John Cornyn
U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
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Today in the Senate I will be introducing the Restoring, Enhancing, Strengthening, and Promoting Our Nation’s Safety Efforts – or RESPONSE – Act. This bill will include a number of provisions to prevent attacks and make our communities safer.

The RESPONSE Act creates nationwide task forces to investigate and prosecute those who are illegally selling firearms, and those attempting to buy firearms who provide false statements as part of a background check.

Second, this bill improves the quality and availability of mental health care. We must do more to identify and support vulnerable individuals who could pose a danger to themselves or others. We know the majority of gun deaths are suicides, and while mental illness is not the prevailing cause of mass violence, enhanced mental health resources are critical to saving lives.

– Texas Senator John Cornyn in After El Paso and Odessa shootings, my plan to reduce mass violence

From Cornyn’s web site . . .

The RESPONSE Act is endorsed by the National Council for Behavioral Health, National Alliance on Mental Illness, the National District Attorneys Association, Treatment Advocacy Center, Fraternal Order of Police, National Association of Police Organizations, National Sheriffs Association, and Major Cities Chiefs. It would help prevent future attacks by:

Giving New Tools to Law Enforcement

  • Encouraging Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to Better Collaborate with Law Enforcement to Prevent Mass Shootings —Clarifies that internet service providers and online platforms have the authority to share information with law enforcement concerning acts of mass violence, hate crimes, or domestic terrorism.
  • Prosecuting Illegal Unlicensed Firearms Dealers—Creates nationwide federal, state, and local law enforcement task forces (modeled on Project Exile) to investigate and prosecute criminals who are violating current law by engaging in the business of selling firearms without a license or who provide false statements as part of a background check. Provides grant funding and reimbursement to state and local law enforcement who participate in these task forces.
  • Expediting the Death Penalty for Terrorist Mass Violence—Expedites administration of state death penalties for individuals who commit mass murder as part of a crime of international or domestic terrorism by limiting the scope of federal appeals.

Expanding Resources for Mental Health Treatment

  • Increasing Access to Mental Health Treatment and Crisis Intervention Teams —Requires HHS to develop and disseminate guidance for states to fund mental health programs and crisis intervention teams under the Medicaid Program.
  • Expanding Assisted Outpatient Treatment—Expands the ability of states to receive federal funding for assisted outpatient treatment programs so that family members of the mentally ill can help them receive treatment outside of the criminal justice system and before their condition deteriorates.
  • Bolstering Mental Health Funding in the Criminal Justice System—Makes up to $10 million of existing DOJ state and local law enforcement funding available for law enforcement to partner with mental health providers to provide mental health treatment and compliance through the use of long-acting medically assisted treatment.
  • Expanding the Mental Health Workforce—Requires HHS to issue a report to Congress on best practices to expand the number of mental health practitioners and access to care.

Bolstering School Safety for Students and Teachers

  • Incentivizing School Internet Safety to Prevent Mass Violence—Incentivize schools to enforce Internet safety polices that detect online activities of minors who are at imminent risk of committing self-harm or extreme violence against others in order to provide students with the services they need and prevent possible violence.
  • Increasing Access to Active Shooter Training—Increases law enforcement and first responder access to active shooter training funds provided by the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security.
  • Assisting School Behavioral Intervention Teams—Directs the Department of Health and Human Services to identify and facilitate the development of best practices to assist elementary schools, secondary schools, and institutions of higher education to operate behavioral intervention teams to identify students whose behavior indicates a threat of violence and ensure they receive the assistance and services they need.

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  1. its missing the part where they allow criminal prosecution of school administrators and law enforcement personnel who ignore potential shooters in order to make their numbers look good…

    • Those administrators were forced by Arne Duncan’s EdDept to not report violent crimes such as sexual assault to law enforcement. The perverse incentives to ignore violent crime in schools in the name of “equity” was partially addressed when DeVos’ EdDept repealed Arne Duncan’s Dear Colleague Letter on school discipline.

      • The problem has been present in the schools for a long time. Under the banner of “accountability” (good word; often misused) the schools have been made to be accountable for all kinds of social problems.

        Schools are held “accountable,” for example, when children who have been raised by multi-generational deadbeat drug heads do not perform up to expected academic standards.

        Similarly, schools are held “accountable” when children who have been raised in multiple generations of deplorable, anti-social conditions behave in deplorable, anti-social and violent ways when they come to school.

        This system of “accountability” was doomed to fail because no single institution can effect the changes necessary to intervene in multi-generational madness.

        With the system of “accountably” so clearly impossible to maintain, the national, state, and local educational bureaucracies began playing with the numbers and definitions in the system of “accountability.” For example, students can “pass” standardized, high-stakes tests with amazingly low scores, and students make passing grades on dumbed-down coursework.

        Similarly, educational bureaucracies have pressured schools to define-down violence in “accountability” paper trails. For example, “fights” become “scuffles.” Further, to eliminate disciplinary placements, the kinds of disciplinary centers that once housed incorrigible, even dangerous students no longer exist (the explanation has been that campuses ought to be held “accountable” for their own problems, just as teachers ought to be held “accountable” for discipline problems in classrooms).

        This has been going on in the public schools for so long (decades!) that the entire culture of schools is a parody of actual accountability.

        While it is true that many current school administrators are not behaving ethically (even the word “ethics” has been changed) toward their students or communities, they are simply continuing policies and practices that have developed over time and that have come down from the top.

        • i agree with some of what you are saying, however i do disagree with one of your statements. “no single institution…”, there is a single long forgotten institution that is capable of dealing with these issues with children (and it sure as heck is not the school system or any government agency). the institution of family was at one time where all of these issues were properly addressed with children. our society has unfortunately degraded so much that the concept has become completely foreign to most. that majority is so propagandized to believe that the schools, or the state, or the fed, or another piece of legislation, etc. are responsible for their children. this parental mentality (if you can call it parental) just completely takes no accountability for the rearing and behavior of their children.

          wake up Americans!live a life that is a good model for your children, teach them well, LOVE them, and DO NOT be lazy losers who expect “somebody else” to raise their children. we can all see the results of that attitude (and they do not bode well for the future of our country) in the behavior and beliefs of the current generation of youth.

          • i agree but some parents these days would rather have fun making them babies and then expecting somebody else to take care of them. want to pass a law that is going to work pass one that states your kid commits a serious crime you do the time right along with them. teach them not to murder, not to steal. if you dont then away with you to jail as well

        • Well said! And this is just another reason not to participate in the public indoctrination system. No one should abuse their child by sending them to a public school. If we don’t participate then the system will collapse. Better to home school. No big brother, no bullies except maybe your siblings, no multi-whatever bovine excrement, and no having to debrief your children on why everything they’re taught is wrong. To name just a few benefits. Additionally, all staff can be armed as well as some of the students. Never heard of a home school being shot up.

      • it doesnt but if the egg and sperm donor rrealizes they will be held accountable and go to prison for the same time their demon seed is maybe just maybe it will force them to take responsibility, especially if said demon seed kills themself before the cops can do it.

  2. So incentivise ISPs and schools to spy on people and report those they don’t agree with law enforcement and/or the mental health system. Got it.

    Thanks senator. With friends like you, who needs enemas?

    • My first thought as well. More spying. Less freedom. Less privacy. Bigger government. More spending. Do they have a plan to pay for this or is it using existing funds?

      • +1 also. How about this for an idea. Instead of more government, task forces, etc. how about enforcing existing laws. Those laws cover everything needed to help make our communities safer. This is nothing more than virtue signaling.

    • This senator sent me a fund raising request for his re election, sent it back with a hell no. Said that he had been working on gun control and nationwide red flag laws with Pelosi so, in my opinion , he is a democrat. So now we see that what he wants is more secret spying and big brother crap.

  3. We don’t need this crap.
    And for Christ’s sake, WTF is it with these idiots having to make an acronym out of every piece of legislation?
    Time to put a real conservative in his seat.

    • The point of these stupid laws is to be seen as “doing something,” and you can’t be seen as “doing something” unless your constituents can name the “thing you’re doing.” Of course, since the “thing you’re doing” is definitely going to violate the constitution, naming it with an awkward acronym is an important part of being seen as doing “one thing” while actually doing “a different, completely immoral and illegal thing.”

    • “WTF is it with these idiots having to make an acronym out of every piece of legislation?”

      It’s so the idiots in the electorate can understand it. Two-syllable words can be soooo confusing.

    • Sen. Cornholeyn is a worthless RINO that has for decades needed replacement,that the founders warned us of.

  4. First we POTG are always saying “Enforce existing laws”. So where some things are already crimes, it’s good he wants to back enforcement of those existing laws o stuff bad people do.

    Resources to help in cases of Mental Illness are woefully inadequate. So that’s good.

    Training to help school personnel detect and interdict violence while still in the development stage is a good thing.

    Details do matter though and the details of this bill would need to be known and examined to look for unintended consequences or paths to failure.

    The other question is on existing laws. Straw buyers and black market dealers supplying real criminals, as in not some gun hobbyists that buys and sells just enough to cross some ill defined red line, why aren’t existing laws being enforced? Is it about funding? Murky definitions in the law? Politics? Why?

    • “So where some things are already crimes, it’s good he wants to back enforcement of those existing laws o stuff bad people do.”
      Yeah, but why do they have to bribe people to do their jobs with a bunch of more spending and unnecessary expansion of government? They never try to make what they have work better. It’s always, let’s create more government and more spending because that always works. Same ‘ole BS. Maybe there’s a few good nuggets in there, but I have little confidence in those fools.

    • there are way, way too many laws on the books now for any consistant enforcement. all polititions want to do is just keep piling them on and dilute the laws to the point where there are so many they are meaningless.

      i have long advocated an “add a law, take a law” policy. for a new law to be passed, an obsolete law must be removed. personally i am a constitutionalist, and do not believe that we retained our freedom once every generation of politicians started adding mile high stacks of laws on top. small, part-time government and free American citizens is what we were founded to be (and going back to that is the only way to repair the broken and quickly dissolving nation we live in).

    • We should only be voting to abolish the current government and shrink it. Expansions are only expanding tyranny at this point. Everyone knows mass killings will happen even if this passes. Won’t make a difference.

  5. Frankly, it sounds like bullshit. What about just enforcing the laws already on the books? How much does this cost? Mass murder percentages are already so low that they are practically non-existent. So the answer is to spend more money and time to lower it another .001%? I guess it doesn’t really matter if they are Democrat or Republican, the answer is always more government.

    • “What about just enforcing the laws already on the books?”

      Boring. There has to be lots of new spending involved, and a cool name for what you’re doing. Now you can go back to your district and say you did something. Problem solved!

    • From the article:

      “The RESPONSE Act creates nationwide task forces to investigate and prosecute those who are illegally selling firearms, and those attempting to buy firearms who provide false statements as part of a background check.”

      Speaking of enforcing what we already have, don’t we already have the ATF tasked with this? Why is anyone on God’s Green Earth suggesting the creation of yet another law enforcement alphabet soup agency? FBI, CIA, ICE, INS, CBD, DHS….we really need another one?

      • Agree, but those agencies are not funded nor staffed to perform those duties. Even at the local level I have seen people apply and be denied and have seen them walk out and go to another FFL. The police and prosecutors have more important priorities they say which may be true but begs the question when will they ever get funded and staffed to perform the duties necessary to protect the people?

        • They could chase real criminals instead of trying to get me for having the audacity to go 50 mph on a 5 lane highway.

  6. The expedited death penalty for active shooters is a good idea. Legally defining what constitutes an active shooter could be tricky, but if that could be done I’d support taking this idea even further. The time from active shooting incidence till the shooter is executed should be 6 months or less.

    Give them their speedy trial, then they get one and only one appeal which will go directly to the US Supreme Court. SCOTUS would then have three options: overturn conviction, vote for death penalty, or vote for lifetime solitary confinement.

    Start executing these SOBs withing 6 months of when they commit their act of evil and that would have to deter some would be shooters.

    • Most go in expecting to die. That’s not gonna work. These are people, usually, with nothing to lose. The only thing that can prevent these events is making sure there aren’t as many people with nothing left to lose and or serious mental problems.

      Not that I disagree about killing them if they survive the shoot out.

    • There is enough wrong with our capital punishment process, enough mistakes, that I’d be real uneasy about speeding them up. I’d want to speed them up, just that I do not trust the current system to not kill an innocent person.

      So, how about coming up with an accelerated, limited appeal process in cases of exceptional hard evidence? That is a higher level “Guilt Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”? If we could define that I’d even go along with applying it to scumbags long behind bars on Death Row.

      But trusting the existing conditions?

      No way.

      • Why am I agreeing with you? Capital punishment should never be an option without multiple eye witnesses or video evidence. The way tech is going, even that will be questionable in the near future. The death penalty isn’t a deterrent for these people. This is just law makers saying look I’m doing something here.

  7. As usual they will go after people selling guns to prohibited people rather than doing anything about the prohibited people who are breaking the law in buying or attempting to buy something.

    Because shutting down a dealer is more handy than busting a single gang banger, though said gang banger is the actual criminal.

  8. Its missing the part that says there are no more gun free zones. Also missing is the part about reciprocal carry.

  9. Cornyn’s bill does not appear to substantially limit our right to keep and bear arms: therefore Democrats will oppose it claiming that his bill is a “useless gesture” and “does not go far enough” to increase public safety (e.g. Cornyn’s bill does not go far enough to disarm the public).

    I was further going to say that Democrats do not care about supporting Cornyn’s bill even if it would actually reduce the number of spree-killer attacks because all Democrats care about is disarming us. Then I realized that Democrats will actually OPPOSE Cornyn’s bill if it looks like it would reduce the number of spree-killer attacks because that erodes public emotional support for civilian disarmament.

    • “Cornyn’s bill does not appear to substantially limit our right to keep and bear arms:”

      ISPs collecting data on customers and turning it over to the ‘authorities’ doesn’t bother you?

      • … adding to that, the definition of “mental illness” being you must be mentally ill if you chew your pop tart to look like a gunz, make a finger gunz, talk about gunz, want to own gunz, actually own gunz, actually own gunz and actually go shoot gunz at targets let alone killing all those soft fluffy animals. Those sickos are mentally ill, take away their gunz!

        As my 2nd favorite president stated so accurately:

        “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem. It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

      • Geoff PR,

        ISPs are already collecting data and sharing it with fedzilla. Cornyn’s bill changes nothing.

        For the record: no, I am not okay with ISPs helping Big Brother.

  10. Make America 1950 Again and most present day problems will disappear overnight.
    Modern social democracies ignore thousands of years of human progress and therefore create disfunctional individuals.

    • Murder rate skyrocketed from the early 60s to the early 70s and stayed that way until the mid 90s. We’re now close to 1960 levels again. Why don’t the politicians make a special commission to study why this happened exactly, like the 9-11 commission? Then you make policy based on that. Instead, they just shoot from the hip.

      • “Why don’t the politicians make a special commission to study why this happened exactly, like the 9-11 commission? Then you make policy based on that. Instead, they just shoot from the hip.”

        Really? Politicians act in a sane manner? Really? That would presuppose that the general voting population actually was smart enough to vote in politicians that were not corrupt, money grubbing, power hungry demigods that lie cheat and steal their way to power over us peons. They are not shooting from the hip they are executing a concerted plan to destroy the sole beacon of freedom on this planet.

  11. I like the part about investigating illegal attempts to buy…. assuming the elevator pitch matches the execution. Lying on a 4473 is a crime that should be prosecuted.

    Where are the funds to help physically secure schools?

  12. So many very good comments ! The first thought that I had was “how much did you and your committee have to pay a consultant to come up with the acronym” what a waste of taxpayers dollars. Oh well it’s not “real” money ! PM

  13. “and while mental illness is not the prevailing cause of mass violence,…”

    Oh, so slaughtering multiple people is the sign of a rational person?

    • Disregard for others may seem insane to us but it isn’t always. Not all evil is illnesses. Some people know better…they don’t care.

    • Evil for certain…not necessarily mentally ill.

      They know it’s wrong but they dont care.

      Ultimate selfishness…….evil.

      • Large groups of people do legally many things that would be considered crimes if single person did them. War is one of them.

  14. Surveillance of social media for dangerous and anti social behavior. How exactly does that work when Students are being suspended for posting pictures of them shooting with parents or hunting photos?

  15. draven has a point. I have advocated better prosecution of illegal sellers and buyers with adding any crime committed by an illegal recipient onto the charges against a straw man buyer to be served consecutively on top of the doubled sentence for such buyers. Let’s see how much a wife or girlfriend “loves” some criminal schmuck. The mental health part I like too. It seems that for once someone put actual thought into a proposal.

  16. The only thing that makes sense in all this verbiage is expediting the death sentence for these mass murders.
    Give the suspects a speedy trial and if convicted the goblin is immediately executed. Their worthless carcass is then incinerated and the ashes dumped into the sewer.

    • This isn’t a deterrent. Of the last 3 to make the news, 2 died at the scene from police response, and one was planning to commit suicide but didn’t have the guts. These losers have given up and are “going out with a bang” and trying to take out as many people as possible to avenge themselves on the people/society that “wronged” them or generate infamy. They aren’t concerned with consequences or escaping the scene, other than to make it to another location to cause mayhem.

  17. again useless legislation. we are aa nation of millions of laws with very few enforced on criminals. instead it will punish those who are law abiding and make it so those who are law abiding will be hampered. criminals do not ever follow the law. they never buy their guns legally but steal them. this is nothing more than feeding the bloated bureaucracy pig and making it biggger. how about the people create term limits for congress next november. also if passed will this apply only to we the people or will it apply to the lackies in government? right mr giffords? you lied on your 4473 form in your attempted gun hoax

  18. If he had looked 99% of what he wants is already in the laws, why not prosecute the guilty instead of the innocent?

  19. The people that do this feel like they have nothing to live for. They don’t value life, including their own. So all they’re lacking is a Mental Health Treatment and Crisis Intervention Team? That’s the one thing that will turn their life around? Nothing else needs to be addressed?

    • except those that get into mental health are more messed up than their patients. thats why they went into it to begin with. to cure themselves thru their patients. besides the mental health system doesnt address the real issue. the DESPAIR and USELESSNESS some people are feeling. they just want to push a pill at you and move onto the next.

  20. So we need a special task force to enforce the laws that are already in place? How about just having the DOJ ensure that plea deals are forbidden and the maximum punishment under the law is enforced (don’t give judges the leeway to give lighter sentences)? How about getting rid of the Gun Free School Zone nonsense, so that teachers and parents can intervene, while LE is discussing their plan of intervention in the school parking lot, while the shooter’s still active?
    Is it just me, or does this “bill” seem like a lot of prevarication and nonsense?

    • Minimum mandatory sentences is something white men want the most because they know most of the people who will be sent to prison for life will be black. It’s always great when you are not on the receiving end, but one day you will be or at least your kids.

      We know most public mass murderers are not black, they’re mostly light skin males. Gang shootings are not of concern for most Americans, those that care about that particular violence are the ones that live in it. So people ignore the black Americans shooting up the ghetto and pay more attention to the white Americans committing shootings in their neighborhood.

      • Someone who truly hated minorities would ignore their crimes, knowing that the biggest killer of minorities is other minorities.

      • Gotcha, enforcement of the law is racist, because race minorities are the ones who most often break the law.
        Mass shootings are a statistically insignificant ‘white crow’ events that got inflated attention by the media and politicians, in order to skew public opinion towards public disarmament.

  21. More political out-house material.There is no need for more laws,and politicians fertilizing. The law has been written already its the Second one in the Constitution.No need for more.

  22. Prosecute illegal unlicensed gun dealers…do you mean the people I’d call “collectors”?

    Or maybe the ATF can go to gun shows, offer too much money to a guy who just bought a gun, and arrest him when he agrees?

  23. Maybe, if our ‘representatives’ really cared, they would allow any law abiding person to carry anywhere, and actually assist L.E. in dealing appropriately with the bad guys, instead of wasting taxpayer money coming up with cutesy-pie acronyms for do nothing laws, that do absolutely ZERO to deter criminals.

  24. Typical modern United States Republican trying to be a People’s Republic of China member. For public safety of course. They have to stop gun violence by any means necessary. Right, Democrats? Whoops, I mean Republicans.

    • We came really close on his last go round – not sure if there is anyone looming on the horizon that can mount a successful challenge this time.
      He got re-elected since as bad is he can be most of the time, he was a far cry better than the democRAT that ran against him.

  25. If the justice system didn’t slap them on the hand and let them do minimum sentences and let them out due to over crowding, it wouldn’t be the problem that it is

  26. What a cute name you developed for your grandstanding. How about we just start with enforcing the myriad of laws we have on the books now instead of creating another layer of bureaucracy and waste even more of taxpayer dollars?

  27. There are some really sane and sensible comments in this thread, hats off to each of you. Do you all think politicians read or care what we all know and believe? Power and corruption breed more power and corruption. These folks we elect are unqualified to be on any ballot, and they are the real criminals. They continually demonstrate that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Their poor performance and corrupt behavior is dismantling the Republic, using blatant lies and a “Press” that is totally irresponsible and complicit in misleading “We the People”.

    Let’s face it, “We the People” appear to have little interest in taking the time and performing the due diligence necessary to select those who represent us. We need to find Politicians that meet well defined job descriptions so the electorate can asses the quality and measure of candidates before they are elected and become our “representative”. We are choosing the wrong folks to represent us. “We the People” need to take back our country and our laws by carefully and fully performing detailed background checks on Political Candidates!! Throw the bums out before they get on a ballot. Maybe we need an “American” party???

  28. CornHead is a RINO.
    Probably visited Epstein Island.
    We need a solid conservative to primary against him so we can boot him.

  29. Isn’t is already illegal to be a gun dealer without a license?
    Sounds like criminalizing private sales to me.

  30. Yet another stupid law that would do nothing to actually address the issue. An ISP sees less and less of the readable data stream. People are using a VPN to shut out their service provider in order to cut down on spam and the general invasion of privacy they are also going to privacy browsers for the same reasons.

    Another Senator bloviating about something that isn’t in his power to fix. You are more than 30 times as likely to be struck by lightning as shot by a mass shooter.

  31. Hey look everybody, another gun law that won’t be enforced just like most of the others. You’re fired John!

  32. Seems to me that they already have a lot of this in multiple laws passed by congress so far in the last 100 yrs. They already have passed enormous amounts of multiple laws making it illegal for straw buyers whom are selling firearms to criminals at the federal, state, and local levels. They need to prosecute current laws about these individual that make false statements on their background checks to acquire firearms. Just enforce the laws we have and be done with it. Does California and other states need more money to enforce their anti-2nd Amendment policies and agendas?

    “Prosecuting Illegal Unlicensed Firearms Dealers—Creates nationwide federal, state, and local law enforcement task forces (modeled on Project Exile) to investigate and prosecute criminals who are violating current law by engaging in the business of selling firearms without a license or who provide false statements as part of a background check. Provides grant funding and reimbursement to state and local law enforcement who participate in these task forces.”

  33. TTAG excerpt:
    Giving New Tools to Law Enforcement

    Encouraging Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to Better Collaborate with Law Enforcement to Prevent Mass Shootings —Clarifies that internet service providers and online platforms have the authority to share information with law enforcement concerning acts of mass violence, hate crimes, or domestic terrorism.
    …And I thought the LIBERALS were bad! This sounds like a Laundry list for the “Future Police-State”! I’m sure sites like this would be rounded up and TTAG users would scrutinized for hate speech! Especially, since the NRA has already be declared a “domestic terrorist group” in Kalifornia..Thiis just teams of more “Authoritarianism” masquerading as Public Safety….

  34. I think one thing the Federal Government is missing when it comes to Public School Safety is the retired Federal Law Officers out there. The Federal Government requires all Federal Law Officers to retire at age 57, whether you are in I.C.E., the Marshal’s Service the Bureau of Prisons, or the F.B.I.. All of these people are trained extensively in the use of firearms including in public settings. This is a vast resource of experience in security, observation and defensive tactics, that would be an asset to securing public schools from criminal activity. Congress could wave the cap they may earn and they could assist in securing our public schools. They have to go through an annual LEOSA certification to be able to carry a firearm anyway. They course could be expanded to cover school security. But let these people wear civilian clothing concealing their firearms and help out at school. Such as in the library, in the visitor check in site, or just setting on a bench out front of the school drinking a cup of coffee, or riding a lawn tractor mowing the lawn out front. Just let them blend in with the staff assisting where they can without compromising security. No One ever pays attention to the little old man in the sweater putting books on the shelves in the library or sitting on a bench out front drinking coffee and looking at the paper. This is a highly professional asset going to waste in retirement.

  35. You will notice that he says nothing about funding for personnel and equipment necessary to implement his plan.

  36. anything in there about removing gun free zones?
    ensuring the 2A is the law of the land and it is followed?
    then it is nothing but more infringing regulations

    • Not quite, it is giving the mental health more ability to recognize potential dangers BUT not relaxing the Privacy act laws enough to give them authority to report it to proper authorities. And YES does not remove the damn “Gun Free Zones”

  37. the problem with any new laws is that they are not enforcing the current one that already covers a lot of what they are talking about without infringing on any more of our rights like the dealers selling guns and people lying on paperwork and such already in place the law just needs to do there jobs

  38. Expediting the death penalty?? Most of these nut jobs commit suicide and the ones caught either failed at the last minute or chickened out. More feel good laws. At least they try to leave the law abiding person out of their laws.

  39. All I hear is a senator that is blowing smoke. He is just looking for away to justify his job. We sure as hell don’t need more Government involvement. That’s one of the big problems now. The family unit in general can’t even discipline there children for fear of some noisy neighbor or the child themselves calling the police on them. This whole problem has started when the school curriculum was changed to Blue Print 2000. This has taken away to much of the parents control over there children for fear of D.C.S. being called and having to go through that. This has put way to much control for the teachers in the classroom. Your child goes to school after he or she fell down on there bike or some other problem and right away there are problems at home. I myself do not know the answer to this problem, but I do know one thing and is we sure don’t need more Government involvement.

  40. “The RESPONSE Act creates nationwide task forces to investigate and prosecute those who are illegally selling firearms, and those attempting to buy firearms who provide false statements as part of a background check.”

    We already have these. ATF&FE, FBI, Police etc. Cornyn is a RINO.

  41. While suicides could be impacted for the better with some of this proposal, the rest is Big Brother’s nose under the tent flap.


    Getting restrictions on sufficient school personnel trained and carrying to shoot and stop an attacker immediately upon commencement of the crime lifted and permanently banned is the answer.

  42. I’ve been a vocal proponent of EXPRESS LANE judicial processing with time limits on Appeals and calander limits of 30 days to take action on them at each level through to an include the SCOTUS.

    He needs to add:
    States without the Death Penalty MUST Transfer jurisdictional and prosecutorial authority to the FEDS.
    Public and televised (mandatory of all media providers: origin and carriers) executions. No release of felons “last words/statement”.

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