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The criminal justice system in the city of Chicago might as well be called the “criminal’s” justice system. With prosecutors who don’t prosecute and judges who don’t hold violent criminal predators accountable, it’s no wonder the city’s moniker is Murder City, USA.

How bad is it in the Windy City? It’s bad. It’s so bad that three of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s “anti-violence workers” were arrested in a single week on fresh felony gun charges…while out on bail for other felony gun arrests. Including one so-called anti-violence worker who allegedly shot at two people and then recently, allegedly on video, threatened to shoot another.

CWB Chicago has the gory details.

There are a lot of things that will send your eyebrows rising during Chicago’s daily felony bond court hearings. But among the more perplexing are the people accused of illegally carrying firearms while, according to their defense attorneys, they are active members of anti-violence groups.

The past few days have been extra perplexing. At least three men who are supposedly working to end gun violence in Chicago were charged with illegally carrying guns this week while they were already on bond for other felony gun cases. One of the men’s pending cases includes allegations that he shot at two people.

Remember, these guys receive paychecks to “mediate” conflicts in order to avoid violence and bloodshed. While, it seems, settling their own scores by using violence.

When Sendalio Williams, 25, appeared before Judge John Lyke on Saturday afternoon, it was the second time in four months that he stood in front of the same judge on a new gun charge. Prosecutors said cops watching a CPD surveillance camera feed Friday saw Williams pull a handgun out of a satchel and point it at a woman who appeared to be recording him on her phone.

Prosecutors said officers went to the scene, chased Williams, and found a loaded gun in his satchel.

Williams also appeared before Lyke on May 3. In that case, cops watching a CPD surveillance camera feed allegedly saw him fire a gun and jump into a black SUV. Police pulled the car over and allegedly found a gun in the trunk behind him. Prosecutors said he admitted to police that he fired the gun in the direction of two other men.

As of this writing, Mayor Lightfoot’s city — America’s largest open-air shooting gallery — has only notched four homicides (and 49 people maimed) so far this holiday weekend. For a total of 567 homicides for the year. That’s two cases shy of more than 44 entire states had in the entire year of 2019.

Keep in mind that as of last month, one-third of Chicago’s known (alleged) murder assailants were out on “affordable bail” for previous felony arrests.

Gun control advocates love to trot out the justification “…if it saves just one life” to rationalize still more restrictions upon law-abiding gun owners. Why is it all we hear are crickets when it comes to all the people shot and killed by violent felons who have been released on little or no “affordable” bail?

And why is Illinois spending tax dollars for programs like “CeaseFire” to pay felons to urge other felons to put their guns down?

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  1. “Why is it all we hear are crickets…”

    It’s almost like it isn’t about solving real problems. It’s about pushing the agenda. The only problems the pols are great at solving is increasing their power and fattening their wallets.

  2. What Chicago needs is Illinois to build a prison or two.
    This way when criminals commit stupid acts, they can be incarcerated.
    When you have no place to ultimately criminals, the whole system breaks down.

    The way it should work:
    Cops arrest violent criminals.
    BOND hearing- because there is someplace to put people.
    No I-bonds for violent offenses.
    Trial and then some prison time.

    The way it actually works:
    Cops may or may not arrest violent criminals, many feel it’s a waste of time.
    Handle them gently or Lightfoot and Brown are going to come down on you.
    If arrested judges give out I-bonds like samples at Costco.
    There’s no place to put them, cant have the the “criminals” catch Covid.
    Criminals out of custody before cops shift is over.
    No trial, an unbelievable light plea from Kim Foxx’s office.
    Be good and don’t shoot at people again, one year probation.
    Oops I did it again, two years probation.
    The prisons are FULL, no place to put violent criminals.
    Rinse and repeat, all is well.

    Solution: Build prisons but residents are sick of being taxed to death.
    Governor Pritzker is responsible for most of this, he has taxed the IL residents from day 1 in office.
    Don’t get too close to the borders or you might get run over.
    Buddy works at a moving company, booked through the end of the year.
    People fleeing to other states. Tennessee is popular.

    Ultimate solution: Pritzker, Lightfoot, Foxx voted out.
    Pritzker’s feeling the heat, is running reelection commercials daily.
    Election is over a year a way. Seems kind of worried.
    Come down on law abiding gun owners so it looks like you are doing something.
    In the mean time the people whose kids are getting shot are complaining.
    They need to stop complaining and start talking.
    4-year-old boy shot twice in head Friday, $9000 reward.
    9K isn’t going to get anyone to talk, snitch on Leroy and Darnell kills you.
    If Black Lives Matter it has to start where the black lives are being taken.
    It isn’t white people from the suburbs going to Englewood and killing blacks.

  3. My thoughts on the government funding a lot of these ngos is they serve as foot soldiers during election times.

  4. Breaking: EIGHT children shot so far on Labor Day weekend in Chiraq. 4 year old child shot in the head DIES. Prayer “vigils” held with one old gal spouting ” prison isn’t the answer”. Duh…

    • Well, we who live in this sh _ t state know what the answer is, but until low cash or no cash bail for for criminals goes away nothing will change and since their is no death penalty this will never stop. The migration of the criminals out of the city has been going on for sometime, but it’s seems like only now that the people in the surrounding counties are starting to take notice.

    • Does Illinois or Chicago have a version of bail reform going on or is it just full on corruption and mismanagement?

      • It’s a combination of a few things but mismanagement is at the top of the list followed by corruption. Four of the last seven governors went to prison, the last being Blagojevich. He would literally try and sell anything in the state that wasn’t nailed down. He should still be in prison.

        The last two governors were/are billionaires, they pretty much bought the office. The entire state government system has been run by Michael Madigan and he has become wealthy doing so for 40+ years.

        On to Chicago when Daley took office “the machine” was firmly in charge. It was pure and complete corruption. Those were the days when you just handed a cop a $20 with your DL, nothing to see here. Daley picked up where his father left off, his father ran the city for 21 years, a few inept mayors in between and then Daley Jr. from 1989-2011. That’s when Chicago started to really get out of hand.

        Enter Rahm Emanuel, a career democrat, totally inept, Obama’s White House chief of staff 2009-2010 who thinks he can run Chicago and make big money at the same time. Mayor 2011-2019 and just wrecks Chicago but it actually gets worse. (He is going to be Bidens U.S. ambassador to Japan)

        Enter Lori Lightfoot, a completely clueless incompetent idiot who through sheer incompetence and a woke agenda lets whats left of Chicago go to hell in a hand basket. She hires David Brown as the CPD superintendent and he is absolutely out of his league. Between the two of them they are more worried about looking PC then actually addressing the crime problem that Rahm Emanuel left.

        The criminals aren’t stupid and pick up on this quickly. They know that they aren’t going to get any serious punishment even for the most serious crimes. The morale of the CPD goes away and they don’t want to do their job, they might actually get in trouble for being cops.

        It’s quite a bit more then bail reform, there is simply no place to put criminals. They know they are going to get an I bond so who cares? No room at County, judges have to hand out light sentences if they even see a defendant. The reason they don’t see defendants? Because most cases are pleas. That would be Kim Foxx and friends. While they should actually put some people in prison, there is no room. I’m not sticking up for her but she has to plea things out, there isn’t any room in the Illinois prison system for more criminals.

        To sum this up: 94 individuals charged with murder, 261 individuals charged as armed habitual criminals, 534 individuals charged as felons in possession of a weapon, 569 individuals charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.
        What do these criminals have in common?
        They are on home confinement.
        You cant even get locked up for murder in Chicago.
        Criminals know this and act accordingly.

        • Well while I see a lot of similarities you guys have the edge on corruption and overwhelmed system and we seem to have the edge on incompetence and/or deliberately horrible policy. Either way the machine at work and governors with worse rap sheets than gangs at play.

  5. Could not possibly care less about chitcago.
    Do like the photo of the hinged handcuffs.
    When applied correctly, I could give you the key and you still can’t get out of em.
    Don’t believe me?
    Look at the photo again.
    The keyhole is ABOVE the fingers and not accessible.

    • Well, I don’t blame you as to what I understand you don’t have much crime in your state and your taxes are low as well compared to Hellinois.

      • Been in the 20’s and 30’s at night.
        No welfare office, no ‘mission’ district.
        That’s us.
        Most violent crime was when a county commissioner was run over by his po’d wife, with his truck.
        A murder about 20 years ago.
        Lots of deaths from mountain climbers though.

  6. This is just late-term birth control. Would have been better if done sooner, before so much hope was invested into future college hopefuls, but still better late than never.

    • They would have a bumper crop of rocket scientists, nuclear physicists, and brain surgeons. If they could just turn their life around.

      Although an education gives much better odds of improvement than being a sports star. The latter has a 1 in 100,000 to 1,000,000 chance of success.

  7. They used to refer to Chicago as America’s second city, apparently Lightfoot is trying to take a first in homicides.

  8. Try being an out of town white guy caught carrying a gun. Hahaha no bail, flight risk, sit in jail for months before trial. Big fine probably 3-5 yrs in prison then on paper for 5 more years. F chitcongo I will never set foot there again

    • Hey ‘tired’ Sorry about that. If I knew you were going to travel in Chicago with a gun I would have cautioned you… I know out of State LEO’s who were harassed while passing through. It’s not the Chicago I was born and raised in. At least you weren’t put on a Federal Domestic Terrorist White Supremacist constant Surveillance watch list. Most of Illinois is a shit hole for that matter. But the ‘Gangstah’ street gangs will prevail…until out of control self-perpetuating Nihilism Collapses everything. There’s gotta be a serious political reckoning in these next midterms to get the right legislative reps in office to start revising the entire corrupted criminal justice system. Or it will most certainly get worse.

      • Nonsense. No room at the Inn. The cops are going to run the gun and see if comes back stolen. If it’s stolen you might have some explaining to do, if not pay the cop $100 for his time, forfeit the gun and go on your way.
        If the gun is in the car and you have a permit from your state or your state has permit less carry then you are legal. If you are carrying it then a simple payment to the widows fund and directions to the border in in order.
        Illinois doesn’t have the time or prison space to be feeding and sheltering you.
        We have no money, the system is broke.
        Sit in Jail? Not happening. I-bond, just don’t come back to Illinois.

        • We visit Chicago every now & then so my wife can visit the homeland’s consulate and renew her national ID card. We stay near Gary and take the train in, kinda like Millennium Park, America Hotdogs, and Frontera Grill. My luck, the cop would be on a sting op investigating C-note bail, gonna have to rethink our visits.

        • You’re fine unless you go to certain areas or out late at night.
          Downtown is generally safe during the day.
          Take the Skyway and avoid the Dan Ryan, record shootings on the expressways this year. Here’s areas to avoid and a visitors guide to Chicago.

          If you are worried about cops and are in Chicago, most are easily bribed for trivial things. Traffic offenses, guns you shouldn’t be carrying, etc.
          Just don’t pay too much, start at $20 and see if the cop gets offended.
          $50 gets you of most traffic tickets. “Officer Can I just pay the fine now?
          Do not immediately jump to $200 even if the cop suggests it, go $100.

          Before anyone makes a crack I have done this at least with 15-20 CPD over the years. I grew up in Chicago and learned it was just a way of life.
          A few Berwyn and Cicero PD also, it just comes naturally after the first time.
          DO NOT attempt to do this with the Illinois State Police.

  9. Its not an eye-brow raiser. Not when you’re aware of the snake behind the twisted words.

    Anti-gun/violence advocates are against violence and guns used on them when they commit violence against their intended (or unintended) target.

    They don’t like it when you fight back.

  10. I have no problem with programs like “CeaseFire”, provided they are paid for with private funds…

  11. Obviously the punishment does not fit the crime and that fuels repeitition. It also fuels those who use the acts of criminals to pursue the rights of the law abiding through Gun Control. They hope no one notices their consistent silence about other inanimate objects used in crime.

    It never fails…The knee jerk Gun Control insanity that always follows headline level murders blames every law abiding gun owner in a 2000 mile radius of the perp. The solution for that crap is to tell such Gun Control zealots to go pound sand. If you do not see jack booted nazis and torch carrying kkk thugs at your door wanting your guns says Gun Control zealots are busy pounding sand.

  12. And they want to get rid of the box for criminal history for employment… hmmm
    Slap them with 10-20 years each. No chance for parole or early release.
    Imagine if these were cops or white young men. They would want them strung up.

    • Here’s the problem with that:
      Illinois prisons are at 140% capacity.
      That’s down from 160% because of Covid and “early early” release.
      “Truth in sentencing” means most do about 20% of their sentence.
      10-20 means 2-4.
      10 years means a 2 year vacation. Most cops are transferred out of state.
      You can be caucasion and not have to join the Aryan Brotherhood.

      • then time to build more prisons…or put in more bunk beds…3 high…on 3 walls…or outsource to another state maybe…
        just letting them loose does not seem to work, either
        just sayin’…
        don’t want to be in a crowded prison? stop being a criminal

        • I hear you. The problem is that the fat governor would have to raise taxes to accomplish this. Cutting spending to fund other things just isn’t the Illinois way.

          The problem with that is people will only pay so much for your “basic” taxes.
          6K in property taxes on a 100K house in a pretty shady suburb? Much higher in a suburb that has expensive housing? You save some by moving away from Cook County but then they double the gas tax or add $50 to cost of a license plate sticker.

          One of the only reasons that Illinois has retained most citizens is because they don’t tax retirement income. In general retired people sell the family nest when the kids grow up but don’t want to move when they get up there. There’s been serious talk of taxing retirement income in Illinois. That will be the end of this state.

          The prison situation needs to addressed. People need to be held accountable for their actions. This isn’t happening and some people are animals. Who shoots little kids? A normal person might not like their neighbor but maybe some words get exchanged, you don’t shoot them or the entire family. These people are psychotic and get a slap on the wrist.

          Some go to prison but the best part is they are suing the state for the overcrowding. In general the cells are made to hold two and they put in another bunk. 30 years ago the state actively built prisons because they saw an uptick in crime. Now they fight the lawsuits and cut the prison sentences.
          There is basically no accountability for criminal actions.

          A big part of this is because there is no place to put these people the PDs stop enforcing the laws. The only reason that people become CPD is because of the pay. The average salary of a CPD is 67K but easily can be 90K. At that point most become glorified tax collectors.

          I’m not advocating drunk driving but in Illinois the 1st one is going to cost you northward of $20K. I don’t even drink but that is a bit excessive. This is what the PDs like, easy income, there is no money in catching crazed killers. You might say you are actually discouraged to do your job.

  13. Sounds a bit like calling the Communist regime of North Korea “the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”. Words do have meanings, but some choose to ignore them.

  14. Three guys exercising their Constitutional right.
    Its dumb to point gunms at people, they might just exercise their Constitutional right too yah know.

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