Screencap via Vimeo by John Boch. Used with permission.
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When was the last time you saw a movie that positively portrays good guys with concealed carry licenses…people who carry guns legally in civilian society? A new movie, The Reliant, comes out Thursday, October 24th. Unlike the usual Hollywood garbage, this film features Americans who embrace their Second Amendment rights and how it saves their lives.

In short, the plot line follows a family in Ohio with strong Christian beliefs. Economic problems have grown to the point where Antifa-type anarchists bring looting and violence across the nation, even to smaller towns such as Zanesville, OH where the featured family lives.

Dad has raised his family to be prepared for emergencies. Yes, it’s the dreaded trait of personal responsibility that Hollywood loves to mock. Of course, this being a movie, the father has fatal flaws in his planning. His plan didn’t survive first contact.

The family’s real firepower is locked away in a gun safe opened by a brass key. A key that the 19-year-old lovesick pacifist, doesn’t-believe-in-guns daughter hid in her jewelry case. She was mad after dad gave her brother a nice Thompson-Contender hunting rifle for his birthday.

Screencap via Vimeo by John Boch. Used with permission.

Things go downhill from there for the family (and the daughter’s fiance) as they are pursued by some of the rioting lunatics from dad’s trip into town to buy ammo for the new rifle.


Screencap via Vimeo by John Boch. Used with permission.


Screencap via Vimeo by John Boch. Used with permission.

To make a long story short, the family flees their attackers by running into the woods behind their house, escaping the anarchy both in town and that has followed dad home.

Screencap via Vimeo by John Boch. Used with permission.

From there, they dodge the still-pursuing bad guys through the woods while leaning on their Christian faith, along with their American gun ownership in their struggle to survive.

Yes, the plot is a little shaky. The product placements are about as subtle as a 2×4 to to face. What’s more, the screenwriting and acting won’t win any Oscars, Emmys, Tonys or whatever Hollywood inhabitants award themselves at every opportunity. Then again, I just watched John Wick 3 and it checked every one those boxes with an even bigger, fatter, permanent marker, too.

People go to John Wick 3 to see a glorious celebration of violence, not great acting, dialogue, or plot lines.

The same for this movie. The Reliant’s Christian and American values permeate the movie. It certainly has some good scenes. I liken it to the move Unplanned in terms of messaging over style and special effects.

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  1. “The Reliant’s Christian and American values permeate the movie.”

    So, not good acting but it has Christian values… basically The Omega Code with firearms. Lovely.

  2. So it airs thursday? That must mean Friday morning the indignation and outrage from the “enlightened” left will be at fever pitch!?

  3. So it’s a hack movie with a political/religious agenda? If I wanted that I’d go watch the latest Ghostbusters movie. Nope nope nope.

  4. A good idea for fighting back in the culture wars would be to, you know, make a well-crafted movie with a compelling plot, three-dimensional characters, and believable conflict that – by the way – happens to endorse certain cultural values, making them look great in the process.That’s how the left has been doing it for years, and it works.

    A less good idea would be this film, which sounds truly dreadful.

    • And demonstrates why my safe keys are either on me or in one of my backpacks. If that petulant child was mine, they would be sleeping face down and eating standing up for several weeks. But my son does know better.

  5. Considering how much screen time her cap and ball revolver gets in the trailer I’m hoping the rest of “Harriet”, the upcoming Harriet Tubman biopic, lives up to expectations. And if you need a little more contemporary celebration of American values and the people who lived them check out “Midway” coming out Veteran’s Day.

    • Midway, another remake…..But with CGI! Did y’all see they’ve just found at least two of the Japanese carriers? I can’t remember whether it was the Kaga or the other one that went straight down nose first 13000 feet.

      • It’s at the point now where the older war movies look far more realistic then anything in the last 10-15 years. CGI will never beat when they actually had to make real explosions, shoot real guns, fly real planes, and roll around in real mud. That pretty much goes for all movies now, really. I haven’t seen a new movie in years because if I wanted to watch a cartoon I’d go ahead and throw on some cartoons.

  6. What a bunch of whining snowflakes. You want a hollywierd movie, they make the anti-American crap by the mile every year.

  7. Yeah, it looks poorly made with ham fisted politics, but not anymore so than a lot of crap being put out on network television at this point.

  8. I think that wealthy 2nd Amendment supporters….should start producing movies and t.v. shows……there is a need to counter the anti-gun programing you see 24/7 from hollywood. Dr. John Lott has been collecting stories on the anti-gun messages on t.v. shows….you know, as these actors have armed bodyguards……Andrew Klavan talks about taking back the cultural narrative as well…….

    • Creating the content isn’t the problem. Distributing it is the problem. Near as a I can tell, all distribution outlets are radical Progressive adherents and will refuse to distribute anything that is counter to their narrative.

      • Movie critics have even refused to review movies with a right wing theme, making marketing difficult. It’s probably tough to get decent talent since everyone’s worried about being blacklisted from the accepting, tolerant left.

        • Exactly! So why don’t we all stop shitting on the quality and start applauding people who are at least trying!?

  9. See, the problem with ‘conservative’ films is that they’re always written agenda first. And invariably, the movies outright suck.

    • Exactly. Plot and characters first, agenda slipped in quietly so that persuadable people don’t bolt, but instead wind up thinking, “gee, some of what I just saw made a certain kind of sense.”

  10. I’ll make sure NOT to watch this movie, just like I wouldn’t watch some leftist propaganda movie. Yes, conservative atheists exist, and yes, we are pro-gun/anti-religious. This constant forced joining of the hip between firearms ownership and christianity has got to stop because it makes firearms owners look like archaic morons.

  11. “But Daddy, there can’t be an apocalypse! I AM GETTING MARRIED IN THIRTY-NINE DAYS!!!!!”

    The teenage daughter who is totally oblivious to what’s going around here what a hackneyed plot device (rolleyes).

    ..and she hides the only key to the gun cabinet. Is there a scene where the father beats it out of her? If not, FAIL. (double rolleyes)

    Zanesville, OH? Does Kaitlin Bennett make a cameo? (it would be an improvement)

    I lived outside of Zanesville for the better part of two decades trust me there are no “Antifa” types there.

  12. The “Reliant” was a 1980’s Plymouth automobile. It was cheap, noisy and not especially well made.

    Hey, wait a minute. . . .

  13. “If you want to send a message, call Western Union.”

    The thing is, a lot of popular culture is pro-gun anyway, you just have to think about for a second. TTAG actually had an article about it a while ago. Just one simple example: in Harry Potter, every boy and girl picks out a weapon at eleven years of age. They never are without it for the rest of their lives. They receive instruction in self-defense using that weapon as a required study topic at school. The first thing the bad guys do when they take power is begin confiscations.

    J. K. Rowling is by no means pro-gun, but it’s all there. Her heroes couldn’t be free without the right to arm themselves.

  14. Reviews are trickling in on some of the larger gun forums (ARFCOM). These viewers said they found the film corny.

  15. All the actors in John Wick 3 are far superior than any of the actors in The Reliant. Heck even the dogs in John Wick 3 are better than the actors in The Reliant.

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  17. I’ve seen this movie around 3 times I guess. I rated it 6.5 on the IMDB website. I can say that the overall story is somewhat interesting and which keeps viewers engaged throughout the movie. But the screenplay could have been better. In the last 45 minutes, I felt kinda bored. That’s why I rated it 6.5.

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  30. When did you last see a film that emphatically depicts heroes with covered convey licenses… individuals who convey weapons lawfully in regular citizen society? Another film, The Dependent, comes out Thursday, October 24th. Dissimilar to the typical Hollywood trash, this film highlights Americans who embrace their Subsequent Correction privileges and how it saves their lives.
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