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I’ve concealed carried most every day for about 25 years. The only exception: when I was in uniform. Most of that time I openly carried a firearm or two.

In the civilian world, I carry a gun in a leather inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster or in my boot (if I’m suited and booted). I’ve carried the following three concealed carry guns and consider them ideal for just about anyone who wants to pack a CCW-worthy piece.

1911 platform pistols are the carry handgun of choice of millions. (JWT for TTAG)

1. Any quality 1911 pistol with a commander length slide and a government size frame

The 1911’s thin, single stack lines and excellent ergonomics make it comfortable to carry at the 4:00 position inside the waistband. The platform gives the owner a large grip surface that helps to ensure a smooth, sure draw, and manages recoil well.

I carried a Government 1911 for a couple of years until I found that a Commander length slide was more comfortable. The shorter barrel length keeps the slide from pushing on my butt when I sit down.

Commonly chambered in 9mm, .45 ACP, 10mm and .38 Super, you’re sure the find a self-defense caliber with stopping power for your 1911 that you can shoot well. There are plenty of excellent holsters to choose from, as well as competent gunsmiths ready to modify or repair your firearm.

With its dual safeties — both a thumb safety and a grip safety — and excellent single action only trigger pull, the 1911 is also one of the safest carry pistols to carry; you have to both grip the gun and flip the manual safety off prior to depressing the trigger to fire a round.

My only caveat to carrying a 1911: good ones aren’t cheap. I’ve yet to find a 1911 that I’d bet my life on that costs less than $1,000.

GLOCK 19 Gen5
The GLOCK 19 makes most lists of best concealed carry handguns. (courtesy Heather Myers)

2. GLOCK 19 9mm Pistol

The GLOCK 19 is the Toyota Camry of the firearms world. The polymer frame pistol is inexpensive, fairly light, does the job well and you can find repair and aftermarket parts for it just about everywhere.

While full-size pistols are great, the GLOCK 19 compact 9mm pistol is also the largest size GLOCK many people (this author included) can carry IWB comfortably. (I prefer the angle on Lone Wolf’s frames.) There are roughly 40 million holsters made for the G19. If you can’t find one that fits the gun to your body and carry style, you’re not trying hard enough.

GLOCKs are stupid-simple to operate, even if you aren’t an operator. And you can carry plenty of self-defense ammo in the standard double stack 15-round magazine. Chambered in 9mm, the semiauto GLOCK 19 is inexpensive to purchase and inexpensive to shoot.

[Note: Some people don’t shoot GLOCK brand GLOCKs as accurately as they shoot non-GLOCK 9mm pistols like the Smith & Wesson M&P, Beretta APX, Walther PPQ M2, SIG SAUER P320, Springfield Armory XD, etc. Try before you buy.]

Smith & Wesson 642 revolver .38 special
The model 642 has long been considered one of the best, most easily toted concealed carry guns you can choose. (RF for TTAG)

3. Smith & Wesson 642 J-Frame Revolver

The Smith & Wesson 642 J-frame .38 revolver isn’t for everyone. But for those willing to spend the time to master its double-action trigger and relatively stout recoil, there is, in my rarely humble opinion, no better firearm for deep concealment.

Ultra concealable J-Frames have been a backup weapon for law enforcement officers for over five decades. The stainless steel 642‘s snag-resistant enclosed hammer and alloy frame make a good thing even better, improving both portability and concealability. Tucked away in a boot, as a pocket pistol, or at the waistband, the 5-round short barrel revolver hides well almost anywhere without discomfort.

The J-frame’s reliability is legendary. And while I’m not a particularly skilled shooter, I can consistently draw and fire on a standard silhouette at 25 yards in 1.5 seconds.

Like the guns above, aftermarket support for the popular Smith & Wesson 642 is plentiful. It’s easy to find a holster that allows you to carry the gun comfortably — on your hip or in your pocket — and deploy it quickly.

Given the snubbie’s limited capacity, short sight radius and recoil, the 642 isn’t my first choice for a gunfight. But it’s the gun I’m likely to have on me in a gunfight. And that makes all the difference.

As a side note, pay a quality gunsmith to give your 642 a trigger job and fix a bright bead front sight (or night sights if you prefer). Thus modified, the little .38 revolver goes from a good little gun to an exceptional one.

Do some people prefer to carry a semi-automatic subcompact? Of course. Great guns such as the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield (versions 1 or 2), GLOCK 43 or 26 are very worthy. But in my experience, with training, these three pistols will serve virtually anyone who carries a concealed handgun well.


This article was originally published in 2017. 


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  1. In my case it’s the 442. I love to play around with small pocket guns. .25 acp, .32 acp. .22lr. But anything smaller than a j frame becomes a problem in handling and accurate shooting. For me. The j frame in a pocket holster is the easiest handgun of practical size to carry.

    My most recent handgun purchase, way back in January, was the G19. I love it. Especially after amnesty week saw a bunch of standard capacity mags delivered to my door.

    I never could get to like the 1911. That’s just me. If it works for anybody else, more power to them. If I was to ever buy another .45 it would be the g21sf.

    • I agree with you 100%. I like the 642. I swapped out the grip for a Pachmeyer Diamond Pro Grip and it made all the difference in comfort when practicing at the range. The grip is a little bit large for pocket carry but inside the waist is fine. The G-19 is an awesome pistol for range, carry, and home defense. As for the 1911, I’m trying damn hard to get into it but I’d rather be shooting a G-21. I guess I wasn’t raised on the 1911 even though I respect its history.

      • I also love the 642 and G19. I almost always carry the 642. I still don’t have any experience with 1911s. 2 of 3 isn’t too bad.

    • Well I Guess I am old school. Could never warm up to plastic guns, but love my1911s and revolvers. My EDC is a bobtail commander in 45ACP, my BUG is a Smith 342pd that is crazy light but manageable. Hardly even know that it’s there.

    • Maybe people reviewing carry guns should give their measurements and weight. I’m thin. Hard to conceal anything with nice clothes. (nothing skin tight here) That’s why I like cold weather. Easier to hide wallet, keys and phone in jacket pockets.

      • And the author never ever walks anywhere beyond the car to the gas pump.

        Before I take anyone’s opinion as worth its salt, I want to know all about the opinion’s owner. Carrying 25 years means little. I know drivers who have been operation cars for 25 years and they scare the crap out of anyone around. Even worse, many offering suggestions are simply validating their own beliefs by pointing back at themselves as proof they are right.

        That said, mentioning a Glock does support the author’s credibility. Too bad it was the wrong Glock.

        • Oh whatever sunshine patriot. I carry a government 1911 everyday with 3 spare mags and I’m on my feet all day and interact with the public. Idiots like you who think they know it all about carrying do more harm to gun rights then good. Go shove your micro 9 or .380 up your Anti gun liberal ass.

        • “I want to know all about the opinion’s owner.”
          Prepare yourself for a lifetime of disappointment.

        • Merle,

          I am with you on this one. I only carry two spare mags though. I am not big enough to hide any double stack 9 or 40. There is nothing (handguns) that I am more accurate with than a 1911. However, thanks to some free agent time with the army, I am ok with the M9 (but see comment 1). I like safeties too…thumb and grip. A previous review of the 1911 mentioned weight as a problem. It never was for me…buy a better belt or holster. I do not live in Chicago. 21 rounds is more than enough for anything that has every happened within 50 miles of my house.

    • I’m sure the author (JWT) can speak up for himself but his is an opinion I respect and I believe can be trusted.
      I base this upon his previous and current experiences and willingness to put out his hard earned money to test, shoot, buy and share with the rest of us who read TTAG.

    • Blackspike:
      A couple of years ago when I wrote this article, (it was part of a series of concealed carry recommendations from various members of TTAG’s writers) I was 6’1″ and 195lbs. I’m about the same right now, maybe half an inch taller (had some work done on my spine) and no more than a couple of pounds heavier.
      I exercise regularly, hunt constantly (more days a year than I don’t), live on a farm and ranch, and I’m fairly lean. I can still bench my weight 10 times and run a mile in 10 minutes, total. (I should note, that’s 2-3 minutes slower than 10 years ago.)
      Victoria is looking for my measurements (Ma’m, I’m taken.) I like a fitted jacket in 44L. My jeans have a 34″ waist, but a couple of inches of that are to accommodate a Browning Hi Power, IWB. My dress pants are a 32″ waist. My inseam in 36″, and I wear a size 11.5W boot. Oh, and my hat size is 7 1/4″.
      There’s probably 100 pictures of me on this site.

      • I can squeeze into a 36 inch waist. But I have to stop breathing while doing so. I can cover a mile quite fast….but i’m betting you’d disqualify my time because of the Toyota. 🙂

        • Is it awkward that my wife put up a picture of you in those shorts from the Pecos Run and Gun? Is it more awkward that I just lied about who put it up?

        • I’ve had the pleasure of meeting most of the TTAG writers, Jon being one of them.
          I value his opinions regarding firearms and several other subjects.
          (Oh, and I’m thinking his measurements are spot on, though I would have guessed closer to 185 lbs..)

    • Not only is the author over 200 pounds, but he’s also clearly a bubba to boot if his #1 recommendation is the astoundingly inappropriate 1911. I pity any newbie who happens upon this article, and believes such poor advice. This post should be taken down.

  2. No pocket sized 380s? $1000 meme guns and a “compact” pistol that any other company would label full size? Shit list.

      • Limp wrists have nothing to do with it. Not everyone wants to spend thousands of dollars on an oper9er 1911 or carry a brick in their wasteband. I believe people who claim to carry full size pistols either don’t carry all the time or are in a position where they aren’t constantly moving, and are the minority of concealed carriers.

        • Yeah you believe. Your beliefs are incorrect and stupid. Just because you’re too weak or stupid to do it doesn’t mean everyone else is.

        • Let me guess, you carry a long slide Glock with a red dot and tactical light all day, every day without any issue, with enough ammo crammed up your taint to compete in an IDPA match, and anything less is a waste of time?

        • Incorrect. I carry a 1911. No optics. And I don’t think carrying a mouse gun, or any gun is pointless. But your assertion that “no one” can really carry a full size gun is downright ignorant.

        • Listen DUDE….. If you’re coming on here to try to berate someone for carrying a real pistol versus a pistol designed for women?
          Yeah ok…. I’m sure we will all take your advice….

          Fkn some people……I swear…….

      • Merle 0, Please enlighten us on what limp wristing has to do with a mouse gun? IMHO, a 380 auto should be on this list as long as it’s reliable.

        • The limp wristing comment was more of a general insult, as in “Limp wristed liberal”, which he deserved. Less about the physical act of limp wristing a gun. Anyway, yes by all means put a .380 on the list. There’s some fine .380s out there. I picked a fight with mouse gun over his ridiculous notion that that no one can really carry a full size gun. That’s an absolute ignorant statement. There’s guys who carry full size .44 mags routinely, none the less full size 9’s or .45’s.

    • Hmmmm….a full sized 1911 is easier for me to carry.

      The cylinder on a 41 framed gun is like frying to hide a pumpkin.

      A Kframe is easier.

      That said, I carry smaller and slimmer these days. Glock 43 or 48…..lazy persons carry gun.

      • You gain a bit in the cylinder and lose a bit in the grip. I find the cylinder leaves a rounded profile that’s easier to conceal than a pointy grip. Anyway, weight wise a 3″ GP weighs in at 36 oz. sans ammo and a 4″ at 40. You’ll be toting less weight in ammo with the .357, so overall it’s lighter than a steel 1911.

        • I often carried a 4inch Nframe in my salad days. Certainly a chunk o steel.

          The advantage of the 1911 is that it is flatter and snugs better for me in a pancake holster.

          A 41 or 44 sized revolver loo,s like a giant hemorrhoid in a pancake so concealment is not an issue….I can’t do it.

          I love a revolver but I have whored after the light weight polymer guns for daily carry.

        • Yeah, in a pancake you’re probably going to stick out a bit with a wheel gun. I need put it on and take it off quite a bit so I just use a cheap Bianchi thumbreak IWB holster for my 3″ (Wiley Clapp) GP. Probably not the best combo for long walks either, but it suits my needs and with IWB and a loose shirt even my wife can’t tell whether I’m carrying or not.

        • I can carry a 3 inch K frame in a #3 Pistol Pocket pretty easy.

          I guess I was thinking of a 4 inch revolver and K frame is my limit.

          If I were taller than 5 foot 8, I might have a better chance.

          No doubt – full bore 357 are a force to be reckoned wirh. I would not feel unarmed.

          Of course, I would feel ok carrying a Ruger Blackhawk as well.

        • For poops and giggles I sometimes carry a 4.25″ Redhawk in .45 Colt/.45 ACP in a Simply Rugged Sourdough pancake IWB. I’m only 5’5″ on a good day and no one would call me small… lol

        • .38, the Double Taps I carry pump out over 600ft/lbs of energy out of that 3″ barrel and that’s not even a +p load (which I’ve never actually seen in .357).

          JC, for shits and giggles I will occasionally carry my 6-1/2″ .44 mag Blackhawk in a modified Beretta 92 shoulder holster. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, ‘Do you feel lucky?’ Otherwise it usually just sits on the couch with me and the cats.

  3. TTAG senior staff: We don’t have enough articles to publish today
    Writers: Okay lets pull a canned article out of the hat:
    Top 3 Carry Guns
    3 Concealed carry tips
    3 DGU tips
    Caliber war article
    Platform war article
    Anti gun quote from democrat

    • Clearly you’re due a refund, Jr.

      Submit the receipt for what you paid, and the check will be in the mail…

    • Probably some jealous democommie…. jealous he’s stuck writing about “orange man bad”…. and sitting around with his fingers stuck up his a$$

  4. “The Smith & Wesson 642 J-frame .38 revolver isn’t for everyone”

    It isn’t for anyone – at least as far as concealed carry goes. No revolver is suitable for concealed carry due to inadequate ammo load and slow reload time. Semi-autos only. An exception may be made for any 10-round revolvers that exist.

      • You said it and there are 10 round revolvers but I wouldn’t carry a 22lr. A 642 is great to carry and so is a Ruger SP 101 or LCR. Semi-auto snob.

    • Mebbe….but there are lots of em being put to use.

      And lots of instances they were adequate.

      I dont always carry a revolver, but they are certainly not inadequate.

    • The only 10 rounders I can think of a rimfires. There are 8-shot revolvers on the market like Smith and Ruger offers the Redhawk in an eight round 357 variant now, but then size becomes an issue.
      Or are you just one of those guys that carries a 16+ round semi auto with 12 extra mags up your ass because you think Mayberry is Mosul?

  5. I frequently carry one of these three guns. I am also SMOL (5’6″ 150 lbs).

    1911 – 9mm, officer over commander. Carry an extra mag, that’s 16+1 rounds on hand. If I need more than that to get between my gun safe at work or at home, I’ve made a tactical error.

    Glock 19 – Perfection (with a Holosun 507(c) green dot – solar powered and vetted reliability on my G34 in competition).

    J-Frames are trash. They hurt to shoot and you have to spend money to make the trigger worthwhile, plus anything with a Hillary Hole is trash. My pocket carry revolver is either an LCR or a Kimber K6S.

    • I like the Kimber K-6 but I think the LCR might have a slightly better trigger. In my opinion that is.

    • Yes, to get a J-frame trigger that performs, you might have to spend $25 on springs, be able to follow directions and not be a weenie about recoil enough to learn to shoot it and smooth out the trigger.

  6. Noisy Cricket. Infinite ammo, guaranteed to end the threat, and can be concealed in your tighty whities. Recoil is pretty severe tho. 😉

  7. I’ve been carrying a M642 (formerly the Centennial) every day for a decade, sometimes as a primary, sometimes as a BUG. Before that, I carried a M638 (formerly the Bodyguard, with the shrouded hammer) and before that a M637 (formerly the Chief’s Special, with exposed hammer).

    The J-Frame Airweight is probably the world’s greatest contact weapon, but unless you’re Jerry Miculek you’re going to need a lot of reps to consistently keep your shots in the A zone at distance. I can usually keep all shots in a file card at 7 yards, but it’s all about the practice. It’s a belly gun.

    And don’t get me started on the Airlights. They make shooting plain-jane .38 Spls an exercise in pain management. Shooting .38+P in an Airlight was probably invented by that great firearms designer, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. He also invented the magnificent iron butt plate for the Mosin Nagant 91/30 and the shoulder-fired punt gun.

  8. Unlike many commentizers….I dont mind reading someone’s opinion.

    The 1911 for me is an OWB Pancake with thumbsnap proposition. If we had open carry, i would probably carry a Govt Model.

    The 19 is not on my list of likeable guns. I hate the way it feels and points. The Glock 48 with a similar shadow is a whole nuther gun that I enjoy shooting and carrying.

    I have carried a Jframe from the 70s till about 2010 when I got an LCP for primary carry. I also,carry an LCR from time to time but the 042, 640 (38 spl), and model 60 Chief are smaller guns with wood panels and a T Grip.

    Those with poor regard for the J frame need to remember “just because you cant do it doesnt mean it cant be done”. J frames were a great carry since before many commentizers were born. And I imagine they will be around in some incarnation after we are all gone.

    • I’ve heard lots of great things about the LCP, and it may very well be a better gun than the S&W. I just don’t have enough personal experience with the LCP, and I do have that with the J-Frame.

      • You may mean the LCR. Imahce a couple of copies of the LCR and LCP.

        The LCP is tiny and my always gun. The LCR has a great trigger and is a little lighter than even my airweight centennial and its rated for plus P.

        But the LCR is too big to pocket carry with the Tamer grips and I dont get enough purchase with the boot grips.

        So I carry the LCR in an IWB holster or in a vest pocket. Fun gun to shoot.

  9. The Glock 19 is the Toyota Corolla of handguns, not the Camry. A Camry is more akin to a Beretta 92.

    • Respectfully disagree. I’ve owned/own Corolla, Camry, 4Runner and Rav4. The g19 is a Camry. The 92 would be a 4Runner.

    • Never would drive a rice burner in four wheels or two. Resisted the Glocks for many years, finally bought the 19 and found it to be the most natural point and shoot I ever handled, for me. Still carry the 686 but the 19 is becoming No. 1.

  10. I just fondled the new Taurus G3 at my LGS. Nearly identical to the Glock 19 on a “poors” budget the author disdains. Sorry I like my 709. It’s been perfect…

  11. Winter is coming which means coats and sweatshirts and my 92A1. At the gunsmith getting a trigger job, detail strip and clean and new oversized sights for my old eyes. A 4-Runner indeed!

  12. My three would be

    Sig P365. 10 round mag with finger extension. Load with 110 grain, standard pressure, hollow points.

    Kahr CW380. 7 round extended mag with MagGuts kit for 8 rounds. Load with anything that shoots a Hornady XTP bullet or a Federal Hydra-Shok. CT380 comes standard with 7-round mag.

    Ruger LCR. If .38 Special or .357 Magnum, load with .38 Special target wadcutters. If .327 Magnum, load with .32 H&R Magnum hollow points.

  13. In the real world most people often fail to carry their guns because they are just too uncomfortable to carry or conceal especially in hot weather. I was in a bar one night and 3 cops gave their girlfriends all their guns to put in their purses because the guns just were being too uncomfortable for them to carry concealed all night. Just one example of many I have witnessed.

    I am no different I got away from the heavy big bore blasters and now carry a .25 acp. Its so comfortable I sometimes forget I am even carrying a gun and I have no doubt a shot to the head would end a fight immediately. My little .25 never leaves my pocket even at home.

    • Doesn’t sound very smart…..I think I’d go back to this “big bore blasters” if I were you…..js

      • The video of the President Reagan Assassination shows Reagan and one of his very large security guards being blown off their feet with a nothing more than a .22 rim fire handgun. The Security Guard spinning around and falling to the pavement was very dramatic. Small caliber guns are much more deadly than the gun writer armchair commandos would tend to believe. And Brady also hit the pavement after being shot in the head. Three big powerful men and three knockdowns. Not bad for a so called mouse gun.

        • Uhh, no, it doesn’t, at all. Neither of the men were knocked anywhere. Brady was shot just above his eye, directly into his brain, and Delahanty was shot in his cervical spine. Neither took step, much less were blown down. It should be noted that the bullets were actually “Devasrator” explosive charge bullets. Even so, Reagan himself, at 70 years old, was still standing when he was shot. He had to be pushed into the car by secret service. The man refused a wheel chair and walked into the hospital! 105 minutes later he was out of the ER.
          If there was ever an argument againts the efficacy of small caliber handgun rounds for self defense, the Reagan assassination is it.

  14. What I like is better than what you like unless what you like is the same as what I like. If you like something different than what I like then you are a moron lefty commie.

  15. All good options covering a broad spectrum of preferences. I have my own “top three” list:
    The one that fits you.
    The one that goes bang every single time.
    The one you train with, to the point of both proficiency of use and intimate mechanical understanding.
    For me, that equals my 80s series 1911. I’ll be the first to say it’s not for everyone, and maybe one day I’ll switch to a lighter plastic fantastic, but if that day ever comes it’ll be after I’ve fed it a few thousand rounds and broken it down completely several times. In the meantime let’s not pretend there’s a one-size-fits-all option.

  16. I think everyone’s top 3 would be different than this list and that’s a good thing.
    Right now, IMO, is the best time to be a concealed carrier. The choices available are great.
    Don’t like Glock? Try S&W.
    Don’t like hammer fired pistols? Lots of striker fired options.
    Can’t carry full sized? Ton of smaller pistols.
    I like Glock and it’s what I carry. What’s right for me may not be right for you.
    I’ve carried 1911’s, S&W, Ruger, Sig and so on. They’ve all been reliable.
    Not reliable? Don’t carry it.
    Only 1 pistol I’ve owned has gone back to the factory for repairs. Dead trigger and when I got it back, I sold it with full disclosure.
    Iron sights, night sights, RDS? Take your pick.
    Trigger work? I won’t do anything but the 25¢ trigger job but that’s me. It’s a free country last I checked, do what you want.
    Great time to be a gun owner.

  17. How sad.

    Here’s an article on a gun site talking about guns. The people reading this article are gun owners and shooters. These people have more in common than not: affinity for guns, disdain for the Left, personal favorites and time-worn technique.

    And, yet, without the slightest provocation whatsoever, one comment begets the harshest of rebukes; complete name-calling. Childish, boorish insults are wielded haphazardly, as if the opinion above was an SJW demanding someone else fund their toddler’s sex-change operation.

    Aren’t we above this? Maybe it’s boiling the ocean to think we can get along so perfectly with Dems, but can’t we at least have some modicum of respect for each other–here, in this forum?

    Most of the commenters here–myself included–have ruined a stock piece by turning it into an episode of TMZ. It’s just sad. TTAG (et al) should be a place where we don’t have to CONSTANTLY be on high-alert for the DemoCommieLeft Threat. It should be a place where we don’t automatically assume everyone is.

    Let’s start by not responding as if they were. Feelings are not facts.

  18. Wait … he says the three best handguns for concealed carry are the 1911, G19 and 642 but actually IWB carries a Browning Hi Power. Kind of makes the “three best” not.

    • Pay more attention.
      I wrote the article years before I carried the Hi-Power.
      I’d still recommend those others above the Hi-Power, unless you’re willing to spend the money on upgrading the sights, trigger, magazine disconnect, and grip, as I have.

  19. I have to laugh at all the tree-pissing going on here in comments.

    I don’t dis anyone’s choice: 1st rule of a gunfight – HAVE A GUN.

    JFYI, carrying ‘Mexican’, I can conceal my Beretta 92 quite easily under a loose-fitting shirt. I love the 1911, but the grip-to-barrel angle on the Beretta suits me perfectly, while the 1911 GTBA does not. I can present from concealment with my eyes closed, open them, and the sights are aligned perfectly.

    This gun, that gun. The best gun to have with you is one that you can shoot as if it was part of your body. Keep searching until you find one.

  20. I am 53 and have carried since I was 24? I have carried all kinds, wheel guns a plenty, 1911’s, lots and lots of Glocks.

    My current carry is a Shield 2.0, 9mm, Trijicon HD ( Yellow) in Cross bread MiniTuk. IMHO it was forged in some heavenly place just for me. After just over 2K of flawless rounds I think I M going to name it!

    • Larry sez: “[I]t was forged in some heavenly place just for me.”

      Now, THAT’s wut Ah’m talkin’ ’bout.

  21. I’ll defer to the 1911 “bet your life on” gotta be above $1K as a personal boundry. First, it doesn’t matter what you pay, it’s what the firearm delivers towards CC requirements. Within my experience, I have put thousands of rounds through Taurus PT1911S ($450 to $550) Sig 1911s ($850 to $999) with100% reliability and Minute of BG accuracy well beyond 25 yards. On the other hand, I have sent a $1K+ Kimber back to the MFR TWICE and was not satisfied with the end result: Sold it at a Loss. You may avoid the occasional Lemon around and above the $2K price point.

    GLOCKS: Check in the Box, Good to go.

    Revolver: As identified or others NO. There are far too many common negatives compared to the few positives that are “individual” based normally tied to skill level or health/age.

    You omitted the .40S&W. Though it’s not the poster child any more, .40S&W Is still a very effective cartridge. It still is a logical tradeoff of one round of capacity for a larger holes ESPECIALLY IF MAGIC BULLETS FAIL and they do fail! Public and gun media lemmings dancing to the tune of the FBI’s change of direction (AGAIN). Hey, if you want “THAT” magic bullet by it in your caliber! Folks bought into the new 9mm/magic bullet concept and carry it but ask them what 9MM cartridge they stock deep?

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