.

          Personally, from my first paycheck back when I was 16 and automatically assumed I’d never get a penny back. I also assumed I’d pay those taxes for the rest of my life. Because there’s right, there’s wrong and there’s how shit is.

          What frustrates some of the young people today is that quite literally everyone with two neurons to rub together knows the systems are already broke and running on borrowed money yet those younger people are still being forced to pay into the same system. Back when older folks did it there was some prayer of getting some money back. Now it’s just a pit in the ground to throw money into at the point of a gun (government force).

          So, where’s the ethics there? Now that we KNOW it’s a broken system shouldn’t the plan be to pay off those who paid in and stop screwing the people at the bottom of the pyramid? Probably, but there’s NO ONE talking about that for fear of freaking out the older people who will think the system’s just getting canceled and “throwing granny off a cliff”.

          This is an interesting case study in how perception in politics is reality and how two groups of people with exactly the same interests can be turned against each other by clever propaganda that serves those who only want to accumulate power for themselves. This is how the Republic dies if we’re not careful.

          It’s time to stop. Think. Recognize how we see each other is flawed and how we’re actually not at odds with each other and start tossing out the assholes who are trying to screw all of us. Yeah, sounds like some hippie shit but if it doesn’t happen then the country is gone, and like Star Wars, probably to thunderous applause from those who know not what they’ve done.

        • ING:

          “We need a better strategy. But WHAT IS IT?”

          You ask this a lot and it’s a good question. I don’t pretend to have all the answers. Honestly, sometimes the comment section right here on TTAG makes me wonder if the country as a whole, and by extension the 2A, isn’t already past reclamation and we just don’t know it yet. That said, if we’re going to lose I’d prefer to go down swinging for the fences.

          Truthfully I’m not really prepared to say what I honestly think on this topic (I better get my ass in gear on that though). It’s not fully fleshed out the way it needs to be and if it’s going to be said it needs to be said in a balls-out full throated manner that can’t be a work-in-progress. The only thing I know for absolute sure about how all the pieces fit together in my head is that it’s going to piss off A LOT of people, including POTG, to show them the whole picture as I see it.

        • Well, here’s all I’ve got to say to all those young’uns:

          Yeah, the Boomers fucked up. The fuck up is we were the bridge generation between our parents who fought WWII and toughed out the depression, and all the succeeding generations.

          Yeah, we fucked it up. Not only did we make the huge mistake of spawning them to begin with, but we grossly mismanaged their upbringing. The Boomers, starting with GenX and on down the line to the Millenials, produced the most selfish, self-absorbed, parasitic, lazy, dumbed-down-from-too-much-pot, unambitious, disconnected, willfully ignorant, self-congratulatory, self-gratifying, narcissistic, underachieving, and greedy collection of slavishly conformist sheep and top-shelf, first-class whiners in the history of mankind.

          So, yeah, kids, the Boomers fucked it all up, and you are the living proof.

        • UpInArms:

          As long as you make it about blame or “who fucked up” where and when they fucked up or whatever else you’ll never get anywhere.

        • That’s the rub, isn’t it. You’re more likely to get run out on a rail than get any support if you tell the truth nobody wants to hear.

          I’m just smart enough to recognize some of the same things you do — and I have skills that could be very valuable in helping the right kind of plan actually reach people (messaging, hearts-and-minds, that kind of thing) — but I’m a technician, not an organizer. I have no resources or influence at all.

          I’d be on board with you…but somebody else has to get the ball rolling before I can be of any use at all. Meanwhile, none of the people who could do it seem to recognize the need, and of course I can’t reach them. It drives me absolutely bonkers, and I don’t know what to do about it.

        • Though I have no doubt they exist, the ones that think as Strych describes are not the majority by any stretch. Most of the NextGen I know, personally and professionally, are hardworking, smart, industrious and respectful, and have little of the chip on their shoulders that Strych describes. Respectfully, maybe he’s listening to the wrong people, I don’t know, but come out to the country, away from academia, away from socials, and you’ll find mostly good folks of all ages. Like every other generation. Nobody calls me a bag of dicks, though I appreciate the color. The malcontents are always noisier.

        • strych9:

          I’m not really trying to get anywhere with this, and I don’t care if I do.

          If I’m going to be tagged with the collectivist bullshit that the Boomers are to blame for everything, I’m not going to roll over and take it any more than I’m going to roll over and take blame, as a gun owner, for mass shootings. If the milenials want to pump out that kind of bullshit, I’m going to call them on it. If the world is fucked up, well maybe they need to take a good look at who isn’t trying to fix it.

      • Strych9,

        Agree with your assessment that the Dems are trying to sell a comprehensive rescue package to everyone who feels in need of rescue. But I am only partially with you on the ‘young people’ thing. I have interviewed a lot of young people for jobs and internships. There are real leaders out there, motivated, competent, and even conservative. They are earning power and influence and money. They may be smaller in number that the mindless set that wasted their college money on gender studies, environmental activism, and philosophy (disclaimer: I have a BA in Philosophy and another in Political Science), but they have a better understanding of how to get things done. I am not nearly so worried about how young people will vote as I am about the millions of illegal immigrants who have been and will be allowed to vote.

        So, I think you are somewhat correct, and I am just adding some nuance.

        • They’re not all like this, and I should have probably put that caveat in all caps at the beginning.

          However, the ones that are buying into “The Bern” and AOC do think like this.

          The good news is I work with these kids at a major liberal university and they CAN be reached. They just won’t be reached by the normal “old school” methods because they don’t have the experience with that working out for them to see it working for them and they’ve often been TAUGHT that it doesn’t work either explicitly or by omission of the actual facts.

          Calling them entitled little assholes or stupid, both of which are all too common, is like calling telling a rape victim they should have dressed differently. It’s going to earn you contempt and maybe a kick in the nuts hard enough that you’ll need that Green Lumber.

      • As usual painfully insightful especially for social security. Between wage stagnation and inflation most under 40 are screwed if they are planning on social security being relevant. Good point on taking any assistance when there is no apparent hope as well. Hard to think long term when you barely live check to check

        • So folks under 35 or 40 who don’t want to retire in poverty really need a second job off the books? Buying and selling whatever and hiding the profits from the government? The government will eventually steal retirement accounts of those who try to look out for themselves, and promise to put it in the same “lockbox” with all the other worthless IOU documents. I expect to be dead and gone by then, but I worry about my daughter and SIL and eventually their kids.

          No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.
          Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) and he had no clue how right he was!

      • How much fear can they have when everybody that wants a job has one? On Trumps watch the unemployment rate has nearly zeroed out.

        What i think is at play here is the entitled feelings of these younger folks. They want everything the older folks have right out of moms and dads house. With out connecting the dots that mom and dad had to work a lifetime to get that standard of living.

        Nobody taught them to grow the fuck up. Life is about work and sacrifice to get what you want.

        • Unemployment was never the main problem it was underemployment. Lower effective wages for jobs that required increasing levels of education and experience. It is probably improving now but with housing costs increasing past wage growth and education skyrocketing past both the kids do have a valid complaint/concern. With that said socialism/communism is a horrible idea to address these issues. Limiting mass immigration to cut off artificial wage suppression on the other hand.

        • Well, as you’re a Boomer, it stands to reason you’d say that. It actually kind of worked for your cohort.

          I have two college degrees and a professional job (which I’m very good at), and at the midpoint of a career which I started 15 years late — in career terms, I’m closer to Millennial than my Gen-X age would suggest — I’m making far less in real terms than my dad did at the same point back in his day.

          This is what I was always told to do. Get a degree, get a good white-collar job, and that was the recipe for security and financial success.

          Work hard and sacrifice…at how many jobs?

          It takes two full-time incomes now to do what one used to do. The middle class as it was sold to you and me no longer exists (if it ever truly did). The US economic system is an inflation-driven crony-socialist scam that skims money from all the little people and deposits it all at the very top.

          You’re fortunate enough to belong to the generation at the top of the pyramid scheme.

          Young people now are staring at a reality that doesn’t resemble the one you and I grew up in, and it’s no wonder they’re being seduced by the honeyed lies of socialism, especially considering that the Marxist left has pretty much owned entertainment and education for a good 30 years now.

        • You see this attitude. Kids see how long it took their parent(s) to get to a certain level of income, maybe even six figures. The kids don’t want to have to wait that long. They want it now, right out of school. They say they’ll work for it. Then they’re asked “Ok, well, what can you do?” That’s where the silence takes over. They have no answer because they have no experience. You combine that with the substandard work they did in school, which shows a shit work ethic, and nobody is going to hand them that right out of the gate. It’s rare that any employer is going to pay you a significant amount of money to be a dumbass.

        • Pretty rare that I’ll criticize like this, but if we’re being all truthy and shit WTF not.

          You know what I think jwm?

          I think that both you and the young people who see you as I described are prisoners of the best prisons that can be built. Ones in your own heads. A bunch of people who have no reason not to get along but dislike each other for nonsensical reasons provided by others who profit from it. Sadly similar to Facebook in a lot of regards.

          As such, you’re marionettes set on a collision course by some dickhead puppet masters and neither of you realize it because you’re so focused on the other puppet that you don’t see their strings or your own and, in turn, they’re looking at you the same way.

          Further, I think that’s extremely common among people in general and POTG especially. POTG are particularly vulnerable to such manipulation when it’s carefully crafted specifically because they think aren’t vulnerable to it.

        • Damn strych you are dangerously close to that curtain we are to pay no mind to. Not sure if you should Reserve comments or find a focus on a Derivative topic.

        • SAFE:

          When you pull back the curtain there is no magician, not even a tinkerer. It’s not a single entity.

          It’s a group of various people who all have the same profession but in different walks of life, the most profitable one in history: middlemen.

          And they’re selling what everyone wants, which is two things. To feel that they are not at fault when there isn’t a “win” and that someone else is at fault.

          IMHO, that’s the true “opiate of the masses”. Willful ignorance of the truth contained in the statement “you can do everything right and still lose”.

        • Honestly that’s an even more terrifying thought. So we are pretty much just chasing technology to prop up production enough to keep the whole thing going until we hit a wall and need to address issues we generally don’t acknowledge exist.

        • Ing, adjusted for inflation, most Americans are about where there were 30 years ago. They are no worse off, and a little better off, especially if you consider the “quality of life” index. (For instance, the average home now is just over 2,600 square feet, and in 1980 it was 1,700 square feet.)
          They are not MUCH better off purely as the results of the recession. If we measure 30 years back from 2007 instead of 2018, we’d see people’s income and assets about 40% higher, adjusted for inflation.
          But as it is, people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s today are financially no worse off than their parents, and in fact a little bit better off, especially if you consider the things they actually own.

        • House of cards Taylor. The debt levels of the public and the government are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. And when the PTB are ready to pull the plug, and they will, this house of cards is finished.

        • JWT, are you talking household or individual? I can easily believe household wealth is higher, because *everyone* is working a job now. But unless all the inflation calculators I’ve ever seen and my constantly shrinking bank account are wrong, we’re all on a treadmill that’s constantly going just a little bit faster than we can collectively run. My annual income has risen by about $25k in 15 years, which means adjusted for inflation, I’ve been standing still at best…while running as hard as I can to provide the only income for my family so that my wife could raise our children instead of farming them out to someone else. People like me don’t accumulate wealth and we don’t get to retire. If you’re in finance or engineering or some other career with top-line wages, you’re gtg. For most of America — the white-collar drones and blue-collar workers — the Hard Work + Sacrifice = Get Ahead model is broken.

          I should add, for JWM, I’m not into the generation-blaming model. We inevitably have a different outlook that comes from where and when we live, and those baselines aren’t inherently right or wrong; they just *are.* Problem is, we’re all being played against each other as fractured groups by people who profit from the friction. It’s like black-hat SEO arbitrage, but at a cultural level.

        • Ing,
          The numbers I have you are household rates, and I don’t know of any reliable data that shows individual income levels, as most of this date is derived from tax information, and much of that is listed by household.

          However, your notion that that household income is higher, or level, only because so many more people are working now than before is demonstrably false. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. Fewer people are working now, as a percentage of the population, than have been in decades. Fewer people working, not more, is a huge problem for our economy. We would do much better as a country if more people would get to work, and work more.

          I realize your individual experience is different. Mine is very different than yours. My parents worked 12 or more hours a day, 6 days a week, at a minimum. My grandparents even more than that. They all had multiple jobs. They did that to barely scrape by and eventually get above the poverty level, but not much more. That’s the same as me for many years, but not so much now. My parents, much less grandparents, would have never been able to understand how much I have for how little I work now. My experience is that most of the folks around me experienced the same general trend. You and the folks around you may have it different, but we both are looking at our own individual circumstances.

          National level data collection shows a very different story. People have a better standard of living now than their parents or grandparents did. Their incomes and assets are about the same. It would be much better, but the recession took almost 40% of those assets away and they have not yet recovered.

    • What is really dangerous is the LGBTQP crowd tacking on Their HR 5 and SB 288 Civil right ERA bill into the spending bill in the dark of night.That is who we are dealing with.From GAY Equal rights to the Unknown name LGBTQ now p and their Insane demands of Gender Virtue signaling Pronoun Verbiage demands.After The Unelected SCOTUS clowns took our votes away over DOMA in 2008 and then Obuma from hell came out from nowhere to support it while he was a Phony Christian and Married after he was elected..These Are the Gnashing of teeth degenerates who are getting away with Violence and why The Ignorant need to Understand why they want us disarmed.If the Children of the corn keep up the insanity, wil, be Time to Civilize the demon heathen on US soil again from their Tower of Babel MAYAN Culture Cannibalistic ways soon. If the TX and AZ Rangers tamed the heathens in TX ,NM and AZ then so can we do kit again.

  7. I’m responsible for gun deaths because I’m in the NRA… just like every NASCAR or F1 driver is responsible for drunk driving deaths. Gotcha.

    • Respectfully disagree. I just returned to the NRA two separate fund raising letters with an explanation stating “Nothing…until Wayne is gone”.

    • Wayne is destroying the NRA from inside. Our membership dues and donations are getting misappropriated by current “irreplaceable” leadership, we slowly slip deeper and deeper into gun control, while they ask President for more.
      Let’s get our house in order.

  8. Two weeks ago my country’s original flag was declared a symbol of hate and oppression Last week my Constitutional Rights organization was declared a domestic terrorist organization. Now people want to put me in jail……
    Now tell me again why I decided to spend most of 9 years overseas, missing sleep, missing meals and missing my family while someone had nefarious plans for my wellbeing?

    • Because America. Because Constitution. Because fellow patriots who will have your back if necessary. Because that’s what people with honor and integrity do. And we don’t expect anything in return. That’s why.

      So if you served, thank you for doing your part to protect me and my family, as I do my part to protect others.


    • Because the rest of us know that you sacrificed for us and sincerely thank you for your service. We are able to fight these domestic enemies because people like you have served. THANK YOU!!!

    • You are so correct. The ordinary democrat is a gun owner. And they have lots of guns too. The problem is they don’t pay attention and vote for gun grabbers.

      Or they believe it, confiscation, will never happen to them.

  9. Old Chinese proverb: If you want to defeat your enemy you must understand how he thinks. Right now 67 per cent of Americans are considered “the enemy” by the Far Right precisely because they do not own guns and are terrified of anyone who does own one.

    Down through the years the old time hunter/gun owner has become a vanishing breed of cat. It was not so long ago that on the first day of hunting season you would find no young boys in high school that day. We all got permission slips to be absent to go hunting. People even walked down the main street of small towns with guns over their shoulders and no one thought anything about it (try that today and in 5 minutes or less you would see helicopter gun ships and smiling jack booted storm troopers dressed in black swooping down on you). Yeah I know you either think I am lying or live in another world but that is the way it was in the 50’s and 60’s but not now.

    Shopping Malls and Suburban Blight have ate up millions of miles of farms in the East and those that are left will not let anyone hunt anymore for fear of law suits if anyone gets shot. Thousands of old time local gun clubs have been shut down for noise and safety reasons because now they are no longer “in the rural country” and have been surrounded by Megalopolis with Soccer Mom’s terrified of kids being hit by a stray bullet from a local gun club, many of which were unsafe even when they were built a century or more ago.

    Today’s slob hunters are known for shooting cattle just for fun , cutting through fences , hunting without permission and accidentally shooting people out working in their yards. All this has resulted in a new generation of kids that never handled a gun in their lives and never will. The Younger generation has been brought up to see guns being owned either by people who are either evil, drug dealers or are demented lunatics or by back woods ignorant hillbillies.

    Looking at today’s 67 per cent of Non Gun owners they see the NRA as a bunch of nefarious people little better than the KKK or the Aryan Brotherhood standing in the way of universal background checks, safe storage laws and bans on deadly weapons of war good only for mass murder. This is how they think and of course when you think about it are they really that far off these days in this thinking.

    When the gun owners and the NRA do zero to curb or stop gun crime and mass shootings what else is the non-owning public to think when it comes to the NRA.

    To be fair the News Media never mentions the safe gun handling programs the NRA has sponsored for many years.

    The NRA really screwed up when they adopted a policy of “not one step back”. Although it was done to appeal to its ignorant hard core base so as to received maxim payola for bribing corrupt politicians, or keeping a mistress, or buying multi-million dollar homes and buying more clothing than 100 people could go through in a lifetime it also ended up losing all credibility with their members as well as the Non-Gun owning Public and became in their eyes Public Enemy No.1. Slick Wayne is now known by the “General Public” as “The Gun Father”, protector of the Assault rifle Paramilitary Lunatic Fringe who regularly practice in wood lots on weekends to over throw the government and established an “All White Utopian Country”.

    With the current and ongoing scandals the NRA has lost a lot of its money and credibility even with many of its hard core members and if Slick Wayne is thrown out and an inexperienced Yahoo is put in power the 2020 elections could be a disaster for all gun owners and the end of the NRA and the end of the legality of owning a lot of weapons. They brought it all on themselves through the refusal to do anything on gun control, refusal for any compromise and engaging in an amount of blind greed and corruption that made the old time Tweed Ring of New York City or the Trump Administration look like angelic choir boys who never made a dishonest business deal in their lives.

    The future of gun ownership, especially after the upcoming 2020 elections looks dark indeed because public opinion is putting pressure on politicians like never before in the history of this country and even the courts know that if they want to hang on to their dictatorial power over the people no Justice would even dare overturn any gun ban laws, 2A or no 2A which down through time has been largely ignored by the courts anyway, especially during the last two years of gun and magazine bans which were all blessed by the corrupt courts. Its called “realpolitik”.

    In conclusion about 6 months or so ago after yet another endless mass shooting I saw on the News an old time gun collector so upset by the mass murder and mayhem he filmed himself cutting up his AR15 into pieces. I suddenly realized that when you begin to lose even your formally “hard core base” to some sanity and level headed thinking that “the gig was up” and it was now the”beginning of the end” of an old time era of gun ownership.

      • My standard reply to that question whether it be from a gun owner or a non-gun owner is “Not enough”. I give you permission to use this line when you yourself get hit with the same question.

        • Do you know the meaning of “usurp” as used in the Federalist Papers? If not, you should spend some time and read and understand what is being said. You sir fall under the title of usurp.

        • I only have the one between my legs but I still have not figured out what it is for.

          – The Real True Original Vlad Tepes

    • The NRA really screwed up when they adopted a policy of “not one step back” SO LATE. Fixed it for you.

      Still, barely any hillbillies, no Jethros or other childish insults. Almost coherent sentences….
      Who you are and what have you done with our Dracula?!

      • Dracula is well and took time off tonight to feed his pet bats. I am filling in for him and keeping his women company.

        • It is a good thing he keeps them chained up otherwise I would be crawling around on the floor screaming and crying like a little girl.

          – The Real True Original Vlad Tepes

    • You’re a liar, vlad. You own no guns. You’ve never been hunting. You aren’t even a troll. You’re so obviously mentally ill that its laughable.

      And that old lie of ’67’% of America owns no guns……I’m figuring that since barry got the whitehouse at least 80 maybe 90% of American households own at least one gun.

      Seek help, vlad. You truly need it.

    • Whew! That little rant made me enough money to fill up the old meth pipe if it wasnt broken stupid Donald Trump.

      Hey am I good at making baseless assertions and sweeping generalizations or what? I can preach a dark gospel of hopelessness and despair but I need you to buy into it even if it is all BS. Did I forget to mention that I know I am a liar and you know I am a liar and everybody knows I am a liar?

      – The Real True Original Vlad Tepes

  10. Well, if that happens, then logically and by definition of the word, Antifa, political parties, the IRS, government officials in their capacities as officials will have to be declared Terrorists also.

  11. 32,000 death by auto crashes. No where in the Constitution does it say that an individual has a right to drive. The Dems reveal their hypocrisy once again.

  12. Its all LIBERAL PIE IN THE SKY, NEUROTIC thinking. Its one thing to want to declare NRA members a criminal, getting Police who 90% are NRA members to enforce it is quite another issue altogether. This is extremism on their part. Any EXTREMISM is BAD……Tis is just anotgher form of Mental Disease and Mental disease is HUGE in the USA. This is one reason why.

  13. These polls are living proof that the NRA and its members have been slandered irreparably by the press and politicians. The lawsuit the NRA filed against San Fransisco should use this to show the damage that has been done. Now, members should be able to sue reporters, newspapers, etc for slander against law abiding firearm owners who are not bothering anyone but are attacked relentlessly for the actions of violent criminals. It has gotten so bad that the actual criminals are being forgiven.

  14. IF I can believe BOCH he maintains we in ILL got screwed by the NRA via old Wayne. I won’t reup in 2020 unless changes are made. And as a bonus I’ll be off the Dim terrorist list😋😄😎

  15. Good. I hope the Left succeeds in criminalizing membership in the NRA. Maybe then we’ll fight back.

    Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. And only people who feel they have nothing left to lose will fight to be free.

    • “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose
      Nothin’, don’t mean nothin’ hon’ if it ain’t free, no no
      And, feelin’ good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues
      You know, feelin’ good was good enough for me
      Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee”

      She really could sing the daylights outta’ that song …

  16. “Obviously, Rasmussen’s poll shows that a significant subset of Americans don’t respect either the First or the Second Amendment.”
    This statement should not come as a surprise to anyone for the social studies/history curriculum in all middle and high schools in this country do not teach the how, the why, the where, the when, etc of this country nor the Constitution. This educational failure can be seen daily in the socialistic and progressive comments and proposals from the left along with the number who are falling for their ideas and proposals.

  17. Not all polls are serious attempts to get the pulse of the population. Some are just nonsense. Asking idiotic questions will always get idiotic responses. Asking leading questions can direct the result of the poll. Asking over the top questions with an attached conclusion will encourage a certain percentage of the polled voters to “play along” for the fun of it.

    Meaningless noise.

    • It is meaningless noise. But it is part of the Dems/Media way of conditioning the mind. Repeat it enough times coupled with inundating people with information results in lazy thinking and/or poor choices in what to believe is factual. Why force people when you can brainwash them. This is where Boomers, X’ers and Xenneials need to guide and mold the minds of our youth. The youth are our 2A future.

      • Just as the political right does with its favored narratives and spin.

        Both sides do it, clean hands in politics are very rare.

  18. When u have a influx of Commies who never knew freedom into America what do u expect!

    Millennial disease is a thing!

    Cosmic Morality!

    It will be a easy victory against drip drops in safe spaces afraid of their own shadow which speaks of their ignorance in poking a dangerous bear!

    When u have never worked..suffered or been without..u don’t understand reality but, she is a Bet-och when shows up!

  19. So, not insignificant part of the population now considers us domestic terrorists and wants us behind bars for disagreeing with their efforts to infringe on our Constitutionally protected human rights. Holder’s brainwashing campaign seems to work.

    Can we be surprised if someone, who feels like he’s got nothing to lose, reacts to this constant and escalating malevolent debasement and starts defending himself before they can come one dark night to take him?
    Marking a large group of well armed people as terrorists is kind of self fulfilling. I have heard that one man’s terrorist is other man’s freedom fighter. Beware of unintended consequences!

  20. This is not just an attack on the 2nd amendment, but an attack on the 1st amendment. If I thought there was an overall plan to subvert our constitutional republic, I would think that first you take away the ability of the population to effectively over through a socialist government, THEN you make it a crime to decent from the government propaganda. Going further you would negate the protections against unreasonable search and seizure, the right to be secure in ones home and ultimately the right to due process. But all this sounds too extreme and one would think that the population would stop this movement. But we can also be like lobsters being boiled, bring the heat up slowly and the lobsters don’t know they are being cooked to death.

  21. Wow, the demoncunts don’t like the playing field, so kill everyone on the field. If the United States Supreme Courts doesn’t rule the way they like it, they’ll change it. The NRA stands in they way, destroy them!
    It’s time to declare democrats unpatriotic treasonous criminals that should be……well we all know.

  22. I spent 35 years of my life defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic. I will continue to defend it, even if they come to my front door. I am so fed up with the Left trying to take away the 2nd Amendment from law-abiding citizens, yet they let a illegal immigrant get away with murder in San Francisco, when he shot and killed Kate Stinelee. Don’t blame the tool, fix the criminals and mental cases who want to hurt people in any manner they can.

  23. Oddly enough, I feel the same way about the Democratic Party (The Party of Treason and Slavery (TM) New and improved with Corruption and Socialism)

  24. If you want to start a civil war go ahead, criminalize it. What happened to booze when it was criminalized? What the hell are you people, are you really that stupid? If you call us terrorists you will have to do the same for Islam. If you’re smart enough to understand the Koran if you read since you’re not smart enough to understand the Constitution.

  25. Lets all remember what happened in Germany in the 1930’s when the Nazis arrested all of their opposition…….

  26. Sieg Heil!
    It sounds like Hitler and his ilk are on the rise within the Democrat Party. After all, that’s the way Faschism began in Italy, Spain, Germany.

  27. We circle ever closer to the Communist drain. When our logic and fact-based arguments begin to cause them trouble they line us up against a wall and shoot us with the guns they confiscated. It has happened before, it will happen again.

    Every reader needs to understand the importance of using their power to vote *before* being put in a situation where a MRAP rolls up on your house at 4 AM, disgorges a heavily-armed and armored SWAT team who crash into your house before anyone is awake. You’ll be in jail or dead as the pre-written press release goes to the compliant media claiming you were a known NRA member and terrorist before most people get their morning coffee. Your modest 8-gun collection with a couple of thousand rounds of ammo will be called a “huge arsenal” and there will be completely unverifiable speculation about the genocide you were probably planning. Your house will be an evidence scene for a long time as they claim a need to search everything, your family will be displaced and your finances shattered by bail, lawyers, and the need to find a place where the media doesn’t stalk them.

    Those are the consequences of failing to vote next year and every year. In fact, if we don’t go get all of our friends registered to vote and drag them to the polls to vote, it could happen anyway. The Dems keep breeding idiots and using propaganda against Americans with impunity. If we believe in the Constitution, however, we must first fight them through lawful means at the voting booth.

  28. Wow, what a diliemma, Dems are really trying hard to get me to renew my membership. Should I continue to hold out to starve the beast until Wayne is ejected, or renew when due so I can continue to bask in the glow of being a “domestic terrorist”.

  29. “We have our work cut out for us to educate folks not only on the proven benefits of firearms ownership. And some First Amendment advocacy as well.”

    That ain’t gonna happen.

    You’re up against the following:
    1) The entire educational establishment of the US, which has been churning out ignorant, irrational people for longer than you’ve been alive.
    2) The entire national mainstream media (with the possible exception of Tucker Carlson).
    3) The entire US government which has every incentive to disarm the population and *no* incentive not to.
    4) Most of the religious establishment in the US.

    You have *one* – count ’em, *one* – thing going for you – a piece of paper honored in the breach more than the observance.

    Well, I guess you can also count on a handful – which might be some thousands – of people willing to take their guns and go to war with the US government should it pass a confiscation law. That isn’t going to help because there’s zero chance – right-wing books not withstanding – that they’re going to win. Not that they’re necessarily going to lose, either – guerrillas tend not to win or lose, it’s the fight that matters. But it isn’t going to restore gun ownership once it’s been taken away, either, short of a full overthrow of the US government – which isn’t going to happen.

    It’s time to face up to it. An attempt at confiscation is going to happen sooner or later – probably later, i.e., maybe in another ten years or so. Once it does, you’re going to have to accept that if you concealed carry, you’re going to be at risk of arrest. You’re going to have to hide the fact that you own firearms. You’re going to have to do your training in remote areas where no one can hear you.

    The up side is that once the black market starts, you’re going to be able to buy any firearm you want – including full auto – for reasonable prices on every street corner in America.

    When this time comes, this is when we’ll see who is prepared to do what is necessary and who isn’t – other than bitch and moan.

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