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Congressional Democrats “just don’t get it,” the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today after the House Judiciary Committee moved three gun control bills on party lines, including one to limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds.

“So far,” CCRRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb observed, “all Democrats have accomplished with their gun prohibition agenda is increase gun sales by 15 percent over the last month. This happens every time they introduce or pass new restrictions. They just don’t get it.”

He recalled how previous gun control crusades have accomplished only two things, neither of which Congressional Democrats care to admit. First, campaigns to erode the Second Amendment historically have sent increasing numbers of Americans to gun shops and sporting goods stores to buy firearms, often for the first time. Second, such efforts push people away from the Democratic Party, which no longer represents their values.

2020 gun control vote turnout
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“Their attack on Second Amendment rights is really going to increase gun owner voter turnout in the 2020 elections,” Gottlieb predicted. “Remember the elections in 1994, 2000 and 2016. Those elections should serve as reminders that American gun owners are tired of being treated like second-class citizens.

“The more extreme anti-gunners get with their bans and restrictions, the more they telegraph that they have no respect for our Constitutional Second Amendment rights,” he added.

In addition to the proposed limit on magazine capacity, Democrats also support a measure to provide incentives to states that pass so-called “red flag” laws that allow family or law enforcement to petition the court to temporarily disarm someone suspected of being “a threat” to themselves or others. CCRKBA has warned repeatedly about due process concerns.

“Proponents of these measures seem far more interested in confiscating someone’s firearms than they are in getting help for these individuals,” Gottlieb said. “Without due process, you’re essentially considered guilty until you prove yourself innocent, and in the meantime, you’re stripped of an important constitutional right. It doesn’t pass the smell test, and the odor could linger up to the November 2020 election.”

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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  1. “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”

    “Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.” ~ Heinrich Himmler.

    1938 – Germany disarmed its citizens, and between 1939 – 1945 they murdered 6 million German Jews and 7million Gentiles

    • The Nazis murdered 6 million Jews who were mostly Polish , Ukrainian, etc. There were well under 1 million German Jews.

      Not picking on you, but it’s a common mistake which always bugs me.

    • Quote: ““The more extreme anti-gunners get with their bans and restrictions, the more they telegraph that they have no respect for our Constitutional Second Amendment rights,” he added.”

      They have no respect for the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights. Given the power they will at best ignore and more likely repeal the BOR, that is, until they get around to rewriting the Constitution all together.

    • The Nazi gun registration and confiscation is a myth. They only attempted to take guns away from enemies, as they saw them, and largely failed. Well into the 1930’s Jewish people owned guns, but their numbers were always small to begin with. There never was a large supply to confiscate in the first place, making the argument that gun confiscation rendered them unable to resist the Nazis a nonsensical myth.

      Under the Treaty of Paris that marked the end of World War 1, the allies forced disarmament of Germany right down to every last civilian firearm. Shooting and hunting clubs were ordered closed, private firearms ordered seized and destroyed. The allies were terrified of an armed Germany and sought to erase the culture of arms and military glory, especially among the Prussians.

      The effort failed. So much so that well armed coups were put down in Germany by a combination of equally well armed civilian militia, police and military. The people of Germany ignored the gun laws enacted from 1919 thru the 1930’s, they never gave up their guns. On top of that the Nazis relaxed gun laws for those they wanted to have guns.

      Registration was attempted before the Nazi rise to power and again during their regime. It was widely ignored and only worked on newly manufactured guns. The buying and selling of guns continued without disruption.

      The history of gun laws in Germany is not that gun laws lead to total revocation of rights. That history is that GUN PROHIBITION DOES NOT WORK for exactly the reasons many here at TTAG are stating. No national law will convince a population to disarm. Such laws will be ignored, scoffed at, violated in large numbers.

      That’s what the German people did post-WW1 until the end of WW2, that’s what Americans would do.

      Only we’d be a whole lot better at it.

  2. could have done without the picture of the hungry ass up there…..ewwww. I emailed Gov. Scott, he replied with this regarding the “red flag” laws.

    Dear Mr. xxxxx,

    Thank you for contacting me regarding “red flag” laws. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.
    I am a proud supporter of the Constitution, the Second Amendment and the rights of law-abiding citizens, and the safety of our families is always my top priority. I support “red flag” laws to help prevent mass shootings and keep our communities safe, and I am committed to reviewing any proposals that work to keep Americans safe. As Governor of Florida, I worked to increase safety measures in Florida’s schools through the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, which included a “red flag” provision. Properly constructed with Due Process, the “red flag” provision or extreme risk protection order, as it’s known, is a common-sense public safety measure. Anyone who has threatened self-harm, has threatened to harm others or is mentally unstable should not have access to a gun.
    As United States Senator, I remain focused on making sure that our schools and communities are safe, and that those struggling with mental health issues or threatening harm to themselves or others cannot use a weapon. I am currently working with my colleagues to pass the EAGLES Act (S. 495), which provides law enforcement more resources to prevent tragedies and improves school safety for students and teachers. I am also a cosponsor of the Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act (S. 265), which would create a task force of experts to provide recommendations for a national strategy to keep communities safe from targeted violence.
    Again, thank you for your correspondence. I am proud to represent every citizen in Florida and I appreciate the time you took to provide your position on this matter. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Rick Scott
    United States Senator

    • In other words, “Bite me , peasant”! I got the same sort of responses from my candy-assed senators Marksist Warner and little Timmy Kaine. Not to mention Governor Ralph, the baby-killer, Northam. These people are traitors.

      • Reply back, you do not have the authority per the constitution to infringe in any way to the second amendment rights of American citizens. Therefore we respectfully decline to comply with any illegal, unconstitutional ” laws ” passed by politicians that have violated their oaths.

    • No, no,no. You don’t understand. This will only affect psychotic domestic terrorists and mass shooters. If you’re not one of them you have nothing to worry about. Honest.

      Btw, exactly how much ammo did you buy last month? Our records show you purchased 5000 rds of 5.56, but we think that’s incorrect. 😉

      • Rick Scott was bought by Goldbloom for a few hundred thousand. He is worth over one half billion which he accumulated by shady dealings. We can’t really be surprised.

    • I recall that in 1942, thousands of American citizens, who had never threatened harm to themselves or anyone else, were rounded up and sent to prison-camps, as a common sense safety measure!

    • “Anyone who has threatened self-harm, has threatened to harm others or is mentally unstable should not have access to a gun be incarcerated.” – FTFY Rick Scott

  3. More voter turn out at the polls, really? If that were the case the democrats wouldn’t control the House right now. There would have been more than just over 1,600 people vote in my local elections. Last but not least there would a wide margin of people voting Republican. What we really have is people that don’t vote at all or people that waste a vote on third parties. Why do I say waste? Because the majority is only going to vote for either Republican or Democrat nominees. Voting for anyone else while it may give the feel goods will not get it done. I anxiously await the next round of elections to actually see if there are a greater number of voter and if so how they vote. As it’s said, the proof is in the puddin. As for more gun sales well good the more the married I say. Most likely in reality though it just bolsters the economy.

    • Statists to the left of me, statists to the right. I’m not going to vote for statists. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am; that’s what statists are best at, after all.

      If more than 2% of people would ignore advice like yours and actually vote 3rd party, we could get rid of the statists and maybe get some personal freedoms back.

      But that won’t happen, because you all love being told how to live your lives so much.

      • No actually I don’t but that doesn’t make what I said any less true. What I said wasn’t advice it was a statement, a true statement. I’m not wasting my vote on someone that doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of actually winning. I would just as soon not vote, it would make just as much difference. You and anyone else can waste their vote on any third party that is viewed as fit but that isn’t helping. It’s not about voting for the best it’s about voting for the lesser of the two evils. It has been that way for quite a while actually. Start there with choosing the lesser of the two evils, that’s my advice. Or vote third party or don’t vote at all they are both about the same thing really.

        • I vote for constitutional-minded independents and Republicans and for anyone who isn’t a Democrat (in that order) in local and state elections, where my vote actually might make a difference.

          Presidential elections, on the other hand… “Every vote matters” and “voting third-party is just like voting for a Democrat” are fallacies, for the most part.

          As they’re a state-by-state electoral contest, it really only matters what in the context of your state. If you’re in a swing state that might go either way, weigh your decision accordingly; it might matter a *lot*.

          But for most of us, in national elections our vote matters not at all. In the blue state where I live, my vote is overwhelmed by all the progbots who will ALWAYS vote for the Democrat. Even a candidate as vile and traitorously corrupt as Hillary Clinton got over 65%. And if I were in a red state like Idaho, my vote against whoever the Democrat is next time around would matter just as little; they don’t need me when they’re 70% Republican already.

          So I figure I’ll vote for whoever I think the best candidate is…or no one, which is much more likely. Numerically speaking, it just doesn’t matter.

        • With the electoral college vote you might very well be right. Couple of things to to consider though. Trump has also mentioned getting rid of the electoral vote and he lost the popular vote by over 3 million votes the last election. Trump wasn’t the best person to vote for but he was absolutely the lesser of two evils. Even though the majority vote didn’t reflect that fact. Your third party vote or just not voting does make a difference whether you think it does or not. If the electoral vote is done away with (don’t think it’ll happen but who knows) those votes like yours will mean even more. I vote a straight Republican card no matter what. Not because it feels good but because strategically it’s my best bet.

      • To add further truth to my initial comment is your response to it. I said people not voting at all or people voting third party. You don’t want to vote mainstream parties because you don’t like being told what to do. First no one is telling you what to do and second that sounds as childish as a kid saying you’re not my dad to some good advice. Mainstream is mainstream because the majority of a given society says it is. In order to fight that you must first change society so society will change what is mainstream. People voting first and foremost is a start but voting for candidates that actually have a chance of winning is the other important key.

  4. “The more extreme politicians get with their bans, restrictions and red-flags, the more they telegraph that they have no respect for our Constitutional rights!”
    There, fixed it.

  5. “So far,” CCRRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb observed, “all Democrats have accomplished with their gun prohibition agenda is increase gun sales by 15 percent over the last month. This happens every time they introduce or pass new restrictions. They just don’t get it.”

    Then what the hell are you so worried about.

  6. The problem is the RINO’s are siding with them to get even with us for electing a president that’s not a deep state member.

  7. Yup. I’m looking at what to choose for my next purchase. Henry 6.5 CM lever, another handgun, Browning SA-22, something in a big bore caliber, not sure. Pretty sure it won’t be a plastic fantastic or AR/AK but still keeping an eye out for whatever looks fun. Practical use, not so high on the list.

      • I love my Henry big boy carbine in 45 colt, but I want one now in a rifle caliber and I’ve had my eyes on the 6.5 for a while. LGS finally has one in stock, but after ammo, rifle, and another case I’ll be dropping at least a grand so gonna think on it a bit.

  8. I got an AR15 precisely because dims were threatening ME. And I got ammo. And a new forend. And lights and a red dot. And range fees-in Cook County,ILL. I never was serious about it but oh so happy I did. Barry Soetoro has been supplanted as America’s Best Gun Sales…they😋

  9. All those Millennials who play Fallout and Call of Duty and all of those first person shooter games are getting older and they want guns like the ones in the games they played. They are now hearing Pocahontas and Beta and Socialist Bernie and they are going out and buying a gun or two before they can’t get them any longer.

  10. Yes, it’s the “Me Too” of gun enthusiasts. I had no interest at all prior to the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban.That got my curiosity going, and frankly I tend to want banned things. I read books that were banned and go to see movies that were banned, just because.

    These days I own two AR’s. Both very different guns with different uses. But mostly, I just enjoy plinking with the light weight Bushmaster Carbon 15. Plus of course various accessories, many magazines, always a case of ammo on hand, etc etc etc.

    The “PROHIBITION” did that.

    I think if I’d lived during the original Prohibition, I’d of had a hack of a booze collection!

  11. We should ask for a warranty and a return to the past if their ideas don’t work and I mean about anything the House passes even if it doesn’t make it through the Senate. And ask them if they have forgotten the cost of freedom. And if they keeping mumbling inconclusive nonsense suggest we get rid of amendments 4 through 8 since there is a social cost to maintaining those freedoms as a result of the criminals freed and the crimes unsolved. By the way, if one is not required to testify against oneself why is it a crime to lie to a federal agent??

  12. Someone tell this guy to stop talking! I seem to remember something about not interrupting your enemy when he’s making a mistake…

  13. LOL. They get it. They just figure it’s more shit to take away from you when the time comes.

    Turning out the vote? To steal from Mr. Snipes in New Jack City: Let’s kick the ballistics here.

    What have Democrats spent a good deal of time whining about in the past couple of years? That damn electoral college. Trump lost by 3 million votes! 3 MILLION!!!!!!! *THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!*

    That’s 2.1% of the popular vote with the outcome thanks to the EC. Think about that for a moment. Change a few percent, move them around a bit and guess what happens?

    That’s what they’re gunning for now. Why do you think they’re spending so much time on BASE issues combined with batshit crazy plans that microtarget 1-3% of the population per proposal? Because they’ve focus group tested the ever-living-fuck out of those proposals specifically in reference to the people they’re hoping to turn out.

    If your answer is “They don’t get it” then it’s you who doesn’t get it. They may not win here but their strategy is anything but stupid. When you don’t understand what the enemy is doing don’t make the mistake of assuming they’re being dumb.

  14. Shhhhhhhhhh

    I agree with the article.
    But, maybe STFU and not give the Left any more ammo or help?

    I am a huge anti-Democrat voter.
    Guess what I tell pollsters?

    • I love my polling story, Member of MSM outside with little stand and clip board. Asked wife and I who we voted for. Me: pound sand, wife: none of your business. He then turns to my 12 year old daughter (who looked 12) and asked who she voted for??? Crooked post vote polling only helped set up HC’s disappointment.

  15. I hope the Democrsts keep talking Prohibition right through the 2020 election and I hope the Republicans are smart enough to take advantage of that by reminding everyone how everything turned out after Lexington & Concord and how wonderful the 18th Amendment was.

    • Shhhhhh, don’t show the demonRats the error of their ways. They had 2 years to pump up their canadate/views in NC before the special election (because a Rep supposedly vote “harvested”, WTF that ever means we’ll NEVER know), AND THE DEMS STILL LOST! What a bunch of morons, the majority of US citizens are not buying their BS, hahahahahaha…… Oh wait…..I mean, keep it up Democrats your doing the right thing to beat that “bad man” Trump in 2020.

  16. With the Left and the Deep State it is By Any Means Necessary. Keep that in mind during the upcoming election year. By Any Means Necessary.

  17. For some reason I own some 40 round Pmags for my AR-15’s, still in the original plastic wrappers. Why? Because Colorado passed a law and Mag-Pul made these in protest. So, I bought some, even though I do not live there and didn’t actually want a 40 round magazine before, let alone a number of them.

    I already had a bunch of new 30 round AR-15 magazines, Mag-Pul Pmag’s and others, I’ve never gotten around to taking out of the packages. Just because I have so many that work fine and I don’t need to unwrap the new ones.

    It’s all about the “No, you can’t have that”. It makes me want to have it, or if I already have it to buy another just because being told no for no good reason irks me.

  18. Alan Gottlieb needs to do away with the CCRKBA.. it needs to be consolidated into one organization.. The Second Amendment Foundation…it’s odd and a little perplexing for the same man to run two different gun rights organizations.. it sounds it is two splintered groups are the same cause.. I had to choose one to join so I chose the Second Amendment Foundation over the CCRKBA.. the SAF is the most important one.. the SAF has WON most of the Court battles in our gun rights Crusade.. it’s time to make one solid organization.. in my opinion the only two gun organizations worth joining is the Gun Owners of America and a second amendment Foundation.. I only give the NRA $10 a year now, because it is required by my shooting range club..

  19. Regarding “wasted votes”: The surge in states adopting laws to give all their electoral votes to the winner of the majority of national votes opens a real opportunity. To wit – should our side squeeze out a majority win, then California, Colorado and many other states would be forced to provide their electoral votes to our side, even if their popular votes are strongly against us. Wouldn’t that be terrific?

    • Winning is winning regardless of how it’s accomplished. The left is always fighting underhanded. We really need to beat them at their own game. I personally had a moment of euphoria when Trump won and all the snowflakes lost their minds and cried like babies.

  20. At some point, folks who really care will start ‘taking out’ the most vocal anti-gunner politicians. Then you will see the shite hit the fan for real. Not saying I wish for it but that is the logical conclusion.

  21. There is, it is claimed, a down side to Single Issue Voting. There is also a down side, and it is a quite serious a down side for law abiding citizens who have chosen to exercise their constitutional rights, aka Gun Owners, to not vote in support of their chosen interests. It’s your penny, to spend as you choose. Just remember the above, and spend it wisely, for once spent, it’s gone. Yes. there is always the next election, but consider this. Are rights lost ever fully recovered, and even if they are, at what price?

  22. and as far as single issue voting goes, demcraps are communist . and what ever they are promising you, what ever you think they are going to do to make things better, they just lie. we have had a full demcrap congress before, and they nothing, we still have the same complaints. ( although they did do something, they gave us Obama care that I could not afford, and they raised my taxes, and made life easier for illegal immigrints and now want to give them free health care on our dime).


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